Lonely wife – chapter 1

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Note: This story is told from the third person perspective and this chapter doesn't feature a whole lot of sex(in fact, it doesn't feature any, but it does have masturbation at the end), this chapter is meant as more of an introduction. Sex will be much more prominent as the series goes on. If you prefer a first person perspective don't worry, as I plan on writing another story to run parallel to this one. Hope you enjoy and please leave comments below!

Bella Grace was in many ways, your average housewife. She cleaned, cooked and reorganized the house so much that it would appear different nearly every week, much to the chagrin of her husband. "Bell" he would say sternly. "You must stop moving the furniture around. This couch was over on the other end of the living room just last week for crying out loud!"

The man of the house, Tristan, was the 'tall, dark, and handsome' type. His short coal black hair and brown eyes was in perfect contrast to Bella's long, waist-length golden blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. In his younger years, he was quite the stud, working out daily, but now at the age of thirty-four, he has almost given that up entirely. It wasn't completely his fault, however, as he worked a full time job and went to night classes in an attempt to get a promotion. Bella would often bring up working herself, but as Tristan would constantly repeat "You'll need to get used to staying home when we have kids". The idea of getting a nanny was also out of the question. "Can't afford it" Tristan would remind his wife.

Bella would find herself bored out of her mind quite regularly. The thirty-one year old was used to shopping or hanging out with friends, but since their move, the Graces have made very little friends. Tristan had friends from work and school, of course, but Bella had very little chance to meet new acquaintances. Once she was done with her daily chores, she would often browse the internet or watch TV in order to kill time. Today she decided to use the computer.

After checking the news and tomorrow's weather, Bella looked up local jobs, just for fun. After a few minutes, an ad caught her eye. "Looking for part-time housekeeper. No kids, just cleaning and cooking. Hours are ten to three. Call if interested". This was perfect, Bella thought. Her husband worked nine to five, then came home for an hour and went back out to school. She could work without Tristan even knowing! Bella jotted down the number and rushed to the phone.

"Yes, hello. My name is Bella Grace and I was interested in your online ad"

"Okay, Bella. Do you have any /> "Well, I work on my own house"

"That's fine. How old are you?"

Thinking this a strange question she responded with a pause />
"Come over anytime you want for an />
"Okay, I'll see you soon"

As she placed the phone on the receiver she wondered why he wanted to know her age. Perhaps he felt older women would be inadequate and take to long to get everything done. Whatever the case, she was certainly interested. For far to long, Bella had been subjected to the worst kind of punishment known to mankind; lack of sex, thanks mostly to Tristan, who was barely home. A part time job would definitely take her mind off things, at least for half the day.

Bella finished her house work and set off for the address given to her by the man on the phone. As it turned out, it wasn't very far away. Only about a five minute walk from her house. She walked up the steps wearing her finest white blouse and black skirt combo. Just as she was about to knock on the door, it opened.

Standing in the doorway was a handsome black man, with a shaved head and a six pack. Clearly unlike Tristan, this man worked out.

"Nice to meet you. You must be Bella" he said, with a smile.

"Yes. I didn't catch your name?" Bella said, meeting his hand with hers.

"That's because I didn't throw it. But my name is Jason Brown".

"Nice to meet you Mr. Brown"

"Please, just Jason"

He showed her inside and she couldn't help but stare at the muscles on his arms. Compared to the lankiness of Tristan, Jason seemed like an athlete. They sat together on a three piece sofa and Jason asked her a series of questions. About ten minutes later, they were done and Jason stood up and put his hand out.

Bella. You've got the She said, getting up and grabbing his hand. "When can I start?"

"Well not right now, as my work is nearly finished anyway. You see, I work from home and need someone to cook and clean for me" he said.

"Oh? What happened to Mrs. Brown, if you don't mind />
"Haha, not at all. I have never been married" he said. "Can you start monday? I don't work on the weekend" he continued, trying to change the subject.

"Sure, that sounds great. See you then!" she said as she walked out the door.

Bella arrived back home with only an hour left until Tristan arrived. He would surely want his dinner, so she immediately got to work on it. She prepared dinner, leftover meat, and set it on the table just as Tristan walked through the door.

"Meatloaf again?" he said, taking a seat at the table.

"Sorry, honey, but we can't afford much else"

"Hopefully we'll be done eating this crappy food once I get a />
Bella didn't like her cooking being criticized. Sure, it didn't take much to prepare meatloaf, but he should be glad he has anyone to cook for him at all. To the outside world, her growing animosity for her husband would appear as though they were an old couple, married for decades. In fact, they have been married for only three years.

"I was hoping that you could take off from school today so we could spend some she started.

"Absolutely not. The big test is today, you remember" he said, cutting her off. "Don't worry though. We can spend time together on the he said, thinking hard "No, wait. That's right, Saturday's the big game and on Sunday I'm going fishing with the guys. You understand, I'm sure. We'll find some time together" he continued.

"Yeah, I understand" she said with snark in her voice.

After dinner, Tristan kept to his usual routine by watching TV for the next half hour before going off to school. When she was finished with the dishes, Bella sat down next to him to enjoy the movie. Almost immediately, Tristan looked at his watch and got up. "Oh crap, I have to go or I'll be late. See you tomorrow" he said, planting a kiss on her cheek. And just like that, he walked out the door, leaving his wife alone and lonely.

The rest of the night was as unsatisfying as could possibly be. She watched TV for a couple of hours and had a late night snack before heading off to bed. The last thought that went through her mind was the loathing she secretly felt for her husband.

The next morning, Bella once again made breakfast for Tristan and once again, he made jokes about it calling it and "awful" before he headed off for work. "What a charmer" she thought. "More like an asshole". She brushed her teeth, took a quick shower and got dressed, wearing the same clothes she wore to the interview yesterday.

She arrived at Jason's house five minutes to ten.

"I like a woman who's on time" he said, smiling.
He showed her what to do and where everything was. "You can cook anything you like for lunch, I wouldn't buy it if I didn't like it!" he explained to her. As he went to his den to work, she started to clean the house. Vacuuming, dusting, washing last nights dishes and doing the laundry. She was to prepare lunch at around 12:30, which she made sure to do. For lunch she made hamburgers, which were wrapped in tinfoil in Jason's fridge. She knocked on the door.

"I've brought lunch" she said.

"That's very kind of you, Bella but I don't like to eat in the den. We can eat together out in the dining room".

He came out of the den and they sat across from each other in the dining room.

is delicious, Bella. You really are a great cook"

"Oh it's nothing. Anybody can make />
"Sure, but you must have put something in here to make them taste better" he said as she blushed. Never before has she received praise for much of anything, least of all for her cooking.

"I would love to help you with the dishes, but I really do need to work. It looks like you have the house in order however. So how about you do the dishes and then you can take off early with full pay" he said.

"Oh no, I wouldn't feel she started.

"Don't worry about it" he said, cutting her off. be much point keeping you around here when you have everything done. I'm sure your own home could use some work" he continued. She blushed again. After the dishes were done, she let Jason know that she was leaving and then walked back to her house.

Upon arrival, she saw a message had been left on her answering machine. It was from Tristan.
"Hello. Honey are you there? Well, I suppose you're doing some shopping, hopefully for groceries, you don't need anything frivolous, dear. When you get this message, can you bring my suitcase down to the office? I somehow forgot it. Very important files in there, I'm sure you'll understand. Besides, what else do you have to do?" this outraged her. It was bad enough that she had to drive all the way to his job, but also the fact that he had the nerve to claim that she had nothing better to do?

Bella grabbed the suitcase that was displayed on the top shelf of there closet and walked out the door, as mad as could be. All she could think of in the drive was how useless Tristan really was. She considered divorce, but realized that she had no where else to go. Once she found a suitable man, then she'd leave him, but until then, she was stuck.

"Thanks babe, you're a life saver!" he said. "Well, see you later" he continued, closing his door in her face. Did he even know how much of an ass he was being? Certainly no one could unknowingly be this much of an asshole, Bella thought.

She took the forty five minute trip back home in the same beat up car she drove to the office with. Tristan bought himself a fancy $10,000 car, she gets a second hand $1,500 car that barely worked.

That evening at dinner, the couple spoke very little. Occasionally, Tristan would break the ice by saying things such as "wish this food was better" or the very classic "we must be really poor if you're making crap like this". And as has become tradition, he sat his ass in front of the TV following dinner to watch the tail end of a movie. As he got up to walk out the door, Bella had become almost happy. She tried to hide the smile that was entering her face as he said goodbye.

Bella decided to give herself a little treat by running a warm, almost jacuzzi-like bath. She poured bubble bath into the tub and took off her clothes. The warm water felt great as it cascaded down her legs. With her eyes closed, she saw her husband, not in an intimate way, as that was a long time ago, but instead, she saw him nitpick her cooking and cleaning. Soon her thoughts went other places and she saw the only other man she had interacted with in the day, Jason. She imagined him placing a kiss on her lips, in a sensual way she had not felt in a while. His arms wrapped around her waist as he continued to passionately kiss her. In her thoughts, she saw his penis, which she imagined was very large. This made her extremely wet. She didn't care if these thoughts were wrong. If Tristan wasn't going to pleasure her, then someone had to, even if it was just imaginary.

Bella placed a hand on one of her breasts and twisted the nipple while the other hand made its way to her nether region, which by this point was very moist. She rubbed her clit as the other hand got her tits soapy. She inserted a finger, while picturing Jason standing in front of her, pumping his massive dick into her pussy. Another finger was inserted into her unfulfilled vagina and her nipples, now erect, were also getting plenty of attention. Fake Jason was still plowing her pussy as a third finger entered it. A moan escaped her mouth "Oh, Jason. Fuck me. Fuck me harder!"

The three fingers were going in and out of her pussy faster with each passing second, and her tits were completely lathered up, with only the red plump nipples showing. Her moans got louder as she finger fucked her hair-covered pussy. Finally, her juices gushed out, mixing with the water and she remained in the bath, eyes still closed, panting from the experience that she had longed for.

It was now very clear to Bella. She had found a suitable man. Now all she needed to do was get him interested in her, if he wasn't />
To be continued…

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