sex stories

Gail Holmes

I remember the time only to well: it was two days after my birthday, a Sunday morning; on Sundays we never dressed before breakfast just walked around in our night gowns, I allowed Dad to use the bathroom first on Sundays, it gives me time to get breakfast under the way, Dad had had his shower and was now sitting at the breakfast table reading the Sunday paper, once breakfast was over I’d take my shower whilst he cleared away and putting the dirty crockery into the dish washer.
He looked up over his paper as I brought the meals to the table.

“So what have you in mind for today then?” He smiled looking over his paper.

“I’m taking a day of relaxation; why do you ask?” I replied as I sat down at the table.

“You worry me! Never see you with a boyfriend, you’re past the age of consent now?”
“Dad, they’re only after one thing, what worries me is either, catching something, or getting pregnant, I’m not ready for that”

“You know you can always talk to me, I mean you’re a very beautiful young women, at this age you should be thinking of such things!”
“Of course I do Dad, but it worries me, my friends are always on about sex and as to how they love it. But it means commitment; I’m not ready for that yet. However yes, I have thought of it often. One day perhaps!” I grinned.

“So far you have followed your mother footsteps admirably, why not fill her place />
I looked at my father, not fully understanding his meaning; he’d put the newspaper down now and was gazing at me.

“I’m not to sure of your meaning Dad; what more can I do?”

“Well you’ve just indicated that you wouldn’t mind trying sex, but don’t want any commitment haven’t you? I can understand this. What would you say to no chances of catching anything, and certainly no chance of getting />
“Sounds good, but how can I be sure of that?”

“Well I’m your father, would I let anything happen in these worries of yours?”

“Are you saying what I think you are Dad; I mean you…you and me?” I was shocked at my own reply, thinking that that was the least of his implication.

“Exactly, I mean, I’m gagging for it, it’s six years since your mother died God Bless her, and there’s yourself wanting to try it and not knowing which way to turn.

“I can’t believe we’re having this conversation Dad, you really mean it don’t you?” I questioned.

be different if I was your blood father, you really are a tantalising young woman, I don’t see as to why you should go without. We could gratify both our needs, with devotion, don’t you think you owe it to yourself, I mean they’d be no commitment you could see who you please, that I’d never stop!”

I smiled as I poured myself a cup of tea from the teapot, “So you’re offering to take my virginity then Dad. That is what you’re saying I take it?” We could always talk; this was the good thing about my father.
“I didn’t realise that you hadn’t lost it, I’d be more than grateful do so; and in a gentlemanly way to I might add. I’m not one for a quick roll in the hay so to speak!”

brought this on then Dad, I always though you were to protective at times, now your telling me that you’re the man for the job?”

getting hornier by the day, I just had to ask…well what do you think?”

I hesitated to start with, but my mind was made up.

“Believe it or not I’m quite akin to the idea, according to my friends the boy’s now-a-days like a woman with some experience, this is another reason as to why I’ve held back, I hadn’t wanted to ridiculed myself if you see my meaning. Often I’ve wondered, I mean you being a man and not having your customary sex, it must have been difficult for you!”

“With a stepdaughter with your looks and body I can ensure you it has been a struggle from time to time.

Maribel had left her father sitting at the table when she headed for the bathroom; she was intrigued by his forwardness, not knowing really as to what action to take. As she stepped back out of the shower her father could be heard down in the kitchen loading the dishwasher, singing his heart out at the same time. She took time studying her body in front of the large mirror, even she herself had to admit she was in good shape, her fingers strayed down to her pussy, gradually she inserted a finger, this was something she’d never done before. Wriggling it into the moist lips, gently easing it up inside her. The feeling was good, she felt the tightness of her hymen as the finger slipped through, not realising that this was in fact her virginity.

“But a cock would be a lot thicker than her slender finger” she thought, trying a second. She flinched as the two fingers reached her hymen. “I must be built different to others, surely I shouldn’t sense pain like this” Her hymen gripped her fingers tightly together as she endeavoured to force them through.

She quickly reached for her housecoat when she sensed the sound of footsteps on the stairs outside the bathroom door.

“Are you decent in there?” Eddy her father inquired.

Mirabel opened the bathroom door just enough to peep through the gap.

“Did you want me Dad?”

“Now that’s a silly question to ask, after what you told me down stairs a few moments ago! So are you up for it then?”

“You really do mean it then?” Mirabel inquired, stepping back into the bathroom.

“What have we to loose; you want to try it; and as I told you I really do have a desperate need. I promise, I’ll be really gentle with you!”
Mirabel could still sense the numb pain from trying to force her fingers up herself.

“I don’t think I’m ready for it to happen just yet Dad!”

“Why have you changed your mind, you seemed quite willing />
“Why, ready in which way may I ask?” Eddy inquired, easing the door open wider.

Mirabel moved back allowing him entrance, although she had put her housecoat on, she’d not properly fastened the front, to which Eddy become aware of as she stepped back permitting him entry.

“Dad you’re worrying me!” Mirabel stammered.

Eddy knew if he didn’t make a move now all would be lost, he would have to be gentle. The last thing he wanted was to distress her in anyway. Mirabel felt the washbasin behind her, reaching back her hands gripping its edge; Eddy took the opportunity of her vulnerability placing his hands onto the lapels of the housecoat; she looked down as he slowly opened the front of the garment, exposing her firm breasts beneath. Eddy’s eyes were glued to her delicate physique, then stepping back opening the garment fully, slowly his eyes headed downwards, toward the delicate mound of pubic hair.

“Dad, don’t look at me like that!” Mirabel reached forward to close her housecoat, but Eddy was to fast for her, clasping her hands and opening the garment once more.

“Fear not little one, never ever did I determine your body was so beautiful” Eddy moved down onto one knee in front of her, holding her legs powerfully apart as he pushed his face up between them.

Mirabel gave out a low moan as she sensed his mouth move over her pussy, moving her hands behind, clasping the rim of the washbasin once more, then lowering herself slightly allowing her legs to part sensing his tongue flicking lightly over her clitoris.

Her pussy was still moist from her own fingers; Eddy perceived the musty odour of her juices, sending an abrupt surge through his body, his cock was already secreting its own fluids as it strained for sovereignty within his under pants. Mirabel had now lifted one leg placing her foot onto the edge of the bath, her hands cupping her father’s head between them; never had she ever experienced such feelings. Eddy lapped fiercely as her juices started to rivulet from deep within her inner pussy, his hand went down to his cock as it strained for freedom, he’d not felt as randy as this in ages, his free hand now came up slowly on the inside of Mirabel’s leg stroking and caressing it’s way up to her love nest.

Mirabel let out a short gasp as she felt his index finger moving soothingly up inside her. His finger was thick and stubby, mainly due to his work as a carpenter. She prayed that he would be gentle when he reached the tight spot, the gyrating movements he was making with his tongue and finger only tantalized her.

Eddy knew he himself couldn’t hold back for to long, the last thing he wanted was to blow his load in his pants. His cock was of an average length of nine maybe 9½ inches, but what worried him was its girth, it would be nearly three inches wide when fully aroused as it was at this present moment. He knew he’d have to get her really excited before he’d ever be able to get it up inside her. He’d never had a virgin in his life; this would be a new experience for both, Eddy was getting really uncomfortable kneeling in front of her it was restricting his cock even more as his pants were to tight for any form of freedom.

Mirabel threw her hands behind her gripping the edge of the sink once more as she felt his chubby finger attempting to advance through her hymen.

“Dad No! I can’t take that!” She squealed out.

Eddy could feel the tautness surrounding his finger from the onset, he did wonder if he should ever get to fuck her, if she was like this with his mere finger; how the hell would he get his cock through? He withdrew it unhurriedly from the restricting aperture, knowing should he hurt her at this stage they’d be no going back; he’d have to be patient and work on her pussy more.

“God Dad, I thought you were going to rip me apart there for a minute. As I said…I don’t think I’m ready yet”

Eddy knew he couldn’t back off now, in doing so he’d never get another chance, it had to be here and now.

“I think it would be better should we go to the bedroom, I’m sure we’d be more comfortable. Don’t worry sweetheart, you’ll be more than ready once we get started”

Mirabel pulled her gown together as she straightened herself.

“You room or mine Dad?”

“Yours if you like, but matters not which” Eddy wanted her to pick her own room; he loved the aroma within.

Mirabel walked into her bedroom and stood by the bed turning back to Eddy.

“Should we be doing this Dad?” She quizzed.

Eddy reached out drawing the gown from her shoulders placing it on a chair nearby, for moments he could but gaze at her youthful body.

help you…at least you’ll loosing your virginity in the comfort of your own home…as for me; well I’ll be glad that I was able to help you!” Eddy smiled easing her back down onto the bed.

you going to get undressed Dad?”

Eddy knew at this stage there would be no way he could reveal his manhood to her, she’d more than likely have a fit, if she was worried about his finger, God only knows what she’d do after seeing his cock. At this moment in time he felt as if all his blood was draining into his manhood.

get you ready first, I’m in no rush” He lied.

Slowly he lowered her back, assuring she was situated in the middle of the bed; it was a single, there wasn’t that much room to play with, once down in front of him he opened her legs splaying her pussy to his advantage. He’d never observe a pussy so compact, no puffiness of the lips, just a slight crease; a more alluring pussy he by no means seen before, his cock throbbed at the display. Firstly he moved up her body then started to nibble at her firm breasts whilst his stubby finger returned between her legs, finding her pussy more than moist at this stage. Her hymen was no more an inch within, he wanted badly to force his finger straight up threw it, but thought better of it, gradually he came back down the bed engulfing her pussy with his mouth; this gave him the chance to remove his underpants, which was not only a relief to him but also his cock, taking it into his hand, never had it felt so enormous.

With his cock now free, he was able to do the business with his tongue and finger. By this time Mirabel was panting, her pussy getting wetter by the moment. Eddy tried for two fingers, they went in, but she’d not be ready just yet; he removed his fingers placing them down on his cock, wiping her juices over the bulbous head, as if to ready his cock for its moment of glory. Her opening and lips were beginning to get supple when he returned back into her pussy, she herself now started to thrust down meeting his gyrating fingers.

“God Dad, that feels so good!” She murmured.

Eddy slowly but surely made back up the bed; this was getting too much for him. He edged his lower body between her legs; placing his hand down he clasped his solid cock guiding it towards her pussy. It was now or never, to delay it would mean him blowing his load all over the bed.

Mirabel felt the strain of his cock on entering the outer lips of her pussy, it felt good, she enjoyed the sensation of fullness, but what would happen when it met the sore part she wondered. Eddy toyed his cock within her pussy, taking it up to her hymen then drawing it back, each time he did so she gripped his arms tightly, as if willing him to break through. Eddy wasn’t certain of just what to do, by forcing it quickly through it might hurt her more, but should he just lean on his cock gently would this be the kinder way. He must be the only man of his age who’d never experienced virginity before, a friend had once told him that his only experience of virginity was that of leather, if fact this was the same feeling that Eddy was having, every time he came up to her hymen he’d bounce back off it, then it dawned on him that it would have to be a quick thrust.

“God Dad, this feels really good,” Mirabel repeated.

Eddy couldn’t foresee that much feeling, he had no more than an inch of cock up her. Mirabel seem to be in another world. Eddy positioned himself in to a pose that would allow him to give that sharp thrust. He moved up her body kissing her gently on the lips whilst hovering on his toes, giving a quick hard jab with his cock.

Mirabel screeched out loudly, immediately started to try and pull herself up the bed away from him, but his hands were locked above her shoulders, she glimpsed up at his face, his eyes were closed as if he were in some sort of trance, his cock could be felt sliding deep inside her, she placed her hand down above her pussy as if to numb the pain.

“Dad for Christ’s sake your hurting me, get off now!” She screeched.
Eddy was in a world of his own, okay, initially it felt as if he was having the rim of his helmet ripped off, but he was through, gradually he eased his cock up deeply inside. Never had he felt such snugness within a pussy, it almost seemed as if it was kneading his cock. He’d heard her cry out, even felt her trying to push him away, but he could handle this sort of bliss all day, it was almost as if she was sucking his cock, willing him to explode within. He sensed the tenseness in his cock, in its steady throbbing.

The pain was starting to numb now, Mirabel became relaxed, she felt more than full, he’d stopped, just hovering above her, the sensation of his cock pulsating had a soothing effect. Looking up to him, his eyes were still closed, she didn’t know how big his cock was but it had a magnificent inner sensation as it pounded inside her.

“Christ Dad…I wasn’t expecting that; Jesus that was bloody painful!” She reached up gripping his waist, shaking him gently.

Eddy came to, easing himself down the bed, kissing her passionately on the lips, then lifted away.

“Your now a woman my sweet!” Eddy beamed. Her tautness on his cock was overwhelming, never had a pussy gripped him so firmly, he gradually started to move in and out, the slippery juices willed him on. Although she was still somewhat in tender, she yielded to his gentle movements, running her hands up and down his arms in a tender fashion, as if to show him she was now his. Momentary she looked down between then, visualising the thickness of his meat, nevertheless its size now mattered not to her, but it had surprised her, she wouldn’t have thought it possible, her mind wandered. Now it was her turn, with eyes closed she lost all sense of time, it was as if she were on a cloud, roaming the heavens.

Eddy increased his pace, using his length to its full advantage, her tightness prevailed, although quite wet now, she was more than just a fuck, and what’s more she seemed to be enjoying it, if not more than he himself. This was a day that he wouldn’t forget in a hurry, beneath him she laid muttering strange words gibberish nothing seemed to make sense. Suddenly she went rigid, her back arched she moaned loudly, Eddy fucked her through it, he knew this would be the first of many orgasms she be having with him. Taking her legs he folded them in front of him, thus allowing him more penetration, Mirabel sensed the improved position, and started to work with him. She gazed up into his eyes.

“I know now why Mum used to cry out sometimes, your good Dad! However I didn’t realise that this was the reason”

She looked down once more, surprised that now very little of his cock was noticeable to her.

“I have all of it?” She implied with a smile

“Every last inch sweetheart” Eddy started to increase his pace her words had egged him on. He seriously wanted to blow, it had been so long since he’d had pussy, masturbation was fine but nothing like the real thing.

Once more she came, heaving her hands sharply down on the bed away from him gripping the bedding, lifting her hips up in quick actions matching his unfathomable thrusts. Eddy knew this was just too much, he sensed the need to cum himself, but he wanted to make this special for her, something that perhaps another lover couldn’t do, there was no need for control, knowing he was her first. He wanted her to feel every last drop, they’d be no need to pullout, he started to speed his swiftness fucking her hard, her squeals were music to his ears. Feeling the bearing down of his seed, he forced himself deep and held for moments.

Mirabel looked up as if contemplating his next move, he closed his eyes once more, his balls ached as he felt pressure within them, his cock throbbed once more and thickened as his seed passed along its length. Mirabel sensed the fullness, gripping his arms once more, she’d have never realised the vigour of what was about to happen. Eddy threw his head back, letting out a low moan, it was then that she realise as to what was happening, he pushed himself deeper as the seed erupted. Mirabel felt the swelling in her belly as the long thick spurts congealed in front of her womb. The sensitivity was sensational; she reached up throwing her arms around his neck pulling him down toward her, as their lips met hot cum still discharged within.

They lay together for at least half and hour, Eddy nibbled her breasts her neck and lips, never withdrawing fully until his cock had totally subsided, leaving his love concoction deep inside her.

“That was really wonderful Dad, I really don’t understand as to why I’ve held back for so long. I think it or’t to be a father’s responsibility; I really didn’t think it would ever be as sensational as that. I’m sure lot’s of girl’s worry, if it was their fathers place to acquire their virginity, I’m sure they’d be a lot happier.

Mirabel threw her arms around Eddy’s neck kissing him hard on the lips.

“I’m sure they’d be a lot of happy Dads if you had you’re way. Now we must get on, d’you want to use the bathroom first to freshen up?” Eddy moved to get off the bed as he spoke.

“No you first, I’ll just lie back and rest for a bit, I feel breathless, and my legs feel weak!”

Eddy went into the bathroom leaving Mirabel laying full length of the bed; she placed her hands behind her head with her eyes closed.

Now she could pick herself a fella, she thought wondering if they were all the same, she’d be looking forward to seeing how some of the boys her own age would perform. Trouble was she couldn’t explain to her friends that her virginity had been taken; they’d ask whom! And knowing them they’d asked as to what it was like with such an older man.

“Bathroom is free when you’re ready” Eddy poked his head around the door. not gone back to sleep have you?”

Sorry Dad, no I was miles away, I’ll go now” Mirabel lifted her feet off the bed placing them onto the floor. “You can make me a nice cup of tea if you like?”

you be to long then” With this Eddy pulled the door to and headed down to the kitchen.

He’d just brought the teas to the kitchen table as he heard Mirabel humming as she came down the stairs.

“You seem happy!” He implied as she sat down at the table.

I be…its not every day a girl loses her />
“Suppose your right there, you can only lose it once” Eddy chuckled. “How do you feel now?”

“A might full, if that’s the word to use. I feel wonderful if that’s what you mean, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I’m looking forward to some more, will it hurt as much to start with next time?”

“No way! You’re a woman now; it will only be pleasurable from now on. And as for more, you’ve but to ask!” Eddy grinned.

“I did mean with a boy my own age Dad”

“Oh, sorry that’s it for me then?”

“No, I didn’t mean it that way. How often would you like it then?”

“If you mean it…as often as I I’ve missed out over the last six years, I have some catching up to do?”

Mirabel got up from the table taking her cup into her hand. “More tea!” She smiled.

mind another” Eddy held his cup out to her.
“Does this go for us both then! I mean if I should want it say?” Mirabel never turned back as she spoke.

Suddenly it happened, it was the least she’d have expected, she nearly dropped both the cups.

“Christ Dad…I think I’ve wet myself!”

Eddy smiled to himself. “Now why would you think that then?” he asked, knowing fully as to her dilemma.

“My God, I’m soaked!” Mirabel placed the cups on the draining board and looked back to her father.

“What goes up must come down!” Eddy laughed.

“I’d have never realised it would be like this though, I’ll have to change!” Mirabel ran toward the stairs.

“I’ll get the tea, I’ll make a fresh pot!” Eddy called after her.

There was no reply from Mirabel she was already in the bathroom by the time he was at the sink.

“Alright now!” Eddy smiled as she sat down at the table once more.

“Never realised it would be that much! I’ll have to watch out in future”

“You just make sure you carry a condom, never have un- protected sex young lady until your sure of the man you’re with” Eddy implied.

“I hope you haven’t got me pregnant Dad?”

“No chance of that sweetheart, I only fire blanks, and I can assure you you’ll not catch anything, that I can promise! So if you want the real thing, you can rely on your Dad!”

Over the next couple of weeks Eddy had more than his fill of pussy, Mirabel had taken to it like a fish out of water, it wasn’t until she asked of a favour that took him back.

“Well, you did say no commitment Dad!”

“Sorry sweetheart, yes I did, and I meant it, I have no hold over you!”

“So what will you do, I mean…if I bring this boy home?”

“Should you give me the nod, I’ll shot down the pub for a couple, leave you to it. But only in your bed mind, I’ll savour mine solely for you!”

Mirabel threw her arms around his neck. “Thank you Dad, I’ll promise you won’t go short.

It wasn’t until the following Monday that she brought her first so called lover home, they’d both spent best part of the Sunday in bed together, Eddy’s bed that is. It was now time for her to find out just how good her father was. When Eddy came home Mirabel already had the table set for dinner but there were three places set out.

“This is Will Dad,” She explained with a smile toward Eddy.

Eddy reached out and took the young mans hand.

“Nice to meet you Will!”

He was a hansom lad; Eddy felt quite envious of him knowing his daughters intentions, but he knew that he could say nothing, they all chatted over the meal, as soon as the meal was over Mirabel turned toward Eddy.

“What time will you be back from the pub then Dad?” She inquired with a smirk on her face.

Eddy knew this was her queue for his exit, the boys face said it all, if anybody wanted to get into her knickers it was him, Eddy felt green with envy. Although he knew he could do nothing to stop them, his aim was to cut their time short, he didn’t want Mirabel to get to close to him in the way of feelings, he looked at his watch then back toward her.

be that late say 10 He implied.

Mirabel knew that left her with about an hour and three quarters to make her move, she could see the resentment in her fathers face, in a way she felt sorry for him, even she felt as if she was abandoning a lover.

After her father left Mirabel went into the kitchen to start on the washing up, well at least filling the dishwasher. Will came in as she was bending over the machine; his hands went straight to her rump.

“I like your Dad!” He informed her.

She knew that this was just idle conversation; she stood and turned.

“He’s a Dad who understands his daughters special needs” She smiled, meaning every word she had said; even though she was about find out just how special he ready was. “Fancy a drink?”

“I’d love a beer should you have one,” replied Will removing himself from the kitchen.

When Mirabel came back into the living room he was sitting on the settee, not the armchair that he’d earlier chosen.

“Come sit yourself down!” Will tapped the vacant spot beside him, reaching out to take the glass of beer in her hand. have any music?” He quizzed

“Come and have a look, I’m sure your taste is equal to my own!” She moved across to the music centre, kneeling down on one knee, assuring herself that Will would have a select scrutiny under her dress as he knelt in front of her, her eyes were glued to the shelf of CD’s, allowing Will ‘s to search were they wished.

Over the last week her father had brought her up to date with things to do and not to do in front of a man, the not to do’s seemed to intrigue her. What difference could it make to a man seeing up a girls dress, what if she had a swimming costume on underneath, why would he be so fascinated by the sight of panties.

She turned back, asking him about a certain CD, but Will’s eyes were cemented; she was flabbergasted.

“Sorry Mirabel…I was miles away for a moment” He stammered.

“Well, what do you think, shall I play it or not?”

After she’d repeated the title he agreed that she played it.

“Yes it sounds good!”

Mirabel made sure that this time when she turned back to the music centre; she moved her leg with her. After making sure the there were sufficient discs for a good hours music she stood and headed back to the settee. Will came and slumped down beside her picking up his glass.

“How long will your Dad be?” he quizzed not hearing her ask him earlier.

She lifted her watch, checking the time with the cock on the wall.

good hour yet” She smiled wriggling down into the settee.

Will took the chance of moving in tighter, putting arm along the settee.

a good choice in music” he claimed.

“Glad you like it, it’s soothing isn’t it” Mirabel mused; pushing herself up the back of the settee, assuring his arm fell around her neck.

She couldn’t believe the slowness of Will, she’d have thought that she have been up in the bedroom with her legs spread apart by this time. Still Dad had said watch out for the quite ones; she could only but hope.

It was almost as if he’d interpreted her thoughts, he placed his empty glass onto the table, and then pulling her toward him he kissed her heavily on the lips, it took her by instant surprise. His kiss lingered, but she found it quite pleasing, suddenly his hand move up onto her breast. She knew by rights she should push it away, but her need to discover just as to how other men made love she’d thought better of it, anyway she took pleasure in his kneading, her breasts were not that large, but fitted comfortably into a mans manipulating hand.

His tongue flicked in and out and around her mouth this was something her father hadn’t done, perhaps it was due to the father and daughter relationship, however it was quite agreeable. She felt his fingers toying with the buttons of the front of her dress, she wanted to desperately help, but considered it might make her look too agreeable. His hand moved inside the dress, as soon as he’d managed the latter, she’d considered not wearing a bra, t’would make things a mite easier, his hand cupped her breast comfortably, almost immediately her nipples started to rise, standing out like peaks on a mountain. For moments she let him caress her in this way, and then.

“I think we’d be better upstairs, I feel to vulnerable down here ” She informed him, knowing fully that her father would turn a blind eye should he walk in.

Will followed closely behind like a lap dog, almost taking two steps at a time.

As soon as she settled herself on the bed, Will became an animal, this time her breasts were forgotten he lay tightly in beside her; his hand went straight up under her dress. She felt the gusset of her knickers yanked to one side, his finger, or should she say fingers were forced straight up her pussy. She gasped at the ferocity of his movements, for a moment he removed his fingers, but only to lift her dress allowing sight of her delightful but dainty panties.

His mouth went to her lips kissing her hard once more, Mirabel sense the movement of his body between her legs.

just a Mirabel sat up reaching toward the bedside draw. “Here, please use one of these!”

She handed him one of the condoms from the packet from the unopened packet.

“You knew I was coming are we?” Will took the rubber, stretching it over his manhood.

Mirabel watched, aware of the dissimilarity between his and that of her fathers, it seemed very slender in comparison, but at least the same length. Once the condom was in place, Will leaned back across the bed opening her legs.

“Now for a real man!” He grinned.

Mirabel did wonder as to his meaning, how would he know of what men she had, or hadn’t had for that matter.

He moved back in between her legs pulling her panties to one side, edging himself up toward her. Once he’d established entrance he forced his cock straight up, the suddenness took her breath away. It wasn’t anything to do with dimension, okay, she didn’t think she’d feel him up against her father, but there was plenty of feeling, be it not so satisfying but his presence was felt.

Will went straight into turbo as soon as he’d made himself comfortable, the bed clanked heavily against the wall behind the bed as he started to thrust into her, she was grateful to God that Dad was down the pub or he’d have surely heard the noise. Mirabel could do nothing but grip the bed, more from the feeling of falling off it than anything else, the noises he was making was not unlike that of a wild boar. Every now and again he’d hit bottom, she found this quite painful, and she’d no feelings to lift her legs or knees, within five minutes it was all over. He raised his head and gritted his teeth, Mirabel did feel the slight expansion at the end of the condom, he then slumped over her, his breath laboured as he wheezed out he’s gratitude

“Did you feel it? I say did you feel it, now that’s what you call a load” He mumbled into the pillow beside her.

After moments he sat, then got off the bed and stood beside her, his cock was still rampant. He pulled the condom off, laying it over the edge of the draw, which Mirabel had left open after she taken the packet of condoms out.

“Your knicker draw I take it!” He’d noticed the array of panties there in. “There, now you’ll have something to get wet over when you come to bed. You’re a good fuck I’ll give you that” He stepped back pulling up his underpants and jeans. “I’d better leave you now, we don’t want Pop to catch us do we!”

With that he left the room and was gone. Mirabel lay back onto the bed, not believing what had just happened to her, she cum, not even once, she’d enjoyed some of his ferociousness that was until he’d started going in to deep.

“So what did you do to him then?” Eddy enquired as he stood in the doorway leaning on one arm with a smirk on his face.

“Dad your back!”

“Well I was watching out of the pub window, he came out as if the house was on fire, straight into his car, and off down the road like a bat out of hell. What did you do, I thought you wanted to try the younger man?”

“Dad I did…he never even wanted to undress me, he was straight then he was gone!”

“Well I did warn you” Eddy smiled as he walked into the bedroom and sat down beside her.

“Thing is, did you enjoy him?”

“Not really, he’s left me high and dry if anything! Even left me a present to remember him by when I come to bed” Mirabel pointed to the condom hanging over the edge of the draw. And he had the cheek of telling me that I’d had his immense load.

Eddy looked toward the draw, there was no more than a smidgen of cum inside it.

“More than likely pulls his plonker all the time, you’ll find that most men who do that have nothing to show for it when it comes down to the real thing, they’ve wasted their self with Miss Fist.

“Your funny you are…Miss Fist! What a phrase, but you said you’d done it?”

“OK, but not to the extent that some of these youngsters do, you have to have some control over it, it can make you blind!” Eddy chuckled.

“Really Dad?”

“Of course not, that’s and old wives tale, but certainly stunts your impact if your trying to />
Mirabel quizzed.

“Well see for yourself,” Eddy pointed to the wrinkled up condom that laid over the edge of the draw. “If that had been mine they’re is no way I’d have left it with you”

“Well if you’d have seen his face at the time, you’d have thought he was downloading a reservoir. Even you don’t go to that extent!”

“Well thank you sweetheart. Now tell me, what do you really think of the younger male then?”

“If he’s anything to go by not a lot, in fact he cause me to much pain, to think of any real />
“I take it by that he was well hung then?”

“I wouldn’t say that…he was nowhere near as fat as yours, may be a smidgen longer, that’s where the hurt came in, he went to deep at times for my liking”

“Are you in pain now then?” Eddy turned around fully as he spoke.

really, just a little sore”

As his hand moved under her dress, he was surprised to find she’d still got her panties on.

“Soon put those back on then!”

“Never got a chance to take them off, he just pulled them to the side then straight in…and I do mean straight in!”

“He’s made you wet thought!” Eddy fumbled, pulling her panties to one side. “Fancy having old Dad’s to make up for it? See if he can do any better”

“Have I turned you down yet?”

“No, you’ve been good in that way, let’s see if we can give you the filling that you’d expect off him. Shall we try it from the back?”

Mirabel never answered but turn around placing herself on all fours, she liked it this way. “Want these off?” She started to pull her panties back down.

“No leave them be, let me see if it doe’s anything for me”

Eddy had already stripped down, and was in behind her, levelling himself to her pussy by the time she arranged herself. She gave out a sigh of gratitude as her entered her.

“Now that’s what I call a cock!” She expressed.

Even though Will have given her a good seeing to as he called it, she was still taut to Eddy’s full blown cock, he started to fuck her in long slow strokes, she liked this, knowing full well that he’d speed up later. She buried her face into the pillow her first orgasm was upon her; he could hear her muffled moan. He looked down at his cock; it glistened each time he withdrew.

“You certainly are in need, I’ll see that you get the filling that you sort after” Eddy looked across at the condom hanging on the draw, he shook his head in wonder, how could a guy only cum that much with a beautiful girl like Mirabel.

She started rocking backwards and forwards onto his cock, willing him to increase his pace, Eddy gripped the cheeks of her arse pulling her back onto him, thrusting his cock up her at an alarming rate, but never ever would he bottom on her, he knew just how far to go. It was sheer pleasure all the way with him. She came, and came again in rapid succession, then a multiple orgasm, they were coming so fast now she could but hold her head up. Eddy felt her go limp, he knew she’d passed out, he slowed his pace not wanting to blow before she’d come back to her senses.

“Jesus Dad!”

up Honey?”

“Dad I don’t think I can take anymore, you’ll have to cum!”

He knew she was exhausted. “In a little while sweetheart.

He looked across to the condom once more; it seemed to gear him up even more. His bullocks felt the strain, he pulled her arse back onto him, leaning heavily on his cock, Mirabel knew the consequences of his action, he’d done it before, she buried her face into the pillow once more, her wait wasn’t to long. The gushing could be felt throughout her belly and lower pussy region; she just managed to hear her father’s groan over her own. However, this one made her take warning, more of these would follow in time, never yet had she felt so satisfied, she was practically at bursting point. Even Eddy sensed the pressurize volume in front of his helmet.

Mirabel could but laugh, it took the rest of the evening for her to eradicate herself of the engorgement, as she finally sat down on her bed, she couldn’t help but notice the measly dredges that Will had left her, and she was supposed to get wet on them. “I wish!” she thought.

Mirabel and Eddy moved home a few weeks later going North, they then settled down as partners, in a life of bliss, she never wondered about guy’s her own age any more. Once bitten, twice shy, that was her father’s motto, and she stuck by it

Thank you for reading my stories I do hope you enjoy them, there are still plenty more.

Gail Holmes

story by: Gail Holmes

Tags: male/teen female erotica fantasy hardcore incest sex story

Author: Gail Holmes

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