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FRIDAY: Kids. …
Walking toward the house; reflecting. …, I think back to the phone call I received two hours ago from Jimmy. Jimmy is my nephew. It seems Jimmy is at a party which has gone wild. Jimmy told me that there were a couple of girls there, one of whom had been at Jessica’ wedding; who were hiding. He mentioned three black dudes who were terrorizing the party and he was; ‘afraid for his ass’; as he worded it.
I gave Willie a call as Sally is still in China. I told Willie I’d pick him up with the I have a pad fenced off at one end of my office building. We have a new helicopter pilot; ex- Canadian military, best pilot we’ve ever employed. It would take me one half hour to reach my office.
Willie is 20 clicks in the wrong direction so he’s driving to meet me at a ranch Gino owns nearer the city. Willie’ niece Dawn is at this party; which is why I called Willie. I surely hope Dawn is ok or people will be hurt. Jimmy had said that a woman was hurt and bleeding.
I sent my Limo ahead to the party location about 195 clicks north of the city at some ones farm. I expect to arrive within an hour from take off just ahead of the Limo. I know Willie called Gino so there will be a second limo; black.
Benny, the helicopter pilot, and I pick up Willie and Karl at Gino’ ranch; fifty minutes later we arrive at the farm where the party is taking place. According to Jimmy there is room for a chopper north of the garage. My helicopter has the latest in RADAR / LIDAR technology so I am confident we will not hit any wires. Benny sets the chopper down. Willie, Karl and I disembark. Benny stays with the helicopter.
Willie, Karl and I approach the house where all the action is taking place. I notice some yelling and commotion going on near the front step. Several teenage men are trying to help a rather attractive woman down the steps. As we near; Angie, from the fast food outlet and Jessica’s wedding; runs toward me: “Please sir, will you help us, they hurt my mom.”
Looking at Angie’s mom I see she has her feet spread wide and is having difficulty standing. I go to her: an acquaintance of your daughters, she says you are hurt.”
Angie’s mom looks at me: “Yes, they forced a toy inside me, and I cannot walk or sit.”… I need medical /> “I’m Bob Smithe. I have a helicopter over by the garage which is equipped for /> “Hi Bob, I’m Debra, Angie’s mother. I don’t think I can walk that far Bob.”
Before I can answer the young men who had been helping her picked her up, one on each side of this lovely woman, and carried her, legs spread open, dress draped between those legs; to the chopper. I follow close behind. Willie and Karl went inside the house to find Dawn.
It took ten minutes to place Angie’s mom onto the gurney and into the helicopter properly. Amongst other things, Benny is a trained field Medic, Combat Medic. I gave Benny instructions and handed Angie the necessary documents. Angie’s sister Crystal went with them in the chopper. I watch the chopper leave.
Who the hell would do such a thing I ask myself, sticking a toy transformer inside a woman. I am going to check up on Debra when I get back to the city.
Turning I see the young men who had helped out entering the house. I start towards the house only to see the same young men retreat backwards onto the porch. They move aside as Willie walks out the door. Dawn is in Willie’s arms. A black dude follows Willie out the door; I recognize him from the hotel. Willie descends the stairs; the black fellow never gets that far. Three of the young men, all white, jump him and start pounding on him. There is some yelling but soon the black dude is quiet; and bloody.
Standing at the top of the stairs holding the other two black guys is Karl. Karl has a hold of them by a foot, one from each of them. Once the scrap is over Karl descends the stairs dragging the two fellows behind him. I watch with much amusement as their respective heads bounce off each tread. Damn fine human being that Karl. Heads turn as people hear see me coming.
A crowd has gathered on the porch now. The five young men who helped Angie’ mom have been joined by three of their friends. One of the young guys, white, bolts from the pack and boots the fallen black dude in the head. One of his friends walks over to him and grabs his arm; whispering into his ear, he stops and looks toward me.
They both grab an ankle and drag this battered fellow over to a car where Karl has stopped with the other two. I wonder whose car Karl has; shrugging I move along.
These two young men strut their stuff and are budding up to Karl. Karl speaks softly to the two young men. They turn and walk quickly away from Karl toward the house. On their way to the house the two young men past bye me; both sets of eyes locked onto my eyes and quickly looked away.
Once at the porch the two young men talk briefly with their friends. The porch clears with only mild protestations. The door closes after the last youth leaves the porch. …, all is quiet.
I look about; noticing Karl placing the black dudes into the car, two in the back, and one in the passenger front seat. I walked toward the limo with Willie in it; I spoke with the driver; went to the rear window, Willie rolled down the window.
“How is Dawn?”… I ask.
“Pretty drunk Bob … thanks for letting us use the limo.”
“No problem, catch up to you later.”
I notice Karl drive bye on his way out of the yard. Randy, my driver, follows suite, he nods as he drives bye, Willie and Dawn in the back. A Black Limo sits near the gate; I have company for the night. …, ‘hai avuto modo di amare la cosa nostra,” . . ., I never even saw the black limo arrive.
Opening the door to the house, stepping inside, I see the kids standing around.
“Kind of a quiet party isn't it.”… I say out load.
“We want to go Mister.” … a pretty teenage girl responds.
I looked at one of the young men who helped out Angie’ mom: “Did you talk to your /> “Yes sir.”
“One car at a time, you can leave now.”
“Yes sir.”
“Drive safely, and no drunk drivers, understand.
A chorus of “ Yes sirs.”
I stand back and watch nearly sixty teenagers leave the house in an orderly fashion. Not one kid gets sassy. I smile, fear is a great motivator.
I still have not seen my nephew Jimmy; however, I heard the sounds of partying. I move toward the noise. Making my way through this house. It is a large two story home, ‘L’ shaped, with a one story annex forming a ‘U’. I come to a patio door. Stepping through the patio doors I see a swimming pool. The pool is devoid of swimmers. I walk the circumference of the pool; which is ‘L’ shaped with a 3 metre diving board at the small end of the ‘L’. The pool is inside the ‘U’ of this large rural house.
Nice pool, taking one more tour of the pool area I turn to the house. I see a second patio door and head in that direction. My cell vibrates so I look to see a message, my companions want to know if all is well. I text,’ I’m ok.’
Nearing the patio door I hear the unmistakable sounds of love making. I veer to the nearest window and there before my wondering eyes I see my little friend Sonia fucking her brains out. I watch for several minutes. Sonia sure likes to fuck.
I think back to Sonia and my sexual encounter with her in my motor vehicle. Sonia was having self esteem issues that night, not any more I notice. Perhaps I should change careers and become a sex therapist; I think jokingly to myself.
I smile at my handy work in motion. The young man with her is getting well ridden. Sonia sees me and winks. She bends forward speaking to her young man. I watch as she places her shirt over his face, covering his eyes. She moves his hands over his head, Sonia whispers into his ear, he nods.
Sonia looks at me and blows a kiss. I wonder what the hell she is up to. She arches her back and works herself to a sexual apex, displaying her lovely tits to me while fucking her young man.
Although not a voyeur, I am interested in Sonia’ game, so I watch her. She opens her mouth, licks her lips, giving one hell of performance with her mouth. Sonia takes her young man’s hands and places them on her tits. She works herself into a frenzied orgasm. Her young brown tits bounce beautifully. Leaning forward, Sonia kisses her man through the shirt covering his face. Holding the shirt tight to his face she looks at me, blows me a kiss and mouths thank you. ‘Your welcome,’ I mouth back to her.
I leave the window following the sounds of partying. I smile inwardly, Kids!
I enter the house through the second patio door. Most of the lights in this part of the house are off, except night-lights. Heading toward the noise I see a light shining through a door way lighting my way. Stepping through the door I see a snoring, sleeping man on a sofa. This room appears to be a den of sorts; not the source of the noise.
Looking ahead I see another room that appears from here to be a kitchen; that is where the partying is going on. I am still in the dark, although not total darkness
I hear a shrill, hoarse voice that reminds me of a woman I once new and worked with many years ago… Stepping through the doorway into the kitchen my eyes feast upon the goings on at the kitchen table. One fellow looks at me and nods. I make a drinking motion with my hand indicating my desire to have a beer; he motions me toward the refrigerator. ….I help myself to a bottle of Coors Light.
I hear some giggling and look to see Jimmy taking pictures up a young woman’s dress; she is bending, twisting and feigning innocence whilst participating by standing with her legs open as Jimmy flashes away. A good night for the nephew. Kids!
Looking back at the table I note the goings-on on a surface normally reserved for eating. Pulling up a chair near the fellow who directed me to the refrigerator, I sit and introduce myself. His name is Wiley. He proudly points to a ‘T” shirt with Wiley Coyote on it. Our discourse is short and simple as he quickly returns to viewing the debauchery some twenty feet away. I sit drinking my beer.
Lying on the table was a matronly woman, the hostess [ a.k.a. – home owner ], passed out drunk apparently. To her immediate right was a balding man in the same condition. His head resting on his fore arm with his other hand on her tummy, just above her navel. Her husband I’m told. On her left side was a man in his late seventy’s or early eighties. Her blouse was open, her tit out of her bra. This old man was sucking on her tit much to the amusement of the others gathered about the kitchen table.
My new acquaintance, Rudy; a.k.a. – Wiley Coyote; nudges me bringing my attention to the far end of the table. Fortunately we are looking past her head toward her feet so I did not suffer ocular trauma. There, at the end of the table, stood the woman with that horrid voice. Screaming her instructions, no; her demands.
I saw the prone woman’s skirt rise above her knees exposing burgeoning thighs. As I watched it became obvious that Teri, a name I applied to the witch in charge of this debauchery; because that is the name of the woman she reminded me of; was trying to get the hostesses underwear off with considerable help from those near bye. Eventually a very large pair of white panties flew into the air landing I know not where. More cursing and yelling form the little witch and the hostess’s legs move upward and open, in the position a Gynaecologist would use.
Teri, goes to the refrigerator and lubricates her right hand with margarine. Moving back the to kitchen table she mounts the table and proceeds to try fisting the hostess.
I look to Rudy, whispering; “ Are these people going to let her fist that woman.”
“This has been in the works for a long time Bob.”… “Teri has had a thing for Donalda for years, we all know this. It has been a standing joke.” … “Teri talks big about taking Donalda from her husband claiming she came give that ‘ big cunt’ an Earth shaking orgasm. Thus steeling Donalda from her husband, Craig. That bald guy, passed out over there.
I smile, hiding my surprise at learning that Teri is actually Teri from my past. That evil little bitch.
Rudy turns back to the event of the year. Donalda’ violation goes on amidst her friends and neighbours. Teri is giving her what for while there are signs of response from Donalda. My disgust at seeing Teri is replaced by my curiosity. Sitting beside Rudy, I watch Donalda begin the motions of fucking. Her ponderous body moves gently at first.
I hear comments about Teri’s small hands, about her arm being in up to the elbow, etc.. These things register but I am engrossed in Donalda’ coming orgasm. The table groans under her weight as she thrashes about. The gallery quietens as have I; watching a woman approach orgasm.
Donalda’ eyes open but she seems not to care about her public. With her breath coming in gasps, with slight moans and gentle whimpers; this big woman orgasms in front of a crowd of well wishers. She caresses the head of the old man sucking on her tit.
Teri, in her usual classy ways, … “I made you cum you big cunt, your mine you fucking bitch.” …
The scene settles after Donalda finishes, returning to sleep on her kitchen table. I thank Rudy for the beer and informative conversation. We shake hands and off I go toward my waiting limo. Passing by the end of the kitchen table were Teri did her nasty deed I couldn’t resist slapping her ass which was still exposed a she knelt on the table. She yelped, I was pleased.
I see my nephew but don’t bother to say good night. He is chatting up the girl who let him take pictures of her, up skirt. They seem to be getting along well so why disturb. Jimmy has trouble getting a girl friend.
I get into the limo. The driver and body guard sit in front. I sit in the back, feet up, shoes off, and relaxing sipping on a beer. Gino’ vehicles are top shelf. It will be a two hour drive home.
Looking at my watch and see I’ll be home about 4:00am Saturday. Consider-ing the week I’ve had I should be grateful that no woman is here wanting sex. But, then again, considering my mind it isn’t long before my mind turns to women. For some reason I start thinking about the first time I met Sally. …

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