Middle school white bodysuit

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Middle School White Bodysuit

Dad got a job transfer. It came with a promotion, more money, and in another state. Mom got lucky and landed a teaching job in our new town too.

I was thirteen years old and my sister Jessica was twelve years old.

When Mom registered us in our new school she came home with a big surprise. She had two boxes labeled school uniforms and she handed one to each of us. Of course she knew what was in it but we didn’t. Jessica got hers open first because I really wasn’t interested in seeing my school uniform.

Jessica held up her white bodysuit and asked, “Do I really have to wear this thing?”

Mom replied, “You both do.” After a pause she added, “Nothing underneath it either.”

I smiled, as I thought about my cute sister in that white bodysuit with no bra and no panties on. Then I opened my box and said, “They made a mistake. I got a girl’s box.”

Mom replied, “No! It’s no mistake. Boys have to were them too…with nothing on />
Jessica laughed and said, “His hard-on will stick straight out.”

Mom said, “Your hard nipples, dark pubic hair, and your camel toe will show too.”

Suddenly it wasn’t so funny anymore and Jessica screamed, “I can’t wear this to school.”

Mom replied, “You have too. All the other kids do.”

Then Mom told us that it was that school districts way to overcome the middle school syndrome. Years ago they had decided to put all of the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades together because of our over active hormones and the problems of trying to fit in.

Mom said, “You have a week to get used to them before you have to go to school. So go put them on.”

Jessica started to say, “But when she got interrupted.

Mom said, “No buts…go put them on…both of you.”

We went to our bedrooms and came back to the living room where Mom was waiting for us.

I felt so embarrassed standing there in a practically transparent white bodysuit. Jessica was right my erection was sticking straight out in front of me.

Jessica came in next and stood before us. I had to smile. She looked great. Mom was absolutely right Jessica’s nipples were hard, her dark pubic hair was visible, and that suit hugged her pussy lips forming a wonderful camel toe.

Looking at her made my cock start to jump from all of the blood pumping through it. Soon I had some pre-cum soaking into the material and it becoming even more transparent. Jessica giggled but I noticed that her pussy was secreting her cum and turning transparent too.

Mom said, “Okay you two, this is all that you will wear in the house from now until you go to school. Get used to it.”

Jessica said, “You and Daddy should wear these too. We have plenty. They gave me ten of these things.”

I added, “Yeah, Mom! You should wear one too.”

Mom smiled and said, “I had been giving it some thought. You see even the teachers at your new school wear them too and they gave me a box.”

Mom got her box, went into her bedroom, and came out after a while. Mom also had hard nipples, dark pubic hair, and a wonderful camel toe.

Jessica said, “Maybe we should shave our />
Mom replied, “It’s not allowed. You can trim your bikini line in the summer but then you have to let it grow back in for school.”

When Mom turned around her bodysuit was right up the crack of her butt. Jessica’s was too so I assumed that mine was also.

As Mom stared at my twitching cock her pussy started secreting her womanly juices and soaking her bodysuit. In no time her entire crotch was visible. I could see some pinkness in the middle and a big bump at the top of her slit surrounded by dark hair.

Jessica said, “Mom, your excited. Your clit is engorged like his cock and your cumming too.”

Mom looked down and said, “Damn! Your brother always has that effect on me but I can usually hide it.”

Mom looked at Jessica’s crotch and asked, your />
Jessica looked down and said, “Damn! My brother always has that effect on me too but I can usually hide it.”

Mom said, worry about it. We have the same effect on him.” A slight hesitation on her part and then she said, “I bet you will have the same effect on the other boys in your school too.”

Finally I said something, “Jessica, you could give a dead guy a hard-on. Mom you could too.”

Mom smiled and said, “Thank you. That was a very nice compliment in a strange sort of way that is.”

I looked at my sister again and said, “I like the way your body is />
Jessica replied, “So do I. The boys in my last school liked it too. If only they could have seen me in this.”

For some reason I asked, “Did any of the girls like your body?”

Jessica looked at Mom and then replied, “A couple. Did you want />
I looked Jessica right in the eye, smiled as sweetly as I could, and then I said, “I would love to hear the details, if you wouldn’t mind.”

Jessica looked at Mom and then Mom excused herself to start dinner.

I followed Jessica into my bedroom where she sat up on my bed and folded her legs in front of her, Indian style. I pulled my computer chair around and sat down right in front of her, just a couple of feet away. Seeing her position I placed my feet around two of the back legs and opened up my crotch to her view, as she had done for me.

Then Jessica said, “Well, you remember Sharon and Tina, don’t you?”

I replied, “Sure I do. You just said goodbye to them two days ago.”

Jessica said, “I did a lot more than that with them. For the past years or so we have been experimenting with sex…girl sex…girl on girl sex.”

I replied, “I get it. Tell me more.”

Jessica said, “We made out almost every weekend at one of our houses. They ate my pussy and I ate their pussies. Other girls called us The Carpet Munchers. I’m ready to try boys now but I don’t know how to start. Sharon started a few months ago with her brother. Tina had a neighbor boy that she started fooling around with last week. And I have you…would you be willing to have sex with me?”

I looked at her face and then at her body before I said, “I would love too. I was trying to figure out a way to ask you that same thing.”

Jessica smiled and said, “Good! Now what do we do?”

That was when I suggested that we ask Mom what we should do…since we were both interested in experimenting with sex.

Jessica smiled and said, “Let me ask her. You stay right here.”

It was a few minutes before Jessica came back into my bedroom. She smiled at me and then she closed and locked my door.

Next Jessica said, “Mom said that it was alright with her but to keep it from Dad for a while. Then she said that we had about an hour, so we had better hurry. Then she said that she would holler if Dad came home early.”

I said, “I can’t believe Mom agreed with us. I was just />
Jessica said, “Then you don’t know Mom as well as I do. She loves sex…any kind of sex…with Dad…his her own />
I said, got to be />
Jessica started peeling her white bodysuit down over her breasts and then asked, “Do you want to go down and question her yourself? Or do you want to make good use of this hour.”

I stood up and peeled off my bodysuit too. Then I watched her cross her legs and pull her suit off her feet.

First she stood up, we hugged tightly, and then we both ran our hands down over the others butt cheeks. Jessica pulled my hard-on tightly into her pussy mound. We kissed and it was nothing like we had ever done before. I was sure that she had kissed Sharon and Tina like that.

Then Jessica pushed my cock down far enough for her to step forward slipping it between her legs, right under her crotch. It felt good and we kissed some more as I rubbed her ass. I was even able to rub the head of my cock and get a little pre-cum on it. Then I slipped my finger into her ass crack and touched her asshole.

Jessica shuttered and said, “Tina used to do that to me…then she made Sharon and I lick her fingers off.”

I asked, “Then you don’t mind?”

Jessica said, “I’ll let you fuck my backdoor but first you have to fuck my front door.”

Astounded I said, “I get to fuck you.”

Jessica laughed and said, “You won’t be the first but you will be the first boy and that sure counts. Sharon and Tina used to fuck both of my holes with their mother’s dildos, vibrators, and even their butt plugs.”

I asked, “You let them fuck your pussy with something that their mothers had in their asses?”

Jessica smiled and said, “Hey, don’t be too critical, after all I’m going to let you put your cock in my pussy and in my ass.”

Once again she told me that I could fuck her so I pushed her back onto my bed, she giggled and opened her legs, and I leaned into her. She placed the head of my cock right at her opening and all I had to do was push.

As I slid it in I said, “Oh! Wow!

Jessica said, “Oh! Wow!

And then together we sighed.

I told her that it was best feeling I had ever had around my cock and she said that it was best thing that she had ever had in her pussy. Then once again she mentioned me putting it in her asshole. Wow!

It didn’t take me very long to cum but Jessica didn’t seem to mind.

I never went soft so in a few minutes Jessica lifted her legs and started finger fucking her wet pussy and then fingering her tight little asshole. After watching her do that several times Jessica told me to stick it in, but to be gentle about it.

I placed the head at her sphincter ring and started to push. There was resistance so I pushed harder and harder. Finally her hole opened up and the head of my cock popped in. She smiled and asked me to push more into her. Soon I was all the way in her ass and stroking into her with a slow rhythm. We both seemed to enjoy that. After I had cum in her we went into the bathroom to wash up and I got to watch her pee.

We got dressed and were down helping Mom before Dad got home. As we helped her Mom asked us how it had gone. Surprisingly, Jessica told her that I had cum in her pussy and in her ass and that I was a really good kisser. She told Mom how good my cock had felt inside her. Then she told Mom that she was going to give me a blowjob later.

Once again I was surprised when Mom said, “Come and kiss me before you />
Jessica giggled and said, “Like you do when you suck Daddy’s cock.”

Mom’s nipples got harder and her pussy leaked some more. Then Dad drove into the garage. Soon he was in the kitchen with us telling us all about his first day at work.

Abruptly Dad stopped in mid sentence and asked, “What to hell are all of you all />
Mom explained about our new middle school uniforms, that she insisted that we wear them inside the house for the next week, and that as one of our new teachers she had decided to join us.

Dad replied, “Okay, but you are not getting me in one. I don’t want my daughter to know that her brother has a bigger cock than I do.”

Mom laughed and said, “She wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t just told her. By the way, do you mind if our children have sex?”

Dad asked, “With who?”

Mom said, “With each other. Like I had with my brothers and you had with your />
Dad looked at her and said, “Why would I object to that? It was the best thing that happened to me in my />
Mom said, “It might be the best thing for them too. Middle school is a bitch.”

So for the next week Jessica, Mom, and I wore our white bodysuits all day long only taking them off for sex…that was several times a day.

When it came time to go to school Jessica and I jumped out of the car and headed straight into the school and to the Principle’s Office. We saw a lot of girls and boys checking us out but we were not at all embarrassed. The Principle was an attractive woman and I promptly showed her just how much I liked her. My cock was standing straight out.

Jessica looked down at my hard cock and said, “If that bothers either one of you I can take care of it.”

Our new Principle said, “Oh, it bothers me all right but in a good way.”

Jessica said, “I can take care of that too if you want me too.”

The door got closed and our white bodysuits came off. Soon Jessica was licking the Principle’s pussy and the Principle was sucking my cock. Jessica knew my signs very well by then and just as I was cumming in the Principle’s mouth Jessica said, swallow. Mom and I always share a good />
After a very long kiss, the Principle said, “You two are going to do very well here at Lady Godiva Middle School. Very well indeed.”

Jessica and I became an immediate success. The girls liked me and they liked Jessica as well. So Jessica set up double dates with other brothers and sisters. Mostly they came to our house, which Mom enjoyed very much. We fucked each other’s sisters, we fucked our own sisters, and then we watched our sisters having sex. There was no end to the double dates that we had. By the time we ran out of dates school was over and I was promoted out of that school. However, we made so many friends in that partial year that we were set for life.

The End
Middle School White Bodysuit

story by: fbailey

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Author: fbailey

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