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Every single summer of August my family goes down to Cape Cod, Massachusetts for the remanding month of summer. Since my brother was in his junior year of college out in Arizona, he couldn't come with us, so my parents decided that my sister and I could bring one friend. My sister Sam brought her friend, Rebecca while I brought my friend Dave. Since my sister was only two years older than me, we got along pretty well. We both had the same intentions this summer, partying and having fun. And another good thing was that Dave and Rebecca weren't shy about that either.

On the last day of July we all packed in my Jeep grand cherokee and drove about six hours up to our house. The drive there wasn't too exciting, my parents were talking about politics or something, and Sam and Rebecca were fast asleep since it was early morning. Dave and I were texting each other about what we were going to do when we get there, because we didn't want my parents to hear and drive right back home.

"We have to go crazy while we're here, like non- stop." I texted him with my phone, which I was pretty sure was prehistoric.

"Dude, I know did you bring anything with you." he texted back with a smiley face.

"Not, really I brought like two grams a weed, and my sister brought vodka, but it's all good cause there's a liquor store, and she has her fake ID."

"Oh ok good, I'm so done with Amanda I just want to hook up with every girl I see", Dave replied.

Dave just broke up with his girlfriend since eight grade, Amanda. For the past four months they have had problems. Amanda hooked up with some guy at a party, Dave didn't like that too much. Since then they fought constantly, even about the littlest things. About, two weeks ago they had another heated fight and broke up. The remainder of the car ride I daydreamed out the window about the upcoming adventure. I thought this would be the time I would finally get laid. I'm not a nerd, I mean I had numerous girlfriends and got to third base with a couple girls, but I had never had sex.

The rest of the car ride went by pretty fast and sooner than later, we reached our house. It was a two story house, painted light blue with white shutters. The good thing was that our house was only a couple feet from the beach. We unpacked our car and settled in, since it was only about one o' clock. Sam, Rebecca, Dave and I all walked down to the beach while my mom and dad stayed at the house. My parents weren't irresponsible, but since we were almost adults they let us do whatever. I think they knew that we drank and partied but still I would want to keep that subject a thought.

We reached the beach in about five minutes and rolled out our towels on the beach. There were tons of people on the beach, including some cute girls that Dave and I would definitely talk to later. We all relaxed and let the sun beat down on us for a while.

"We're gunna go for a walk, we'll be back later." Sam said as her and Rebecca started to travel across the shallow water.

As they walked away me and Dave went into the water. I was very confident in the appearance, I did cross country in the fall and lacrosse in the spring, while going to the gym regularly. Dave played soccer and skied alot, so he was in pretty good shape too. After throwing a football back and forth for awhile we decided it was a good idea to go pick up girls.

We saw the two girls from a distance that were in the water and made our way towards them. As we came closer to them I realized how beautiful this one girl was. She was small, skinny, had shoulder length dark brown and green eyes. I was dumbfounded she was so stunning, I was only hope and praying her personality was as good as her looks.

"Ok I will take the one on the left with the dark brown hair." I whispered to Dave as know we were only a few feet away from them.

"Deal." He said back.

Dave threw the football in their direction and I approached the two girls. The ball landed near the girl that I was awing and I began to walk over. I reached the football but she picked it up and threw it back to Dave. Her throw was almost perfect it was right to him, and had a good spiral.

"Wow, I don't know any girl that can throw like that." I said with a grin on my face.

"Yeah well, my dad taught me when I was little and I got pretty good at it, i think." She replied with one of the most calming voices ever.

"Your probably better than me." I croaked, sounding a little nervous.

"Ha, I'm Mia by the way." She exclaimed as she shook my hand.

"Oh, I'm Brian."

Dave was making his way over to us as he was talking to Mia's friend, Cathy.
After a while to get to know each other, we all hanged out in the water. I started to get to know Mia pretty well and found out she is really cool. We had lots in common like music and sports. She swims for her high school and is her grade's vice president. As I got to know her, I was liking her even more, she was so nice and up beat that you just always want to be near her. We all got out of the water and headed for the beach. As we laid in the sand I slowly started to make a move, like moving my hand from her shoulder, to her wrist, then her hand. It didn't take very long for us to hold hands.

After a while in the sand it was getting dark so we left the beach and we started walking to my house. To tell the truth, I really didn't want to go home yet, yeah it was late but I didn't want to leave Mia. She was different than other girls, if this was any other girl all they would want to do is get drunk and hook up with me. Now, I'm not saying thats a bad thing but I liked that Mia wasn't easy to get with. I wasn't even going to offer if she wanted to drink because I respected her. We reached my house and Dave and I walked them up to the door.

"So, can I see you tomorrow?" I asked with a puppy face expression.

"That depends, if you want to." Mia said as she slid her number between my fingers.

I smirked and looked into her eyes, I then leaned in and kissed her passionately. Our lips connected and our tongues danced with intfusiasum. I let go and slowly opened my eyes, to a beautiful girl in front of me.

I said as I opened my door and saw her walk away.

Once Dave and I were both inside, there was no hiding it, I was really into this girl. As we changed from our bathing suits and into more comfortable clothes, as we were getting into our beds.

"So you really like this girl?" Dave asked me.

"Yeah, kinda how can you tell?"

"Come on, Brian after that huge smile on your face after she kissed you, its pretty obvious."

"I guess." I said while a chuckle at the end.

That night all I thought about was Mia. She was engraved in my mind like someone programed her there. I feel asleep with a smile on my face thinking about the girl who has stolen my heart.

The next morning I woke up to the sound of Sam yelling in my ear to wake up. Normally if she did that on any other day I would have pushed her out of my room and close the door with force. As I was still half asleep I heard her say:

"Brian, c'mon wake up mom and dad went to breakfast at some restaurant we can go to the liquor store."

Once I heard her say that I had more enthusiasm to get the day started. I put on knew close, tried to make my hair look at least half decent, got my phone and wallet and walked out the door. Dave, Sam, and Rebecca were all waiting for me in the car. We drove to the liquor store without a worry on our minds, Sam has gotten passed with her fake ID plenty of times so it was kinda second nature to her now.

As we walked through the front door we started getting the usually stuff. We didn't have too much money so we had to settle for Keystone and Natty Ice, but we did manage to get Bud Light Lime as well. As we were paying and walking out my phone vibrated in my pocket.

"Hey it's Mia from the beach last night." I read the message and my day just got a little better.

"Oh, hey whats up?" I responded not trying to sound like I wanted to make out with her, even though I did.

"Nothing much, but I wanted to know if you wanted to hang later tonight."

"Yeah, sure Dave and I got beer so if you wanna meet up at the beach around like four and then you guys cab come over. k?"

"Yeah, that sounds great see you later."

I was actually shocked that I didn't have to follow those stupid dating rules, like wait three days until you see them again or like the guy should always call or text first. I was impressed that Mia didn't care that she texted me, only about a couple hours after we meet. Like I said she was different.

The rest of the day I was hoping that four would come soon. Finally, Dave and I walked over to the beach and we saw Mia and Cathy sun bathing on two sandy towels.

"Hiya." Dave said as we approached the two girls.

"Hey your a little late, its almost five." Cathy said as she leaned in to hug Dave.

"Haha, yeah sorry we didn't know what time it was." I said.

As I reached Mia, we both smiled and then I leaned in to kiss her. It wasn't anything passionate, just a little peck on her smooth lips. We laid on the beach together, as I had my arm around her. It was getting dark so we got up, brushed the sand off, and started to walk to my house. Dave and Cathy were a couple feet ahead of us, while Mia and I trailed behind.

"So if I get too drunk you wont take advantage of me right?" She said sarcastically.

"No, I only that when I'm also drunk and the girl isn't as cute as you." I said with a chuckle.

"Aww, thats so sweet." She whispered as we locked lips again.

As we reached my house I opened to door and let them in. Sarah and Rebecca already broke out the Bud Light and started before us. I introduced Mia and Cathy to Sam and Rebecca, and they started to talk. Meanwhile, Dave and I went upstairs to spray cologne and make ourselves look good. I ate some breath mints and Dave did a few extra pushups to make himself look bigger.

We went downstairs and all the girls were outside starting a fire pit. From the looks of it Sam and Rebecca were all ready out of it. Both of them were pretty skinny and it didn't take much for them to get drunk.

As the night went on, we all sat around the fire pit talking and drinking like any teenage kids would do. I started to make my move on Mia again and she responded with a graceful kiss. We locked lips while our tongues move and matched each others rhythm. I started to move my hand slowly down her back and I hugged her butt with my hand. Mia started to moan inside my mouth, which made me hard as a rock.

She broke the kiss once she noticed my huge boner in my shorts. Without even saying anything she took my hand and led me inside. As we reached my bedroom we both feel on top of my bed, and continued to kiss. Her hand slowly moved down my body until her hand reached my raging hard on. She proceeded to take my pants of and start stroking me, while I grabbed her tit and slowly moved my finger over her nipple.

She then began to move her head down to my dick and start to suck my member. He mouth was warm and wet, I was in heaven. She began to pump her mouth up and down my dick as I moaned. It didn't take long for me to feel the effects her blow job building in my balls. I continued to moan and feel shock waves through my body.

"Ugh, Mia…… I'm……. I'm gunna cum." I was barely able to say.

She still continued to suck me and I was reaching my climax. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. My dick had enough I shot rope after rope of cum into her mouth. It felt like non stop whenever I though I was finished more hot jizz came out of me and into her mouth. After what seemed like forever, I stopped and fell back first on my bed. She swallowed my whole load and washed it down with a beer. She then feel on top of me with a smile on her face.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked with a giggle.

"Oh yeah and trust me I will pay you back." I whispered back to her.

We both just laid there, holding each other tight. As I was laying there I said to myself.

"This girl is something special."

If you guys like the story, I will make another part and maybe a whole series. Please since this is my first story I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism.

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