Turning point, chapter 2

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Turning Point ch. 2
Our lead character Robert is still moving along rather slow sexually, mostly experimenting with himself but things will soon pick up and lead to major changes in his life. If you are looking for an instant fuck fest you need to keep in mind this starts out with a very young, inexperienced young man with no one to give him any sexual direction but when given the opportunity you will find he is a fast leaner.

After the service we went straight home and Dad started again as soon as we got there. He got out the jug of home brew then he and Mom set down at the kitchen table and started drinking. He got so angry he was literally shouting and pounding on the table. Kay went to her room and I ask Dad if I could go fishing. He said hell yes, get the fuck out of here but you better bring some fish back or I will have your ass, I’m sick to death of people fucking over me. I was out of the house like a shot, dug a few earth worms, grabbed my fishing poles and headed for the lake. As I got near the old home place I could see Mr. Wheeler, Uncle David’s son, his wife and another lady standing out by the road looking back at the house. When I got a little closer I saw Mr. Wheeler point in my direction and said something to the son. Everyone turned and was looking at me. I thought about crossing the road but I thought that is what my Dad would so I just continued walking toward to group. When I got a few feet away the son stepped toward me, smiled, stuck out his hand and said you must be Robert. No need to say I was a little shocked but I dropped my poles, shook his had and said yes I’m Robert and I’m ashamed to tell you that I don’t even know your name. Everyone laughed a little and he said I’m you long, lost Cousin David, Jr. but all my friends just call me Dave. I give him a big grin and said very pleased to meet you Dave. This is my wife Kathy, pointing to the other lady Dave said this is Mrs. Johnson. She is with the real estate company that is going to sale the house for us. I shook hand with all the others and told I was pleased to meet the all and I would get on with my fishing and let them get to their business.

When I got to the lake I bated the hooks and started fishing. They were really biting and it didn’t take long before I had more that enough. Usually this would be the time I would have my pants off and pumping my cock and finger fucking my ass but not today. I just lay back on the blankets and started thinking about all that had happened in my life to date and what I might want for the further. I would really go to collage but knew I could not afford that. I though of Dave and wondered if maybe the military was the answer for me. Then my mind went to the dark side. I was wondering how many boys my age enjoyed jacking off, finger fucking there ass and swallowing their own cum. I had never had sex with a female and wondered what that would be like. I must have been there for several hours, the sun was about to set and I still had the fish to clean. I picked out four nice fish, quickly cleaned them and released the others. When I went back by the old house I noticed the for sale sign out front and I knew Dad was going to raise hell about that. It was almost dark when I got home. When I walked in the kitchen Mom was there and shouted at me, well it’s about fucking time you sorry ass got home, I’ve been waiting for the fish to cook for supper. I giver her the fish and told her I was going to go take a shower while she was fixing supper. She told me to be sure Kay was out of the bathroom that she had gone to take a shower just a short time ago.

As I walked down the hall I could see the bathroom door was open so I knew Kay was not in there. As I walked past her room I noticed her door was open just a little. I just glanced as I passed then stopped and back up for another look. I could see the mirror on Kay’s dresser and I could see the reflection of her standing looking at herself in the mirror. She was stark naked and was running her hands over her hips then up to her tits. She took both tits in her hands and started rubbing them, then pinching her nipples and pulling up on them. She started moving her hands back down over her hips. She moved he feet further apart and I could she was putting her hands between her legs. I knew she had to be touching her pussy by the way she moaned and threw her head back. I could not believe how good she looked, nice ass, great looking tits and curves in all the right places. She always wore very loose fitting clothes, usually men type pants and over size shits. I never had any idea that kind of body was hiding under those shit looking clothes. I could feel my cock getting hard and I started rubbing it through my pants. I was really enjoying the view when I heard Mom coming through the dinning room toward the hallway. I took of down the hall and into the bathroom closing and locking the door behind me. I could not get my clothes off quick enough. I started pumping my cock even before I turned the shower on. As soon as the water had warmed up I jumped in the shower, soaped up my cock and ass and started pumping and humping like a crazy. I was fantasizing about fucking and sucking my sister. Man, I must be some kind of weird pervert, pumping my cock, finger fucking my own ass, swallowing my own cum and wishing I could fuck my sister. The only thing is with all this going on I didn’t feel ashamed or embarrassed, I just felt good and horny.

The following Friday my Aunt Shelby (my mothers sister) come up from Atlanta Georgia . For the past three years she had come to visit on Friday and Saturday then she and Kay would leave early Sunday morning and Kay would spend the next two weeks with her and her husband in Atlanta. I always looked forward to her coming, she was so different from Mom you would never know they were sisters. She was about three years younger than Mom but she looked ten years younger. She had a great body with nice big tits and always dressed to show off what she had. She would always give Kay and I both a big, full body hug and I just loved her tits pressing against my body and she always smell so good. That was the only person I had ever seen Kay hug and I noticed Aunt Shelby never made any effort to hug Mom or Dad. It was a happy time while Aunt Shelby was there and I hated to see her go.

We all got early Sunday morning, had breakfast then all went to church. As soon as we return home Aunt Shelby and Kay load there things in the car and head out for Atlanta. While they were getting ready I got all my things together to go the lake. As soon as they pulled away from the house I grabbed my stuff and started walking down the drive to the road. I noticed that Aunt Shelby had stopped at the end of the drove and was just setting there. I assumed she was waiting for some traffic to pass. I go fairly close to the back of the car and I could see Aunt Shelby and Kay through the rear window. What I saw made me stop in my tracks and just look in disbelief. Aunt Shelby and Kay had their arms around each other and was locked in a full mouth to mouth kiss. I stood there and watched until they separated and Aunt Shelby got back under the steering wheel, checked for traffic and thank goodness she didn’t look in the rearview morrow. Then she pulled out on the road and they were on their way.

My cock was hard as a steel rod and I run always to the lake. As soon as I got there I dropped my poles and bate can, grabbed the blanks, thrower then on the ground, jerked off my pants and started rubbing spit all over my cock and ass. I lay back on the blankets and started pumping and finger fucking. I had visions of Kay’s naked body and of her and Aunt Shelby kissing each other on the mouth running through my head. I was the most turned on I had ever been. It felt great pumping my cock and I had two fingers up my ass and fucking hard. I knew I was getting close to cumming. I wanted to shoot the cum straight in my mouth so I tried putting my feet up on the post across the top of the shelter and pushed myself, up curled my back until my cock was just over my mouth. I started pumping and fucking hard and it was not long before it all paid off. I could feel my balls tingling and the cum started shoot . The first shot landed part on my chin and part in my mouth. Almost all of the second and third shot hit my mouth. I was swallowing as fast as I could and loving every drop of it. It got down to just small drops that landed mostly on my chest. Due to the way I was curled over to get my cock over mouth I was having trouble breather. Reluctantly I let go with my feet and just lay there trying to catch my breath. When I dropped down my finger popped out of my ass but I was still holding my limp cock and I still had some cum on the side of my hand so I rubbed it around on my cock and continued to struck my now soft, limp cock. I was surprised at how good at felt so I just kept rubbing the cum around. I used some to coat a finger and started fucking my ass again. I could not get the vision of Kay and Aunt Shelby kissing out of my head. It was not long before my cock was hard and I thought I can’t cum anymore. I could still taste the cum in my mouth and I licked my tongue out and picked up a little of the cum that had landed on my chin. I was soooo fucking hot it felt like there was a raging fire in my cock, balls and ass. To my surprise my cock started squirting again, not quite as much this time but enough to make a nice little puddle on my stomach. When my cock started getting soft I took my fingers and scoped up the cum off my stomach and brought it to my mouth, licking every drop off my fingers. I just lay there for a while thing about the things I had seen and done so far that day. Once again I started wondering about myself. Not so much the masturbating part but the ass fucking, cum swallowing, the thoughts I was now having about my sister and aunt. I wondered if I was what people called gay. Were other boys in the community doing the same thing I was and I just didn’t know it. What ever, I was loving what I was doing and was not about to stop. I stepped to the edge of the lake and scoped up water with my hand to clean myself up. Then I got busy fishing, I knew it would not be good to go home today without fish for Dad. It didn’t take long before I had four nice ones. I cleaned them put then in my bucked, gathered up my stuff and headed home.

When I got home Dad was real pissed off. I though it was because I had stayed at the lake too long but that was not it. I heard him tell Mon, that fucking sister of yours dragging her ass like that every year. Did you notice your sister’s dresses, and all that smiley, smiley shit she has on all the time. Makes me thing she is up to something. Then he turned to me and said your sorry ass will have to do her chores while she is gone. I though, so what’s new. I give Mom the fish and headed to my room. As I walked down the hall I heard Mom telling me, don’t go lay you lazy ass up in the bed, I’ll have supper ready in a few minutes. When I got to my room I lay down across my bed and my mind started wandering. I thought about Kay in Atlanta with Aunt Shelby and Uncle Tommy, wondering if she was still had that same unhappy, piss off attitude she had at home or was she more of the person I saw kissing Aunt Shelby. I also though about my own future and what I would do when I got out of high school. I knew I could not stand living here, I was not going to end up being a copy of my Dad. I though about Dave and how well he seemed to have done in the Navy. I really wanted to go to collage but I know I didn’t have the money and didn’t know of a way to get it. My thoughts were interrupted by Mom calling me to supper.

I was up very early the next morning, hurried though my morning chores, packed a smack from leftovers in the kitchen, gathered my fishing poles and headed to the lake. As I got near the old home place I saw a large truck parked beside the road and another back up to the front steps. When I got to the walk I could see men bring boxes and furniture out of the house. I also saw several other trucks and vans in the drive. And people working all around the house, cutting grass, trimming hedges, painting the trim around the windows. I saw the real estate lady that I had been with Dave the day of Uncle David’s funeral. Then I saw the for sale sign that had been out in front of the house and noticed it now had a sold sign on it. I went on to the lake, got my hooks in the water but for some reason the fish were not biting. I got my blankets out, put them on the ground and just laid buck under the shelter enjoying the cool breeze in blowing of the lake. I was wondering who had bought the house and when they would be moving in. I checked my hooks and still the fish were not biting so I lay back on the blankets and just relaxed and let my mind wander. I started thinking about my sister coming home on Saturday and I would have some help with the chores. Then I starting seeing her and Aunt Shelby kissing each other the day they left. I could feel my cock starting to get a little firm. Then I remember the day I got a peek at Kay’s naked body and wondered what it would be like to feel of her nice tits and stick my hard cock in her pussy. With her attitude I never expected any of this to happen but the thought of it was enough to get my cock hard as a rock. I slipped off my pants and set up and spit on my the head of my cock until I had it nice and slick,. Then I started working on my ass. I had visions of Kay’s tits and pussy on my mind and I was pumping my cock as fast as I could and I had worked three fingers in my ass. It caused a little pain when I shoved all three fingers that far up my ass but that just added to the thrill of it. When I felt the cum building and knew it was not going to be long before I would shoot my load I put my feet up on the top of the shelter and pushed my self up so I could cum straight into my mouth. I was getting better at this because this time I hit my mouth with the first shot and every shot after that. I held it all in my mouth until I had cum all I could then I let my feet down and set up. I used my tongue to roll the cum around in my mouth then I would swallow just a little at the time. Every little bit I swallowed just made me hotter and my cock started getting hard again. Well, wouldn’t you know I saw two of the fishing polls start dipping toward the water. I gulped down the remaining cum and without bothering to put on my pants I jumped up and grabbed both polls. I held one steady while I landed the other. I dropped it in the bucked , dropped the poll then landed the other. Both were nice size small mouth bass. Before I could get these hoops bated and back in the water I had a bite on the third line. I spent the next hour catching one fish right after the other until I had the live well almost full. I still had not put my pants back on and I thought this feels so good and free and I’m sure I’ll be doing this again.

It was getting late by the time I got my fished cleaned and started home. When I went back by the old home the place was all closed up and everyone was gone. I couldn’t help but thing how much better it looked now. The outside of the house was gray stone so the windows and trim was all that had to be painted. With the grass cut , hedges trimmed and the new paint it looked, the best I could remember it ever looking. When I go home I waked into the kitchen, Dad and Mom was setting at the kitchen table. I told Dad I had him four nice fish, dressed and ready to cook. He glared at me and said who gives a shit. Did you know that sorry ass boy (Dave) had sold the old home place to some fucking strangers from up north. A couple of old farts from some big city. They will fit in around here about like a horseshoe up your ass. I was thinking I don’t think anybody will ever really fit in with you. I was wondering what king of people would be interesting in moving to this community when most people was looking to move out of it.

The next day was Thursday and I knew Aunt Shelby would be bringing Kay home Saturday and I would spend most of day at home. I was a little late getting with the chores and it was about the middle of the morning before I could head to the lake. As I walked by the old home place I saw a big moving van in the drive and men unloading boxes and furniture from the back. I saw an older man setting in a chair wrapped in a blanket and watching the men working. There was an older woman standing beside him giving instructions to the men as they brought the different items into the house. She looked a little tall compared to most women in our community. She was standing at a angle to me so I could she had a nice big set of tits. She didn’t notice me going by on the road but the man did. He moved his hand from under the blanket and give me a little wave. I waved back and continued on to the lake. I spent most of the day fishing and playing with myself. Of course my thoughts were filled with Aunt Shelby, Kay and the new neighbors. I thought what kind of person was I turning into, looking at a woman older than my Mom and thinking about her nice big tits and how I would love to have a look at them.

When I got home Dad knew about the couple moving in next door. He and Mom was setting at the kitchen table drinking his home brew straight from the jar and both were cursing the new neighbors using words I think they had made up to call the couple. I just put the fish is the sink and headed back outside to do my evening chores. I though, you don’t even know these people and you are calling them every name in the book. When I got back in the house I just went straight to the bathroom, got my shower and went to bed. My last thought just before I fell asleep, damn I didn’t even jack off. This is not a good thing.

I was out early the next morning, got through with everything I had to do and headed for the lake before Mom and Dad could get up and start their shit again. As I passed our new neighbors house I was a little surprised to see the old man setting on the parch. As I was going by the walkway he waved and motioned for me to come there. I walked up to the bottom of the steps. He smiled and said come on up here I’m harmless he laughed. I knew right then I was going to like this man. I put my fishing gear down and walked up the steps. He put out his hand and said Hello there young man, I’m Harold Boggs. I shook his hand and said a pleasure to meet you Mr. Boggs. My name is Robert Lawson, I live next door. He said yes I know I saw you come by yesterday with your fishing poles. He ask how did you do, did you catch many fish. I said yes sir. The lake is just load and it don’t take long to catch the fish but I like spending time at the lake, it is so nice and quite there. Mr. Boggs said yes I can understand that. When I was younger and in good health I love to fish. I would bring them home and my dear wife would cook them and we would both really enjoy them. That was a good time for us. I’m afraid I’m a very sick man now but when we were younger we had both worked hard, made a lot of money and had a lot of fun. We really enjoyed life together. When my health got really bad I told my Mary I would like to move out of the city and find some nice and quite place to live. She found this place, we bought the it, moved in and now here we are. Mary is inside getting things straighten up and I’m out here enjoying the nice warm breeze. He said well Robert it is good to meet you and good luck on your fishing.

I had a great day at the lake. The fish were biting good and I had the basket full in no time at all. I had Aunt Shelby, Kay and to my surprise our new neighbor Mary Boggs on my mind and I jacked off and finger fucked my ass until they both got so tender I couldn’t stand to touch either one. I had swallowed and played with the cum so much that I had it all over my face, cock and balls. I had the forethought to bring a couple of small towels with me so I went to the edge of the lake, scooped up water and washed my face, cock and ass, then dried off with one of the towels. I cleaned the fish including a couple of extras. I gathered up everything, took the extra towel and wrapped two nice fish in it then laid then on top of the others in the bucked. When I got back to Mr. Boggs’ house he was still setting on the porch. I set my poles down by the gate and as I started up the steps I saw the Mr. Boggs was asleep. I just lay the fish down by his chair and quietly slipped away. When I got home I could tell that Mom and Dad had been hitting the home brew about all day. They were auguring about some of the things Dad had said about Aunt Shelby and Uncle Tommy and they were still cursing about the new neighbors. I give Mom the fish, went out to finish my chores then back to a shower and to bed.

The next morning I slept a little late and Mom was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. When I walked in and looked at Mom she looked really bad. I’m sure she was really hung over. I didn’t see Dad so I made the mistake of asking her where he was. That proved to be a mistake. She turned and glared at me then told me The son of a bitch cursed me out for not having breakfast ready then got in the truck and took off out the drive like a fucking wild man. Set your ass down and eat before you go do your chores. Kay will be home later today and she will not feel like having to fuck with all that shit. I eat, got a quick shower, dressed and got out of the house.

Just as I walked out the door I saw Doc. Moor’s car go speeding by our drive. I walked to the end of the drive and looked down the road. I saw that he had stopped next door. I stood there for just a short time then started waking that way. When I got about half way to the house I saw what I though was a car coming from the other direction. When it got to the Boggs house it turned in the drive and I could see it was a Hurst. I just stopped there on the side of the road . I could see the Boggs front porch form where I was. I saw two men enter the house. About ten minutes later the two men walked out on the porch with Doc. Moore. Then talked for a while then the men went to the Hurst and took a stretcher out and the three o went back in the house. I just stood there thinking this is not good. Mr. Boggs had told me he was not in good health but I had on idea it was this bad. I stood there for maybe twenty minutes of more. Then the men come out carrying the stretcher covered with a sheet. Doc. Moore and Mrs. Boggs walked out behind then. One of the men got in to drive the Hurst and the other got in the car with Mrs. Boggs and they drove off in the direction they had come from. I turned and started walking back toward my house. I could feel the tears running my cheeks. I felt so sad, he seemed like such a nice man and I was looking forward to getting to know him. I though well I guess the house will be up for sale again. I heard the car coming up behind me so I stopped and as I turned Doc. Moore stopped. He ask Robert what are you doing out here this morning? I told him I saw him come by the drive and come out to see what was going on. I told him I was sorry about Mr. Boggs. Doc. Moore seemed a little surprised the I knew his name and I told him about our meeting the day before and about leaving the fish for him. I said I guess the place will be up for sale again now. He said that was not the case. Mrs. Boggs is going to take him back home to be buried in the family cemetery and would be back in two to three weeks and she has no intention of selling the place for now. Doc. drove on and I walked on back to the house, completed my chores and just hung out around the barn for a while. I heard Dad when he come home but I didn’t bother to go in the house, I just didn’t want to hear his shit.

I stayed outside until I heard a car pulling in the drive. I walked out of the barn and was pleased to see it was Aunt Shelby and Kay. I met them at the car and Aunt Shelby got out and started to give me my big hug when she stopped and ask Robert, what is wrong. I told her it had not been a good day. I quickly told her about the new neighbors then Mr. Boggs dying early this morning and Mom and Dad had been arguing and cursing everybody and everything. Aunt Shelby looked over to the other side of the car and saw that Kay was getting her things out of the back of the car and was not paying any attention to us. Aunt Shelby then turned to me put her arms around my shoulders pulling me to her in a big hug. She reached up with one hand to the back of my head and pulled it down and held it into her shoulder and the top of her breast. My heart started beating fast and I was so afraid she would be able to feel my cock as it started to get hard. She then put her hands on either side of my face and pressed her lips to mine. It was a short kiss but it was enough to make me forget everything else at the moment. She looked deep in my eyes and said hang in there big guy, life will get better. Please believe me, it really will. She smiled then we both walked around the car to help Kay get her things in the house. I picked up one of her bags and she just looked at me with that same lack of emotion face she usually had. I looked back at her and I just wanted to drop the bag and give her a big hug and tell her to just knock off all the shit but I didn’t. I just followed her in the house with the bag in hand. Mom and Dad was standing in the family room when we walked in. Neither of them even spoke and it was easy to see they were pissed about something. Aunt Shelby really surprised me and also give me a thrill when she looked at the both and said you both look like shit, so who pissed in your corn flakes. Neither Mon or Dad answered. Aunt Shelby just shook her head and set down at the table. I helped Kay take her bags to her room. As she opened her bedroom I ask her if she had a great time while I was left at home to do her chores. She turned, looked at me and said fuck you asshole. Without thinking I said okay, if you would like to it would be fine with me. She looked me dead in the eyes but didn’t say anything for a few seconds and I thought for just an instant she was going to smile. Then she said just set the bag down at the door, I’ll get it from there. As I walked back to the kitchen I was thinking about what I had said to Kay and if she told Mom or Dad I would get my ass beat for sure. Then I smiled to myself and thought if she threatened to say anything I would tell her about seeing her and Aunt Shelby. When I got back to the kitchen Mom and Dad had started talking to Aunt Shelby and they were telling her about the new neighbors and about Mr. Boggs dying. Dad said I guess the damn place will be sold again and we’ll still not get anything out of it. Aunt Shelby just shook her head

We were up early the next morning getting ready to go to church. We had a quick breakfast then was bust getting to go. Aunt Shelby had her things in the car and made the excuse that she had a long drive and was not going to church with us. When Key went to her room to finish dressing Aunt Shelby went with her. It didn’t take me long to get ready and I was standing in the kitchen when Aunt Shelby came out and ask me to walk to her car with her. When we got the car she open the door then turn to me, looking deep in my eyes. I could see her eyes water and I thought she was going to start crying. She put her arms around me and held me close. I could fill her firm breast and her full woman’s body pressing against my body. I knew she was upset with Mom and Dad so I was doing all I could do not to get a hard on. I knew if I did she would be able to feel it and that would be embarrassing as hell. Then she relaxed her hug and looked in my eyes again and said hang in Robert, it will get better Please trust me when I tell you that. Then she put her arms around my neck, pulled me to her and kissed me on the mouth and held it for a couple of seconds. To late, I could feel my cock pushing hard against my pants and I could feel myself blushing. Aunt Shelby broke the kiss and started to turn to get in her car when she noticed the bulge in my pants. She looked at me smiling and said you see, things are getting better already. I felt like I was blushing all over but I smiled back. As she drove out of the drive I wondered does she know something I didn’t know. As I found out in times to come, yes she did.

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