Mixed metaphors iv

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Mixed Metaphors IV

As Tony departed in a cab, Rebecca assigned herself to the drudgery all women hate. She was shopping, but not the type of shopping she did for hours, and then came away with nothing, she was actually going to bring clothes home to their apartment. The best part of it was, she really needed these things for her new job.

When did this all happen? She was going for a job, which she didn’t really think she could get. She met a They ended up making love. He met her parents. They are going to Hawaii. Oh my God … She wondered if the store had any aspirin? Aspirin hell Demerol would be much better.

Everything was so wild and fast. She did not allow herself to even think about anything except the main subjects. Becky had been caught up in a tornado. Not a little dirt devil that blows by on a windy day. This was one of those category 5 tornados that move through the Southern States, ending up in Oklahoma and Kansas, attacking all the unsuspecting motor home parks.

And the very best part was she had met the man she had dreamt about since she was a little girl; and her parents liked him. Then there was Sonya and that apartment, and limousines. Becky looked at the salesgirl who had been helping her. She held up a business suite, a blouse and shoes,

“Do these … go with this … and with this?”

“Yes maim … they go very well together. I believe this is going to be a long arduous task. Would you care for coffee, tea or a cold drink?”

“I don’t drink coffee, “ said Becky looking at a green silk scarf, “however a coke would be nice.” She thought maybe it would settle her stomach. Tony had mentioned something about returning for lunch. Lunch would be good, but he promised that they would have some time together in bed. ‘Stop … wait … don’t start thinking about his penis or you won’t get anything done,’ she told herself.

What is it about a man anyway? They are not really that important, but sometimes when you think about how that thing, that cute little, or beautiful big thing; that fits a girl’s cunt so well… doing it again Becky! Stop it! There will be no sex until this afternoon. Maybe they could skip lunch and just go back to the apartment and then have an early dinner.’

Oooohhh look at that black cocktail dress and those shoes. There are at least two-dozen shoeboxes here. She wondered if she were going nuts. Roasted asparagus, a small steak, a Cesar salad, and … and … eight million calories. She had a feeling if she didn’t watch her weight she would never fit in any of these clothes.

Tony arrived at Ellis’ building. He paid the cab and walked to the elevator. Number three in white lettering on a black background, behind a glass door.

Ellis Kyles, Real Estate 3201.

It just dawned on Tony that he had never been to Ellis’ offices before. They had met in college and had hung around with the same crowd, but after college the relationship became pretty much telephone based. Every year they sent Christmas cards, Birthday cards and even Easter cards once in a while, however they seldom got together, except at an occasional lunch. The last time he saw Ellis for any length of time, was at his wedding. Ellis now has two little boys and a daughter.

Tony opened the outer door and saw his large breasted secretary. There was a door off to her right. A sign in the door was lettered, “Ellis Kyles Private”. Tony said nothing to the blonde and against her wishes he walked into Kyles’ office.

“Sir … sir … you will have to be announced,” she said irritated as Tony paid her no mind and walked in. Ellis was on the phone, but when he saw his friend he said,

“Darvin, I have an emergency. I’ll have to call you back.”

Ellis hung up the phone and almost leaped over his desk.

“You son of a bitch. God it is good to see you. What’s it been three … no four months?”

“Hi guy … SUP!” said Tony smiling, “Got time for coffee?”

“Always with you buddy. All I have in the hopper is the building you want.”

“Are things bad right now?”

“No … everything is good. Last week I didn’t have time to change my mind, but this week is great. You couldn’t have come at a better time.”

The pair walked out of his office. The little blonde began to apologize stating she couldn’t stop Tony from entering.

“Why would you want to stop him? He is my />
“Do you want me to bring you a cup of coffee? Two sugars and regular milk, right?”

“Your brother?” her voice trailed off as she nodded her head to the coffee.

Tony and Ellis walked toward the elevator laughing.

As the elevator descended Ellis said,

“There is a coffee shop downstairs where I eat all my meals, except for supper. I eat supper with the family. Margie is a great cook. You will have to come to dinner sometime soon.”

“May I bring my />
“Your what?”

“Rebecca Davis … my />
“You are getting married? I never thought you would get married. What />
“It is kind of a Beauty and the Beast thing. She is really ugly … No she is beautiful. I don’t know how I lucked out, but I plan to marry her when we go to Hawaii in December. I’ve already met her parents. They live in Red Hook.”

“New Jersey?”

“Yah. Her parents are great, and she has a fourteen-year-old brother. We are taking them to Maui with us. I haven’t mentioned the wedding yet. I kind of wanted to surprise her, but she will want to get a wedding dress and stuff.”

“They do have dresses in Hawaii. I wouldn’t tell her until you arrive. What religion is she?”

“God …I don’t know. I guess I’ll have to ask her.”

“Ask her parents. They would probably know.”

said Tony. “Do you think you could go with us?”

“I wish I could, but this is one of my busiest times of the year. If you want to put it off until March />
“No, I’m on the inside track right now. She might change her mind by March. I just can’t take that chance. I suppose I can ask her brother to be my best man. So how is everything with you?”

“Everything is fine. My two boys are in school and my daughter begins pre-school next year. I’m not rich like you … yet, but I’m working on it. Things are going well with you I see, how is the firm?”

“I have them thinking that they can’t do a thing without me, but I really don’t do much.”

with 610 2nd Ave?”

“My girlfriend lived there with her roommate. When she moved with me, I was going to buy the apartment, but then I thought why not get the whole building and become a slumlord. It’s Becky … I can’t ask her to move in with me if it gets her friend kicked out. She would never forgive me. Then I thought life has been pretty good to me, what with my partnership, and Becky and all. Maybe a little payback is in order. So I thought maybe I would buy the building, fix it up nice and then drop all the rents twenty to twenty-five percent. None of those people are rich anyway. What do you think?”

“Not a bad idea. Good for taxes and we could work it out that the rent-lowering thing is a charitable donation. That would also good for the taxes. Of course you will be spending much more than you are going to make, which is also a good tax break.”

“Good we are going to be a two income family soon. Becky just got a job at the firm. So what did the people say about the />
“We are in negations right now. They just countered with a />
“Go ahead and take it.”

“No I’m sure I can get them down to a million-two hundred thousand. That’s a half million bucks.”

“Ok … but don’t wait too long. I want to begin on repairs and design by mid />
“No problem.”

The two guys sat and drank their coffee and talked about old times. It was a comfortable feeling thought Tony. He had missed Ellis a lot. He wondered what Becky his was doing, probably buying out the store. Good, that way she won’t be saying, “I don’t have a thing to wear.” After an hour, Tony and Ellis ordered a coffee to go for Ellis’ secretary, said their goodbyes and Tony went out to grab a cab.

“Saks Fifth Avenue … please.”

The driver said something in Arabic, and then pulled away from the curb. Tony wondered why this guy was a law abiding citizen and some of the other weren’t. We will probably never know he thought. Tony paid the driver and went into Saks. He saw the salesgirl and walked over to her. Is she all shopped out yet?” he asked.

“Just about. I think we will have to re-order everything in her size. I just hope her twin doesn’t come in today, as I would have nothing to sell her.”

“She only has a little brother and as far as I know he is straight.” The salesgirl laughed and handed Tony her card. She said,

“It’s company policy to record all of her measurements and keep a file on her, so if she needs anything, all you have to do is call and ask for me. I’ll take care of it for you.”

“Great that’s good to know. Thanks a lot for all your help. Do you think she is done?”

“I can’t imagine what she has possibly missed.”

Tony walked over to Becky who was looking at two different pairs of shoes.

“Tony … Honey you are back />
“Just wanted to see how you are doing.”

‘Look at these shoes. Do you like these or these?”

“Do they fit?”

“Yes … but which ones?”

“Both pair fit you?”

“Simple. Take both pair. Ready to go now, I’m hungry.”

“Do you know how much these cost?”

“More than a roast beef />
“Yes … of course.”

“Becky … honestly sweetheart I don’t care. Get the shoes so we can have lunch. Miss … uh … Johnson,” said Tony looking at her nametag and handing her a business card, “Send all the stuff she bought to this address … please … and include these two pair of shoes.”

“Yes sir and again thank you sir.”

“Can we go now? I’m really hungry.”

Becky looked at the man. She wasn’t used to doing things this way. It was almost like they were buying in bulk. She would have a difficult time getting used to some of his ways. He hailed a cab and told the driver,

“The rainbow room please. Tony then got on the phone and called on his speed dial.

“This is Antonio Miller, of “Smith, Travis, Miller and Johnson”. My firm has your restaurant reserved for lunch today. We will be there in about twenty minutes. Thank you.”

“What is the Rainbow Room Honey?”

“A restaurant at Rockefeller Plaza. They have some fine Italian cuisine there. Actually it is a very nice restaurant located on the 65th floor, overlooking the north, south, and east side of Manhattan. They have dinner and dancing in the evening. The dance floor even revolves. They have a live orchestra-band in the center of the dining room that performs throughout the evening. They aren’t normally open for lunch, however the firm has it reserved to entertain some clients from Rome.”

When they arrived Tony saw Jarred Smith, the CEO of the company. He went over and talked to him, then returned to their table.

“I just told Jarred that we were here if he needed us. He said that the bitch was coming and Travis would be there later, so we can have lunch, and then go.”

“Go where?”

“Home … baby … home.”

“Ooooohh that sounds nice.”

Becky was impressed with the Chandelier over the dance floor and the orange glow of the ceiling lights. Tony asked the waiter if they had a 1957 California Cabernet Sauvignon. The waiter said they had a “Napa Valley” Cabernet, 1957 vintage. He would bring a bottle to the table.

“Why 1957 Tony?” asked Becky.

1957 was one of the best years California has ever had with their wine. Their Cabernet from that year is wonderful. Tony ordered for them and they ate. The food was delicious and they finished most of it along with the bottle of wine. Tony said his goodbyes to his partners at which time he and Becky headed for the elevator.

She was just a little tipsy and was demonstrating her adore on the ride down. Tony flagged down a cab and gave him the address to his apartment building. He was just a little nervous, as Becky was very passionate, and kept trying to slide her hand down the front of his pants. It appeared as though the driver was watching the rear view mirror, more than he was watching the traffic.

As they exited the cab, the driver shook his head then drove off. The button for the fortieth floor was pushed and the elevator began to climb. Becky dropped to her knees and began to unzip Tony’s pants.

“Sweetie … we will be home in about a minute. Please don’t do that here … Honey someone might get on.”

While Tony appreciated her advances and wanted to capitulate, he didn’t want to have sex in the hall. Helping Becky to her feet, he tried to think of anytime in their three day past, that she had a lot to drink. She had two glasses of champagne at brunch on Sunday. That was the only occasion. At the Rainbow Room, they put away three bottles of the ’57 Cabernet Sauvignon. He thought back and recalled he had only two, maybe three glasses. She drank all the rest? She had at least two bottles?

In the future he wouldn’t be so liberal when it came to her drinking. He was pleased that she wasn’t heavy, as he almost had to carry her to the door. It was just two o’clock Monday afternoon, and she was juiced. He got her as far as the bedroom and up onto the bed. Tony removed her shoes, her skirt, stockings, jacket and blouse. She only had on a very sexy bra and a pair of hip hugger white lace panties.

She looked delectable, but there was no way that he was going to make advances toward a girl … although she was his girl, when she was passed out. It would almost be like committing necrophilia, and no matter how horny he was, he would never resort to fucking a dead body. He was concerned about her condition and held his ear to her breast.

“K-thunk …k-thunk … k-thunk />
At least she was still alive. Tony covered her with a blanket and made sure she was comfortable. He then changed into a jogging outfit and went out to the front room. Tony had brought a manila envelope home from the office. He settled down to go through the photos of Italy and the Amalfi Coast. The ad they were going to shoot was two full pages in GQ, before the title and credits.

It was scheduled to run for thee months, exclusively in “GQ” then it would be placed in other men’s magazines like with minor changes and run for at least three more months. This was going to be a multi-million dollar ad and he wanted it just right.

Jeanne, Tony’s secretary left a note that they could charter an airplane from “Global Express”, for less money than it would cost for everyone to go first class. The airplane has a crew of two, with one flight attendant. It cruises at just under 560 mph, and has a cruising range of 6100 miles. The airplane can be flown into Naples International Airport. If they flew Lufthansa, they would have to go to Germany first, change to a smaller plane, and then go on to Naples. The Amalfi Coast is just seventy-five kilometers south of Naples.

She had already booked the airplane. Tony checked the photos of the surrounding area of the Coast. He made some notes and scribbled some pencil sketches in his pad. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a figure walking … almost staggering out of the bedroom. Except for her lace panties, she was naked. It was as though one of the most beautiful girls from the Internet had stepped out of his monitor and onto his thick-carpeted floor. She was sexy, without a doubt, but not nasty as some of the models were.

He looked at her titties, which were no more than “B” cup. They were succulent and he wanted to spend an hour or so laying in bed, moving his mouth back and forth between the two glorious orbs.

“Hoonneey … I don’t feel well. Do you have any />
“Would you like me to get you some?”

“Please … I feel like I’ve been playing in traffic all afternoon. What />
“You attempted to drink the Rainbow Room dry, single />
“I don’t drink well Tony. When we graduated from college, I’m told I stripped down naked and ran through the halls of the dormitory for over a half hour. I was lucky they even let me />
“Yes, it seems I’ll have to keep an eye on you.”

“I’m sorry. Did I do anything />
“Well you tried to rape me in the taxi cab, and you were going to give me a blowjob coming up in the elevator, but that was about it.”

“When we got up here, did we have sex?”

“No … I thought it would be nice if you could enjoy it too.”

“Thank you. Do … you … want to do it now?”

“Baby you look as though you just went fifteen rounds with a professional boxer. I think I can wait. You will feel better a little later … maybe.”

When he returned with the aspirin and a bottle of water, she swallowed the two tablets then sat on the couch next to him. As he was going over the photos she asked what he was looking at. When he told her they were photos of Italy, where a crew was going to do a shoot, she asked if he would be gone long.

“A week maybe less. Why?”

“I’ll miss you />
“No you won’t. You are going along with us. This will be your first assignment. Are you any good with pastels? I thought a pastel or maybe a colored pencil rendering of the clothing with kind of a blurred background might be nice as a spot over on the right side. What do you think?”

“How about a series of three spots, one on top of another, bleeding right?”

“That sounds good, could you give me a rough example by tomorrow afternoon?”

She smiled as well as she could and nodded her head. It was a little cold in the room and her nipples were standing up like little guards protecting the castle doors. He removed his gray jogging jacket with royal blue stripes down the sleeves, and placed in on her shoulders. She slipped her arms into the jacket and felt the warmth he had generated while wearing it. Becky was beginning to feel better and her pussy was tingling, as she slid her delicate hand into the front of his pants.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“What could happen? My headache is gone. My stomach feels fine. I think I’m ready.”

“Would you like a little of the hair of the dog that bit you?”

“No I don’t want any wine or anything else. Your aroma makes me drunk enough.”

Her hand progressed down into his pants and she took his hardening penis into it. He was feeling wonderful when she began to slowly jack him off. Sliding to the thick shag carpet, she smiled and began to pull his jogging pants down around his ankles. She didn’t bother to remove his underpants. Becky just pulled them to the side and his cock flopped out like a large German Bratwurst.

She leaned down and with a sparkle in her eyes; kissed the head of his thick cock. When he moaned, she sucked the tip into her mouth. She had created a wild desire in herself for the taste of his cock and his cum. Sucking it was an exciting experience, but she was thrilled even more as she could detect his quiet desire, quickly changing to irrational desperation when she set out on a quest to make him cum into her beautiful mouth.

Every lick of her tongue and suck of her mouth sent him off into a pink haze. His eyes closed and his hands caressing her hair, grabbing it and pulling it periodically, making her feel as though she had complete control over him. Moving her mouth away from his penis, he laid down on the floor after pulling her panties down. On his back, the carpeting tickled as he pulled her on top of him, in the French soixante-neuf, or sixty-nine position. He opened the delicate wet lips of her pussy and slid his tongue up and down her tender slit.

A sharp breath was taken deep into her lungs as the electric touch of his tongue struck her clitoris. She almost came at that point, and then he began to suck hard on her clit. She could not ignore the feeling that captured her soul allowing her cum to squirt into his face. He felt her cum splatter and welcomed it like rain on a very warm day. The small amount that went in his mouth was swallowed; as she began to suck him harder and harder.

As Tony was no longer in control of his bodily fluids, and cared less of what was going on around him, he began to cum in Becky’s steadly sucking mouth. She had just cum, and was feeling the afterglow coursing through her legs and back, when Tony’s pulsating cock shot several spoons full of sperm onto her tongue.

As she continued to suck his now sofining penis, she swished the delicious solution all around her mouth. She was beginning to enjoy it so much, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to swallow it. As Tony was beginning to pull out of her mouth, she quickly gulped down his exceptional liquid, as not to loose any with the
removal of his cock.

Tony was aware that Becky was still horny and wanted more. As he had just cum he turned her around and held her in his arms. Her naked body next to him started to get him excited again. She held him tight and he put his arms around her. They lay there on the floor as it began to rain outside. The rain was coming down hard when Tony began to get hard again. He got behind Becky who had moved up on her knees. Holding her cheeks apart Tony slowly slid his cock into her pussy causing her to moan.

“Oh Tony please fuck me hard baby. I need your cock …please fuck me honey.”

Tony started moving his hips faster, his cock sliding deep into her vagina. Becky had two hands full of carpet and she was almost screaming. Her pussy tightened up and Tony was getting closer to cuming.

“Oh baby, oh baby, I’m going to cum soon.”

“Do it Tony … fill my pussy with you sweet cream. Make a baby with me. Fuck me… hard. Oh Tony … Oh God.”

Tony couldn’t control it and began to cum, when he felt Becky’s pussy tighten up and squirt her thick juice onto his cock. His legs became weak, and his back hurt, as his cum shot into her cervix. When Becky lay down on her stomach, her pussy was gripping Tony’s cock tight and pulled him with her. He lay on top of her for a few minutes and then began to move off.

“No Tony don’t move off of me. I need your strength, your weight to make everything perfect />
“I don’t want to hurt you />
not hurting me. You make me feel />
To be Continued …

story by: old guy

Tags: fiction blowjob consensual sex male/female cum swallowing romance oral sex sex story

Author: old guy

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