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MAN, I LOVE THIS DESERT (another poem by Stardust 9-6-10)
I like to think of myself
as an old grizzled
desert cowboy–

Riding a pregnant Pinto mare
into the brushland,
the wasteland–
where no one with a lick of sense
would ever go–
especially in the middle of August…

A place of tangled mesquite
and creosote,
and scorpions almost large
enough to saddle and ride–

Almost a place where time forgot–
with NO one but my horse and me
for miles around…

But then, I've always had
a larger than life
sense of myself.
An overblown ego
needing most of the time to simply
get over myself.

I've never even owned a horse–
Hell, I grew up a rich kid
mostly in Connecticut.

But what the heck my friends,
in my mind,
it's been a good ride.

The sun scorched my brain a bit,
and some people fired a few slugs
over my head–
but all in all,
I did what I always do the best.

THAT'S always been
to keep the fire burning,
to stir the pot,
to tell my stories,
and to keep the beans from burning…

story by: Stardust8937

Tags: poem sex story

Author: Stardust8937

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