Mike and all the girls

sex stories

Christy had unprotected sex with George seven days after day she normally ovulated thinking this was safe. At 37 she had periods every 28 days since she was 16 and it now been 34 days. George had moved in now and she loved him dearly and would marry him next week. She was about to pee on the pregnancy detector she bought yesterday when she questioned waiting one more day but she had two of these so she let go held it under her steam of urine. She put it on top of the toilet bowl and went about doing what she did every day. Women her age often have trouble getting pregnant according to her doctor it should be done no later than 30 to have good chance with no complications. After having Sally when she was 19 she never had concerned having more children or protected from it thinking she no longer could. Two hours later she went back in the bathroom to look and found the neg. was now pos. According to this Christy was now pregnant. When George got home in an hour she would inform he was going to be a father again. Sally had told her that she was now pregnant so it was one more mother-daughter engagement, mother –daughter wedding next week and now mother-daughter children in nine months. Christy stayed indoors almost always and most of the time she was naked almost all the time even in the presents of men like Roger. Christy was slim and great looking much younger than her age nearly six feet tall.

On Monday Kim Owens, Dawn Young, Monica Wallace, Debby lee and Vivian Stone will be moving in here. Christy again went in each of the bedrooms looking at each room for any sigh of imperfection that she could correct. As she went back to the kitchen to check the oven for roast that was in there for George when he got home. She heard the doorbell and put on her robe before opening the door. Seeing nobody there she walked out side and felt a hand coming over her mouth.

Christy struggled to try to get free but the man had mask over his head and she was now being dragged. Panic overcame her as she tried to resist the man dragging her. She tried to dig her heels into the grass but he pulled harder Christy tried to twist of his grip her robe began to come loose. Suddenly she was dropped and saw behind her that George had this guy twisting his arm behind him as he now screamed as he came down on his face. Christy put her robe back on now that George was there to save her. George was on top of him hold his head to the ground with one hand using his cell phone with the other.

Christy put on her mitts and took the roast out of the oven and potatoes and began to sauté the vegetables. She looked out the door seeing George still holding this guy down. One of his arms looked about to fall off and this guy was actually crying. Christy leaned over and said, “I should introduce you to my fiancé George. George was smiling now and Christy said, “George your dinner is almost ready when you are done with this guy.” George said, “The police should be here soon honey.”

Christy went back inside to cut up the roast. George said, “I was going to pull your arm off and beat you with but I am being nice to you allowing you to be arrested all in one piece.” “When I saw you dragging off the woman I love you are very lucky to be alive.” “I don’t want to be bothered with have to go in and testify against you so when the police get here you will tell them all about why I am sitting on you.” “My dinner is in there getting cold because of you.” “If I had pulled your head off I could be in there eating now.

The police pulled up next to where George was and he got off and said. “I caught this guy dragging off my The officer said, “Shame on you Oscar.” “You will never be paroled again.” “This guy here could have killed you and walked away.” “Oscar your arm is almost pulled off sorry for the hand cuffs.”

George went in the door dusting of his pants and taking them off. He said, “I love you so much Christy” She served him the dinner George said, “The cop seemed to know this guy by name calling him Oscar.” “He was never to be paroled again.” “I almost pulled his arm off.” “He won’t be dragging you off again.” Christy said, “I was very frightened but I was not hurt.” “I am very glad you were there for me George.”

Christy said, “As time passes an my abdomen will get bigger and bigger” “George in about nine months you will become a father.” “I was surprised myself not having any children for years and years suddenly at 37 I am pregnant.” “When we first had sex a week after I would normally ovulate” “I was not worried about pregnancy especially because of all the efforts about getting pregnant after Sally was born I could not have anymore children in spite of trying to.” George said, “Christy maybe you are suddenly getting younger,” “I love you dearly and will love you as you expand.” “As you stand there naked, you look very much like female capable of Christy said. “I just learned that Sally told me she is pregnant.” We had combined engagement party and will get married together and now we can have combined “I am proud to be able to possibly give you children.” “Sally asked me about helping her with childcare while she was attending classes and I felt as the grand mother that would a be a joy to me.” “It is possible to be a wet nurse to my own “I have two breasts for some reason.” “Think about it a grandmother still pumping out children.” George said, “Christy you do not look like any grandmother I ever saw.” George said, “My son Mike and Sally could have brother or sister that is also an aunt or uncle younger than them.”

Mike and Sally came over to use the pool after dinner. Christy said, “Sally I was looking forward to taking care of my grandchild when I found out I am also pregnant.” “Since you were born I was unable to have anymore children or get pregnant until I found out today.” “If everything goes right you will get brother or sister that is also your aunt and uncle.” “I will able to be a wet nurse to your child and mine.” “It is like having my own Sally said, “Mom that is wonderful news” “You still look young and able to reproduce.” “You are like an older sister that was also my mom.” “My baby and yours will be close in age but from two different “I will do all I can to help until classes next year.”
Mike took a picture of Sally and Christy standing nude next to each other. He said, “I want to find some way of documenting the pregnancy of both of you that I can make into beginning of a home movie.” “It would have one or two frames of video each day.” “It would make video about 9 minutes long showing you both expanding until child birth and then just real time movies of the two babies. George said, “I recently bought a video movie camera you could use for this.” “We would need some open shoes glued to the floor and the positions of the tripod legs marked so it could be placed at the same distance.” “Christy and Sally would step into the shoes facing 90º from the camera with your faces turned to the camera.” “That would give a good image of you expanding as you progress in your pregnancy.” “It would be imperceptible on a daily basis but on playback it would be “I would be good idea to video the childbirth to start out after that.” “There would be two pair of shoes glued to the floor so one camera would be used for both of you girls at the same time.” “You would be facing each other until almost touching each other’s bellies.” “We would keep log of all this just to make sure it was all setup just right every day.”

While Sally and Mike were swimming George found out they wore the same size shoes. Using double stick tape he taped two shoes with heels cut out to the floor. He found a book showing a woman sideways showing her progress in pregnancy each month with documentation of where her feet were and were her belly was. He remembered seeing this before and now it was all he needed to glue down the other pair of shoes measuring them carefully an multiplying the figures in the book knowing they would be expanding toward each other. Christy stepped into one pair of shoes as George was setting the focal length and the position of the tripod. Christy moved to the other shoes to simulate Sally being here. He marked the positions of each leg of the tripod on the floor and measured it incase those marks were somehow erased. He put piece of tape with an X on the wall to be in the center of the picture. Christy moved from one side to the other as George centered the frame placing the tape on the wall. With the light on he recorded the exposure next to Christy. With all those settings recorded in the log he was now ready for the two women to start the movie video

When Sally came back George checked everything as the two women faced each other smiling. Mike watched as George checked the distance form each of their bellies to make sure that was correct and took the first frame of the video. It was 6:30 and Sally was told be here at that time every evening. Christy was fraction of an inch taller than Sally George showed Mike the log and camera, and explained everything so he could do this as well just incase George could not be here. After Mike and Sally left George looked at Christy and took her to bed where he gave her several orgasms before going inside her for one more orgasm before ejaculating inside her.

Sally said, “Mike my mother looks like a slightly older more slightly taller version of me.” “When I was standing there face to face with her it was nearly like looking in the mirror.” “It is hard to believe we will be starring in movie documenting our pregnancy together.” Mike said, “Sally your mother has the same color hair in the same style as you do.” “She could wear a ponytail like you used too and still look younger.” Sally said, “She was able to graduate from college when I was very young and I was cared for by my grandmother who is still alive and healthy just as my grandfather is.” “I am sure they would love to come to a wedding involving their daughter and “I was really surprised to hear she was now pregnant.” “If stand near her nipples touch mine if we stand close.”

With Sally standing on one leg with the other with her pointing strait up Mike kissed her and reached to her vaginal entrance with his fingers while holding her leg next to her body. It did not take long for Sally to feel the orgasms from this. He lifted her so her legs crossed behind him and his penis deep in side her. This felt wonderful for both of them with Sally arching her back she had two more orgasm and Mike ejaculated inside her while they both stood and now kissed again before turning off the light and going to bed. Mike held her all night.

Christy was preparing breakfast with George when Roger, Alice Mike and Sally came over in running outfits Christy loved having them here in the early morning so they could stay together running later.

Christy said, “Today those six girls will be moving here.” “I stop in those rooms to check everything to be just right.” “I peed on the second pregnancy tester to confirm the first and it gave the same result.” “It is all like dream here George” “It is like I am starting my life over.” “Our weeding here next Saturday will be needed” George said, “Christy you are such a wonderful woman that can still do anything.

Sally helped with the clean up so they all went out together on the morning 12-mile run. George and his son Mike ran behind Christy and Sally that were dressed alike in sport bra an very short shorts both had their same color hair in ponytail and the 37-year old Christy and her daughter Sally were indistinguishing from behind. They seemed to be taking identical strides in their bare legs. Even their midriffs appeared the same on the two slim women. Christy was a quarter inch taller than Sally but that was not noticeable. Alice running next to them had different color hair and was taller at 6 feet than both of the other women. Roger ran with them for 4 miles but took a short cut home not feeling well enough. After the 12 miles Christy let everyone in to go to her pool. When they were at the pool all noticed the dozen 12inch high 18inch wide and 18inch deep numbered and connected shelves boxes for storing clothing items and shoes while in the pool that some were put to use now. The water felt so good after all that running. Roger was already there when al the rest came in. After a half hour in the pool Roger and George got out to get dressed for work. Christy explained the relay for the doorbell now here in case of any of the students came while they were in the pool so it could be heard here. Christy got out clean up the kitchen after breakfast. She rinsed off the dishes and put them in the dishwasher and wiped off the counter and table when she heard a knock at her door. Christy walked over and open the door and there were two young women they’re introducing themselves as Debby Lee a 5’2” Asian girl and her friend Vivian Stone a tall woman 5’11” 18 year old. Christy invited them in and took them to their room and watched the two getting undressed now realizing Christy was naked they too would be.

Alice, Sally and Mike were in the pool so Christy took them to the pool to introduce them.
Seeing them coming, Alice, Sally and Mike got out standing behind the two women to hide his arousal. They all shook hands after being introduced with Mike now in the open so he could shake hands. Vivian briefly put her hand around his penis as they shook his hands. The two girls got in the water. Sally watched as Vivian again walked to Mike, she was so tall her breasts were out of the water as she again grabbed his penis. Sally licked each of her nipples and said softly, “Mike is my She showed her the ring on her finger. Vivian said, “He is big enough for both of us.” “If you get angry at him and don’t want to sleep with him just bring him to me.” “I will give him back to you after some sex.” Sally said, “Our wedding will be here on Saturday and all you girls will be invited.” “Our bed is just big enough for me and Mike.” “There are plenty of young men out there looking for girl that looks as good as you Vivian.” “Just wait for classes to start at UCLA next week” “Vivian you may have to beat them off with a stick.”

Kim Owen and Dawn young were in the second bedroom and also stripped after seeing Christy naked. The temperature was 80º inside the house made that comfortable. Monica Wallace and Colleen Gardner did not strip until they used the pool and stayed naked after that. George sacrificed his shaving cream and razor so all could have no more pubic hair. Christy now had two refrigerators but only one washing machine and dryer so all the nudity would mean less laundry. All the girls were not bothered, by George seeing them naked when he got home. The weight of these girls ranged from Debby Lee at 110 pounds because she was only 5’2” to Vivian at 5’11” at 155pounds. George now enjoyed the view here with all these naked girls thinking of all the estrogen here now.

Christy prepared much bigger dinner now hoping everyone would like it. She had poled the girls for dietary restrictions and was pleased none of them had any.

Vivian was in the bathroom looking at her reflection in the mirror wondering if she was too heavy from all the workouts she did to become fit. She could see the muscles in her abdomen but her broad breasts concealed those muscles in her chest. She could not pinch off much fat in her smooth skin. Her natural blond hair was tied back in a ponytail like many her age and her sky blue eyes were very attractive. Vivian was concerned with why she was attracted to Mike the only man among all these women wondering how to apologize to Sally who was now gone. She was still a virgin and wanting to change that seemed unwise at this time. She was falling in love with her prom date that now moved back east to go to college. For now she had lesbian relationship with Debby. She looked at George and how muscular he was glad she did not look like that. Her own father was like that and she looked at that as being something masculine. She was proud of her fitness and strength but still looked very much like girl.

George was unpacking the Sybian machine he ordered last week knowing all the females that would be here. He had never seen something like this he read the instructions that came with it. He had all the attachments that came with it and remote control plugging it in and he noticed how it would have rotational setting and vibrator to go with it. He was in the pool house for privacy and the concrete floor did not magnify the noise. Knowing female anatomy he could see the thing that would feel good for females. He went out and got Christy and brought her here to be the first. “Christy I would like you to try out this machine that came in today.” “It is shaped like half of an oil drum with motor in it and vibrator made for female orgasms.” Christy said, “That sounds With Christy there he lubricated the five-inch dildo shaped thing on top. George said, Christy get down on your knees and sit down on this thing. This brush like area is for stimulating your Clitoris and the movement of the thing is supposed to feel good. With Christy on it he turned the knob for rotational movement and looked Christy as he turned on the vibrator showing her what doing. With thing inside her and vibration coming on Christy soon began to moan in pleasure holding her breasts George turned up the vibrator and Christy started give off these screams as he turned vibrator up and down. Two minutes later Christy screamed louder as she said, “That was the most wonderful powerful orgasm I ever felt.” She stood and kissed George.

Christy said, “Let me go get the girls to try this thing out.” George moved the thing outside the pool house and plugged it in near the wall and brought out chair to sit on. Soon Christy came back five young women standing in line as Christy described what to do for each of them. Kim Owen got down her knees and rubbed some lubricant on her hands putting some on the dildo like thing and rubbing some on her vaginal entrance. Kim was looking at George as he was describing the parts and motion they would take and where the clitoris should go to feel great. George started with rotational knob and then turning on the vibrator as Kim began to voice her approval. The other four girls watched as Kim exploded into orgasm in only couple of minutes. George turned it down as Kim still sat there began to give her second powerful orgasm. Kim said, “Thank you George for the most powerful orgasms ever.” “You can touch me anywhere with your hands or your tongue.

Vivian asked, “Is it worth sacrificing my virginity” She watched as George put on one with only two inch bump on it. Vivian eagerly sat down on that. George could see the movement when he engaged the movement on it but she began to voice her pleasure as he dialed in the vibrator. Vivian put her head back as she felt the extreme pleasure as the buzzing increased. Vivian’s breathing began to get louder as she exploded in an orgasm a little bit longer than it took Kim. George was getting better at this and gave Vivian yet another orgasm. After getting off she said, Girls get ready to ride this orgasm machine. Vivian got up leaned over to kiss George on his lips. George said, “Are there any more intact hymens here.” As they others nodded no he put back the fife inch attachment.

Colleen was next in line and knew what to do lubricating it and her self before getting on. She then looked at George completely unconcerned by her nudity. He engaged the rotator before tuning on the vibrator and Colleen put her head back holding her breasts in pleasure voicing it as George varied the vibrator control bringing Colleen to her fist powerful orgasm. After pausing for 15 second he again engaged the controls to bring Colleen her second orgasm. Colleen got off and put her finger inside her feeling natural lubrication and holding her finger at George’s lips gently forcing it into his mouth. “You deserve to taste me George.” “If Christy was not here I would beg you to fuck me.”

Dawn felt Colleen’s vaginal juice on it and got on with eager anticipation. Dawn was not disappointed feeling this extreme pleasure as George varied the vibrator he could hear Dawn panting from the pleasure. The panting progressed to ever increasing shouts as she progressed to orgasm. Dawn looked at George as he again used the control to make her explode into her second orgasm. Dawn said, I am nearly paralyzed from this machine she slowly rose and took a step toward George holding the control and lifted one leg over his head putting her pussy near his face as it dripped from her. She said, “If you ever want a close up view of my love hole just let me know.”

Debby got down her knees and lowered her vagina over the 5inch attachment. George said, “Let me know when you are ready.” Debby said, “Turn it on George.” Debby gasped when he turned on the vibrator and voiced her pleasure on every breath. She got progressively louder she screamed when she had the first orgasm. George gave her a minute to recover before doing it again as she screamed out her pleasure. George was getting good at recognizing orgasms without being told. When Debby got off she said, “George that was most wonderful orgasm in my life.” “You have the exclusive right to shave my pussy now.” “You can taste me then.”

Monica got on the machine and said, “George you can shave me too.” I have watched all these girls having orgasms I it finally is my turn now.” “Do it to too me” For now Monica could not say word as she voiced out her pleasure holding her breasts as she looked up screaming louder. After the first orgasm Monica needed the minute to recover before she again began to pant then scream out louder with every breath Monica could not believe the pleasure she was feeling on her second orgasm. Monica said, George you don’t need come to me for a shave I will come to you when I need it.” “I want to do this again tomorrow.” “I will ask Christy if I can suck out every sperm from you.” “This made me feel wonderful to be a woman.” If Christy does not marry you on Saturday I will.”
Christy got on the machine again and said, “I only got one orgasm and all those girls got two.” When Christy gasp with pleasure and began to voice out her pleasure louder with each breath Christy had the pleasure of not one but two more orgasms.

Christy said, “Monica ask me if she could suck on your penis and had the guts to say she would like you to fuck her I found out she had an IUD so you can fuck her from time to time.” “I invited Monica to sleep with us if she wanted.” “Now you can come home from work to shave some young girls and look into the love holes.” George said, “I am sure these girls want this machine every day too.” “I hope it does not make me obsolete for you,” “I am getting pretty good at recognizing the signs of coming orgasms and how to do it better.” Christy said, “I love you George and you will never be obsolete.”

When Christy washing the dishes and cleaning up Monica made herself helpful in any way she could. When Christy went with George bed Monica was already there to watch Christy making love to George who went to bed with a naked woman on each side off him. In the early morning Monica had her lips around George’s again hard penis as Christy got out of bed to start breakfast George look down at Monica moving her head up and down quickly she could tell when he was about to cum and use her hand on him as she took him deep in her mouth and feel him pulsate in her mouth taking every drop she swallowed it all and came up and kissed George. Christy took this all in before turning to start breakfast Monica was there to help as she directed her 18-year old body was slim and smooth. As she stood before eating Colleen was expertly painting on her top and shorts but for the shoe she was wearing she was naked. After eating breakfast with Roger, Alice, Mike and Sally were there in addition to the six students. Monica quickly wiped off the table and counter taking the dishes into the dishwasher.

Doing the 12 miles was Roger, Alice, Sally, Mike, Christy, George, Monica and Vivian. Monica and Vivian wearing only a coat of paint and a lot of just skin. Monica and Vivian both had firm breasts not needing support and were in shape to run the 12 miles.

As they came in from the 12 miles Colleen was there with hose and sponge to take most paint off Vivian and Monica in the front yard before the pool. The both took off their shoes so they would not get wet.

When Roger and George went to get ready for work Mike did the only man among nine naked women want to use the sybian machine still at the edge of pool. This time Mike sat reading the instructions as the women formed a line. Sally applied the lubrication to the 5inch piece and got on her knees to lower her self on to it. Sally waited as Mike turned on rotational piece before turning on vibrator Sally look at him and began to vocalize her pleasure louder with every breath in two minutes Sally had the most powerful orgasm she ever experienced. Within one minute Alice again put her head back and enjoyed the second powerful orgasm

Christy helped sally get off so she could get on Mike was fast learner as Christy found out getting two powerful orgasms. This was first time for Alice but talking to other women gave her some expectations.

Alice first felt the movement of the part inside her but when the vibrator came on and was varied Alice grabbed her own breasts and put her head back and began to vocalize the pleasure she was feeling. It was a fast powerful orgasm she never remembered before. As she was recovering the feelings inside her was again overwhelming like no sex ever was building to a powerful orgasm.

Dawn looked at Mike holding the control as she was in the proper position. She again found it overwhelming and she could not help but build toward powerful orgasm. 35 seconds later she felt the same way and in two more minutes was having a second powerful orgasm.

Long tall Vivian was next and helped Dawn get off so she could get on. Vivian looked at Mike as if she challenging to give her orgasm. But this morning Mike would make it would come on like a freight train and build fast to more powerful orgasm.
Vivian would understand why she needed to help Dawn get up because after the second orgasm Monica the next in line would have to come and help Vivian get off and stand.

Monica was expecting a very pleasant experience but it came on like rocket was behind it and two minutes later she could not move was given 35 seconds to recover before Mike made Monica scream louder than ever and need Colleen to help her get off and stand. Mike took it as challenge to paralyze the women with so much pleasure she could barely move afterward. This time Mike grabbed her under her arms to lift her off he machine he was controlling. Monica embraced Mike in a passionate kiss.

Colleen looked at Mike as if to plead for mercy. She was happy to feel such pleasure building fast to giant orgasms this time Sally was there to help her stand.

When Mike was done with all of them the seven girls stood admiring Mike now able to speak offer him the right to at any time to tough any part of there bodies. Sally and mike would have Colleen in bed with them offering her body and service to both of them. Colleen told them of her experience with Lesbian and strait sex offering Mike any of her holes at his at his convenience or place. She also asked to do laundry and make the bed cleaning the bedroom and bathroom. She would be their slave to use and abuse at will until school started next week..

Mike and all the women were still out by the pool when Kim Owen suddenly pulled down his shorts and began sucking on his aroused penis while others began slowly counting to ten when Dawn replace Kim and sucked on mike. The counting started again and Christy took it in her mouth for ten long seconds. Alice took it in her mouth for ten long seconds as Mike looked a the line of women as he felt the blowjob he was getting before the next in line began on him Colleen finished and Debby began for about 20 seconds when Vivian took over as Mike told her he was about to cum but Vivian took him deep in her mouth feeling warm cum in her mouth After swallowing it all Vivian stood and embraced Mike in a passionate kiss while Sally watched all this as next in line hoping he would use her mouth. Sally stood to be the second to kiss Mike. There was no counting now but every woman in line wanted to kiss Mike who tasted the tongues of every woman there. Mike loved this hugging each of the naked bodies those he was kissing. By the time each of these women had kissed Mike Christy had lunch ready for everyone.

Sally sat down next to Mike but Vivian on his other side had her hand on Mike’s leg. Christy not long ago was alone at this time every day and loved having everyone here. She looked over at Mike being the only male in this house full of females. Christy had Mike’s penis in her mouth and had kissed him like all the women here. In four days he would be married to Sally but he would still be the only male here and hoped Sally would understand that. Sally stood in line to kiss him here today. He certainly knew how to use that machine. Christy had never before had that huge eminence amount of sexual pleasure before leaving her with some emotional connection with Mike like every woman here including his fiancé Sally. Every woman here wanted his semen in her mouth.

After lunch Mike was followed to be private only when he used the bathroom where he only had Sally. She turned her back to him when he was peeing in he toilet. Sally said, “Mike I love you so much I would drink your urine.” “I had to wait in line to kiss you.” Mike said, “I am so sorry Sally it seems unreal to me how these girls are.” Sally said, “Mike I am not jealous and feel good because I am the girl with the ring.” “Because of your skill that orgasm machine they all have some emotional baggage to you and feelings to pay you back for all that pleasure.” “I know this from talking and you also gave me huge amount of sexual pleasure making me love you more.” “I have your baby inside me and they “Keep it that way and I will not be jealous.” “Christy is twice the age of other girls and me but she loves you too.” “Kissing will not make anyone pregnant and these girls want you to feel their bodies.”

Sally opened the door and stepped out seeing all these girls here she said, “Mike is my fiancé and I will marrying him on Saturday.” “He loves all of you and understands your /> “He would love to taste your pussy suck on your breasts and kiss you.” “All that I alright with me.” “In an hour I will take him home with me.” When Mike came out the bathroom Christy had him suck on her nipples. This felt good for her and sat and spread her legs and Mike got down there with his tongue and fingers giving Christy two more orgasms. Christy said, “Mike I love George and I love you.” “Please feel you can use my body for anything.” “Dawn was next spread on the floor wanting Mike to do anything. He leaned over and held her breast and began sucking on one nipple and then the other. Mike said, “Dawn would you all me to taste you down there?” Dawn said, “Mike you may taste any part of me.” Mike licked on her clitoris using two of his fingers inside her. Dawn loved the personal attention that felt so good driving her to an orgasm. Dawn said, “My pussy is yours any time Mike.” “Use and abuse it” Dawn held his face to hers an kissed him Next was Debby who held him to her breasts to suck on the nipples she loved this. She moved his head to her pussy and he began licking her clitoris with his finger inside her. This was not strong like the machine but was much more personal and Debby said, “My entire body is yours to do what ever you want with. She stood and embraced Mike her breasts tight against him as she kissed him.

Monica kissed Mike first hugging him close to her. After that Mike used his fingers on her nipples to bring her nipples to attention. She spread her legs and Mike got down and used his fingers inside her while licking her clitoris. Monica said, “Mike don’t stop yet.” She looked down at his head down there and felt the orgasm coming on. Monica loved this and exploded into orgasm. Monica said, “I told Sally I will again share your bed.” “You can spank me for being a bad girl and I will love it because I love you.” Monica again embraced Mike in passionate kiss.

Colleen was the next to feel his fingers inside her and him licking her clitoris. Colleen said, “Mike you can eat me when you wish no part of me is too private for you.” This was not some machine but it was Mike personally doing this for her and she loved him for it because it felt so great. Colleen screamed out as she exploded into orgasm. She looked down at her nipples he sucked on hard from his attention. Mike “You may suck on my nipples at any time.” “Treat my breasts as though you own them because you do.” Colleen could not help but embraced Mike in a passionate kiss.”

Vivian leaned over and grabbed her ankles and said, “Mike you may punish me and give me some pain.” “I find that sexually pleasing.” She felt his open hand hitting her butt. After getting a little red on her behind she sat spreading her legs for Mike to eat her. She looked down at him as she felt his fingers doing expert things to fee so great outside her hymen and his wet tongue down there too. Four minutes later all this sexual pleasure exploded into a long orgasm. Vivian said, “Mike you have the exclusive right to hit me on the butt at any time.” “I will open my pussy just for you to use with your tongue, fingers or penis.” “Next time you need to pee let me drink it for you.” “I will give you the exclusive right to deflower me.” Vivian embraced Mike in passionate kiss.

Kim sat with her legs apart and said, “Mike my pussy needs your urgent attention.” Kim gasped as he sucked on her nipples as he had his fingers inside her with his thumb on her clitoris. The riveted Kim’s attention to sexual pleasure he was giving to her. This was more than she expected for something so personal. He used his tongue down there now to stimulate her clitoris as she began to feel the orgasm coming on. Kim held her breath to extend it but it was no use as she exploded into orgasm. Kim said, “Mike my entire body is just for your amusement to view and feel at any time.”

Mike looked at the six-foot tall Alice as she said; “I am the last in line for you Mike.” Alice stood as Mike licked on and sucked on her nipples bringing them to attention. Alice sat and spread as Mike had his head between her legs feeling the sexual pleasure slowly building to the orgasm she felt. Alice said, “I am Roger’s wife but you have the exclusive right private parts of my naked body along with Roger.” “I love Roger and I love you Mike for the sexual pleasure you brought me.” Alice stood and kissed Mike with an open mouth for his tongue.
Alice loved him running his hand down the front of her body past her breasts letting him put is finger inside her. Alice said, “Thank you for being here for me Mike.” “After you are married we should have good old fashioned orgy once in while and do some wife trading between Sally and me to make life more interesting for all of us.” “I will talk to Roger about this.” “I would not mind being traded once every week and I am sure Sally would feel the same way.”

As Alice and Sally were walking home with Mike Sally asked, “Mike is there any difference in the taste of vaginal juice from one woman to the next?” Mike said, “Not that I could notice but there was a slight difference in the way the way they smelled down there.” “They all told me I would have the exclusive right to suck on their breasts and Vivian told me I could hit her on her butt anytime and be able to put my fingers inside her and suck on her breasts.” “Vivian also said she gave me the exclusive right to deflower her.” “Some of them told me I was now the owner along them of their body for me to use or abuse as I wanted.” “I think Kim told me her entire body was for me to view or feel at any time.” “Alice wants to be traded with you Sally once a week or so if that would be ok with Roger to make life more interesting. Alice said, “I am sure Roger would like it but I was going to ask you Sally.” Sally said, “This Sunday will be the second night after our marriage so we can start being traded already” Mike said, “I believe the personal approach to sexually pleasing got more personal feedback than using the machine. When I got up this morning I never dreamed of all this sexual experience that I would be in today with all those girls. Sally said, “Mike I saw all of this you were a sex god in a sea of naked admiring females that I felt lost in.” “Just wait until after diner for more of this.” “I once dreamed of being the only woman with only men around but today you were the only man among all those girls.” “Believe me Mike they will never forget you.”

Christy found it hard to believe what she was hearing about Mike and how wonderful he was to every young woman here who forward to him coming here for dinner. There was something about Mike that puzzled Christy how he could be so sexually desirable to every woman here including Christy who could never forget having him give her an orgasm from his attention to her so personally. Sally was so lucky to have him as husband on Saturday. Here Mike will be known as sexual rock star by Christy and the other young women here.

Christy felt good now that the opinion of the girls here she only 22 to 25 years old. This gave Christy the chance to explain how staying out of the sun was valuable way to preserve youth when she told them she was now 37-years old. Some of these young women were naked it was easy to see tan lines showing where there bikinis were. Monica was only 18 but was religious about wearing a hat and long sleeves when out side during the day except for short periods.

When Christy began preparing dinner with the help of Monica that stirred up some excitement with the girls because it was known that Mike would be there for dinner. Vivian desperately wanted Mike to be the one to deflower her tonight. The beef stew was a favorite of all of them. Mike came in with Alice and Sally with him. Alice and Sally pulled off the bag-like dresses they had on and Monica took them to carefully fold and lift the cushion on the chair they would sit to place under.

Vivian got up to sit next Mike. Vivian said, “I have job for you Mike.” “I need you to spank me for the dirty thoughts I have.” “Then I want to bring Sally with you to my room to make sure you still have something left for her tonight.” “Take those shorts off and lie on my bed, I will get on top to let you break my hymen.” “There is rag and water to clean up any blood and I will do that for you.” “If you want to watch me take a shower you are welcome.” “If you want to come in and wash me I would love it.” “I would wash you too to get ready for the services later.” “I will stand in line waiting for you then.” “Anyone who wants to watch my deflowering can come in and watch.” “I will only need the 5inch attachment on the orgasm machine.” “In spite of what I have talked about it was important to me to preserve my virginity until now.” “I have an appointment to get IUD put in tomorrow”

After eating dinner Vivian planted her feet about two feet apart and leaned over waiting for Mike to hit her. This time she felt his finger inside her as she felt his hand hitting her butt cheek. Vivian never before knew how great a spanking could feel. As the skin on her cheeks began to redden from Mike’s hand Vivian had an unexpected orgasm. She stood and embraced Mike in a passionate kiss.

Vivian said, “Mike that was wonderful spanking any woman would love.” She took his hand and said, “Mike you will be the very first man to fuck me.” She led him to her room followed by Sally, Monica, Kim, Debby, Colleen, Dawn, Alice, Christy and George. She kissed Mike once more and said, “Thank you everyone for coming to my deflowering. George took a picture of her spreading to show her hymen. She had Mike take off his shorts and lie on his back on the bed that was covered with plastic sheet where it needed to be. Vivian climbed over Mike with Sally guiding his erect penis inside her vagina. Vivian looked at the people on each side of her bed as he let her weight come down on the hymen. “Here it goes’ as she came back up and down crying out in pain as he was deep inside her. She went up and down on him for thirty seconds or so and came up off him. She took the wet dishcloth to clean off her blood of his him. Vivian said, “The show is over and Vivian is no longer a virgin.” Sally stayed but everyone else left. Vivian said, “Would you mind if Mike went in the shower with me?” Sally said, “I trust that you will only clean each other.” “That is all” said Vivian.

Sally watched as Mike stepped into her bathtub-shower and she pulled the curtain shut. Once wet Vivian enjoyed Mike using he soap with his hand on her. With the water off now Vivian stood as Mike used his hands on her breasts and abdomen soaping them up from her arm pits to her feet waiting until last doing between her legs. With the water on again Vivian let Mike rinse everything on her off. She put Mike under the shower and with her hand soaped up every inch of Mike. Working extra hard on his penis she turned on the water to rinse Mike of all the soap on him following with a shampoo. When both were done Vivian asked Mike to get Sally. As mike was drying himself off, Vivian was soaping up Sally, gently rubbing her most sensitive private places.

When Mike got to the pool area their were a line of five girls waiting for him. Kim lubricated it before she lowered herself on the machine 5inch projection. Kim said, “Mike make me paralyzed.” Kim had three powerful orgasms and needed help to get of from Debby the next in line. Once seated she said, “If I die from this sexual pleasure it will be great way to death and I will forgive you in advance.” Debby did not die but she could not get up until helped by Colleen.

Colleen stepped over to Mike and said, “Give me no mercy Mike.” She leaned over and kissed Mike before getting down. Like those before her she began scream out with her extreme pleasure louder as she approached each of her orgasms. Colleen got off and was on her hands and knees as she crawled away and climbed up the back of Mike chair to lean over and kiss him.

While Mike was holding the control Sally was on Vivian bed screaming from the pleasure she was getting from Vivian. Vivian was using her fingers and tongue to give Sally sexual pleasure. Before they went to the pool area they embraced in passionate kiss. Sally said, “Vivian would you like me to pay you back?” Vivian said, “Sally, lets go to get some mechanical orgasms out by the pool.” They held hands to walk to the pool toward where Dawn was screaming

Dawn looked at Colleen that was nearly unconscious as she helped her get off the machine. Colleen said, “Is there anything wrong with being too wonderful?” Dawn lowered herself on the machine and said, “I did not dig my grave yet so let me live this time.” Mike said, “I will burry you Dawn prepare yourself to die.” It was impossible to hear the buzzing over the screaming of Dawn that stopped for 35 seconds before resuming again.

Dawn was smiling as Alice checked her pulse. After 40 seconds Dawn with some help was able to stand.
Alice now sitting on the machine looked at Mike and said, “I don’t want to die now but if I am dead I won’t care anymore.” “Do it to me Mike.” Alice vocalized her sexual pleasure and the volume came up as she approached orgasm During the 35 seconds between orgasms George said, “I have a grave ready for who needs it. Alice began again screaming on every breath feeling lucky to be alive after the second orgasm. She counted away the 35 second before she began to start screaming again. When it stopped again with her third powerful orgasm she though she was dead but looking up at Sally she put her hand up so Sally could help her up. Sally positioned herself on it and said, “Mike I already had bunch of orgasms with Vivian so just give me two this time to assure you will still want me as your bride. Sally began pant then scream with every breath during her orgasm louder all the time. Sally smiled as she counted down the 35 seconds before it all started again. Sally held her breasts as she vocalized her pleasure. After the second orgasm she looked at Mike and said, “Give me one more.” Sally loved what she was feeling under her but she could not talk but could still scream.

Sally looked up at Vivian and reached for her to help get her up. Mike watched them kissing before Vivian was ready “Mike do it to me now.” Vivian was not unlike those that came before her reacting to the extreme sexual pleasure. Sally was recovering while Vivian was getting weak with so much pleasure.
Sally was there to reach down to help her stand. Christy came from preparing dinner and sat down on the 5inch attachment and said, “Mike if you or anyone wants a meal here make this worth it.” She looked at Mike as he turned on the vibrator and what Christy felt under her was like rocket propelled sexual orgasm coming on that caused Christy to scream out her pleasure. Two minutes later there was the 35-second pause and she began screaming again. After Christy’s third orgasm Mike was there to lift her of the machine. Mike carried Christy back to the kitchen giving her a chance to recover enough to stand on her own and she turned to kiss Mike. The time being carried an the time kissing him gave her chance to know what she was doing and finish dinner

After directing 27 powerful orgasms Mike took the Machine back to the pool house. When he came out Sally was there and he kissed her. Sally said, “After school starts next week I want Vivian to replace Monica who will be leaving.” Mike said, “As long as you are there Sally.” “I will not mind Vivian being there to watch us make love. Sally said, “Soon I will be swelling up with pregnancy” “Vivian will remain slim like she is now and I won’t blame you for at that time wanting to make love to her.” “As it is now when she come here she will offer her body to you in the morning Mike.”

When Mike sat down at the dining room table Christy said, “Mike you have earned the best portions of “I would guess that every female here feels something of you they did not before.” “I have told everyone to put it in writing so you won’t forget.” “I would summarize it as offering to be your wedding presents “You will know tomorrow at your wedding for the women wearing bows.”

Debby and Kim had help putting flex cuffs on their wrists and hanging from beam above them with their legs tied together spreading their legs. They got view of the house from higher than normal. It al was for Mike’s viewing pleasure when he came over for breakfast. When Kim had to pee a bucket was held under her to use. When Mike came over with Alice, Monica and Sally he could not help but notice this. He looked Kim in the eye running his hand up her leg to put some fingers inside her. Kim said, “I am here for your viewing pleasure and you can touch me anywhere.” Mike stepped over to Debby and did the same. Debby said, “You may touch me anywhere on the outside or inside. With his fingers inside her he sucked on her nipples holding them with his other hand. He held his finger to her lips to taste herself and she eagerly did so. Each of them had ribbon and bow on her neck.

At the table Dawn was standing on top as Mike looked at her as he ate. Veronica cut up the French toast to feed it one bite at a time to Debby and Kim. Dawn was passed a plate cut up for her and she ate it while standing on the table her legs spread so Mike could look inside her. The ribbon and bow was on her neck as well. Mike’s arousal was taken care of by Monica minutes earlier but he enjoyed seeing the women from this angle. When Mike was done eating he pushed his spoon inside Dawn who looked at Mike smiling and gasped.

Vivian, Monica, Alice and Sally out running with George and Mike. The four women ran in V like pattern in front of Mike and George who loved seeing the legs and midriffs of the girls in front. Each of the runners had belt with two half-liter bottles of water to restore moisture sweated off. It was a long run for 12 miles but they went in Vivian and George’s house to cool off in the water at the pool. Debby and Kim were at the edge of the pool still with they’re legs tied together and Dawn was there with her legs spread showing the handle of the spoon hanging out her Vagina. When Mike got out of the pool went to Debby and Kim and with one hand on each one with fingers and thumb drove them both to orgasm. He moved over to Dawn and took spoon handle rub the spoon on her g-spot and his other hand rubbed her clitoris driving her to an orgasm as she embraced him in a passionate kiss.

Mike bid the girls goodbye as he left to dress for his wedding to Sally. Mike and Sally showered together before dressing. Sally was not the tallest woman but her long neck showed off by her short dark hair and sky blue eyes. Her long legs were perfectly formed. The white dress she put on had halter-top showing some area of the distance between her breasts showing the sides of them taped down to avoid wardroom malfunction. The hem was short just above her knees. She wore no panties to feel the air from under her dress. White four-inch heels made her long legs longer looking. With the bridal top pinned to hair she went out and showed her parents that were there for her along with her brother Robert and older sister Christine. Her father was there in his military dress uniform with two stars on each shoulder. Mike was in his tuxedo with a white bowtie. His parents were there with his younger sister Grace who stood 6 feet tall at the age of only 15. The wedding was scheduled for 11:15 and they all walked over there 15 minutes early George was to be the best man and had all the rings and Monica, Vivian, Dawn and Colleen were the brides maids each dressed identical blue dresses with broad red ribbon with bow on their neck. Area residents and their families were there to compensate them for parking in front of their homes. The service was held at the large 1225 square foot indoor patio with 30 chairs for guests.

Sally stood with her father until the music started as he cocked he arm for her to hold as they walked down the back and finally down the isle to meet the retired minister hired for this. They were face to face holding both hands together

The minister said:
“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered together here in the sign of and in the face of this company to join together this man Michael and this woman Sally in holy matrimony along with George and Christy, which is commended to be honorable among all men; and therefore is not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly.” “Into this holy estate these two persons present now come to be joined.” “If any person can show just cause why they any of them may not be joined together let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

“Marriage is the union of husband and wife in heart, body and mind.” “It is intended for their mutual joy and for the help and comfort given on another in prosperity and adversity.” “But more importantly it is a means through which a stable and loving environment may be attained.” “It is true that the extreme love will long after be on and off but those married will become best friends for life.” “Even arranged marriages can result in love.”
“You are young and the challenge of staying married will last a long time but you should always remember the promises you make today.” “Through marriage, Mike and George and Sally and Christy make a commitment together to face their disappointments embrace their dreams and realize their hopes and accept each other’s failures.” “Mike and George Sally and Christy will promise one another to aspire to these ideals throughout their lives together through mutual understanding openness and sensitivity to each other.” “We are here today before God because marriage is one of His most sacred wishes to witness the joining in marriage of Mike and Sally.” “This occasion marks the celebration of love and commitment with which this man and this woman begin their life together.” “And now through me He joins you together in one of the holiest bonds.” “Who gives this woman in marriage to this man? “I am General Mark West the bride’s father.” “I am Christy’s brother Jack” “Her family and friends gathered here today do.” “This is a beginning and a continuation of their growth as “With mutual care, respect, responsibility and knowledge comes the affirmation of each one’s own life happiness, growth and freedom. With respect for individual boundaries comes the freedom to love “Within the emotional safety of a loving relationship the knowledge self-offered one another and becomes the fertile soil for continued growth.” “With care and responsibility towards self and one another comes the potential for full and happy lives.”

“By gathering together all the wishes of happiness and our fondest hopes for Mike, George and Sally and Christy from all present here, we assure them that our hearts are in tune with theirs.” “These moments are so meaningful to all of us, for what greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen each other in all labor to minister to each other in all sorrow; to share with each other in all gladness.” “These relationships stand for love, loyalty, honesty and trust, but most of all for long term “Before they knew love, they were friends, and it was from this seed of friendship that is their destiny.” “Do not think that you can direct the course of love for love, if it finds you worthy, shall direct you.” “Marriage is an act of faith and a personal commitment as well as a moral and physical union between two people.” “Marriage has been described as the best and most important relationship that can exist between them.” “It is the construction of their love and trust into a single growing energy of spiritual life.” “It is amoral commitment that requires and deserves daily attention.” “Marriage should be a life long consecration of the ideal of loving kindness backed with the will to make it last.”

“Do you Sally agree to take Mike as your husband for as long as you shall live to have and to hold?” Sally said, “I agree to take Mike as my husband for the rest of my or his life to have and to hold.”

Do you Mike agree to take Sally as your wife for as long as you shall live to have and to hold?” Mike said, “I do agree to take Sally as my wife as long as she or myself may live to live to have and to hold.”

Do you George agree to take Christy as your wife as long as you shall live and to have and to hold?” George said, I agree to take Christy to be my wife for as long as both of us are alive to have and to hold.”

Do you Christy agree to take George as your husband as long as you live and to have and to hold?” Christy said, “I promise to take George as my husband as long I or him lives to have and to hold.

“Will the best men now pass out the rings.”

“With the authority vested in me I know will pronounce you man and wife.” “Mike you may now kiss your wife Sally.” Now holding Sally’s hands he embraced her in a kiss.

With the authority vested in me I know will pronounce you man and wife.” “George you may now kiss your wife Christy.”

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