Louise works the room.

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It was a warm evening in august, I had spent the day lounging arround, watching tv and playing xbox. At 23 I knew i was too old to be doing this with my days but i had recently returned home from a year abroad and was alowing myself to chill. Arround 7 i began to get ready for my friends arrival, as my mum was away i had invited some of them to come round and have a few beers in the evening and was looking forward to seeing most of them for the first time in a year. It was only my sister and me in the house for a few days and she had agreed to stay out of our way and asked me to try and keep the noise down.

Louise – my sister – was 19 at the time and we got on pretty well, we sometimes bickered over little things but generally had a pretty cool relationship and were becoming over the years good friends. My affection towards her was part of the reason i wanted to her to stay out of our way that night and up in her room. For several years (since when Louise was arround 14) my friends had been making sexually suggestive comments about her to me and although when they did so i took it in good fun i did not want them arround her when they had been drinking. Louise is a petite girl, she is arrounf 5'5 and very slim for it, though not in a skinny way, her body did have a natural softenss, and her 32b boobs give her a shape. Her chesnut brown hair ran down to her shoulders but she often kept it tied up, she has a cute rather than sexy face though the big brown eyes, freckles and unusually full lips for a slim face did catch the attention of plenty boys and men despite looking younger than her 19 years.

Arround half seven the doorbell rang and before answering it i checked in on Louise'sroom to let her know my friends had arrived, she was curled up on her bed in her pajamas reading a book and simply looked up, smiled and said "ok". I ran down the stairs and opened the door to my friend.

It was arround half past one in the morning when my friends and I heard a creak in the floorboards above suggesting movement upstairs, my heart sank the last thing I wanted was Louise coming down, the living room was a tip, beer cans strewen arround the room, smoke from the joints we had shared hung in the air and there was the stale smell of beer, weed and 6 guys hauled up in a room together for 6 hours. As the creaking turned into footsteps coming down the stairs I knew Louise was on her way, i looked round at my friends and muttered embarassed "looks like my sister is coming down." A few of them exchanged glances and smirked at eachother as the down slowly creaked open.

Louise slowly entered the room, very sheepishly, her cheeks tinged with red as my friends eyes roamed over her and she looked for me, she was wearing white pajama bottoms and a fairly low cut, pink top which had strpas over the shoulders, i was sat in the corner of the room on the end of a sofa with 2 other guys on it and i suddenly felt a very protective urge towards her as she looked so helpless in the middle of this dingy room full of drunk men. She found me in the corner and looked me in the eye, blushing even deeper she said "Mike please can you keep the noise down" I looked at her feeling protective but alos a little annoyed at her interupting my eyening, as i drew breath to answer one of my friends chucked and said "we are sorry darling we were only having a good time" Louise frowned and muttered with supprising confidence "well just keep the noise down please. A few more of my friends chuckled and my friends dragged his eyes blatendly down to Louise's chest, making no attempt to dusguise this and clearly making her uncomfortbale, i felt a savage pleasure at her discomfort. My friend dragged his eyes up and looker my sister in the eye again "ok well we will keep the noise down if you answer one question for us." Louise frowned and folded her arms over her chest but, although it may have been unoticeable to anyone other than me, her face did soften slightly and there was almost a trace of amusement on it "and what question is that?" she pouted. Without missing a beat my friend responded "are you wearing a bra?"

What happned next is the part of that evening I really didnt understand, the Louise i knew would have stormed out of the room at that point or started shouting but she just gazed my friend staright in the eye and said calmly "no." Everyone but me and Louise laughed. I flushed with anger towards her and embarassment at the situation. But her face remained calm and she stared at my friend as if she was trying to stare him down, he sat smirking and remained undeterred and amused he asked. This time Louise paused before answering and i sat there half hoping she would leave and half hoping she would answer him. She sighed and said shortly "yes of course."

I started to get dizzy at this point, i am not really sure what was going on but the best way i can explain is to say its like i was watching the unfolding events from outside myself. I watched my friend raise his eyebrows and flick his eyes down to my sisters pajama covered crotch then back to her face, the other 4 of my friends doing exactly the same as he calmly and cheekily said "what kind." Again almost untracably i saw a flicker of amusement cross my sisters face "its hard to explain" she said with her voice ever so slightly less irritated. Everone including me held their breath as they knew what my friend was going to ask next and he duly obliged "well show us then" he said simply as though this was a most reasonable suggestion.

This really was the point i expected Louise to draw the line but she actually broke a smile for the first time since entering the room and pulled her PJ bottoms down a little the the front showing the top of her panties to the 3 guys who were sat in front of her who all whistled, laughed and stared as she began to laugh too, i was sat behind her on the sofa with my 2 buddies who could only see what she was doing from behind and thus we saw no panties. "you guys are so dumb" she laughed at the guys who could see her knickers' reaction, "hey dont leave out the guys behind you" one of them said gesturing at our sofa and i felt the 2 guys next to me sit up with excitement. She turned slowly with one tongue in her cheek to show her amusement at the situation until she stood at an angle where us guys sat on the sofa could see what she was showing by pulling down her bottoms a bit at the front.

she had pulled them down so her hand covered only just where her private parts started and this was made obvious by the fact that her panties were light pink in colour but made of the kind of lacey material that makes them almost completely see through, this i imagined was what was causing my friends excitement as they showed a pubic region completely devoid of pubic hair, to put it crudely, her pussy was obviously as bald as the day she was born. I felt a shudder go through my groin but this was quickly followed by a feeling of shock and horror at what my little sister was doing the 2 friend sat next to me reacted the same way as the guys on the other side of the room, staring avidly, smirking and laughing a little. Suddenly Louise flushed as though a terrible thought has just entered her head "what are you guys laughing at" she said a little doubt in her voice. The guy sat next to me gestured toward her groin and saying "well…you keep that area well looked after clearly! I mean its totally bald" A surge of anger and resentmend pulsed in me at my friend talking that way at my sister but also at her for letting him. She smiled clearly relieved that that is all they were laughing at, "oh yea" she said "well its nicer isnt it?!" this was met with more chuckles and nods of approval by all but me.

For the first time since my friends took over, her eyes met mine as my friends laughed arround us, she held my gaze and a look of almost shock crossed her face, as if she had forgotten i was in the room, i held her look for as long as i could and then without thinking about it i glanced down at the front of her panties and her bare pubic area, i glanced immidietly back to her eyes and i flushed a deep red, she had seen me looking and was now looking at me in a way i had never seen her do so before, shocked, alarmed almost, but not afraid.

The friend sat next to me said "your definetly right it is nicer…how about you show us the full effect, your just teasing us at the moment" there was an excited buzz arround the room as everyone waited for her response, "what do you mean?" she asked, it was unclear if she was being deliberatley coy because i thought his meaning was pretty clear and he confirmed this when he said "loose the panties and pj bottoms, let us see the full view" There was a shocked silence as everyone realised he had just taken a big step in the developments of that evening, all eyes flicked between my sisters face ro her reaction and her panties, i felt a couple of glances come my way but i kept quiet, if she wants to show herself off like a common whore then whats it to me? Louise looked at me and i scowelled back at her and to my shock as if this spurred her into action the kept her hand on the front of her pj bottoms and began pulling them down to her thighs and then shaking them to her ankles from there.

Defiently she looked at me as my face hardned and smiling she slowly turned arround giving everyone in the room the full view of her nearly see through panties from the front and the back, only a slightly thicker layer of material prevented all from being on display, she did her 360 degree turn and returned to facing me, my friends eyes all alight with excitement, she caught my eye one more time and defiently turned her back to us on the sofa, back to facing my other 3 friends and sharply pulled her panties to the floor me and my friends on the sofa only had her ass revealed to us but the guys in front of her were silent in shock and delight, i heard her giggle at the expression on their faces "you guys are pathetic" she said still giggling and without being prompted she turned to face us on the sofa.

Without thinking I looked. I couldnt help it, its just where my eyes were drawn. Stood a few feet away from me was my sister with no clothes on her lower half. I took a few seconds taking in her pussy, it was bald, as had been clear in the panties, but the panties had not shown how puffy and pink it was, she may have been 19 but it was clear that thing had not been through too much wear and tear so to speak, i glanced accross at my friends smirking fixated on my sisters genitals then i look at her face, i was supprised to see her still smiling, she caught my eye and almost carelessly shrugged. "touch your toes" one guy behind her shouted obviously wanting to see her anus and vagina from behind, again to my shock she looked at me, shrugged again and did so, smiling as she touched her toes and held herself there for a good 5 seconds.

The guy sat next to me excitedly shouted "come on show us too!" and Louise swiftly raised herself to full height spun her self around and with only the briefest glance at me she was touching her toes facing away from me, again the puffyness and almost childish pussy was evident to me but this time my eye was drawn a little higher as my sisters tiny little anus was exposed in front of me. Her ass cheeks separated showing that small pink brown hole fully exposed with even the glimpse of darkness at the center. Again i felt a throb in my groin but felt less guilt about it, perhaps it was more acceptable because i couldn't see her face…

As i was staring into that little flesh hole suddenly a few of the guys started shouting and groaning and laughing, Louise stood up and i followed her gaze to where everyone else was looking and i felt a jolt of shock, of my my friends had opened his pants and taken out his cock, it must have been at least 7 inches and VERY hairy, he was slowly jerking off looking at my sister and she was staring right back at him, frustratingly i couldnt see the look on her face, all the just were laughing and telling him to put it away but he just said "you dont mind do you Louise?" at this the room fell silent waiting her response

the silence seemed to stretch forever but it was broken by a slightly shocked giggle and i couldnt believe my ears when i heard my sister say "hehe no of course not" the room cheered and maz laughed loudly, i was shocked and thinking less and less of my sister every minuet but a part of me was savagely pleased that this bizarre chain of events was not coming to an end. "why dont you come and help me out" my friend said still stroking himself and looking at my sister and to my shock again she giggled and started heading towards him, she knelt down in front of him in such a way that it blocked my view of his cock i could just see her back and the back of her head covering it, him looking down at her expectantly. After a few seconds of them both looking at eachother he gently placed his hand on the back of her head and slowly moved it down into his lap. I had no way of knowing when, or how far in, his cock had gone into her mouth but when her head reached a stop and then began bobbing up and down i realized she was giving my friend head, there was no noise in the room as everyone watched awed and excited, the only noise filling the room was the groans of my friend and the occasional slurp or choke from my little sister.

Everyone watched hypnotised for what felt like no time at all when my friend started moaning louder and clenching his fists, i realised cum was about to be sprayed into my sisters mouth and it both excited me and made me feel anger towards her. I saw my friend was done when Louise's head remained still, she slurped loudly and my friend sighed heavily, Louise stood up, gulped and giggled "ahh that was good baby" my recently sucked friend said gratefully and Louise's girly giggle rang in my ear again as she climbed back to her feet, still facing away from me.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the guy sat next to me shouted suddenly "me next! me next!" I looked to my side and saw him grinning and starting to undo his pants and my mind rang, numb about the goings on arround me and beyond shock at the realisation of what i was about to see at such close quarters. Before I had managed to comprehend Louise was heading towards us, a smirk on her face and her face supprisingly clear of cum, she must have managed to swallow it all. At this thought my eyes wandered down to her stomach, still covered by her pink pj top and my slightly drunk and stoned mind took me to thinking of the cum recently gulped down into there. Then, naturally, my eyes were drawn to that puffy pink vagina. I took this in, in the few seconds it took her to stride accross the room and get on her knees in front of my friend, on the floor only slightly to my right.

As my friend completed removing his cock from his boxer shorts and pulling it out, hard in his hand, i noticed Louise brushing her hair behind her ears and moisten her lips with her tongue. I unashamedly stared in shock and awe as my friend removed his hand from his throbbing cock and looked at my sister. She looked back at him and smiled and then took the base of his cock in the palm of her hand and wrapped her fingers arround it. She moved her head towards his bell end in the same motion she sulled down his foreskin and began gently and slowly lapping like a dog drinking water at the tip of his cock. While doing this she looked up and we shared a seconds eye contact before she plunged her head into my friends lap and with this took his cock in here throat, not quite all the way, she came back up to almost the top then plunged it down that far again. After a few times doing this my friend started to mutter with growing annoyance. It became clear my sisters blow job was nto meeting his standards.

As he instructed her to go deeper Louise made the oocasional gagging noise as she tried and failed to consume him deeper, the louder he began to say it made her make a kind of muffled wine, clearly trying to indacate her inability to got his cock any further down. My friend was clearly getting agitated and i was shocked but no where near as apalled as i should have been when, her mouth still wrapped arround his cock, he lifted a hand up and slapped her face saying "suck it deeper bitch." Louise did nothing to indicate he had slapped her and continued moving her head up and down his cock as deep as she could manage and she continued to do this as he slapped her again, and again. Alternating between sides of her face, he laughed as i watched her cheeks went red and she began to choke more and more.

The room once again was silent as we watched the severity of my friends slaps get harder on Louise's face before he grabbed a fist ful of my sisters hair and used this leverage to push her head down so forcefully that his entire penis disappeared down her throat and she let out a kind of gagging gurggling sound but didnt seem to make much effort to resist. My friend held her there for arround 5 seconds before releasing her hair from his fist and she shot her head up and hovered it above his cock, as soon as she did this he grabbed a fistful of her hair and this time yanked my little sisters head back. He knelt up and hovered above her face, his cock in his hand and facing me, hovering above my sisters face. "open your mouth whore" Louise's eyes widened with shock but she obliged and her mouth opened wide. At this he threw his head back laughing and pointed his cock square at my sisters face.

Cum began spraying out of it, i was hyptnotised as his fairly thin ejaculations shot out. The first one was the biggests and this sprayed down hitting louise directly on her chin, the power of it distribiting some of it into her mouth, down her neck and approaching her lower flushed cheeks. The 4 more sprays pretty much covered her entire face, her forehead, her cheeks and her chin were covered in the white sticky liquid, it was massing on her chin and beginning to drip from there when my friend let go of her head and she slowly stoon on her feet and looked at us all on the sofa one by one.

When she looked in my eye i had no idea what the look on her face meant, i knew my showed nothing but shock. I had just watched my little sister face fucked and she was now looking at me with her face covered in cum. To my absolute shock she began slowly to smile, as she did so she licked her lips free of cum and said to my friend He was still panting heavily and he just laughed "your a good girl" he said and this seemed to lighten the temperature in the room as everyone laughed except me. As the laughter died down the guy sat on the other side of the guy who just blew his load over my sister said, "you got 3 more of those in you?" gesturing at the 2 guys on the other side of the room who had not yet had their penises in my sisters mouth.

I examined her face as he said that, it fell just ever so slightly as though she had just realised what she had gotten herself in to and then she flushed as i think she realised there was no way of getting out of it. She sighed and wiped some cum off her chin and onto the back of her hand and began shaking her head seriously "my mouth is kinda sore" she said quietly and my friends laughed and one of them said with ultra confidence "well you have more than one hole." At this everyone bar me laughed quietly, even Louise laughed a little as she realised what she was in for "ok" she said almost cheerfully "form an orderly line" At this everyone stood up except me and Louse headed confidently to the other end of the sofa to where i was sitting, she stood at the end of it facing me and bent down over it, resting her hips on the arm, opening her legs as her panties and pj bottoms were already sitting in the middle of the floor and stretching her upper body over the sofa which took her face to about 6 inches away from mine.

I looked her in the face and she smiled at me as if nothing odd was going on, i frowned back at her more angry than ever at the way she was letting my friends use her. I saw the 3 unserviced guys literally line up behind her, on guy stepped up and put his hands on her hips, i only saw all this from the corner of my eye because i was so focused on Louise's face. I could tell when she was first penetrated by the look on her face, she flinched a little and closed her eyes at first she clenched her jaw but then she let the breath out with a little moan. Her body started rocking closer to me then further away as my friend did her from behind. Now her eyes flicked from the sofa beneath her and my face as she bounced back and forwards on my friends cock. Her breathing became heavier and her moans on exhaling became louder and more frequent to the point where she was sounding like a little whore. I finally took my eyes off Louise's face and looked up and over her shoulder, looking at my friend, he was grinning and laughing and muttering things like "little slut" and "take it bitch" while every few seconds he slapped her ass.

After a few minuets of this his pummeling got faster and harder and Louise began screwing up her face, clenching her jaw and letting grunts and moans though her teeth, my heart seemed to drop as I realised she was nearing orgasm. In spite of my self i couldnt stop examning her face as she came closer, she seemed less keen to meet my eye as she got closer and closer to climax, her body was moving backwards and forwards faster and faster and the sound of the slaps on her ass became more frequent then she closed her eyes and let out a loud exhalation, it was not loud but it was clear she had cum. Before she opened her eyes i stood up, i didnt want to look her in the eye after that and my anger was growing, i went and stood in front of the sofa, not in line with my friends of couse, but so i had a sideways view of her pale little body being fucked like a rag doll. It was from this angle I saw my friend slap his hands on the side of her hips and squeeze the soft flesh tightly as the threw his head back and stopped thrusting his penis back and forth inside her and instead held it right the way in, let out a little groan. I realised he must be done with her and this was confirmed when he pulled himself out of her, his cock gleaming wet and a thin strand of sticky liquid connecting their genitals briefly until he pulled himself away further and pulled up his jeans which he had left arround his ankles for the duration.

He stepped back and casually sat down on a near by chair and started texting on his phone as though nothing had just happened, Louise stayed in position and a little cum started dribbling down the inside of her leg after oozing out of her snatch. My next friend didnt even bother dropping his pants to his ankles, he fiddled with his fly for a while and soon pulled out his cock. Without even the courtesy of saying anything to my sister he placed one hand on the small of her back, just above her ass crack and moved himself inside her, this time because i was watching from a different angle i saw his cock dissapearing into her. Unlike the previous guy he did not start slowly, he immidietly began fucking away almost angrily, slapping away at her ass which got redder and redder. On some of the harder slaps she gasped but did not complain and again started making grunting and groaning noises. My friend seemed to be determined to hurt her and he began scraping his finger nails down her back has he fucked harder and harder away at her from behind, the sound of his balls hitting the under side of her became audable. Suddenly he grabbed a fistful of her hair from behind yanking her head up and making her gasp wih a combination of shock, pain and pleasure. I felt a savage satisfaction at seing her treated so roughly and again a shudder went to my groin and this time feeling no guilt my penis began to grow in my jeans. Probably less than 2 minuets after he started my buddy pulled himself out of my sister and gushed the contents of his balls over her back. Most of the little white puddles stayed still on her now unmoving back but the later discharges which had less power began dripping down her ass, both the cheeks and the crack.

I shifted a little closer to her bent over back end to get a closer look and it really looked a mess. Her pussy was a little stretch and the hole gaped, white liquid was visable inside it, there was a small pool of cum by her foot and the stream down her leg which had taken it there was still showing, her ass crack was directing cum over her pussy and drip by drip down onto the floor. She stayed unmovingly in place aware there was one more guy to take his turn but before he could step up my recently fucked friend had put his cock back into his jeans and put his phone to his ear, Louise craned over her sholder to see what the delay was and i notice the cum splattered on her face had begun to dry on her forhead cheeks and chin. My friend began talking into his phone "hello? yea can we get a taxi? yea theres 5 of us…yea sure…ok yea 5 mins, cya" he then turned casually to the guy behind him in line and said "hurry up with her we have a cab coming." I felt another thrill and my cock tightened in my jeans watching my sister being so casually shared between friends.

My final friend dropped his trousers and stepped out of them approaching Louise from beind, the cum soaked state of my sisters rear end did not seem to bother him as he placed a hand on each buttock and pulled them apart he slowly put his middle finger in his mouth and pulled it out covered in saliva, then in one motion he took a step forwards, sliding his cock into her already multiply fucked pussy and rammed his finger into her ass hole. For the first time she seemed to cry out in shock and pain, but it was only one yelp and she made no more indication of discomfort as he held his finger in her little brown hole and slid himself in and out of her larger pink one. He continued at a slow pace due to the slight akwardness presented by keeping a finger in her shit hole but as he drew himself in and out of her, the pain on her face seemed to move back in to pleasure, although it still showed some discomfort the puddles of cum on her back began dripping down her ribs. The 4 guys watching were smirking but looking ready to leave, one guy tapped her watch and said "come on hurry up" this was immidietly followed by a honk of a horn coming from outside another friend laughed and stood up "come on the cabs here" The guy double penetrating my sister goraned in frustration and pulled out "come on turn round bitch" Louise obliged, lying on her back accross the sofa, her legs hanging over the arm she had been bending over and he stood over her pointing his cock at her little 32b tits, nipples erect but still puffy looking. He frantically jacked himself off with one hand and held the finger previously up her ass to her mouth. She looked at it clearly not liking the though of putting it in her mouth but as he put it on her lips she opened her mouth a little and he pushed it it. She gagged but he held it in her mouth until his penis seemed to explode over her tits and tummy. 5 thick gushes ejaculated over her tits and tummy, pooling between her tits and in her tummy button but otherwise in streams accross her and dripping down her sides.

My friend rushed back to his jeans and boxers left on the floor and pulled them back on, the rest of the guys began heading towards the door and saying things like "well that was fun" and "cheers mike, cya soon" They all ignored Louise as if she wasnt in the room and once they left i heard snippets of conversations like "what a whore" and "i cant believe mike let us do that to her" I heard the front door slam behind them as they headed into the cab and i looked at my little sister sprawled on her back on the sofa, covered in cum, some fresh some dry. An eternity seemed to stretch and the silence grew heavy, i looked at her, as she tried to catch her breath staring at the celing.

"you fucking slut" i eventually said as my shock and anger towards her began to bubble over. She seemed to think this was a joke as she turned her head to the side and looked at me and smiled, a smile i had seen a thousand times in less preverse circumstances. Still smiling she chuckled "that was crazy, how did that even happen?" I frowned at her and said through my teeth "you made me look like a fucking dick, what are my friends going to think of me?" Still relaxed and seeing the funny side she said "i wouldnt worry about it, I think they enjoyed themselves" I scoweled at her and looked from her legs up to her pussy, her tummy, her tits and eventually her face all of which were covered in spunk "your fucking disgusting" i said angrily this time. She looked at me still lying on her back and rolled her eyes, she slowly and slightly akwardly moved to sit on the sofa normally facing me and the pools of cum on her torso began dripping downwards. She flinched as she positioned her self sat on her recently penetrated ass "ouch sitting is a little sore" she said with a sly smile.

The look on her cum covered face boiled the lust and anger building inside me snapped and i drew my arm back and slapped my hand hard across her face. The contact made a loud crack and her face flew to the side where she kept it, looking at the sofa while i wiped some of the spunk i had gotten on my hand onto my jeans. I stared at her face as red started to clash with the white on her face, she raised it towards me, jaw clenched and she spat out "is that the best you have got Mike?" Her arrogance angered me more and this time i pulled my arm back and connected just under her right eye with my fist. This time the force pushed her packwards so she was leaning on the back of the sofa, to my shock she started laughing. I stepped forwards and leaned over her placing my hand arroudn her throat and tightening it shouting "what the fuck is funny?" as she turned red then purple maintaining eye contact defiantly with me.

Suddenly I stood up straight looking down at her naked on the sofa, not cowering as i expected and still looking remarcably unafraid by my voilent outburst. With out considering what i was doing i roughly unbuttoned my jeans and removed my rock hard cock, holidng it at the base in my hand "suck it" i said calmy but anger still evident in my voice, to my shock she smirked and muttered "i knew it." "Just do it Louise" i said as she adjusted her seatting, flinching again, and moving her head towards my cock, she reached out her hand and replaced mine at the bottom of my cock. Looking up at me the entire time she began rubbing my big cock on her face, under her chin, up her cheeks, across her forhead and back down the other cheek, it supprised me that i was not annoyed that my friends cum was getting on my cock. My little sister then began licking the stale cum from my cock still keeping her eyes directed at my face until she eventually took the tip in her mouth. I felt the warmth of her mouth, the pressure of her lips sliding down my shaft and the plesant feeling of her tongue stroking against my bell end until she moved her head further down until i felt my cock hit the back of her throat. At this she began moving her head up and down a few inches and my cock and balls began to tingle and i put my hand on the back of her head to feel the movement with a gentleness in stark contrast to my earlier outbusts.

As the blow job got better and better i suddenly became aware of the gentle way i was holding the back of Louise's head and suddenly the anger returned to me. I grabbed her hair in my fist and pulled my cock out of her mouth and yanked her head throwing her on the floor. She tumbled down on to the floor of her living room next to the pj bottoms and little pink panties she had disgarded earlier and she positioned herself on her back, legs open, knees up and resting herself on her elbows, she looked at me and smirked, well aware of what was coming. I got down on to my knees and positioned myself on top of her, our faces were inches apart and i could smell the stale spunk on her breath as i entered her, she smiled as my cock filled her. It felt unusual, sticky and not as tight as i expected, obviously stretched by the evenings events. I got it all the way in and held it there looking into her freckled face. "umm thats good Mike" she murmoured "shut the fuck up" i barked as i began thrusting in and out, i felt her little body under me, her thighs pressing against my hips. I was fucking through a combination or anger and desire, as i looked into my little sisters face i was pounding her less for enjoyment and more for the satisfaction of degrading her by filling her pussy with my thick cum. I got faster and faster desperate to see a flinch of pain on her face but there was none, she was rolling her eyes in the back of her head and gasping. I began to feel the tingling warm sensation of cum being transfered from my balls to my cock and eventually with a few more malicious thrusts into her pussy. I closed my eyes for a few seconds then opened them and looked down at Louise's face. She smiled up at me and said I scowelled and spat in her face before removing my cock from inside her and stood up over her naked helpless looking body, dripping cum all over lying on our living room floor. She still had her legs open, her pussy now dripping fresh family cum, i looked down over her and kicked her hard in the side before turning my back on her and heading for the door and shouting back to her "clean up this room its a fucking mess, it better be done by tomorrow"

story by: MazFucker

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Author: MazFucker

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    My wife and I had talked about her being with other men and she always said no. Well about a month ago this all changed. We were planning on going out drinking and dancing, so we picked a local hip hop club. She was dressed in a little mii skirt and no panties and looked extremely sexy. She had been drinking mixed drinks was feeling tipsy and dancing all night. About 11:30 a good looking guy asked if it would...

Wifes night out

First time through the scars

New found customers

The day her dream came true

Vacation without hubby

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