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She was 15. I was 23.

I first saw her running around their yard with her little brother. She had on a frilly bikini and even then her voluptuousness showed. She was sexy. She was cute. She had long light brown hair and a tiny waist set off by a high, round ass. I was to later learn she smelled wonderful, innocent, like baby powder. Her skin was pale and creamy.

I was working on a survey crew on a road paving job while home from college when our instrument man spotted her through his transit. We each took turns looking at her while she pranced around the yard. The first thing I noticed was her tits bouncing as she ran. It was obvious she was putting on a show for us.

Afterwards we looked forward to sunny days because she never failed to show off her body in the frilly bikini. My only complaint was that the frills hid her nipples and I could not tell if they were aroused. She was just growing out of her baby fat, and most of it seemed to have moved to her breasts and ass. Her body could convert anyone to T&A. Like any young man, I loved tits and hers were exceptional, in spite of not being overly large. Perhaps a larger C cup, but they stuck way out and bounced with every movement.

Part way through the summer, I was transferred from the survey crew to inspector and was assigned my own pick-up truck. We were working in front of her house and she came out to watch. “Hi,” she said as she came up to me.

“Where are the other guys?”
“Oh, up the road about a mile. I’m not working with them any more. What’s your name?”
“Beth. What’s yours?”
“Dave. How old are you?”
“Fifteen. But I’ll be sixteen in four months. How old are you?”
“Too old for you, unfortunately. I just turned 23.”
not so old. My dad is 42. That’s old.”
“Well, nice meeting you and talking to you. I gotta get back to work.”
“Are you going to the dance?”
“What dance?”
“Saturday night. They have a dance every week at the armory. I’m going with a girl friend that lives up the road. Maybe I’ll see you there. If you go.”
“I’ll see. Maybe I will.”

The rest of the week, I thought of nothing else but the possibilities enabled by the dance. She would be out on her own and if I worked it right, I might be able to get my hands on those lovely tits of hers.

Saturday night finally came around and I arrived around ten. The dance started at nine. I walked in, paid for my entrance, got my hand stamped and started to look around. “There you are!” a voice behind me said. “I was beginning to think you weren’t coming.”

“I wouldn’t miss it. But I didn’t know when it />
We danced almost every dance and I was delighted to see her erect nipples show through her bra during every fast dance as her tits bounced around under her tee shirt. I know she saw me staring at her tits, but she didn’t seem to mind. During the slow dances, she held herself away from me, but towards the end of the evening, I pulled her close and felt her firm tits crush against my chest. She then sort of melted against me, so I gently twisted my body back and forth so that her breasts would rub up against me. I swore I could feel her nipples harden against my chest.

“My girl friend is with her boy friend. Do you think you could give me a ride home?”
“Sure. Why not leave now?”
“Okay. Let’s go. You already know where I live.”

On the way to her house we made small talk. “Are you a grad student in /> “No. Actually, I’m going to be a sophomore. I started late.”
cool. I’m a soph too. High school soph, that is.”

The project office was on the way to her house and I pulled in behind the office.

“Why did we stop?”
“I just want to get to know you better,” I said, as I put my arm around her and pulled her close for a quick kiss. “We left early so we have a few minutes to kill.”

Her body language indicated some apprehension so I pulled her close and just held her until she began to relax. I began a series of tiny kisses on her lips, her nose, cheeks, eyes, back to lips, cheeks again, ears, then her neck. Her quick inhale told me I had reached one of her sensitive spots so I lingered, sliding kisses up and down her neck. Her breath quickened with that, so I tried to be a little bolder.

I moved my left hand under her shirt to her breast and gently cupped and squeezed it. I sensed that she wanted my touch and this intimacy. She watched submissively as I slipped by hand inside her bra, beginning to caress her breasts and nipples openly. She gave a small sigh, bringing up her own hands that she held atop mine, like a protective mother. She didn’t object verbally, but instead pushed my hand away. I slid my hand up under her shirt again but started to massage her back. Again, she did not object and of course she couldn’t push my hand away. She turned her head and kissed me.

“I’d better get you home. Your parents will start to worry.”

“Okay. But will I see you again?”

“Well, I work right in front of your house, so I’m sure you will.”

“No. I mean will you go to the dance again? I really had a good time.”

“So did I and I wouldn’t miss it.”

Time dragged. Work was 10 hours per day, six days a week. I found myself looking forward to going by her house on sunny days. I day dreamed of taking that bikini off and ravishing her tits, then her body. The week finally went by and I went to the this time. She wasn’t there. Disappointed, I turned to go and saw her coming in the door with her friends. When she saw me, her face lit up. Better yet, her nipples got hard and showed through her bra and tee shirt. That was a good sign: that her tits were glad to see me.

We had a good time dancing, especially the slow dances when she would slowly rub her chest against mine. In response, I would nuzzle her neck and was glad to hear her quick intake of breath.

“Will you ride home with me again?”

“Of course. My friends won’t mind.”

“Do you want to leave a little early? We can stop someplace again.”

“How about right now? We have more than an hour before I have to be home.”

I nearly broke the speeding laws on the way to the office lot. Beth sat next to me, so I put my arm around her as I drove. Once at ‘our spot’ I cut the lights but left the engine running to keep the car warm. I immediately brought her close for a long kiss, pulling her against me and started rubbing my chest on hers. Picking up the rhythm, she began to do the same. Running my lips against her sensitive neck, she began to breathe heavily. I slid my hand under her shirt in back, rubbing her back gently. I gradually worked my way to her front and cupped her bra. Again she pushed my hand away.

“Why don’t you want me to touch you?”

not right.”

“Has any boy touched you there before me?

“Once. We were playing Spin the Bottle and when we went to the closet to kiss, he grabbed my boob. He squeezed really hard and hurt me.”

“I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but I won’t hurt you. I />
“I’m still not sure. I don’t want to get in />
“How can you get in trouble from me touching your />
“One thing leads to />
“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do. Besides, you have to let someone touch them some time. It might as well be someone you like.”

“Well, maybe. When I’m ready.”

I stopped her next argument with a kiss, and when I kissed her neck, she started panting so I slid my hand under her shirt and cupped her right bra cup. I was delighted when she didn’t push me away, so I reached behind and undid her bra. I slid my hand under her bra and caressed her bare breasts. I quickly went right to her nipples and rolled them in my fingers until they were rock hard. I grabbed the bottom of her tee shirt with both hands and pulled her shirt and bra off. She obliged me by raising her arms.

I played with her tits and nipples for a while then lay across her lap so I could kiss and suck on her nipples. She cradled my head and gently rocked me as I suckled on her teats. Again, I appealed to her motherly instincts. I kept it up until she said she had to get home. I helped her put her bra on by fastening it for her but then reached around her and cupped both breasts and slid a series of kisses down her sensitive neck. She shivered and let out a small sound.

On the way to her house, I again put my arm around her and caressed her tits. She put her hand on my leg and I would remember and cherish that touch for the rest of the week. It was full of promises of more to come.

Beth said, “I can get away tomorrow afternoon, if you’re not doing anything. Maybe we can go for a ride. Or />
“Sure. Where should I meet you?”

“My parents are going to be gone fishing all day and my little brother will be with them.
Why not come by after lunch?”

“Okay. I’ll be here about one or so.”

I was so wound up with anticipation, I had trouble sleeping as I dreamed off the possibilities to come. I knew of an isolated place to park where we would not be bothered. I considered various ways to try and get into her pants, perhaps to get her completely naked. Finally, I had to beat my hard meat until I came, and the release finally let me sleep.

One thirty sharp, I pulled in to her driveway and she came running out. She was obviously watching for me and must have been anticipating this date as much as I was.

go, I’m ready,” she said breathlessly as she hopped into my car.

“Okay, but first I want you to do something for me,” I replied. “I’d like you to take your bra off before we go. I want to be able to hold you close while we drive.”

“But, how can I do that? People will see.”

“Just pull your arms out of your shirt. That way you can slip your bra off, then put your arms back in the sleeves. You can keep the bra in your purse. No one can see into the windows while we’re on the road any way, and you can put your bra back on before we come back.”

It’s just…a little embarrassing to do right in front of you, and all.”

“But you had your top and bra clean off last night. You weren’t embarrassed then.”

“Yeah, but it was dark.”

“I want to hold them while we drive. I’ll probably just take your top and bra off when we get to where we’re going anyway. Besides, I already know you like to be touched there. So I know you’ll enjoy it as much as me.”

Finally agreeing, she turned away while she wiggled her arms out of her tee shirt and then reached back to undo the snaps. She managed to keep her tits out of sight as she removed her bra and maneuvered her arms back into the sleeves. she asked.

“Not yet, but I soon will be,” I replied as I slid my arms over her shoulder and took hold of her right breast through her tee shirt. “I want to get under that shirt of yours.” When I hit the road, I pulled the bottom of her shirt up and started to fondle her right boob.

she murmured as she melted closer to me, allowing me access to both of her tits. I nearly drove off the road looking at her nipples peeking out from under her shirt.

I lifted my arm off her and took her left hand and put it on my lap over the bulge of my raging erection. She froze in shock and surprise for a full 30 seconds as the realization of where her hand was and what she was touching sunk in. Finally, with small and tentative movements, she started to explore what must have been her first experience with a fully erect and ready male organ. As she got more daring, she tried squeezing it as she explored. As I resumed my exploration of her luscious breasts and hard nipples she finally said, huge!”

“Actually, it’s pretty much average size,” I replied. But I knew what she really meant was: “it feels way too big to fit inside of me.” I intended to make sure she found out how untrue that belief was.

Reaching the secluded spot, I shut off the engine, slid the car seat back and took her in my arms for a long kiss and more exploration of her wondrous boobies. Beth left her hand on my crotch and continued to explore the outlines of my hard cock. Breaking away, I reached down and pulled her shirt off so I could suckle at her breasts–my new most favorite snack.

In spite of my ministrations to her lips, her neck and her tits, she managed to keep her hands on my cock. “Would you like to see it?” I asked. When she didn’t answer but kept exploring, I suggested, “Go ahead and take it out.”

After some hesitation, she tentatively started to undo my pants, first undoing my belt then my pants button, and finally sliding the zipper down. My shorts were tented up by my raging erection so I helped her by pulling the elastic over and exposing my cock in all its glory. She gasped at the sight of the swollen member. “It’s beautiful, but it’s so big,” she whispered. “That couldn’t possibly fit inside of me.”

“Go ahead and touch it,” I suggested, and then showed her how to hold it and how to stroke it to make it feel better.

“It’s really beautiful,” she exclaimed. “I’ve never seen one that was big and hard before.”

Turning her toward me, I gave her a long deep kiss and continued my assault on her tits and nipples while she pleasured my cock with her small hand. I took the opportunity to begin rubbing her thighs, gradually moving my rubbing toward the inside of her thigh. As soon as I felt her legs begin to drift apart, I slid my hand right up to her mound and grasped it strongly with my left hand. She jerked and cried out, but when she failed to object, I began rubbing her pussy through her pants. I could feel her heat and dampness as her body responded to my cock in her hand, and my hand on her pussy. When she let out a moan, I knew it was time for the next step.

“Take off your pants,” I whispered. “I want to see you naked.”

She remained silent, but continued to pant heavily as I rubbed her pussy. When she didn’t say “no,” I turned her and laid her face up across my lap. Supporting her upper body with my left hand, I unbuttoned her pants and slowly slid her zipper down. My cock was crushed against her back, but I didn’t mind the pressure. I slid my hand inside the waist band of her panties and started a slow circular motion of her lower belly. When I reached her muff of hair, she moaned again. I could feel her ass muscles contract as she involuntarily tried to push her pussy into my hand.

“Push your pants down,” I said softly into her ear. “Take your pants off for me. I want to see you naked. I want to touch you.”

Panting heavily now, she raised her ass and grasping the waistline of her pants, she pushed her pants down to her knees. Kicking her shoes off, she used her legs to shed her pants completely. She was naked in my arms except for her panties. I slid my hands into her panties, seeking her slit, buried somewhere in her muff of hair. When I finally reached it, I found her pussy was sopping wet and I could feel that her clit was fully erect and ready for me. She squealed when I touched it and gently rubbed it. Exploring further, I slid my finger into her until I reached her cherry. “Oh,” she cried. “Be />
“I will,” I replied as I started to slide her panties off. When we had gotten rid of that obstruction, I saw that her pubic hair was pale blond, almost white. Eagerly I moved my finger back to her clitoris and continued a slow gentle massage of her hard clitoral knot. Her hips began to thrust up against my hand so I increased the pressure and gradually increased the speed of the circular massage. She was now openly crying out with each thrust of her hips until she grasped my wrist and pulled it roughly against her pussy and let out a loud wail of pleasure. Her entire lower body was engulfed by an orgasmic release. As waves of pleasure radiated outwards she could feel her nipples tingling from the after effects. Subconsciously, she reached down between her legs and cupped her still wet pussy protectively now that my fingers had been withdrawn.

After she calmed down and regained normal breathing, she said, “Omigawd, I’ve never felt anything like that. What happened to me?”

“Well, I don’t know what you felt, but it looks like you liked it, so you must have had an orgasm. Now lay back and let me admire that naked body of yours.”

“Can you do me like that again,” she asked coyly.

“Any time you want, but first you have to do something for me. I want you to put your shoes one and walk around the car so I can admire your gorgeous naked body.”

“But I’ll get cold,” she whined.

“I’ll start the car and turn the heater up high.”

“Somebody might come.”

be able to hear them a long way away.”

After some more whining excuses which I brushed aside, she got out and began walking slowly around the car. Getting into the mood, she began swinging her hips, exaggerating her walk. Bouncing her boobs on purpose, she cupped them and offered them to me. Walking up to the window, she pressed them flat against the window and giggled. She started dancing and said, “Turn on some music. I wanna dance.”

I found a station with rock music and she really got into it, dancing like a buxom sprite around the car. “Come out! Dance with me,” she yelled.

I opened the door and began to dance with her and she giggled. funny,” I asked.
Pointing at my hard cock sticking out of my fly, she giggled again. The incongruity struck me funny and we collapsed, laughing in each others arms. I kissed her and she responded by grabbing my cock. get back in the car. I want you to orgasm me again.”

“It’s give you an orgasm,” I replied.

“What ever. I want another one.”

Opening the back door, I crawled in and she followed, eagerly spreading her legs and again cupping and offering her tits to me. “Please hurry,” she begged. I want another one.”

I let her grab my cock while I massaged her breasts, rolling her nipples and kissing her neck. I moved my kisses down to her nipples and sucked one as hard as I could. Her hips jerked and she moaned loudly. Her left hand was jacking my cock so I took her right and guided it to her pussy. “Rub it while I watch,” I ordered, then sucked hard on the other nipple. Again her hips jerked. “Uh,” she exclaimed. “What are you doing to me?”

“Enjoying your tits,” I replied. “Why do you ask?”

“I felt something clear up inside me,” she said. “It felt really good. Like something tensed up inside of me.”

She began to rub her clit again and I moved back to her beautiful boobs, this time kissing and fondling not sucking, marveling at how something so soft could stick out so far without sagging. Her panting quickened so I added my finger to hers so I could find out what kind of motion her clitoris liked. Faster and faster and more pressure, her hips writhing next to me she started to chant as she rubbed her clit, “uh, uh, uhh, aie, aie, aieeee!” she screamed as she came again, gushing clear liquid out of her wet, swollen pussy.

As she calmed down again, a series of rippling spasms raced up her abdomen. Finally calmed down, she asked, “Does it feel that good when you orgasm?”

“I don’t know how good you felt, but yes, it feels really good.”

“How do I orgasm you?” she asked.

“It’s GIVE you an orgasm,” I sighed, knowing she was teasing. But I told her to stroke my cock with her hands until I shoot my wad.

your wad?”

“It’s the stuff that shoots out when I reach orgasm. The stuff has all my sperm and it’s what makes a baby in you.”

“I wanna see this,” she exclaimed and straddling my lap, she grabbed my meat with both hands and started to stroke it, gradually going faster and faster as I had done to her clit. After a few minutes of her not-so-tender ministrations, I said I was coming. Looking down to see, she got the first spurt right in her face, than several spurts of cum on her tits, then a final two on her belly.

She took a taste of some that had hit her face. she said. “It’s not bad tasting.” She then rubbed my come all over her tits and belly. Smells neat too, she said. Sitting back down, she looked at my shriveled cock and said, “how cute.” When can I orgasm you again? I want to taste you.” We played with each other’s bodies and explored our secret spots for most of the afternoon.

“How about next time, we go to a movie?” I asked on the way back.

“Yeah, okay. But I’ll have to meet you there. Mom and Dad are really />
“Okay. On the way back home, leave your panties off and keep them in your purse.”

On the way back, I massaged her leg and as I approached her pussy, she slid forward and pushed her pussy into my exploring hand. She was able to come twice, the last time as we turned into her driveway.

“Wear a loose shirt and a skirt for the movie,” I said.

see,” I responded with a leer.

“Please tell me,” she begged. “I can’t stand />
“No, you’ll have to wait.”

The weekend arrived and we met in front of the theater snack stand. “Now tell me the big secret,” she demanded.

As there were people in line nearby, I leaned close and whispered, “Go into the rest room and take off your bra and panties. We’ll sit in the back row.” Beth’s eyes widened in surprise, then changed to a look of pure lust as my request sank in. She hurried into the rest room while I purchased drinks and popcorn.

When she came out, she was flushed and expectant as we made our way into the darkened theater, taking the back seat next to the wall. Beth wiggled in her seat as we enjoyed the popcorn. “I’m getting wet,” she said. “And you’re hard already,” she continued, surreptitiously feeling my cock. “I can’t wait.”

The moment the lights turned down, and the audiences’ attention was on the screen, Beth reached over and grabbed my cock through my pants. I reached my arm behind her shoulder and slid my hand under her sweater and began to fondle her naked breast. When I rolled her nipple she gasped and squeezed my cock. “Ow,” I complained.

“Can I take it out?” she asked.

Looking around, there was no one paying us the slightest bit of attention, so I turned to her and slid my hand up under her skirt while she undid my zipper and pulled my shorts down, freeing my cock. By then, I had reached her platinum muff and started to massage her clit. “Omygawd, I need to scream,” she said.

“You I replied. They’ll throw us out and tell our parents. “Try tensing all you muscles and silently scream,” I suggested.

“Um, um, um,” she responded.

We managed to get her off but I had to stop her from jacking me off to prevent making a mess. For the rest of the movie, we contented ourselves with breast caressing and some cock rubbing.

For the next few weeks, we each other as often as we could arrange it.

Then, one momentous day, Beth said, “Dave, can I ask you />
“You know my friend Jen and her boy friend?”

“They broke up.”

“I told Jen about my orgasms and she said she’s never had one. She and her boyfriend have been doing it for several months and she still hasn’t come close to coming.”

“Is that why they broke up?”

“She never said that but I think that’s why. She told me that sex with him wasn’t enjoyable. He just pulls her pants down and sticks it in her and is done in just a few seconds. I think she’s tired of that. She said they argued about that.”

too bad. She seems nice.”

“She is. I’ve known her forever. We grew up together and we share everything. She just turned sixteen last month.”

“Did you tell her about us?”

“Of course! Maybe that’s why she’s mad at her boyfriend. Because I got an orgasm without doing it. Now she wants to try it. If you’re willing of course.”

“What? Are you serious? It sounds like you want me to do her like I’ve done to you until she has an orgasm?”

Beth giggled, “Exactly! I told you we share everything. Now we’re going to share you.”

I reviewed what I knew about Jen. She was tall, nearly as tall as me, probably 5’-9” and very athletic. She was a star volleyball player for the high school team, and so had a strong upper body, great legs and ass, and small, perky breasts. She was not as good looking as Beth but the overall effect of her strong body and pretty face was extremely attractive. I figured her boy friend was stupid for not learning more about women and sex.

“So when do you two want to do this?”

“Today. I mean right now. I told her we’d come by and pick her up if it was okay with you.”

When we pulled into Jen’s driveway, she came running out and hopped into the back seat.

“Hi, Beth, Dave.”

“Everything set?” Jen asked as we pulled out to the road.

“Yeah! Dave agreed.”

While we were driving to our secluded spot, Beth took her bra and panties off, slid over next to me and started rubbing my cock through my pants. I put my arm around her and pulled her shirt up to gain access to her marvelous teats. She unzipped me and pulled my erect cock out and started to stroke it.

“Wanna look at it?” Beth asked Jen. “It’s really />
Jen leaned over the front seat and took a good long look. “It’s bigger than Jen said finally.

I replied, “It’s only average size.”

“Well, I’ve only seen one before. And Beth is right. Yours is beautiful.”

As I rolled Beth’s nipples in my hand and fondled both of her breasts, Jen asked: “Does that feel really good? I never felt anything when Mike touched them. I think it’s kinda />
“Maybe he wasn’t doing it right,” Beth replied. “I think it feels wonderful when he touches me. I especially like it when Dave kisses and sucks my nipples. Are you going to take your underwear off?”

“I’m not wearing a bra,” she said. “I’m uncomfortable with the idea of riding around in public with no />
“Nobody can see, silly,” said Beth. “And, Dave has to drive, so he can’t see.”

I could see Jen wiggling around in the rear view mirror and I assumed she was pulling her panties off. I was now convinced they were serious about sharing me. Arriving at our s pot, Beth said, “Go ahead and get in the back seat with Jen.”

Pulling my cock back into my pants, I got out and joined Jen in the back seat. She was sitting stiffly with her knees tight together. As I suspected, she was nervous and beginning to have second thoughts. I was going to have to take it slow and carefully. I put my hand on her shoulder and started to caress her neck, then ran my fingers through her hair. When she finally looked at me, I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss. She continued to look at me so I pulled on her neck and planted a longer soft kiss on her luscious lips. She relaxed slightly so I began a series of tiny kisses all over her face, noting that she had very sensitive ears. I nibbled on her ear lobes, then gave her ear a quick lick. She jerked and gasped at the sudden sensation, so I did it again, only longer. She moaned and melted against me.

Her comments about her tits and their lack of sensitivity, and annoyance when Mike touched them prevented me from moving to her breasts, even though I was acutely aware that she was bra less. Instead, I put my hand on her bare knee and began to caress her thighs. I used long, gentle strokes from her knees to as high as I could reach, since she still had her knees together. Eventually, she began to respond to my kisses and to my hand stroking her legs. Her legs relaxed and drifted slowly apart. Gaining access to her mound, I cupped it with my hand and gripped it strongly until my middle finger slipped into her slit. She was beginning to get wet, so I found her clit and rubbed my finger in a circular motion around her little knob.

she moaned as she pushed her hips up to increase the pressure on her pussy. I continued to rub her clit until she started actively humping my hand.

“Would you like me to kiss you here?” I asked as I applied pressure to her clit.

she whispered.

I unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it off, glancing at Beth in the front seat. She was watching and rubbing her pussy as she watched the show in the back seat.

I went down on my knees and spread her legs. She had neatly trimmed hair the same shade of blond as on her head. Pulling her puffy nether lips apart, I licked her pussy from stem to stern. When I reached her clit and sucked the little nubbin between my teeth, she cried out, “Ohhh, Ohmigawd. Ohhh.” I continued to eat her pussy until I could sense she was close to coming. Then I stopped.

“Oh, don’t stop,” she cried. “I’m almost there.”

“I want to see your breasts,” I said. “Get naked and I’ll let you come.” I waited patiently as she frantically unbuttoned her blouse and threw it off.

“Okay. I’m naked. Please let me come.”

When I moved my mouth back to her pussy, my hands reached up and cupped her small breasts. They were small but still soft, and she had incredibly long hard nipples. She moaned loudly as new and unexpected sensations from her breasts raced up and down her body. Looking at Beth, it was obvious that she had shed all of her clothes and was frantically rubbing her pussy with one hand and rubbing her teats with the other. Knowing her, she probably had several orgasms by now.

Jen grabbed my head and mashing it into her pussy, she finally and loudly reached her first orgasm from a boy. Panting heavily as she calmed down, she caressed my hair as I undid my pants and freed my cock. I kissed my way up to her small breasts and began to caress, kiss and suck on them.

“Ohhh, that feels wonderful,” she cried.

Unknown to her, I was moving my cock closer to her slit as I ministered to her tits. She realized that she had a naked body between her legs as I reached her opening with the head of my cock. Pushing strongly, the tip slipped into her easily as she was heavily lubricated from her juices. She tried to pull away, but couldn’t because of the weight of my body on top of her. Instead, her frantic wiggling simply pushed my cock deeper into her tight cunt. A few strong thrusts and my cock was all the way into her. I left it there until she realized that she was already being fucked and couldn’t prevent it. She moved slightly, so I shifted my body to allow my pubic bone to put pressure on he clit.

“Oh,” she finally said. so big. It feels like you’re in up to my belly button.”

I began to slowly pump my cock into her until she responded by thrusting upwards to meet me, trying to drive me deeper into her willing pussy.

cried Beth. “Are you fucking? You were just supposed to have an orgasm.”

“Uh, uh, uh,” Jen replied.

Reaching down between our bodies, I found her clit and started mashing it with my thumb. Crying out as she reached orgasm, her cunt began a series of internal spasms that sent me over the edge and I filled her cunt with my come. He cunt spasms milked my cock until every drop was inside of her body.

As we calmed down and regained our breath, Jen said, “That was />
“Are you going to fuck me next?” Beth asked.

“I’m sorry, no,” I replied. only fifteen. It’s against the law to have sex with girls under sixteen. When you’re sixteen, we can do it.”

“But you’ll be gone,” she whined.

“I’ll be home for Christmas. We can fuck all you want then. In the meantime, you can still have />
Thus set a pattern that continued until my return to school. I would pick them both up, they would take their undies off, then strip when we reached our secret spot. Beth would get off first, then Jen and I would fuck, then both would come as often as I could last. I even managed to get them both off in the movie theater. To this day, I have no idea what movie was playing.

When I came home for Christmas, both families had moved away. I have fantasies that two incredibly lucky boys asked them out and got the surprise of their lives and a fucking they would never forget.

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Author: Odyssy69

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    I thought it was cute, this 55 year old guy, happily married with two kids (one my age) kept looking at me while I masturbated. I wondered if he thought about me when he fucked his wife. The thought of it, sent a pleasure hit straight to my zucchini fucked cunt and as I came hard the little green fellow slipped out of my hand as my juice squirted across the table and trickled to the floor. I have never...

  • First time in the Game

    She turned and looked at me then she closed the door behind her. We had shared something to gain something but I am sure we had both also lost something during the game. ‘Shit!’ I think as I jump to my feet. ‘Where am I and what the fuck am I doing here?’ was screaming in my head. She turned and looked at me then she closed the door behind her.We had shared something to gain something but I am...

  • My voyeurism story

    I looked out on to the balcony where Maddy was laying sunbathing, her top off. On closer inspection I could that she was wriggling in her lounge chair. Her hand was squeezing and pulling her left nipple as her other hand dipped down past the brick work. I'm guessing it was going to work on her little pleasure bud. To say I prefer to play instead of watching is an understatement but...I met Sam a month back and since then...

  • Wifes first mfm, what a night

    It started out as a night out with plans to meet a guy we have been talking with for a while, and did the night go so very well. we have done the fmf and the fmfm but she had been nervous to try the mfm. So we met him at a local club and had some drinks and some laughs and she had a few feels from him as the night progressed, and i could tell she was enjoying...

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