Live strong (part one)

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I had just finished my classes for the day and started walking back to my dorm. I had been going to Oregon State University for almost three years now. Since my 21st birthday was yesterday.

I opened the door to my dorm and threw my bag onto the love seat that my roommate Callie and I had gone halves on, just like our flat screen in the room. I sat down on my made bed un luck Callie’s which her boyfriend most likely made for her. He always did everything for her.

“I am done with my damn classes!” I screeched and covered my face with one of my pillows to muffle my screech.

“Girl hush I have my last couple classes tonight and I don’t need you rubbing it in.” She turned to face me in her computer chair and crossed her arms over her chest.

“I don’t get how you manage to even deal with night classes. If I am up that late I would like to be partying instead of learning.” I said throwing the pillow back into place and sat up playing with my hair mindlessly as we talked.

“It’s easy hun I mean I just woke up not even half an hour ago.” She shrugged as if it wasn’t that big of a deal. I looked closer then realized she was telling the truth. The fact she had not makeup on and her curly hair was in a mess around her face gave away the fact she hadn’t done anything.

“I still would rather wake up early get my classes done with then come home and be able to stay out late.” I said and grabbed my phone off my nightstand charger and looked threw my schedule.

“I myself need my beauty sleep. Oh coach canceled this afternoon’s practice since of the testing in and someone had a conflict with testing schedule.” She said noticing me looking threw my phone.

I had been the captain of our school’s volleyball team and took my role as leader seriously. Sports, Grades, and looks were basically all I knew growing up. My mother had always been strict about looks, but my father seemed to be the only sane one in my house. He just recommended tryouts to give me something to work at and keeping my grades at least average. I had always been a daddies girl so I went above and beyond. I had wound up having the second best grades in my entire school which easily got me accepted into Oregon State which was miles away from my hometown in Missouri.

As for pleasing my mother I had her looks which people would say was a blessing. I had naturally straight hair, platinum blonde like my mothers, big blue eyes, and basically the perfect athlete’s body aside from my breasts which were a 34C. Which caught the eye of some of the boy in my high school, but I myself shot for the best when it came to guys. Dating the captain of the football team and making prom queen was quite easy to balance with my schedule. I left home with two satisfied parents, but was glad to be on my own away from them. Leaving my now ex boyfriend back in Missouri which didn’t quite bother me. He never really was what I wanted. I just wanted a gentleman, someone like Callie’s boyfriend John…Well maybe not as overpowering as him. I mean the boy paid her credit card bill!

“Earth to Jane!” Callie snapped her fingers in front of my face which brought me back to earth as she sat on her bed across from mine.
“You didn’t even hear me.”

“No I zoned out. What did you say?” I asked pushing my hair out of my face looking over at her and set my phone down on the bed.

“Brad said he was going to take you out tonight. Which gives you two hours at most?” She said with a slight shrug.

“Help me get ready?” I asked her raising an eyebrow and smiled. I always loved Callie’s sense of style. She was girly with a little twist on it.

“Girl are you kidding me! This is my kind of deal.” She laughed and got up going to the closet finally we both decided on a simple white tank top with my nice black blazer and a pencil skirt with one of my favorite scarves.

Callie and I had been friends ever since we met at the orientation the first year of college. We instantly became best friends. We shared everything and got along extremely well never having fights and telling each other everything. Well she mostly everything except for the fact I was a virgin. I know it seems pretty ridiculous, but during high school I never really met anyone who I thought was right. Now that I was in college it kind of changed. I spent most of my time on my classes, parties, sports, and all the big college adventures.

The only guy I really cared about understood my factor for not taking our relationship to well a relationship. He just happened to be Callie’s boyfriend’s roommate and best friend. I had met him on our first year’s spring break trip. We all decided to drive to LA in her boyfriend’s Jeep and stay in a hotel on the beach. Which just my luck the hotel messed our room up and Brad and I wound up sharing a room. That’s when we both fell for each other.

Brad is an amazing guy, everything I had been looking for. I just became so consumed in college we never really had time to make it official. I knew he was just waiting for my ok, but I didn’t know how to give that to him yet. Him and I basically acted like a couple. I mean him and I did hook up. I just always chickened out which every time made him more nervous. Aside from that he had the looks to match his personality. He looked somewhat like Zac efron but with shaggy black hair and more of a tan skin tone.

“My god Callie I love you!” I laughed once she finished messing with my hair that she had made curly. I had moved away and sat on the edge of my bed sliding my feet into heels I had bought from our last vacation’s trip to New York City.

“I know I’m a miracle worker.” She laughed sitting down on the loveseat and watched me.

“Getting my hair curled is pretty much a miracle.” I smiled up at her and grabbed my phone off my bed throwing it in my purse along with my wallet and perfume then finished putting on my makeup while Callie and I talked.

“You don’t even need to tell me that! I know already well enough.” She shook her head and grabbed her textbook for one of her classes off the coffee table looking through it.

“When do we have our next game?” I asked fixing my makeup as we talked.

“I think coach said Monday afternoon. Its home that’s what I know for sure.” She shrugged reading a page out of her book.

“Hmm I don’t think we have classes that day do we?” I asked finishing my make up then went back to my bed grabbed my phone as I heard it chime from a text.

“Nope we finally get a little bit of a break. Oh and did I tell you John and Brad finally got moved into their apartment off campus? I think I am going to come by here and grab my stuff then just crash at his place tonight after class.” She said looking up at me and I just nodded reading the message from Brad that told me he was on his way up to the dorm.

“No you didn’t tell me neither did Brad, but go ahead him and I might just say together for the night.” I said with a shrugged as I heard a knock at the door then once Callie yelled it was open him and John came into the room.

“Hey guys. We were just talking about you two.” She smiled and moved over as John made himself at home and sat on the couch with her and I got up walking over to Brad who wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly making me laugh as I returned the hug and smiled as he kissed my cheek.

“Good things I hope.” John said looking at Callie as she moved to his side resting her head on his shoulder.

“Only that you two finally got into the apartment.” I said and looked at Brad who chuckled and brushed his lips against mine

“We did and I truly have been trying to get Miss Callie to move in with me, but she I hell bent on staying here with you.” John said and looked at Callie.

I looked over to them and broke Brad’s hold raising an eyebrow somewhat shocked to hear this.
“I didn’t hear about that.”

“Yeah I wanted to talk to you about the new place too Jane. You want to get out of here?” Brad asked looking at me and my heart about stopped hearing him say that. Which I didn’t think anyone else expected since everyone remained dead quiet.

All I could manage to do was nod and we both walked out feeling Callie and John watch as we walked out and I couldn’t bring myself to look at him exactly as we walked out getting into his car.

“I was thinking dinner in town then possibly go over to the apartment and I don’t know if you want you can spend the night.” He said as he started the car and waited on my opinion looking at me as if what he had said didn’t happen at all.

“Yeah that sounds good to me.” I said and looked over at him smiling which could be my only reaction. He always made me smile. We had only ever had one fight which was completely over rated. The fact we were in the city about an hour away from my parents for Christmas vacation.

He wanted to stay at my parents to save money since hotels in the city weren’t exactly cheap. The fight started with us just arguing since I didn’t exactly want to go back to my home. I moved so far away for a reason before I had left. I refused to tell him my reasoning behind it saying it brought up bad memoires. He yelled saying we told each other everything how was this different? I yelled back that we weren’t even dating so why did it matter so much. The fight wound up leaving me in tears in a different room of the hotel, but later the night he came over apologizing and things seemingly got better.

We made small talk the whole way to the restaurant which I was quiet impressed with. It looked so expensive and from the prices on the menu it confirmed my theory. I wound up ordering one of the cheapest things on the menu and he did the same.

“So what did you want to tell me about the apartment?” I asked once the waiter left and looked at him.

“Well I know we aren’t actually together, but Jane you know I want us to be. I have had three amazing years with you. You were what made this all being worth it.” He said and I watched as his face burnt red and he looked away.

“What would that have to do with the apartment?” I said trying to get straight to the question even though I had a good idea of what he was about to ask me. I didn’t know what my feelings were. I felt scrambled.

“It doesn’t, but Jane I just want everything to be official for once. I want you to move in with me. I know that if you do then so will Callie.” He said quietly then finally looked at me his eyes pleading for an answer.

is still so busy. I just don’t know…I mean aren’t you leaving the college to go into the army in a month?” I asked. He had always talked about it which broke my heart. If he was to go through with it wouldn’t us being official be hard for him at the moment as well?

“No it’s not. You have had three years to get into the swing of things in college and if you ask me you seem to have gotten it together quite well. As for the army situation, yeah it will be hard on the both of us. Just trust me on this He said somewhat firmly.

I sat there quietly unable to gather what to say and finally our food came and we ate silently. It was the same way on the car ride to my dorm. He even waited in the car but before I closed the door he said one last ting to me.

“You still want to spend the night?”

I just nodded and went into my dorm changing into sweatpants and one of his old shirts he usually left at the dorm incase he spent the night. It wasn’t see through so I just decided to leave my bra on underneath. I quickly threw things into a duffel bag bring extra for a change to keep at his apartment then put my hair up in a messy bun and went back out to the car throwing my bag in the back and getting in.

The car ride back to his apartment seemed to go with little to no conversation. Whenever he asked something I either nodded or shook my head no. I knew he was being to become angry as we walked into his apartment which turned out to be amazing. Both the boys had huge bedrooms with a walk in closet. John’s had the bathroom attached but a smaller closet then Brad’s. The whole house was amazing. Everything was new even the paint and hardwood floors.

I went into Brad’s room and started to unpack my stuff until he came up behind me and pushed my bag to the floor.

“What are you doing?” I turned around and looked at him noticing the door was closed and seemed to be locked.

He didn’t bother to answer me he just grabbed me roughly and pressed me up against the door. I understood why he was being so rough, but even thought he was mad and trying to seem tough he kissed me just as gently as every other time. It might have only lasted a second but he still did.

He then moves to my neck biting and sucking on the skin somewhat roughly but never sloppy. He held my up to his level so he didn’t have to bend which was what he had to do in most cases since I was 5’6 and he was 6’1. He had paused and my moan came to an easy stop as I looked at him letting me down with his fist holding the hem of his shirt. I then got the hint he wasn’t as mad as I thought since and smile spread across his lips.

“Is this my shirt?” He raised an eyebrow and I giggled putting my hand on his cheek.

“Yes. Am I aloud to wear it?” I looked up at him with a smile since I knew he wouldn’t mind me wearing it.

“You are aloud. Matter of fact that’s actually kind of hot. Maybe you should try my old jersey on.” He smirked looking at me. Brad had always been a big soccer player.

“How about we stick to what I have now.” I rolled my eye and was met again with a soft kiss in which I had no time to return since he pulled the shirt off gently.

He kissed me again and this time I kissed back soon allowing his tongue to enter. I started to un button his shirt then once I had I pushed it off him letting it fall to the ground. He was the first to break the kiss again the time but what he did next made up for it. He had quickly taken off my bra and took my breasts in each hand. One massaged and pinched my nipple ever so gently. He seemed to be thinking if he wanted to do with the other.

I quickly made his mind up for him and removed hi hand that held my breast and ran an hand through his hair guiding him gently to my nipple as if he was a baby. He quickly caught on and parted his lips taking the nipple without thought and began to suck making me gasp at first but I slowly turned into a moan. He sucked hard as if he was trying to actually feed! Once I got used to the feel I loosened my grip on his hair and the moans turned back to heavy breathing was when he decided to start biting.

As he did that I had untangled my hand from his hair and was already making my way down to his khakis. I then moved my other hand to his pants and undid them. I pushed his boxers down some along with his khakis and felt as his cock sprang out to full attention and it gently touched my stomach. Once he moved to the other breasts I felt his precum rub onto my stomach which made me moan out.

I then decided to help him along and began jacking him off which got quiet the response out of him. I felt his groan against my skin and he released my breast moving his head to nuzzle my neck. I then move my other hand to his balls slowly massaging and squeezing gently. When ever I squeezed I noticed how his muscles would tense up.

“Shit Jane your going to make my cum.” He muttered hoarsely against my neck and at that I let him go then pushed him back to the bed.

He got my message and laid down allowing me to do as I wanted. I sat between his legs and licked up his 9 inch shaft which I had to admit was very thick. Hearing him groan let me know I was starting to run short on time so I took him into my mouth and began to suck then I just went for deep throating till I felt his head at the back of my throat. I repeated it only twice until the last deep throat when I finally felt his hot cum in my mouth. I swallowed at ease and released him from my mouth then came back up to him and rested my head on his chest. Usually if he was to cum first he would be done for the night but I now felt his hand wander into my panties. I then closed my eyes and bit my lip letting out a breath.

“I lied.” He said quietly as I felt two of his fingers spreading my wetness around my fold.

“How did you lie?” I mutter quietly and put and hand on his side as I felt on of his fingers slid into me.

“I am virgin. I never slept with any girl before I met you. I didn’t even really fool around either.” He said and began to push his fingers deeper.

“You know I’m not either, but it makes sense since you were always so nervous.” I bit my lip hard and gripped his side roughly as he tried to go deeper, but I had started to feel the pain. He quickly pulled his fingers out and began to rub my clit instead.

“I’m really that easy to read?” He asked and I felt him jump slightly as I had gripped his side.

“Well to me you are…I think we should be official.” I added the last part quietly and I felt him stop moving and pulled back to look at me.

“You mean it?” He raised an eyebrow and I laughed softly and nodded.

“I do mean it. I also want to try it.” I looked at him biting my lip and I felt him gently take my sweatpants and panties off, along with his pants and boxers.

“If it hurts too much I’m not doing it.” He said and sat up with me in his lap and I nodded and pressed my mouth to his shoulder.

I then felt him slowly enter me and I felt like screaming. He hadn’t even touched my hymen yet but I was scared to death. I gripped his back roughly and he rubbed my back gently trying to comfort me. I felt a pain start to hit as he neared and I bit his shoulder feeling my tears well up. I felt him with one movement lodge himself completely into me. I screamed out releasing my bite from his shoulder and dug my nails deep into his back.

He just held me close and rubbed my back pulling out quickly which made it hurt just as much since he had pulled out so quickly. I sat there on his lap as I cried on his shoulder until the hurt slowly faded but still lingered.

“Not tonight…I can’t take it.” I said quietly and he agreed, but after about ten minutes we got up and got back into comfortable clothes then cuddled up going to bed.

story by: Armystrong

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Author: Armystrong

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