Meeting dakota and kaitlyn my new daughters

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I do not condone anything of what I've written this is not a guide. I will take liberty and poetic licence and make things up so don't say it can't be real. this involves young girls so if you don't like it don't read it. btw no sex yet in this one just building the story so far.
"knock knock" this noise at the door awoke me from my afternoon slumber, I was awaken from a drunken stupor. I arose from my lazy-boy to answer the door, to be greeted by a man in a business suit. " are you William fukker" asked the person on the other side of the door. "yes I am". came my response.

"my name is justin dolt, i am a lawyer for melody, your wife" came the answer from the other side of my door.

"what does the bitch want now she owns my shit does she want my fucking soul now" .now being hung over is no way to be civil, I stopped calmed down and apologized for being rude. "sorry it has been shitty day for me". i excused myself. " that’s ok we all have them". came his reply as I opened the door and invited him in to sit at the him at the kitchen table, while i made coffee.

"so what is this about" I asked? he drew some papers and put them on the table. "well mr. fukker your wife has been killed in a car accident with a male occupant". he stated. "was the male jason". i asked hopeful the bastard my wife left me for was dead as well. "yes the other occupant was jason". the lawyer stated. "you are the only living relation to melody so you are the benefactor in her estate". he said.

he went on to say " your wife's life insurance has a payout of 500 thousand dollars and since she was killed by a city worker, the city is willing to keep this hush hush for 5 million which i can negotiate and have the paper work done for you by the weeks end if you agree to the terms of 5% commission to my firm". he said. "yes that would be acceptable". i said trying to seem solemn but my heart was leaping for joy.

"to make this official I need your passport and driver's license to confirm your identity". I found my license in my wallet like it has been for the last 44 years of my life and the passport took longer to find my passport it was in the crisper in the fridge. why was it there i had no clue, just one of the strange things that has plagued my miserable life.

"ok you check out no prior offenses with the law, I have good news for you mr. fukker we have your daughters they are alive they were in the vehicle but strapped in securely in their car seats". they are safe and sound at the mount royal hospital dakota your 9 year old daughter has only cuts and bruises from the breaking glass and kaitlyn who is only 2 has a broken arm.

now I was more than surprised I was still married to melody we separated and she kept the house, the car, hell she even kept the fucking dog. she was 11 years younger than me when we met i was her first real boyfriend and lover, she was a virgin when we met . We tried to have kids for more than 5 years of our marriage , cost us 20 thousand but to no success. what the problem was her womb rejected my sperm. doctors said otherwise but I knew. we always wanted kids, that was what failed our marriage + I was a drunk. 6 of 1 or half dozen that is the way I saw it. then she left me for that cock sucker jason.

now here is this lawyer who thinks i am the father of these two little orphaned girls. what should i do tell the truth? nah fuck it if i can't get revenge on melody her kids would be the next best thing. i will make them call me daddy, have them luv me, then i will destroy them. make them into my little fuck toys, all i have to do is be patient and twist their will to my sick desires.

after the lawyer left i called work explained the situation. i was given the standard 5 days off and took an extra week from my vacation pool. it took the next hour showering, shaving and packing to fly to these lil ones. i wanted to look presentable so i dressed in a suit and tie, making me look like a fine upstanding daddy. fuck me even i believed myself when i looked in the mirror. i was a big man 5"10 brown hair cut very sort military style from my years of service. i was over weight at 275 lbs but i wore it well. brown eyes that in sunlight shone like gold, with a goatee salt and pepper flowed on my head and beard i was ok looking. women were attracted to me and my charms. i could not stop smiling, even after the lawyer fees i would be a rich man, i finally got one over on the bitch.

the bitch is dead with that fucking cock sucker too". i said aloud and jumped for joy.

i arrived in mt. royal 2 hours later, made my way to the hospital via taxi. was met by the police and doctor, the cop need to confirm my identity and the doctor explained my daughters conditions. i was told that kaitlyn was being held for observation for 2 days but i could meet dakota now and take her home.

i was ushered to her room by a nurse who was so kind and friendly, feeling sorry for my plight and that of my girls. i always wanted a nurse especially in uniform. i told her i was not ready to see dakota as my wife left me with the girls last year. i cried like a blubbering fool as she held me in her arms.

"now now william, lets get you cleaned up before you see your girl". she followed me into a private washroom to clean me up. "thank you very much karen, this has been so hard". she turned and hugged me once again but this time i hugged her back and she could feel my instant hard on pressing against her inner thigh. "oh my". was her response. "sorry karen i have not been with anyone since my wife left me". i lied through my forked tongue.

"you feel so good karen, you have an amazing body". now i wasn't lying on that account. karen was 22 shoulder length brown hair, beautiful blue eyes that sparkled like the ocean. petite but hard bodied standing 5"2 i towered over her almost like a giant, her ass cheeks could fit in one hand but hard and firm to the touch. the type of ass you could bounce a quarter off. 34 or 36 c breasts with large nipple as she wore no bra in her nurses uniform. just enough buttons undone to look professional but if she bent over enough you could see the whole package. legs shaved clean but lean from her days walking around the hospital.

i cupped her heart shaped face in my hands, i could easily crush her skull if so inclined. no i did not want that, i crushed my lips to hers. she tried to fight but her lust won out, she returned my kisses with fevor and passion. now i could tell she liked to tease men, her demeanor was pure but i could tell deep down she was a true slut. all that it needed was to bring it out of her.

"on your knees slut" i commanded forcing her down with my hand holding the top of her brown well maintained hair. she looked up scared thinking i was going to hurt her, but did what i said surprised her. "take out my cock" i said loud enough to make it seem serious almost lethal. her little hands reached for my zipper of my pants and since i wear no underwear she was met instantaneously with my hard flesh it seemed so big so hard so hot to her well manicured little hand. this both scared her and excited her i could tell by the o her red lips formed.

i surprised her next by forcing my cock in her mouth. "suck it bitch" i commanded "suck it you fucking little tease". now i was holding her hair in both my hands now fucking that pretty little face. tears were running down her cheeks, spit from her mouth as she gagged on my cock.

"suck it whore, swallow all my cum". now usually i last longer than 2 min but the excitement of meeting my new lil whores and the money that i would get sent me over the edge. i unleashed rope after rope of cum in this bitches mouth forcing her to swallow all my cum as i had forced my cock to the back of her mouth. my legs were unsteady, weak from the effort i placed my hand to the wall to keep from falling. after a minute that passed i was myself again.

"get up". i commanded karen rose from her kneeling position wondering what was next for her to endure. i crushed my lips to hers forcing my tongue in tasting the remnants of my cum on her lips.

"for the next week when you are not working your my new slut got that". i said while i still held her head, looking straight into her eyes. her reply was nothing more than a faint whisper "yes sir".

"now show me to my daughter bitch". i commanded. with extreme effort she composed her self straightened her uniform and hair opened the washroom door and led me. as i crossed the threshold of the door i felt reborn.

this is the end of part 1 soon part 2 to follow

story by: nastyuncle

Tags: fiction blowjob cum swallowing humiliation reluctance older male / female sex story

Author: nastyuncle

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