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Sturing the pot of chocolate again so it doesn't clump I lay out the strawberries and the pineapple, to be dipped and eaten later tonight. The house has been cleaned and I had a couple of bags of rose petals make a small trail to the bedroom. Finishing up I take the small platter to the bedroom along with a long nosed lighter. Setting the platter on an end table in front of the bed ,I light the candles that I've put around the room. Then taking a quick shower and shave I slip into a black and pink silk teady trimmed in pink lace and walk out to the bedroom. Checking the clock I quickly run the brush through my curly dark hair and put on some lip gloss and put on the chainmail collar as I walk over turn on the music, that walks it's way through the house, and kneel on the bed with my hands on my heels.

It doesn't take long for you to get home after that and I sit still smiling at the door as you walk through the house. Obviously having spotted the rose trail. Opening the door you spot me on the bed and I throw myself down, kneeling with my legs spread wide, my arms out in front my head bowed and my hair cascading over the bed and my arms. I hear you walk over and wrap your arms around my waist pulling me back up into the kneeling position.

"This is a lovely surprised Moin Chiot." I smile loving up at you, and kneel up kissing you tenderly. Coming up you look around at the room and notice the food. Walking over you see I've set the table for two with chocolate covered fruits, fresh pasta with sauce, and hand made bread with a corked bottle of red wine. You gesture me to sit as you pick up the wine and look at what I've chosen for the evening. Smiling you open and sit as we eat and talk over our day's.

It was hard hiding this from you but seeing you relax, smile , and talk with me makes it all worth it. After finishing, I take the remaining dishes into the kitchen and load them before coming back into the room. Laying back on the bed with the satin sheet up around your waist with a smile the only thing you are wearing. I walk to the foot of the bed and climb till I'm even with your waist and pull the cover down a little revealing the head of your hard shaft.

"May I Master," I ask ,kneeling over you. You smile at me and shake your head no. As you sit up in front of me.

"Kneel Moin Chiot." I kneel on the bed beside you and squirming a little. The pink and black lace boy shorts I'm wearing are already soaked and I find myself fighting with excitement at what you will do next. You run your hand down my cheek and neck till you reach my collar bone. Smiling at me you bend over and whisper, "How dose that feel my sub?" I twitch trying to get my brain to work right.

"Wonderful master. It feels amazing." Leaning forward you kiss my neck and it sends chills through my body. I want more, more of your touch, more of your lips, more of your body. You untie the ribbon at my left shoulder and the material slides away revealing my left breast and the nipple that stands ready begging for your attention. As your head dips down I lean forward and whisper softly, "I've missed you master. " Your answer is your lips grazing around my nipple then pulling it up then coming up and kissing me full on the mouth.

As you pull at one of my nipples I arch my back in response and try to deepen the kiss. Running my tongue over your bottom lip ,begging you silently. You agree to my request and I feel you lean in and lay on top of me as you push the him of the teady up around the bottom of my ass and nudge my knee with yours. I comply immediately pushing up and whinning into your mouth as your knee presses into my wetness. I grind against your leg as I run my hands through your hair.

Running a hand up my side and along my arm you push them up and pull the second ribbon, pulling the teady at my waist as you continue to kiss me and I start to loose my breath. Breaking, you work down my chin and along my neck line coming down to my right breast and I arch up to your mouth. Then I feel your hand between my legs and I'm shaking. Trying to catch my breath as you seem to be pushing all of my buttons at the same time and it's really hard to concentrate.

I feel your hands digging into the soft tissue of my thigh and I squirm and squeal with pleasure. "Not yet Moin Chiot. Wait till I say you can." You slow down and let me think and allow your words to sink in. Slowly I manage to get my breathing under your bottom my sub. " Picking my hips up I feel the last of my clothing slide from my feet to floor and I slide off with it, hitting my knees and kissing your hips and the area around your rock hard shaft.

"Please master, may I now, Pretty please." I see you nod and I swallow you to the hilt, loving the feel of you sliding into my throat and running my tongue around the base of your shaft then adding suction as I pull back. Then lick around the head before sucking you back into my mouth. I moan around you. Picking me up you push me over the bed.

You run the head of your shaft along my slit and I try to push back but your hand on my back keeps me from moving. "Beg." You say, as you run your head up and down my shaft. I moan and whine as you hit my clit and arch a little.

"Please master. Please give it to me, fill me up , please!" And with that you slide half way into me and I scream with pleasure. Almost going head long over the edge.

"I want you to cum for me Moin Chiot. Now. "And as you drive the rest of your poll into me you smack my ass and my muscles convulse and tighten around your shaft, milking you as you slide easily in and out of my wetness. Holding my hip I move with you , meeting you thrust for thrust as you drive into me. I moan and wither as you slide in and out of me.

I scream in pleasure and sit up and grind back against you, reaching behind me and wrapping my arms around your neck. I rotate my hips to keep it going and dig in my nails into your neck as my your thrust get harder threatening to send me into another orgasm. Just as I hit the edge I feel you explode onto the back of my cervix and I shutter and I lean back against you as my knees threaten to give out.

Slumping forward, breathing hard ,my hips still rotating and milking of their own accord I smile and sigh a little as my body starts to come down.

"Thank you Master. That was awesome. " Smacking my ass you crawl in and open your arms smiling at me. I quickly crawl under the cover's and kiss your neck and wrap my hand around your softening shaft, and throw a leg over yours. Snuggling down next to you I smile to myself a little. "Happy Valentines Day Master."

"Happy Valentines Moin Chiot."

story by: Weaver_of_Tales

Tags: blowjob fantasy romance domination/submission sex story written by women

Author: Weaver_of_Tales

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