Lesbian introductions episode 2

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Lesbian introductions cont.

“Ok, your turn, you filthy thing.” Giulietta smiled… “Hell yes.”
The wind and rain pounded against the old house’s windows. Inside, lust was brewing. In the guest room, two females were embraced in deviant, forsaken love. Their silhouettes showed one lying on top the bed, her chest raising and falling repeatedly after the huge orgasm she’d just received. The other was looking into her eyes excitedly.
The two had just broken from a deeply sexual kiss, Adalina’s tongue snaked about Giulietta’s mouth. She could taste the salty, bittersweet taste of her own juices in this vixen’s mouth. Adalina could tell that Giulietta was obviously of keen practice in cunnilingus. Before this night, the thought of being a lesbian disgusted her, but after the recent exchanges she felt very sure that this was indeed the sexuality for her.
But now it was time for Adalina to pay back her newfound lover for the mind-wrenching pleasure she’d just taken. She raised herself onto all-fours, beckoning Giulietta to follow. She turned round, opening the bedside draws… just as she’d suspected; a large arrangement of sex toys. And not just any sex toys- some of which she’d never seen the likes of before. It was startling.
“Pick your weapon of choice,” Giulietta whispered in her ear and Adalina grasped one of the bigger, pink, vibrating dildos. She ran her tongue up and down the length of the rod covering it in lubricating saliva. Giulietta joined in too, fingering herself all the time. She was sopping wet; Adalina noticed that the thin line of hair above her pussy was sodden and glistening.
When the two had completed the lubrication process, Adalina continued to push Giulietta’s beautiful head down onto a pillow. Giulietta made no attempt to resist, just rubbing up and down her slit and pushing her breasts up to suckle on the teats which were now very erect in the cool night air.
The atmosphere around the two was electric; Adalina pressed the moistened, pointy end of the vibrator against Giulietta’s clitoris. Adalina watched as she shuddered in delight, her hand stopped rubbing and allowed Adalina enter her soft, fleshy folds. Adalina teased for a moment, savouring the impatient moans coming from Giulietta’s kissable mouth.
Adalina smiled. “You want this in you, huh?” Giulietta nodded innocently and closed her eyes, waiting for the hard plastic to penetrate her. Adalina wasted no more time, she flicked the switch on the top on the vibrator and the toy came to life. She parted the soft labia, spitting as she went deeper into Giulietta’s beautiful pussy. The machine purred in a muffled manner and the sides of the vagina squeezed around it. She started to build up speed, pushing the toy harder into the slit. Giulietta raised her hips slightly, pushing against the foreign object.
“Shit, this feels so good babe. No girl’s done this to me in a long while… that’s my favourite vibrator as well,” Giulietta whispered. Fighting against the will to scream and moan was difficult, but the thought of being caught turned her on more. She became more and more desperate to reach her climax, Adalina simply smiled, looking deep into the other’s eyes.
Giulietta pressed hard against the foreign object, it hurt so good. Adalina was really going for it, sometimes diving straight into the hilt of the toy. Giulietta’s spine twisted and she drove herself into the object, she ached for release. She bit lightly into Adalina’s soft arm as she fondled her Giulietta’s breasts. They were pert and quivering, a good size as well but very firm, Adalina enjoyed pinching the nipples, watching Giulietta’s expressions.
All the while, Adalina was becoming very horny, having the power to inflict such pleasure sent shivers up her spine, and she still couldn’t believe she was doing this. Giulietta squealed, grasping the bedding material. Adalina drove in the plastic as quickly and hard as she could, lowering her head to lap up the sweet juices that were running down onto her hand.
Suddenly her eyes lit up, “I’m going to cummmm,” she gasped. Adalina didn’t stop though, she kept plunging the object into her sweet opening, rubbing Giulietta’s hooded clit to accentuate the feeling. She flicked the machine onto overdrive, sending Giulietta over the edge. She moaned, a little louder than she expected, but not caring about consequences she orgasmed over and over again, her back arched on the bed and sweat ran down her forehead onto the sodden bedclothes. “Oh She panted, Adalina’s hand was coated in sweet woman-juice and she started to slow down, letting Giulietta catch her breath.
“Oh fuck, that was awesome… Was that your first time at pleasuring a lady?” She questioned, Adalina nodded guiltily, taking the dildo out and running it up and down the labia. “You were awesome!” Adalina blushed, she replied… “What now though?”
Giulietta sat up, “feeling she asked.
Adalina nodded, wondering what she was letting herself into. Giulietta turned to the window, bending down to reach the drawers containing her clothes. She pulled out a lacy thong and matching red bra, letting Adalina get a good look at her rear at the same time. Adalina licked her lips inadvertently.
“Well, what are you waiting for? We’re going out on the town.” Giulietta explained. Adalina didn’t need any more explanation and with a wink went to fetch her sexiest lingerie.
Later on, the two had crept outside into the fragrant night air. They wore dangerously low cut and skimpy coats and Giulietta had lent her expensive perfume to her partner for the night. They’d booked a taxi whilst outside and it came within a few minutes, rearing up outside the grand old house.
Fortunately the house wasn’t too far out of town and it wasn’t long before the house was out of sight through the cab’s back windows. Now the pair could make as much noise as they wanted, they thought. The cabbie looked nervously at the two.
“Funny time to go out innit? He asked crudely. The two vixens looked up at him sweetly, winking and nodding at the same time. After a while, Adalina got a little fidgety in the back of the car, watching Giulietta’s breasts shudder with the bumps in the road. She felt a sudden rush of arousal and started to press her fingers under the soft coat and against her excited labia.
Giulietta noticed and winked seductively. The cabbie looked shadily through the rear view mirror, it excited the girls because they knew they were arousing this stranger, leading him on through the subconscious, he shuddered, saying nothing whilst driving.
Soon they got to their destination, the two had offered to pay the driver handsomely but he rejected it, smiling, saying that he didn’t often get a client like them. Giulietta batted her long, dark eyelashes leaning over the window a little bit more, giving the man a more detailed view into her perfect cleavage.
After walking in their stiletto high heels for a good ten minutes they arrived at a dark entrance to a bar, two bouncers stood at the door, eying the pair with suspicious eyes.
“This is one of my favourite haunts you see,” explained Giulietta. “I know certain… friends, in here, it’ll be fun, trust me.” Adalina tried not to act it, but she was very nervous. She’d never been to anything like this before and didn’t know if she’d blend in well enough. Still, the two strode boldly through the entrance.
They had walked into- from what Adalina could now see- a strip club. Slow, rhythmic music was being played through the big PA’s in the corner and bright lights flashed through the dark red ambience. The decor was very expensive and the ceiling was deceivingly high with huge flashlights, but Adalina’s eyes were transfixed on other things; there were dancers, about thirty in all, gyrating and pulsating against the long poles protruding from the floor, moving in time to the music. People were standing and sitting watching, sipping drinks and ogling these beauties.
Every time a guy watching chucked a dollar bill onto the stages the dancer would bend down to pick it up, turning around and showing everybody her barely covered pussy. All the dancers were immensely pretty, dressed in various sexy outfits and sexy negligee but despite dancing semi naked in front of all these people they managed to retain a certain classiness that Adalina loved. This surprised her, but another thing that intrigued her was the amount of women watching all these dancers, they too were pretty and enjoying the views as much as the guys. To Adalina, it was very obvious to see that these women were masturbating subtly in the darker areas surrounding the stages.
Giulietta tapped Adalina on the shoulder.
“Gotcha a drink,” she said, handing her a brightly coloured cocktail. Adalina smiled appreciatively. “You like it here?” Giulietta asked, “Yeah it’s amazing… so many hot girls, usually I’d be more interested in the guys watching… oh, and this cocktail’s fantastic.” Giulietta grinned, knowing she’d left a definite impression on Adalina, and she was obviously more accustomed to lesbianism. “But that’s not all we’re going to get tonight, I’ve got something else.” Giulietta whispered. Adalina looked surprised. “Follow me,” said Giulietta, smiling, bearing her gleaming teeth.
The two walked through the club into a room at the back, the walls were plain red with a leather couch in the middle of the room. It wasn’t that big a room. Giulietta led Adalina in, saying she had to fetch someone. A few minutes later Giulietta returned with a lady. “And what a lady,” thought Adalina. She was quite small, obviously Chinese with a petite figure. Her body curved like an hourglass, her hip length glossy black hair framed her luscious face and deep blue eyes. Adalina gasped.
“May I introduce you to Ling,” Giulietta said.
“Nice to meet you,” they both said.
going to have a bit of fun with us tonight, right Ling?” She nodded, smiling.
Adalina couldn’t believe her luck.
“Ling is an good friend of mine,” Giulietta explained, “She works here.”
Adalina nodded nervously, what were the other two planning? They all talked for a while, just about life in general, sitting down on the sofa, chatting as if they weren’t in a strip club.
a cutie,” Ling exclaimed, looking at Adalina. She blushed, repaying the compliment.
very cute as well,” Adalina replied. It was Ling’s turn to blush. The two looked into each other’s eyes, reading each other’s longing. Giulietta broke the silence.
“It’s a little hot in here don’t you think?” She said, sliding off her long-sleeved coat, revealing the red lace lingerie underneath. “Feel free to take your clothes off, girls.” Ling looked at the two and Adalina thought for a moment, Giulietta had offended her, but she grinned seductively in the end, raising her arms, letting Giulietta slide her tight top off of her. She wasn’t wearing any bra and her perky tits bounced out in an enchanting fashion.
Adalina gulped, Ling’s breasts were a little smaller than but equally beautiful, with slightly larger nipples. Adalina imagined what they felt like and shuddered sharply at the thought.
“Your turn,” Ling whispered, glancing at Adalina, winking.
Adalina answered, slowly unzipping and unbuttoning her fur lined coat, she too was wearing sexy lingerie, and her white panties (which were very moist by this point) and her white, matching, cleavage presenting bra were soon on show.
The three all explored each other; Adalina fondled Ling’s tits whilst Giulietta felt along her smooth creamy ass, sliding her finger over her exposed pussy. Ling gasped slightly, swinging her long, dark hair over her shoulder. She repaid the two by kissing them in turn, sharing tongues and saliva.
After their little time of foreplay, Giulietta told Ling to sit back in the sofa, almost slouching. She did this, and the other two crouched beneath her, looking into the folds of this Asian beauties’ pussy. Ling, seeing this, gave the two a show- spreading her labia apart so they could see a bit better. The pinkie flesh and the liquid from within had an intoxicating smell.

To Be Continued

story by: metalaxxe

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Author: metalaxxe

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