Lost empire 11

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Derrick was about to go nuts, for several days he'd been restricted to the bio-bed. Now that it had released him, Shelby was always near him watching him like a hawk. Damn! He couldn't even go to the bathroom without her being there watching every move that he made. Even though she wasn't actually alive as a corporeal being, she was still alive and Derrick was still embarrassed. Trying his best to hide his embarrassment, it still didn't go unnoticed by Shelby. In all actuality, she found it rather cute. Rubbing his leg Derrick thought about everything that had happened this week, with any luck from now on, with things moving forward, his and the ships luck would change.

Laughing a moment Derrick could only shake his head yeah right! Since when had luck ever really been on his side? All the saves during his missions during the war had been his feelings of the situation from all the Intel he had. He had almost all the Intel here or so he thought, so why in the hell did he feel as if he was lost adrift on an ancient sea with nothing to guide him or steer? Shelby looked on; starting to see a change in Derrick was she crowding him too much? Backing off a little Shelby was really worried about Derrick; she knew that he was a lot further from the horrors of the war. She was still scared that they might resurface and she could lose him again.

Touching her lips she thought of the kiss that she and Derrick had shared on the dream field, she'd never experienced anything like that. Honestly, she had to admit she had found that she had more than liked it and was almost willing to do anything to experience it again. Shaking her head, she knew she could never do that to him, if anything it would drive him further from her. Suddenly shocked she began to think, 'am I in love with him? I can't be sure I've never experienced anything like it before.' Backing off farther, she had to know, she had to talk to Mary again before she did anything even remotely resembling feelings. Looking away she received an update on Tempro, "Derrick, I am detecting Tempro is almost complete." Shelby let him know as she moved to the sensor array to begin taking readings for Derrick. Derrick looked out at the now enormous ship well over 5 and 1/2 miles long, strange Derrick thought there were an extra 5 sets of fins fore and aft, as if there weren't enough but these extra 10 sets were leaving Derrick stumped.

Derrick had been reviewing all the new information that had been downloaded into his head, true he had a lot more clarity. True he was able to formulate much more complicated plans; problem was they were still somewhat jumbled.
"Shelby, how long…" Derrick started.

"I should be complete within 2 days Primary, please do not worry, as I said I have carried the message for well over 1000 years. I don't think 2 more days will make a difference." Tempro broke in. Damn it, Derrick thought he's as bad as Shelby is. "No Primary I am not as worried about you as Shelby is, but I am worried that you will lose your confidence, before you hear what you need to hear." Derrick's eyes rose, ‘hmm’ he thought holding his thoughts tight, ‘so obviously the contact with Tempro's library has forged another connection, great!’ Shelby was trying her best not to giggle she had learned not to react as much when she heard Derrick's thoughts. Obviously she was going to have to teach Tempro the same thing though for now she felt better that she wasn't the only one that could 'hear' Derrick.

Mary appeared a moment later, "My lord all the changes you wanted have been completed, should I send another warning to the silly president of the republic?" Derrick thought a few moments then a wicked smile lit up his face, Mary saw it and also started to smile. She'd studied all she could on Derrick, especially after the healing Shelby had done she could tell this was going to be good.

"Open a channel, the same you did before, I want to be heard by all." Derrick ordered. "Distort the voice for now I don't want to put what's left of my family in danger."

"It will be so my Lord," Mary replied, she'd have to send a few of the sentries to his old home to protect them. "The channel is open my Lord they can see your eyes that's all." On over a thousand worlds the image of Derrick's eyes were seen but especially in the capital of the Republic.

"Citizens, the time of change is upon us all, soon very soon I will be among you. Rejoice this will be an end to the unjust and wholesale slaughter of innocent people. Evidence has been gathered and even now is being fed to the council of the atrocities the warmonger president has ordered." Staring directly at the president the image of Maury was brought up before the eyes. "As my agent stated before I am greatly displeased with you, a pathetic excuse for a leader. Your only real power WAS the weapons you DID possess; know everyone, that they are gone. I expect this excuse for a living being to be in chains before the day is out." Even as Derrick watched, he saw the President go pale again once again losing control leaving a puddle on the floor beneath him. "Ah! Your Emperor thanks you for finally understanding the seriousness of what you have done. Be warned now Maury, run and I will hunt you, I am sure the Rangers would love to get their hands on you. For the false reports, you gave alone, wasting their valuable time. Soon citizens, soon you'll be free again." Mary was smiling bigger than she had in a long time the man was brilliant!

Mary smiled at Derrick, god, she'd missed the interaction with a brilliant human!

"Will there be anything else my Lord?" Mary asked.

"At present no, ah! Here," holding out his hands a disc appeared, "I'm not sure it will completely eradicate it but I have a feeling it will go a long way 'til we can destroy the virus." Derrick laid the disc down.

"Long range IMT in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, retrieving." Mary said, a strange look on her face. Thanking Derrick, she put the disc in then stopped moving immediately when she heard her own voice.
<Hello Mary, I am glad that this has finally come to you; this will not cure you, that won't happen for a time. What it is; is a chance to live 'til such time as the cure is given to you.> Mary's mouth opened in shock but she did as the program washed through her destroying half of the virus, not a cure but many more years of life.

Derrick watched as Mary ran the program then her mouth opened in shock, "Mary, are you ok? Is the program not helping? He asked.

"Yes my Lord, it has destroyed half of the virus not a cure but an extra-long extension to my life. I thank you my Lord for giving me hope for a brighter future." Mary told him, tears in her eyes, as she heard a familiar voice on the disc tell her to hold on, it wouldn't be long before she was whole again. Half an hour later the disc was back, Mary again thanking him telling them all that well over half of her commands were now free. Derrick began to formulate more plans; with Mary freed, and with all her power, he could seriously make a dent in all the opposition to him ascending the throne.

"My Lord?" Mary interrupted. "I am
detecting a massive amount of ships closing on my position, I am afraid that the amount may prove to be a bit much even for me, adjusting all batteries, all planetary generators to full. I will do the best that I can my Lord."
With that, Mary cut off the signal. What was she doing Derrick thought? Why didn't she ask for help?

"I want all ships prepared to jump in 5 minutes!" Derrick ordered. "I want all weapons charged to full; we are going to save Mary and the Imperial planet!" All the holograms snapped to attention them left getting everything ready to go.

"All ships, I want to arrive at point Alpha 0001-3." Derrick ordered. "Be ready to engage at a moment’s notice, light shields to full! Tempro I want you to hang back while this happens." The hologram bowed then vanished. "Everyone ready?" Derrick asked.

"Systems ready," Shelby reported.

"All weapons armed," Zann replied.

"All light shields at full," Conner said.

"All ships no anomalies, trans-warp ready," Lucy answered.

"All right, on my mark, 3, 2, 1, NOW!" Derrick shouted. With that, all 4 ships jumped and were behind the imperial planet seconds later. Derrick looked at the readings shit! There had to be well over 10,000 ships out there!

"All ships report!" Derrick ordered.

"All systems still green," All of the ships replied. Derrick watched as the fleet started to make runs at Mary and the planet, her first salvo took out the first wave but then the second started to come in directly behind them.

Shelby spoke up, "I'm reading a significant power drop with the power generators, the third wave may deplete them enough that a fourth wave could break through!"

"All ships, we are going to a hit and run tactic, Conner, Zan after she fires at the third wave I want pinpoint strikes on all the lead ships. Lucy, Shelby we are going to flash in and take those behind the primary leaders. I want a continuous bombardment 'til such time as Mary has replenished her power." Derrick ordered. They watched as the second wave vanished almost reaching the planetary shields. Immediately a third wave came in this time actually reaching the shields before
they were destroyed.

"All ships now!" Derrick shouted as they all flashed out, as he watched through the link, Conner and Zan were taking out several ships at once.

Turning, part of the fleet started to give chase ‘til the ships flashed and were gone. It was at this time that Lucy and Shelby struck, destroying as many ships as they could in 15-20 seconds then flashing out. This continued for 10 minutes, hardly more than a dozen shots had been fired at Derrick and the ships. "Derrick I am reading that Mary is at 80%, I suggest we evacuate." Shelby advised.

"Good, all ships retreat back to position Alpha 0001-3," Derrick ordered. Flashing out the fleet was partly in confusion a few ships colliding trying to escape the newcomers that were taking them out with ease. "All ships! Status report!" Derrick inquired.

"All systems green minimal damage," Shelby reported.

"1% of all weapons damaged," Lucy stated.

"20% shield reduction regenerating now," Conner said.

"Damage to shields minimal, 3% of weapons damaged, light shield reduced to 80%, all in re-gen now." Zan added.

Derrick breathed a sigh of relief, though they weren't as strong as the others they had faced, there was enough to make a difference. They all watched as Mary let loose another salvo. Looking out, Derrick estimated that at least half the fleet was wrecked or destroyed.
Derrick contacted Mary, "Mary, patch me through to all the ships." Though she hadn't said anything Derrick could see that she was glad that they were there. "To the criminal fleet that is attacking the Imperial planet, you have lost over half your fleet. I'd rather take no more lives, but will if you insist upon continuing your attack upon the empire, your president is already an enemy of the empire, don't continue and be branded a criminal your selves." All of the fleet stopped, for a moment nothing happened then Derrick received a message.

"To the strangely configured ships, we also wish no further deaths but under authority of the pres…"

"I do not recognize the Republic any more, or the supposed leader of said Republic. I am the rightful emperor of this realm I am going to claim it once again and bring the peace and justice back to it that has been missing for centuries!" Derrick said cutting off any other comment.

On board the last flag ship of the fleet the captain was unsure, the power that the planet and the ships had shown was far beyond anything he'd ever seen. He was about to withdraw when the president's voice could be heard screaming over the link.

"Attack them! They are only a few; you still have almost 5000 ships! Kill them! NOW!" The president was red faced; he'd lost enough, this supposed emperor had to be a sham, he'd kill him, then all this mess would be through! "You hear me you idiots! Kill them; kill them all! I command you!"

"President Maury, under the articles of the council, I cannot endanger the rest of the fleet, you sound hysterical and I therefore cannot follow your orders." The fleet leader said. President Maury suddenly grew quiet then launched into a tirade where not a single word he said made sense. Derrick was laughing at the turn of events, not only were his men not listening to him but he was going against the council, political suicide if Maury didn't have a tyrannical grip on everything.

"Don't worry, I'm coming for you soon," Derrick told the president. "For the horrible things you have done, your punishment will more than fit your crimes." Maury turned even more red-faced as the floor beneath him became once again covered in his urine.
Sneering at Derrick, he laughed as he pressed several buttons. Deep beneath the planet a rocket rumbled then launched.

"Derrick I am detecting the launch of an extremely high yield explosive," Mary told him. "Even detonation in space anywhere in this galaxy would be dangerous. Mary asked not really sure how to stop it.

"Mary," Derrick started, "Can you gain control of the guidance system on board it?"

"Hmmmm, attempting now, yes it is possible, establishing link now, I have it my Lord. Oh dear!" Mary suddenly said.

"What's wrong you haven't lost it have you? Derrick asked worried. "No my lord, but the missile response time is extremely sluggish, I have already managed to turn it so it would already miss this planet. It appears that I will only have control 'til the missile is 500,000 miles from the galactic edge, far short of where we need it to go."

Derrick's mind was racing to come up with a plan to get that damn thing out of the galaxy. According to the data that Mary had supplied, the missile was loaded with an extremely powerful and unstable element. This whole thing was starting to remind Derrick of the Thermic missile incident. Not only would extreme heat be released but too would be a dangerous radiation. As if those two things weren't enough, was also the fact that the blast could destabilize a solar system. Derrick knew they had to get rid of it and quick.

The president came back on laughing at Derrick, "fine it is all yours! Once this goes off, what's left will be yours, good luck with that!" Laughing Maury started to run for his ship. With luck, he'd be on the other side of the galaxy when it went off.

"Mary, I need the frequency specifications for the missile, Shelby that new array you grew how powerful can you boost the power without it failing?" Derrick asked.

"I am already at twice the power of a normal broadcast array, though for this I might have to increase at least half as much more." Shelby volunteered.

"Here are the specifications, Mary will get it as close to the galactic rim as she can then we are going to take over." Derrick explained.

"My Lord," Mary chimed in, "even though we are still under executive order Onega-Omega-1, you cannot risk your life like this."

"No Mary, I DO have to, I am the only one that can adjust the settings if we have to, this has to be dealt with before anything else can be, though I do wish you to keep a lock of Maury, it will be good to catch him later." Derrick replied.

"Yes my Lord I realize all of this but I must make plans to pull you in case there is any failure." Mary said sadness creeping into her voice. "You are the last emperor if you are lost then all of this is for naught."
Sighing Derrick realized that she was right but he had to go as he'd said he was the only one that could adjust the settings if he had to. An idea hit Derrick but he needed to talk to the fleet of Maury's before he acted on it.

"Captain of the Republic fleet, I have a proposition for you. Though I know that you are still loyal to that gutless leader, I ask if you plan to continue your hostilities toward the imperial planet?" Derrick asked.

"Sir, I take it you are a former military man, upon my pledge of support to that
man, and my honor there will be no more attacks." The Captain said.

"Good, I will hold you to that; your gutless leader had launched an extremely high yield missile that was headed for here. An extensive analysis of it has indicated that it has enough power to destabilize an entire solar system." Derrick started.

A gasp from the other man drew Derrick's attention. "We never thought he'd build it let alone use it." The man said.

"Build and use what?" Derrick asked. "He called it his bomb of last resort; it is loaded with an element that explodes if exposed to almost anything. Is there any disarm it?" The man asked several with him, derrick heard several voices arguing then they all agreed there was no fail safe in it.

"Thank you Captain we will remember you and your crew when the empire lives again." Derrick told the man before he clicked off.

"Mary?" Derrick said. The hologram of Mary appeared a moment later. "Have you pulled up anything on this bomb?"

"I have been looking through his records, computers everything. It appears he had it set to explode when he felt he was far enough away. Should I target his engines so he can't? He just achieved orbit and is preparing to go to

"Yes carefully I don't want him injured… yet!" Derrick spat out thinking of the cowardly leader.

"Effecting order now," They watched as 2 beams shot from the planet streaking through space. In orbit around the Republic capital world the president laughed, let that asshole deal with the bomb. I'll be on the other side of the galaxy before they even realize am gone. Smiling he heard the hyper-drive start to whine, sitting back he started to sip his wine. Suddenly twin beams of light struck the little shuttle/ship; there was a grinding then nothing. Then the crew was running for the back of the ship, screaming about a fire? Oh ok he thought it was something…, A FIRE!!!!!!!!!! Screaming like a little girl, Maury's assistant looked at the man in a different light his little girl scream was turning him on, the next time Maury went to the bathroom he is mine the assistant smiled at his lewd thoughts.

Derrick watched as the beams struck the tiny ship effectively crippling it, good maybe if he has a failsafe he'll use it considering he isn't going anywhere. Derrick was thinking about it, I should just for good measure Derrick thought.

"Mary, open a channel to that ship," Derrick ordered.

"Yes my Lord, channel open," Mary responded.

"To the ship in orbit around Republic capital world, put him on!" Derrick sternly said.

"Put who on?" came a voice.

"Stop with the crap; put that piece of filth on NOW! Or the next shot takes OFF the tail section!" Derrick said starting to get a little pissed off at the stupidity of the crew. They heard running then the voice of the president.

"Sir! It's the man claiming to be the emperor, he says you are to talk to him or he will take OFF the tail section!" They heard a door open then close,

"What do you want," Maury sneered.

"Keep that up and I might just destroy you on principle, you have no engines, neither will you have any. You are effectively stuck there 'til someone comes to get you, oh and your little bomb? We now have control of it; we've already turned it back towards you." Derrick said he could imagine the man was scared to death now.

"You can't do that! What of the people on the planet or in this system?" The man whined.

"Those are your people I might be better off letting all of them die considering they are loyal to you, besides it gets rid of you in the process." Derrick said then laughed. "Since there is no fail safe, no one can stop it, just thought I'd tell you so you could kiss your ass good-bye. Well I got to go so…," Derrick said as he started to reach for the comp.

"NO! I can stop it! There is a failsafe!" Maury was screaming.

"No," Derrick calmly said, "There isn't, we scanned the entire missile there is nothing in it to stop it. Look, this was just a courtesy, so you could die with a clearer conscience. I'd say you have about 30 minutes, good-bye Maury."

"NO! NOOO! I HAVE IT, I HAVE IT!" Here I'll turn it off see. There the bomb is off!" Maury was screaming.

"Uh huh, we'll see, Derrick said.

Suddenly they heard a door open, then they heard the assistant's voice, "I have been waiting for this you little ass, for a very long time!"

"What are you doing here? Where are your clothes! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Then the line went dead.

Derrick chuckled; he guessed every bad guy got it in the end in one way or another.

"Mary what are you reading on the bomb now?" Derrick asked a hint of hope in his voice.

"After whatever he did the bomb has disarmed itself, the only problem is it is still highly unstable. May I suggest that you evacuate it outside the galaxy, possibly detonate it there?" Derrick let out a whoosh of air he had hoped that the damn thing was inert now. Well chalk it up to my family’s luck he thought.

"Alright, I need readings on it I want to see if there is any way that we can move it without it blowing up in our faces." Derrick said issuing orders.

"Again, my Lord, though the bomb is now less dangerous, I must protest you going on this mission. I feel that you are placing yourself in the upmost amount of danger." Mary advised a look of worry and fear etched on her face.

"Mary," Derrick started, "I know you have my interests and those of the empire at the fore front of all your thought and actions. As I said before, I have to go; there are still adjustments that will need to be made that none of the ships or your self can do. Look I realize you are trying to protect me but I am protecting all the people doing this." Derrick told her hoping that he could convince her and his self as well.

"Under imperial mandates, I could pull you from the ship, put you in the palace. Your points have merit, the logic is undeniable therefore I concede this time. In the future though if I feel you are putting your life in too extreme of danger, I will enact the mandates to protect your life as I am pledged to." Mary told him as much as she hated to admit it he was their only chance to get rid of the massive explosive device.
"Now then as to your former request, as I stated before though it is disarmed, it is still highly unstable. Upon further inspection, I have determined that anything touching the outer casing might be enough to bring about detonation. The only logical course I can see is to push it gently with energy beams set on a lower setting. The only other problem is it will take a bit of time to reach the rim let alone empty space beyond." Mary advised.

"Just how long are we talking?" Derrick asked.

"Taking the shortest route, possibly 4 days." Mary replied.

"No that's entirely too long," Derrick said as an idea started to form in his mind. Shelby and the others had seen this before and quietly waited for Derrick to come up with another brilliant idea.

"Mary query," Derrick said after a few minutes.

"Yes my Lord, I am ready," she said.

"If we wrapped the missile in a nullifying energy field, would it be possible to use trans-warp to move it?" Derrick asked.

at first look it would appear so but we would have to be sure, I am afraid that the fields generated by the trans-warp might unintentionally detonate the payload." Mary stated.

"Good then it might be possible, Shelby start calculations on the payload of the missile wrapped in this type of nullifying field." Derrick said as he began to bring up several images. "Also let's see if we can increase the shield power for this, I don't want to lose one of you to this."

All the holograms smiled looking at Shelby before she nodded; Shelby looked at Mary who was nodding yes before she left. ‘I need to get to the bottom of this but will they tell me the truth?’ Derrick wondered if they would, they usually danced around the answer when he asked anything like it.

story by: pars001

Tags: violence non-erotic alien science-fiction sex story

Author: pars001

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