My affair part 3

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Part 3

The sex on those two days was wonderful and it carried over with my husband at home and I was so happy. The only time we missed Thursdays was if he was away on a trip or I had my period. That didn’t bother him but it did me so he decided that we still had those Thursdays but not in a motel. We would go to a public park and I would satisfy him with a blow job. There was a lot of excitement in that for both of us with people walking on the trail near the parking lot where his car was parked.

He introduced so many things on Thursdays. There was always a collar now, to show my submission to him. Every time we entered the room he got the bed ready, undressed me and put on my collar. Blindfolds, wrist and ankle cuffs, anal plugs, nipple and clit clamps, it always was interesting, fun and satisfying. He never used a vibrator on me as he loves using his tongue or cock to get me off. I liked that as I had a vibrator at home and used it there. I was so comfortable with whatever he wanted to do to me. After we were satisfied, I would lie there with my legs open, while he played with my breasts with his hands and mouth and finger fucked my pussy. I have to remember it is a cunt and my breasts were tits.

He asked me one time if I ever wanted my nipples pierced. I told him my husband and I talked about it but never did anything about it. He said that when I was ready, he would take me to a place that would do it and it would be a surprise for my husband but of course he would own that surprise.

He wanted to know my fantasies that I used when having sex with my husband or when I was alone. I told him that I fantasized that I was fucked by 3 guys while blindfolded and never saw their faces or ever found out who they were. I would walk on campus not knowing if a guy that just said “hi” to me had fucked me during that time. Another one was to have my nipples, clit, and labia pierced during a swinger’s weekend at the beach. I loved the one where I had a collar on and a leash and was led to a stage in front of a room full of men with 5 other girls on the stage and was stripped naked, auctioned off to the highest bidder and that five guys were allowed to pool their money to buy me and use me for an afternoon anyway they wanted. I always brought the highest bid! I fantasized about having another guy with him at the motel on a Thursday and the two of them fucking me every way they could. And of course while my husband was fucking or eating me I fantasized it was him. He smiled and said they didn’t have to be fantasies. I stared at him wondering what he had in mind.

After one pussy pounding session, as we lay there enjoying each other’s bodies he asked me how old I was when I started masturbating. I know there was a surprised look on my face as I thought of an answer to give him and I came up with the truth. Thirteen I said. I discovered that spot one day in the bath tub and it was “wow, what is that”. I became the cleanest girl around then. He laughed. Of course, it continued in bed at nights. He asked me if I ever let anyone watch me masturbate and I said never as it is such a private thing for me. Then he said I was going to masturbate for him right then since no one including my husband ever saw that very private time. He said he wouldn’t do anything but watch me and I was to masturbate for him as if I were alone in my bed. I could close my eyes but when I started coming I had to open my eyes and look in his eyes. I stared at him as he took his hands off my body. He waited. I knew he was serious. He wanted to watch me for his pleasure and I wanted to please him. I closed my eyes and started touching my face lightly then my neck and tits, finally moving over my belly to my cunt. My fingers near my pussy teasing myself to get wetter and finally pushing them inside my cunt teasing myself by not touching my clit until I couldn’t stand it anymore and got them wet and touched and rubbed my clit until I felt an unbelievable orgasm starting. I opened my eyes and looked in his eyes as an fierce orgasm shook my body.

He looked very pleased that I did something so private and he was the only one ever to see that part of me. He told me to look at his cock. Wow, my masturbating for him really turned him on he was big and hard with pre cum oozing on the head of his cock. I got on my knees and kissed his cock and started to give him a blow job but he stopped me and said he couldn’t wait anymore because I turned him on so much all he wanted to do was fuck me hard and he did. He wanted me on my back so he could watch my tits bounce as he fucked me and I spread my legs and grabbed his cock and led him inside my cunt. After a few minutes of his cock pounding my cunt and my tits bouncing back and forth he came inside me and I could feel his throbbing cock fill me with his cum. When he got soft and slid out I sat up and cleaned his cock with my lips and tongue.

As we got dressed to leave the motel, he told me he would work on my fantasies and we would see each other Tuesday. All the way home I was thinking of what he was planning. But whatever that was I would like it because I was there to please him. I was HIS fuck toy.

story by: jessica4u2use34

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Author: jessica4u2use34

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