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So my name is jalen I'm in the military and got a leave to come home. Like for good. So I decided to surprise my sister. (My mom and dad are both dead) so I'm a 25 year old with a decent 8 inch cock when fully hard I'm 6'4 built strong. Now about my sister, her name is fianna. She's my twin. Growing up we weren't always the best of brothers and sisters. So we basically got on each other's nerves… A LOT. But that all went away when she found out I was going to the armed forces. That made us closer. So during that Time in the months of me leaving I found out a lot about her we bonded and all that good stuff. She has brown hair athletic with a nice ass. So on to the story.

Now on the way home she gave the usual call about how's it going or you hurt or anything, and I lied and said I'm in bed. She was surprised that I was in bed this early. She went along with it and let it go. Anyway, on the way back to Kentucky it's a long flight and drive I stopped at a store and met this beautiful girl her name was Lauren she was a sweet girl, and I got her number. Then I was finally home. I stepped out the car and looked at the front door. I knocked and waited and waited. Then finally I heard the door click…… Immediately I saw tears then fianna practically throwing herself on to me. She was talking a mile a minute explaining how much she missed me and loved me and once I told her that I was home for good and needed a place to stay she kindly offered me to stay here. Then she went to kiss me on the cheek but I dropped my keys and looked that way and…… BOOM. She Kissed me full on the lips. We both stared in awkwardly silence for a moment and I apologized and said sorry and she said don't sweat it.

So after we caught up a bit I asked her how life was going and all that good stuff it seems like everything was going good. She asked when I got so tall since I left at 20 at 5'11. So we ordered a pizza that night and I noticed a problem while walking around the house. It was just a one bed room house. I suggested to sleep on the couch but she insited no since it was a new one. And offered me to sleep with her in her room. As night fall approached we was lying in her bed with her head on my chest while my arm was over her watching netflix she suddenly began crying, which confused me and she began sobbing saying how this is the best any guy has treated her even though it's only been one day, and how much she was glad I was here with her to protect her. After I comforted her. I pulled her close looked into her eyes and eyes said everything's going to be okay while I'm here and no ones gonna mistreat her with that said I took a deep and risky chance and kissed her. Not like a brotherly kiss like a lover kissed and she returned it. After the like 10 second kiss we returned to our natural position how we were and she fell asleep like that. Leaving me with a raging hard on

So I woke up ratherly late (someone wasn't waking me up this time) and I woke up to the smell Of bacon. I walked to the kitchen and noticed fianna was wearing the most sexiest thing possible to be cooking in. It was a high like skirt that did a little bad job of hiding her ass. That immediately made me hard. Just so you know basketball shorts and a 8 inch dick don't go too well she saw it and smiled at me, and said I see you're a pretty good tent pitcher. Which made my face blood red. We both had a little laugh and ate breakfest.

After that Fianna told me that we was going to buy some new clothes for me at the mall. I had no problem with that I needed some more any way. So while at the mall fianna must've had a lot of friends Becuz I noticed people winking and smirking at her, even a couple whistles. I ignored them and thought nothin of it. If you don't know after an our of walking and drinking watered down tea your bladder fills pretty quick. So I stopped at a head and used it. While coming back I saw fianna and decided to give her a little scare but before that happend I noticed she was talking to someone. She was a older like lady and IK over heard her saying that she had nice handsome boyfriend. Soooo what I heard next shocked the tee total hell out of me. She agreed with the lady. I knew she couldn't be talking about anyone else but me.

After the ride home I got really curious and decided to confront her about it. So I'm not a shy person I just went up to her and said did you say I was your boyfriend today. He face could've been a tomato. She silently nodded she looked at me in guilt and said jalen you are the best thing that's happend to me in months. I don't care if you're my brother I've always teased you Becuz I love you and like you. I've masterbated to you a lot. I don't know how you feel about this but I know I feel great about it. Those words put me in shock I didn't know what to say or do I just nodded and said I felt the same way. She teared up and said that she wanted me to be in her life forever which I kinda already did.

With all that down and good we noticed it was really late. So we decided to lay down. She needed to take a shower so I enjoyed that time in a room to myself In years I was starting to doze off when I was laying flat on my back laid out like a star fianna got the idea to get on me start tickling me. So with me moving and jumping and her in my lap I got a hard on and once she felt it she said oh that's how to feel. So she started making out with me and we exploring each other I was touching her an d started rubbing her pussy through her yoga pants making her extremely wet she finally got up and said I can't take it anymore I want that thing in me. She almost littlertly tore off my boxers and straddled me and wasted no time and penetrated my cock into her wet pussy me feeling the groves and every inch of it made me moan. She was screaming my name and telling me to fuck her harder which I did I was in pure heaven she did some type of circular motion with her hips which made me go wild she was about to cum and so was I then all at once…… I moan loud and me from not cumming in months well years exploded inside her. I never did stopped cumming she came hard too was biting her lip the entire time. We stayed locked in that position until we drifted off to sleep

Part 2 coming soon tell me how I did

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