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At the beginning of the summer when I found out my husband was going to be deployed we decided to take a break and head out to Top Sail Island for a week at the beach. The weather was fairly cool and raining most of the week so we found things to do inside or braved the weather.

We were leaving on Saturday and it finally got really nice on Friday. Our house was right on the beach so I took my 2 and 4 yr old boys down to the beach and my husband and stepson went to play golf.

I was laying there awhile watching the kids play in the tidal pools and having a glass (or two) of wine. I felt like the sun was really coming out and I was stuck wearing a one piece I really disliked because the trip came up so fast and I didn't have time to get a new suit.

The beach was absolutely empty so I decided to risk it and take the suit off. I then turned onto my stomach and felt the warm sun all over my body. I continued to sip my wine, watch the kids and enjoy the feeling of being naked.

Well all good things must come to an end when all of a sudden a pickup truck drove right out on the beach and three guys got out. At first I thought it was some beach patrol but then I realized they were all drinking beer and laughing at me. They were saying things like, hey baby, this isn't a nude beach. I struggled to cover up but i hardly was prepared for this strike lol. The Marines had landed and were closing in. I quickly remembered how close Top Sail was to Camp Lejeune.

The Marines made there way over continuing to laugh at me and saying I was a sight for sore eyes since they had all just returned from Iraq. I tried to lighten the situation by saying that I use to be a Navy Corpsman and usually the tables were turned. This did nothing but put them into over drive. One of them offered and started to get naked saying I shouldn't be the only one breaking the law. I was flattered but said I should just put my suit back on. They would hear nothing of it and said if I was a true patriot I'd stay in my current state. With that they offered me a beer, which I took.

My kids seemed not to notice the lustful attack so I decided to stay and enjoy the attention. In truth they were very nice guys. It was obvious though that even though they were off duty one of them was still in charge. He also happened to be the guy that got naked and sat next to me. What a great body he had. So I sat there with them enjoy the beer and conversation and the constant razzing about me being a former Corpsman. They were interested to know where my husband was and when he'd be back.

The conversation eventually lead to why I was laying out naked and what sort of mom would do such a thing. I admitted I had an exhibitionist streak and had also played some in the past within my marriage. I should have been careful what I said because this really added fuel to their fire. They wanted to hear all about my exploits. I was a bit buzzed so I shared the story of my first experience They couldn't stop laugh at me to hear how a older over weight guy used me on his balcony as my husband was passed out inside the room. This is also when the degrading comments started. They could obviously sense I had a true slutty side and their beer drinking added to their thoughts I sure.

They enjoyed going on about, in their words, my "saggy mommy titties", "big ole suckable nips", "flabby stomach and thighs", "well fucked, whore shaved cunt", "huge meat flaps", they went on but those were the ones I remembered vividly. The naked guy who was now very visibly excited was saying how lucky I'd be as a aging mom to have three "studs" using her like she'd never had before. That a opportunity like this wasn't going to happen again. They could tell I was excited and kidded me that my nipples were hard enough to cut glass and I was probably wet as hell. They were right on both counts.

I was very tempted but worried about my kids still playing neat by oblivious to this onslaught. They said two of them would stay and watch as one would take me behind the truck for some fun. I was on fire and agreed to it especially when I saw the youngest guy of the group head over and start digging a giant hole in the sand for the kids to play in.

So with the slightest nod I agreed and was quickly pulled up to my feet and back around to other side of the truck. His name was Lance and OMG he looked good. He was just the right mix between muscles and toned runner. He had a cock that was at least 7"+ long and very think. I was immediately down on my knees sucking his big pole and licking his balls. He enjoyed calling my mommy slut or mommy whore. He'd asked me if mommy slut enjoy sucking his hard Marines cock. I let out a yes I love it when I could. He complimented me on how I stroked his shaft and sucked his balls and then took his cock as deep in my mouth as I could. God he had a nice cock. He would reach down pull hard on my nipples and tell me how big and hard they were.

Right when I thought he was going to explode in my mouth he had me stand up and lean back against the truck. He proceeded to suck hard on my nipples, biting them with his teeth and pulling them back, stretching them. He was also sticking his big fingers up in side of me and I was moaning like I can't remember. He then stopped took a step back to look at me and said, fuck you are one big slut aren't you? I was quivering and said yes as I stared at his huge pulsing cock. He ordered me to turn around and grab the side of the truck. With that he shoved every bit of his cock inside of me and I came instantly. Everything that had led up to that moment accelerated and I was in a orgasmic frenzy. My knees gave out and I even started whimpering after the explosion ripped through me. He held me up and continued to pump me. It felt incredible. I was able to regain the strength in my legs and stand as he plowed into me. The sound of his body slapping into my ass was so loud I'm sure he friends could hear it down the beach. I was moaning and grinding myself back into him. He was telling me how good my pussy felt and how great of a fuck I was. He said he was so close to cumming and said he wanted me to taste it. He pulled out, turned me around and I quickly knelled to catch a giant stream of cum in my mouth, face and chest. He was still groaning as I licked the last bits of cum from his bright red cock.

I then stood back up and he smiled and thanks me for being such a good slut. I was spent for the moment and started walking back to my towel. I sat there for a minute taking it all in and he came over to telling me my phone was ringing. I couldn't even hear it I was in such a trance. I answered it and it was my husband who said there was a thunder storm and they were heading home. I turned around to look back at the mainland and sure enough there were very dark clouds quickly approaching. I yelled to the kids we needed to go. The poor faces on the other two Marines was pitiful and I promised them a rain check LOL. I really did.

I've stayed in touch with two of the guys who are both back in Afghanistan. I've promised them a welcome home party and even have my husbands permission. We're looking at being back in Topsail next spring if anybody want to have a party.

As always I love your comments. It's my main reason for keeping up on this Blog. So keep them coming no matter how nasty or rude. I think you can see I like that. If you have any recommendations to make the Blog better or have a next adventure for me, let me know.


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