Lucy's tale (part 5)

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Part Five

Half an hour later, we arrived at the entrance to the beach and it we saw that there were huge sand dunes which led down to the beach and we both saw the potential of the area for a little fun later. We made our way to the water’s edge where there was about 20 people of various shapes, sizes and ages, all naked, sunbathing or wading in the water. I noticed many pairs of eyes on me as we found a spot and I realised that I was probably the youngest girl on the beach and I got a bit of a high as I slowly stripped off my clothes. Being the focus of attention for my body was quite new for me and the thought of me exciting people as they stared at my newly shaved pussy started to make me quite horny but I also felt safe with my big strapping lover by my side.

The beach was quite secluded and it became obvious, quite quickly, that this was a place where nudism wasn’t just about getting back to nature, it was also a place where people met for sex. We watched gay guys cruising each other and then disappearing up into the dunes, returning with smiles some time later. We saw older guys walking through the surf sporting hard ons and stopping to stare at the naked girls on the beach. I gained quite an audience from the moment I arrived. A younger couple, maybe in their mid 20’s, were about 30 feet away from us and she would regularly take her boyfriend’s cock and stroke it gently, keeping him hard for the afternoon. Once or twice she would give it a quick, loving suck. This wasn’t lost on Mike and he had a semi from the moment we arrived. At one point when he was staring at our neighbour sucking her fella, I grabbed his cock and asked if I wasn’t enough anymore. He knew I was kidding and gave my bum a playful slap.

As the heat of the day increased, I suggested we go for a dip in the sea. We made our way to the water and waded in to chest level for me and watched the activity on the beach. Many eyes watched us and it really turned me on to be observed by so many. I never thought I would be an exhibitionist but I asked Mike to lift me up and take us deeper. As he picked me up, I felt his cock against me, rock hard, despite the cool water. Even as he waded deeper, I directed his prick to my hole and slid it deep inside me. The tide helped me to raise and lower myself onto him and soon our heads were the only thing above water and we kissed as the sea controlled our slow fucking. I think everyone knew what we were doing and I smiled inside to think of them getting turned on my the young couple screwing in the water.

It went a bit wrong as a wave cam over us and I swallowed half of the Mediterranean and nearly threw up. Mike carried me, cock still deep inside towards shore. I tried to lift off him but he made sure that everyone on the beach saw his beautiful tool pop out of me as the water was only up to his thighs. We then walked back to our towels, Mike proudly showing his glorious meat at full mast. I guess he was enjoying this as much as I and I felt a warmth because he was proud to show me off as his girl.

After drinking a lot of coke, I finally got rid of the taste of the sea, but as a side effect, I needed to pee. I wandered up one of the dunes, looking for a private space. I suppose I could have popped back into the sea but my curiosity had grown and I wanted to see what was happening in this secret area. I didn’t see anybody at first and I found an area of bushed and I squatted to relieve myself. As I finished peeing, I heard some familiar sounding moans from an area further back in the trees. I dried myself on a piece of tissue and I slowly moved towards the sound of the noise. I tried to keep myself out of sight as I got closer to the noise and I came across the couple from close to us on the beach. They had their backs to me and he was pounding her from behind but they had been joined by another guy who looked no older than me and he had his eyes tightly shut and his cock deep in the mouth of the girl. I was transfixed, hidden from view, and my hand involuntarily moved to my pussy and began to rub slowly. I knew I should leave but I was absorbed by the sight in front of me, so much so that I didn’t notice the body that moved in behind me. The first I knew of their presence was when I heard a whisper.

‘Beautiful sight isn’t it?’

I spun round to find a slim, tall guy of about 40 stood behind me, stroking his hard cock and staring past me at the trio of bodies. I just nodded and turned back and stared again. My heart was racing, should I run back to Mike on the beach? I didn’t move and this was obviously a sign to the guy behind me and I felt his hand softly touch my bottom. I realised then that I hadn’t even stopped rubbing my clit, in fact I think I was rubbing faster now. His hand began to rub in circles on one cheek and instead of turning and getting out of there I closed my eyes. By not stopping him, this was obviously giving him a green light and his hand went under me, between my legs and a thick finger slid straight into my wet pussy. I gasped, still not pulling away and he pulled my hand to his hard dick. He was much smaller than Mike but it was fat and rock hard. I took it and began to rub him. I opened my eyes to look back at the threesome and the young guy getting the blowjob was looking straight into my eyes and winked at me. This was now all too much and I let go of the cock in my hand and pulled off his probing finger and ran back to Mike.

I was obviously flustered when I got back and I didn’t see the point in hiding the truth from him and I told him what happened. I watched his cock grow as I recounted the story which was not the reaction I expected. I thought he would be angry with me. Instead he asked me what was going through my mind as I watched. He wanted to know if I imagined myself in the girl’s position. I had to confess, I did! Mike immediately grabbed my hand and dragged me back into the dunes, obviously a plan in his mind.

We walked for a while in the deserted sand and bushes until we came across another young guy who was obviously seeking some other naked bodies. Mike slowed our pace and as we walked past the lad, Mike whispered an instruction to me. I did as he asked and as I passed the lad, I quickly stroked his chest and stared into his eyes. It all happened so fast, but we carried on walking towards some bushes and went into the seclusion they offered. The young guy followed and stopped at the entrance to our covered area, watching as Mike positioned me, facing the guy as he moved down my body, kissing my chest as he moved his fingers towards my pussy. The lad watched intently and took his hardening tool in his hand and began to stroke. He looked quite cute with his bleached blond hair flopping a bit over his eyes and his all over tan suggested he visited this beach quite often. Mike signalled him to come over and as he got close, I reached over and stroked his arm and this was enough to make him move his head to my left tit and his hands to my bum and my leg. I had a sexy guy on each boob and four hands stroking and teasing below my waist. It was heavenly and my head fell back, taking in the sensation. After a few minutes, I realised that the breast nibbling was still happening but the boys only had one hand each on my bum. I looked down and was gobsmacked. Their other hands were stroking each other’s cocks. I never saw Mike as being bi but this was turning me on something rotten. A little selfishness came over me though and I pulled Mike up to me and said, ‘Fuck me now baby!’

He put me down on all fours and rammed his cock deep into me. Our mystery friend was not slow to join in and quickly knelt in front of me and presented his long, slim, circumcised cock to my face and I took him deep into my mouth , savouring the dribbles of precum oozing from it. His hands went behind my arms and round my chest and he gripped my tits firmly, pinching and kneeding the flesh, moving closer to my hard nipples, eventually squeezing them firmly. That was all I needed to make me want to swallow him fully and I pushed his tool deep into my throat. I felt him shudder as I did this and I used my throat muscles to tease the head of his cock as I breathed heavily through my nose. Mike’s ramming into my hot wet cunt was providing lots of extra jolts to my face fucker and both of my boys were increasing their frenzy of using my body. Similar to earlier, I felt out of control and it was turning me on like never before. My eyes were closed in concentration and enjoyment but I still became aware of more shadows coming over me and then I felt more hands on my body. There were other people here and I felt a slender finger seeking out my clit and then it started an expert manipulation of it. I knew immediately that this was a woman’s hand even though I had never been touched there by a girl. The other hands were stroking every free bit of flesh and even through the ramming, shaking and stroking, my mind managed to count eight hand caressing my tiny frame and then holding me up as my orgasm tore through me. My shaking and groans brought three heavy burst of spunk into my throat, choking me a little and Mike then pulled out and unloaded all over my back. I wasn’t sure why he did that but then I felt at least two tongues licking up the mess from me. Only then did I open my eyes and try feebly to stand up. Then I saw the young couple from the beach had been the ones to join us in this orgy. The girl took a step towards me and planted her lips on mine. I was a bit stunned but went onto autopilot as her tongue pressed through my lips and sought out my own. Even after just half a day, I recognised the taste of Mike’s spunk on her tongue and as soon as I tasted that, I responded with the same passion in the kiss.

When our tongues unlocked, I felt a little light headed and turned to Mike to hold me. The group broke up and we all went back to the beach. Our mystery blonde guy disappeared back into the dunes and the two couples went back to our beach towels. Our new friends moved theirs closer to ours and we shared drinks as they let me recover.

story by: MissRachael

Tags: male/teen female boys/teen female first time fantasy incest sex story written by women

Author: MissRachael

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