Time off

sex stories

The young intern sat by himself in one corner of the coffee shop. He had learned about medicine, but more importantly, he had learned something about life.

“You look like shit, Ben.”

He continued with the design he was making in the ashes of his latest cigarette. He always smoked more on an emergency room shift, since there was never time to sleep or eat. “Good morning to you too, Alicia. When do you start today?”

“In half an hour. Can't face it without my coffee.”

“Old Doc Pendleton says that shit will take five years off your life, girl.”

“I know. Too bad he doesn't drink it.”

Ben didn't smile at her joke. />
She took the proffered pack and beat-up Zippo. “Thought you'd never ask. I quit, you know.”

They smoked in silence for a while, sipping their coffee. Alicia finished her cigarette. “Why the hell are you in here now? Shouldn't you be home in bed?”

“Yeah. Not sure that's happening today.”


He looked into her oddly gray eyes for the first time that morning. “Damn rough night. I'm almost too tired to walk home, and when I do I'll just stare at the ceiling and think.”

“Talk to me, Ben.”

He opened a fresh pack of smokes and stuffed the trash from it in his empty coffee cup. He lit another cigarette and offered her one. “You know how I get with kids.”

“Oh, no. What was it this time?”

“High school football player tried heroin. Way too much.”

“Damn, Ben, that sucks, but he made a bad choice. He's different from that little girl we lost last month, the one from the meth lab fire. She didn't choose that.”

Ben snorted. “You unleashed your full Mediterranean rage on her father when he came in. The only thing to do for you that night was to get you happy drunk.”

“I was way beyond happy drunk, Ben. You put a bucket next to my bed.”

“I also held your hair and cleaned your toilet. Twice.”

She huffed, “It was the least you could do since I scrubbed your bathroom a few times when you drank too much. Probably will again, but drunken stupidity isn't what you need now. You need a serious mental health break, my good man. When's your next time off?”

He grinned for the first time that day. “God must pity me. I'm off Friday at midnight. Then I plan to sleep till I can't anymore. Should work on a paper sometime, but I don't have to see that damn hospital till six Monday />
“Call me when you wake up Saturday. I'm off till midnight Sunday. If the weather's nice, we can have a picnic.”

“For that I'll set my alarm. I'll pick you up at two Saturday />
She kissed his cheek and left him with his thoughts.

Precisely at two o'clock Saturday Ben rang Alicia's doorbell.

She knew he'd be prompt, so she had everything ready. “Jeans and your fraternity she said. “Very nice. I haven't seen you in anything but scrubs in weeks.”

He laughed. “I save this shirt for special occasions. You should feel />
“Trust me, I do. Everything is in my car, so I'll drive. Remember that guy I dated first year of med school? He was almost as tall as you. His name was Al.”

“Oh, him,” Ben said, “Asshole Al.”

“Yes, I know, you were right about him. Anyway, he showed me this great place. Let's go.”

They drove into the wooded hills outside the city. She turned onto a deteriorating old road that disappeared into the trees.

“What is this place?” he asked.

“Old park or something. Never saw anyone here. It's a long drive from town, but sometimes it's a good place to be. If I've been moody, and my phone goes to voice-mail on a nice day,… well,… now you know where I am.”

“Aha! So you do keep secrets from me,” Ben teased.

“My job makes me pretend I'm not, but the fact is I'm female. I'm biologically programmed to have />
“Men have them too. They're the things that tell us we're not as strong as we wish we were.”

She parked in the shade of old, tall trees. she whispered. “Hear that?”

“Um … hear what?”

“Exactly. The loudest things are the birds. That's why I come here. Be a nice guy, and grab the cooler.”

She spread a blanket in the clearing near the car and unpacked their treats.

“Why did you bring a six-pack of beer?” he asked.

“What else do you drink with ham sandwiches, deviled eggs, and potato chips?”

“Alicia, you know me too well.”

“Of course. You're pretty predictable. I knew you'd do your old-school gentleman act today. Look at you. Casual clothes, yes, but your jeans are freshly pressed. You shaved for the first time in a week. Hello? It's me. I remember when you were excited about shaving all three hairs on your chin.”

“I had to tell someone. You knew my parents. They would have been awkward about it if they even bothered to listen. You and I could always talk.”

why I brought you here today, Ben. You need to tell me what's going on, but you need beer and food first.”

They settled into their meal, not speaking, watching the birds play in the afternoon light.

When the food was gone Alicia said, “I had my one beer. I have to drive us home at some point. Are you ready to bare your soul?”

He opened a fresh can. “You didn't bring enough beer to get me sloppy drunk so I would tell embarrassing />
“I probably remember some of them better than you do, but if I thought that was what you needed I would have taken you bar-hopping. What you obviously need at the moment is a friend.”

He stared at the city below them. “Did you ever question what the fuck you were doing? Did you ever feel lost?”

She patted his hand. “Silly question. You talked me through several />
“Guess I did. You helped me through a few, too.”

“I always will, Ben. Hell, we've gotten good at it. I think the first time was when your dog died. You were so upset, and I was there for you. You're always there for me.”

“Yeah, we do that.”

my rock, Ben. You're always my big strong hero when I need you to be. You got me through losing Mom.”

“I felt so bad for you. You never cried in front of my parents. You refused to cry at your mother's wake until my folks left.”

“Everyone loved your mom and dad, but no, one simply didn't cry in front of them.”

he agreed. “Even at their funeral, I was afraid to cry. There was whispering about how I didn't act emotional enough, but I knew you understood. You remember how I broke down later.”

“You kept me sane when my mom died, so I needed to help you deal with all that with your folks.”

He nodded. “We've been through a lot, haven't we?”

“We have a bond, Ben. We take care of each other, watch out for each other. You evaluated every guy I dated, like you were my big brother or />
He opened another beer. “Fat lot of good it did. You went out with them anyway.”

“Okay. I admit it. You're a better judge of men than I am. Just like I can spot a bitch a block away.”

“Why do you hate every girl I look at?”

“None of them are good enough for you.”

“Like I'm something special, huh?”

“You are, Ben. I don't want you ending up with some loser girl. That's the kind you keep />
He gave a soft chuckle. “You make that clear.”

“I'm right, too.”

right about things never working out.”

“Is that what's wrong now?” she asked.

part of what I was thinking about in the coffee shop when you found me.”

“Failed />
“Everything else too,” he said. “Life in general and how I fit in. Maybe I'm not doing things right. Trying to figure some shit out.”

“Care to share? Your thoughts, since I want to know, and this blanket, since it's chilly.”

They cleaned up the remains of their picnic and moved the blanket into the remaining patch of sun.

He sat close to her and helped her pull the blanket over herself. “Let me try to explain, Alicia. I'm twenty-six years old working my ass off pursuing a dream. Gonna be a sports doctor when I grow up, or so they tell me, but it's still years away. I'll charge patients outrageous fees so I can pay off my student loans and buy malpractice insurance. Maybe some people will get better, or at least maybe they won't have as much pain when they do something stupid. Maybe their healthcare plans will let me have a big mortgage and a fast Mercedes. Maybe I'll play golf, retire to Florida, get tan, and die happy. Maybe I'll feel like it mattered. But I don't think so.”

She put her arm around him. “Maybe what matters is now.”

“Exactly what I decided. Right now I'm doing exciting medicine. I don't wear a tie or a good shirt. I scrub blood off my shoes when I leave work. I deliver babies and re-start the hearts of nice old men and save lives and limbs all the time. I stink of honest sweat at the end of my shift. I do real work. That />
“You know the old ambulance driver? The guy with the gray hair and />
Ben snickered. “Old Rich? The one who stares at your tits?”

“He's harmless. He told me a great story.”

“That guy is full of />
she said. “Some are funny, but this one was serious. There was a flood when he was about twenty years old. He couldn't get home, and his replacement couldn't get to work, so Rich stayed at the hospital overnight. They got an ambulance call for a woman in labor. She was trapped in her house. He and the nurse had to ride in a rescue boat to her second floor window. It was ankle deep in there. The woman was crowning, but the rescue guys said everyone had to get out, so they put her in the boat. She delivered a baby girl before they made land. The parents gave her the nurse's first name and used Rich's middle name as the baby's middle name. He danced with her and her mom, two people whose lives he helped save, at the girl's wedding. He said that mattered to him more than />
Ben was skeptical. “Do you believe him?”

She pulled away to scowl at him. “Yes, and you would too if you stopped your damn moody prick routine. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

He studied her pretty face in the last rays of sun. always the one who calls me out.”

“You do it to me, so I return the favor.”

He pulled her back against him and wrapped the blanket tight. “I need to change />
“You always talked about sports />
“In the coffee shop that seemed pretty stupid. What good would that training have done for the jock with the overdose? I heard all about him. Popular kid, good grades, fast runner, hard but clean hitter. He got reckless and made a bad mistake. When he got to the hospital it was too late to do much, but at least I tried. I wouldn't have had that opportunity as a sports doc.”

“Ben, we lose patients all the time. Some things are not survivable. We hate it and do everything we can to stop it, but people die. It happens. You know that.”

not it. I'm not upset with myself. He was too far gone. The chances of bringing him back were zilch. I had to tell his mom and girlfriend we lost him, but I could do it because I gave the kid my best. I know death is inevitable, but in the emergency room I get to fight it head on, hand to hand. Alicia, I want to keep doing that. I like the adrenalin high, and the gut reward of being directly responsible for saving a life is something I wouldn't get in other types of medicine. I want to be a trauma specialist. Maybe that />
“You looked pretty down the other morning, Ben. I thought maybe you were tired of emergency />
“Not at all. I was beat, but I was down because I was questioning my career path.”

“Will changing specialties make you happy?”

“Gonna find out. Sports medicine was my father's dream. He and Coach Bradley in college both convinced me it should be my dream. I don't want to do that anymore. What I'm doing now is … important. I feel alive when I help a patient cheat death.”

They sat quietly to watch the moon rise.

Finally he sighed. “Thanks. I needed this.”

She burrowed against him, pulling his arm around her shoulders and rearranging the blanket. “I knew you did. And I completely support your decision. I've seen you in trauma crisis situations. You get this intense focus to you, and you do magic. Emergency medicine may be where you belong.”

“The more I think about it, the more sure I am. I found out I need to make up two classes. I can challenge one by exam and do a paper for another one if I can get a senior resident to sign off on it, so the change won't put me behind />
“If it will make you happy, go for it. I'm behind you all the way.”

He pulled her tight against him, taking comfort from their long friendship.

After a while she asked, “Who made the rule?”

“What rule?”

“The rule about us. The arrangement we have. We're so wonderfully intimate but we don't even kiss.”

“I think it was your mom's idea.”

She laughed quietly, a warm vibration against his side. “Probably both our />
“The silly thing is that it's worked.”

They were close enough she could whisper. “It's weird. We've held hands on roller coasters and in scary movies. You grabbed my butt to throw me in the pool at that party a couple months ago. Hell, we've seen each other naked and slept />
He chuckled. “Naked was not knowing the other one was changing clothes or skinny dipping with the gang in college. Sleeping together happens when you rent chick flicks and we watch them on your couch. You get cold and want to snuggle at the emotional parts, and we spoon under a quilt till />
“Which is when I feel something against my ass.”

“We talked about that.”

She giggled. “Oh, I know. It just happens. Same as when we dance.”

“Fine. Busted.”

After a while she said, “I didn't hate all your girlfriends. Whatever happened with that nurse? Our second year of med school – long blond hair, beautiful girl. She was really nice.”

“Remember my piece of shit car?”

“Your first piece of shit or the one you drive now?”

“The first one, the one I bought to go to />
“Never knew if we'd make it to where we were going in that car, but you were so proud when you fixed something. I learned a lot about tools hanging out with you.”

“The nurse's name was Becca. She's the subject of my worst-ever date story and the reason I finally got rid of the car.”

“She stopped talking to you, but you didn't say why.”

“I planned a classic first date. Washed the car, cleaned the inside. Bought flowers. Dinner, movie, late night dessert, hope I get laid next time type of thing. We were driving to the restaurant when smoke started coming out of the engine compartment. When I stopped there were flames. Smothered it with dirt from the side of the road. The fuel line />
“Big surprise with that car,” she giggled.

“It never caught fire with you in it.”

about the only thing it didn't do.”

He made a fake pouting face. “Hey, keeping that car running was my personal challenge. I bought fuel line and clamps earlier since I knew things were bad, but I hadn't done the job yet. Everything was still in the trunk, so I made emergency repairs to get us going. Got cleaned up and helped her into the car again like a gentleman. It was dark by that time, and the dome light was burned out, so we didn't see the screwdriver on the seat. It impaled her left />
Alicia cried in sympathy.

dare pull the thing out, so I cut her skirt and panties with a pocket knife to inspect the wound. I used tape to hold the screwdriver in place. She lay on her belly on the back seat, screaming obscenities at me while I drove to the />
“No wonder she stopped talking to you.”

“I wanted to get her panties off in the back seat, but not like that.”

“You wanted to get every girl's panties off in the back seat of that thing.”

“Why do you think I bought a big sedan as my first car? You told me you lost your cherry in the tiny back seat of Nick Mason's />
“You never forgave me for that.”

“I never forgave you for losing it to Nick Mason. You deserved much better for your first time.”

“Like you?”

“Anyone but him. And just in case you wondered, a girl who can do it in the back seat of a Mustang is hot.”

“A theoretical girl or me?”

He pondered for a moment. “Honestly, both.”

“That was our first week of college. When I told you, I saw the way you looked at me. Afterward, I couldn't help thinking of you as a man and wondering 'what if />
“The 'what if?' part is important, Alicia. That's what our parents meant.”

“Our parents said lots of important things. Listening to them made me the woman I am today. That matters. Now matters. Tomorrow will have to take care of itself.” She kissed his mouth. As first kisses go, it was passionate. “To hell with the rule.”

“Alicia, this could change />
“When was the last time you had a good fuck?”

“I don't />
“Me either. That's a problem. So let's do what we should have done years ago. I don't want to wait to drive back to town. My car's bigger than a Mustang, so the back seat should be okay. We'll leave the light on. I want you to see me naked again. I want to see what happens to you when you think about what we're going to do. I want us to learn the only things we don't know about each other. Then I want us to fuck like you told me you did on prom night.”

He relieved himself behind a tree. Then he followed her to the car and closed the door.

She turned on the interior light. “Nick taught me to always park facing downhill in case the light runs the battery down.” She struggled with her sweater in the confined space and then reached behind her back to unclasp her bra.

“Wait. I don't have />
fine. We both know we're clean from the testing at work, and I'm safe. I don't want to feel latex inside me. This is about now.”

right.” He pulled her in for a passionate kiss, fumbling successfully with the lace and elastic holding her boobs. He broke their kiss to examine her. think they were this firm. Very nice.” He hefted one breast, full in his hand, not quite big enough to sag. The areola crinkled as he watched, the nipple plumping. He flicked it with his thumb.

“Let's get rid of the rest of this clothing,” she gasped, and again he followed her lead, pulling off her clothes and his own until they sat naked, kissing hungrily, stroking each other. “Ben, this changes nothing. This is now, and it matters a lot, but it won't tomorrow unless we do it again.” She kissed down his chest and belly and then pressed her naked ass against the car door glass so she could take him in her mouth.

He gathered her hair off her face and held it so he could watch. His fingers wrapped in her long dark locks, more to steady himself than to pull her on to him. She did a good enough job of that herself, eyes watering as she forced him into her throat. “You warned me you were an expert at this,” he groaned.

She stopped for a moment to breathe. “I wouldn't lie to you.”

“I told you I never had sex with a girl I didn't eat first.”

She touched herself. “You said that several times.”

“No reason to change.” He opened the door on her side so he could lie flat on the seat and maneuvered her till her shaved sex was above his face. He opened her plump lips with his fingers and started to lick. Her response was to resume work on his needy cock.

“If you don't stop some time soon, />
“Hush. I'm taking the edge off for you. Since we're breaking the rule, we're doing it right. I want you to fuck me for a good long time later, but for now, shut up, and eat me.” She took his cock as deep as before, then bathed him with her tongue, varying her technique in response to things his mouth and fingers did to her. When his hips started moving, she bore down on him, working hard and fast till he filled her mouth. She swallowed it all, and the lips of her pussy sucked at his tongue as she shook above him.

They righted themselves, and she closed the car door. They sat next to each other, wiping their chins with fast food paper napkins from the glove box.

He looked at her nakedness in the glare of the car's ceiling light. “Would it shock you to know I've had dreams just like that?”

“Involving me?”

“I had them too. It bothered me to the point I worked at not being sexy around you. All part of the damn rule.”

“I know. Didn't really matter. I mean, yeah, you look hot when you dress up, but that's not the real you.”

“Gee, thanks a lot, Romeo.”

“Oh for fuck's sake. You're always sexy. Maybe it's years of friend zone talking here, but you do a good job of hiding your sexiness behind your 'good doctor' />
“I want to be judged for my skills, not my tits.”

“Speaking of which,….” he cupped one in his hand and lowered his mouth to it.

She reached for him. hard again.”

“Getting there.” He gripped one nipple between his lip-sheathed teeth and pulled on it.

“When you're done with the other one,” she gasped, “we're going to fuck like animals, right here in the back seat.”

He switched sides. “Yes. We are.”

Ben hung his feet out the door again, and Alicia faced him and reached for his waiting cock. He grabbed her hips to guide her, and she lowered herself until her weight rested on him. “You feel huge,” she hissed.

“I'm not that damn big.”

“Maybe not, but it's been a long time since I've had a real penis in there. It feels great.”

She moved tentatively at first, working him around inside with each shallow stroke to stretch herself so he fit more comfortably, moving faster and deeper as their need rose. “Look at us.” She pointed to her moisture on his shaft, slick and foamy.

Even with the door open, the windows fogged with their frenzy. He emptied himself with a muffled roar, then resumed his upward thrusts until she gave her primal cry.

When he slipped out of her, spent, she dismounted. He made room on the seat next to him.

She shared the rest of the paper napkins, and they cleaned up in awkward silence. Finally she had to speak. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, you. Are you okay now?”

He studied her face. “You mean since I came twice? What was all this? Some kind of sympathy fuck?”

Hurt anger flashed in her eyes. “Benjamin Edward Connors, there are times I could kick you in the balls. Would you feel better if I told you that's what it was?”

“I'll admit the picnic idea was a sympathy move, but the rest wasn't planned.” She located their underwear. “See? I didn't wear cute />

“No, you pulled them off too fast. Look, this won't change things between us, will it, Ben?”

“I'll never be able to see you naked again without getting a boner, but now that you're covered, I think I can say no, it doesn't really change much.”

She watched him pull his boxers up. “I hope not. We didn't come this far with our friendship to screw it up now.”

They finished dressing and got in the front seats for the quiet drive back to the city.

When she parked her car, she asked, “Are you coming in?”

“Should I?”

“Would you be asking that question if we hadn't fucked?”

He chuckled. “Probably not.”

They put the picnic things away, and Ben took her trash to the curb.

She was pouring coffee when he came inside. Over her shoulder she said, “We should talk.”

She turned to face him, leaned against the counter and folded her arms. “Okay. You're my closest friend. Always have been. I thought you were cute the day I met you, and a little part of me always fantasized about you. Don't pretend you didn't know.”

“Of course I knew. Why do you think I hated the guys you went out with? I was jealous. I knew they might experience something with you we promised ourselves we'd never have.”

“Now that we did, Ben, I'm perfectly okay with it. It can be something we did once to satisfy our curiosity, or we can do it again. What we won't do is fall in love.”

“No, that would be stupid.”

“You saw me go off with boyfriends, and I hated it when you started with a new girl. We knew how it would work out. We were there for each other when it was over, but I'm not sure a romance between the two of us is a good idea.”

“Probably not,” he agreed.

“So, now what?”

“Alicia, I'm not going to pretend it didn't happen. I'd like it to happen again. But I think we're better off keeping this in little slices of 'now'. If we're not going to sleep together all the time, we're not really changing our relationship, right?”

She nodded. “We'll be fuck buddies. We're not moving in />
“Fuck buddies sounds cheap, but no, I don't think I want to live with you. That would ruin everything. We'd watch chick flicks all the time.”

She made a face. “Living together isn't practical. Our schedules are too screwy. You're like me. When you get done with a tough shift, you want to shower the filth off and crash.”

“Some days I need a ten hour nap before I scrub the filth off, but you know what? I don't care. I love that life. I'd be a lousy housemate on days like that.”

She agreed. “Internship and residency are no life for a couple. Established doctors, maybe, but not people like us.”

“Exactly, Alicia. I tried to make the couple thing work a few times, but it never did. Probably wasn't the girls' fault. Now, I need to get my shit together if I'm going to change specialties, and I work stupid hours, so I'm not relationship />
She smiled. “What we have is enough. Let's not make it more />
He rinsed his coffee mug in her kitchen sink. “I should go. That paper won't write itself.”

“No. You can work on it tomorrow. Think of the 'now'. Now we're going upstairs for a shower.”

“You just said you don't want to make this />
“Bathing isn't complicated. We smell like stale sex.” She walked to the steps that led upstairs. “I want to smell like fresh sex.”

They explored each other as they washed. She held his penis in her hand. “Remember how I told you I always wonder how big guys get?”

He cupped her pussy as she stroked him. />
“I saw you before, but you were pretty soft. Now I know.”

She made an exaggerated pondering face. “Well, it was a tight fit, but it worked. It's attached to my best friend. I don't have to sneak around to get it.” She draped her wet washcloth over it. It rose instead of falling. “It's />
He combed her wet hair off her face to kiss her. “You know how much I like boobs.”

“Yes. You've talked about it at great length.”

“Not sure why I'm surprised yours feel so nice.” He splashed water on them to rinse away the suds and licked gently at her hard right nipple. “In here or in your bed?”

“For sex? My bed. We can fuck in the shower another time.”

They toweled off and walked naked to her bedroom. She pulled him down next to her, and their limbs intertwined as they kissed.

“Why didn't we do this before?” Ben asked.

“The stupid rule.” She felt him hard against her. ready. I'm ready. Start deep and slow this time.” She rolled on her back and presented herself, legs spread, wet and waiting. Her one hand pinched a nipple, and the other played with her clit.

He knelt between her legs. She grabbed him with one hand to aim him, and he drove slowly into her depths. Her ankles locked behind his back as they kissed.

“Deep and slow at first, Ben, please. You should last even longer this time. We can try things.”

“This is good for now.” He withdrew almost to the end and then pushed back in.

She used her legs to pull herself tighter onto him. “I agree.”

He kept his upper body weight off her as much as he could, his arms on either side of her head so he could look at her. He watched her change as they kissed and joined. Then he moved to free a hand to comb her damp black hair from her face.

Her gray eyes sparkled at him. “Bet you didn't think you'd be doing this />
“Making love to you?”

She lifted her head to kiss him. “Is it okay if we don't use the 'L' word in any other context but 'making />
“Yes. That, and the joking way we've said it for years.”

“Right. I love you, but not as a boyfriend. I liked fucking you earlier. I feel like we're making love now.”

“We are.”

They continued their slow, luxurious mating until she asked, “Are you speeding up?”

“Don't be. I said I'd like to try things.”

He pushed in as far as he could, letting his weight help, and cupped her head in one hand to lift it off the pillow. “Such as?”

She wriggled under him, grinding her clit against his pelvic bone. “Do you like doggy style?”

“Not sure I'll be be able to go slow if we do it doggy style.”

think you would. Have you ever tied a girl up?”

“Actually, I have. Kinda enjoyed it. Didn't picture you like that.”

She got noticeably wetter. “I can't be the strong, take-charge type all the time.”

He reached between them to work on her swollen button.

“Oh Gawd, Ben, there's stuff in the nightstand, but make me cum first.”

He pulled her legs from his back and put her feet on his chest. “Let's see how you like this.” He bore down on her, driving balls deep, bending her body to accommodate him. His pace was steady and deliberate, even when he grabbed both her ankles in one hand to move her and free his other hand for her clit.

Her pussy clamped him, massaging him, trying to keep pace as he moved faster in her. She gripped her bouncing breasts. “Don't cum yet.”

“Don't want to. You're too much fun to watch.”

She groaned and gave herself up to it, sweating, thrashing, grinding her head into the pillow as they fucked. When she was done, he pulled out to cuddle her.

“Girl, that was />
“Watching you cum like that. Earlier I said about you hiding your sexiness. It's all here now.”

She snuggled against him. “I've conditioned myself to not think about sex. If I don't think about it, I don't miss it as much.”

“You told me this before.”

She pulled back in surprise. “I did? When?”

“The night I got you drunk.”

“You don't remember getting undressed for bed, do you?”

“You tried to undress me too. Asked me to fuck you.”

“Why didn't you?”

“You were drunk, and you're my best friend.”

She stroked his engorged cock, sticky with her juices. “I'm not drunk now. Neither are you.”

She disentangled herself to get a set of padded restraints from her nightstand. “The box spring is on a base with tie-down hooks. Made it myself.”

“I knew you were okay with tools, but I had no idea about this!”

“One of my secrets.” She got on her knees and put her face on her pillow.

He tied her wrist restraints to the upper corners of the bed, loose enough for her to move but not turn over. For her ankles, he used fastening points at the middle of the sides of the bed and posed her with her ass in the air. He pushed her legs apart, spat in his hand, and moistened her. Then he pulled on her hips to plant himself against her opening. “How hard do you want it?”

“Not hard enough for us to need to go to the emergency room.”

“No.” He pushed until her tissues parted to accept him, and then advanced until he tickled her cervix. “I could give you a good pounding from this />
“Go ahead.”

He held her by the pelvis to show her the rhythm he wanted. When he found her clit with his hand, she pushed back hard to meet his thrusts. She shifted her weight so every stroke made her nipples scrape deliciously on the bottom sheet. she moaned. He increased speed and force until her buttocks made obscene slapping noises against him. “Yes, like that!” she hissed.

A growl was his answer as he drove himself again and again into her hot wetness. The first signs of his orgasm made him thrust deeper still, until he pushed forcefully on her cervix. She cried out as he swelled and spilled inside her.

When he felt himself deflate, he withdrew. Her bruised opening closed to try to trap their combined mess. He dismounted, released her, and pulled her shaking body into his arms.

“Oh my,” she whispered against his neck. “That was fun.”

“Guess we should clean up again.”

They lay in silence, calming their breathing, until she said, “I'm too tired to move.”

He stroked her hair where it spilled onto his chest. “Me too.”

helping me change the bedding in the />
“Uh huh,” he muttered.

She burrowed against him for the night.

He was in his boxer shorts making coffee when she stumbled downstairs in her robe. “Morning, />
“How can you be so cheerful? It's before noon,” she grumbled.

“There was no 'good' in my greeting. I know you're not a morning person.”

She grunted, />
He poured a mug for her, black and strong, the way she liked it. “Careful. It's hot.”

She sipped greedily. “Ah, good. Think I'll live.”

He fixed a mug for himself and sat across from her at her tiny table to watch.

Eventually she looked up. />
“A woman always looks her best when she first wakes up.”

kidding, right?” She rubbed her sleep-swollen eyes. “Look at my hair. I didn't do anything with it yet. Brushed my teeth and peed. That's it.”

“No, I'm not kidding. Right now you remind me of the way you looked when I'd stop by your dorm to make sure you were awake for class as an undergrad. The way you look after chick-flick night now. It's those times when I think of you as a woman.”

“As a woman?”

“Instead of as my best friend.”

She gave a naughty smirk. “Are you trying to tell me />
“You made a reference last night to the shower.”

“Ah yes, that we'd fuck in it some time.” She gulped her last swallow of coffee and stood. “Morning person or not, now sounds good.”

He forced himself not to touch her or his cock as he watched her bathe. He was okay through the shampoo and conditioner, through watching her with her facial scrub and body wash. His penis screamed in his brain for attention when she lathered her breasts and belly and then rinsed them. When she started washing her groin, he grabbed the cloth from her and knelt.

“Oh. Thank you.”

“No problem,” he answered. He spread her legs, parting her folds to clean her well. She wriggled when he scrubbed gently at her anus.

She handed him the detachable shower head. “Rinse me.”

He grinned. “You don't just use this to rinse, do you?”

going to tell me you don't play in the shower? You look like you need to right now.”

“Of course I jerk off in the shower.” He turned the shower head adjustment to 'fast pulse' and aimed at her clit.

Through clenched teeth she hissed, “When I'm done with you, you won't need to jerk off.”

After she recovered, she bathed him. When he was clean, she took his straining cock in her hands and licked it like an ice cream treat. “Let me know when you're close,” she said, smiling with her gray eyes as her tongue and hands worked him. “Because I don't want a liquid breakfast. I said we were going to FUCK in the shower, />
“Uh huh. Stand up.”

She did, and he crushed her body to his, kneading her buttocks with his hands as they kissed. His cock throbbed against her belly.

“How much do you weigh?” he asked.

“Excuse me?”

He laughed. “Oops. I was thinking about holding you up – you know, your back against the wall, your ass in my hands, your legs wrapped around me.”

“Damn you, Ben, look at me! You know I'm not that heavy.” She grasped her wrists behind his neck to help him lift her, and they moved to the wall. He pinned her there, and she used one hand to seat him in her entrance. Her ankles and wrists hooked behind him. “Fuck me.”

He surprised himself with how long he lasted. She moved easily for him, responding to every subtle change he made in his movements and initiating some of her own. Her fingernails dug into his back with her climax, but they didn't break stride. “Don't cum inside me this time.”

“Why not?”

“I want to see you do it for me,” she breathed. “When you're ready, put me down and let me finish you.”

A few moments later he lifted her off him and backed away.

She knelt and took his raging manhood in her hands. “This is so cool.” She stroked him in rhythm with the natural movement of his hips. “Cum for me.” She aimed him at her breasts and squealed her delight when he decorated them.

He watched, mesmerized for a moment by the shower spray struggling to rinse her clean. Then he helped her to her feet and watched as she washed the evidence away.

“The water's getting cold. Let's dry off.” She wrung out her wet hair with her hands.

After helping each other with their towels, he dressed in yesterday's clothes. “That damn paper won't write itself.”

She pulled fresh panties and a tee from her bureau. “Remember? You're helping me change the sheets before you go.”

He carried the used linens to her washing machine. “Should I start a load?”

“I'll do it. I should go to the store and try to get some sleep later since I'm on that damn graveyard shift />
He followed her to the kitchen. “You know, I'm going to stare at your ass a lot now.” He fondled it lightly through her panties. “Never paid that much attention to it when you wear scrubs.”

“Don't you dare get into a debate with ambulance driver Rich about what I'm wearing under them.”

He gripped her ass harder. “What DO you wear under your scrubs?”

“It depends.” She pulled away and turned to face him. “Cute, practical panties, usually. Sometimes I run out.”

“Guess you'll have to figure out when that is.”

“We don't work together that often.”

“On Thursday we will,” she teased. “I don't plan on doing laundry till Friday.”

“Let's hope Thursday is a slow night,” he grinned.

“We're not a couple now, Ben.”

“No. If we were a couple, I'd stay here to write my paper.”

She laughed. “If we were a couple and you stayed here today, you wouldn't write your paper anyway.”

“True. So, we're okay, you and I?” Ben asked.

“Being fuck />
“Told you I don't like that term, Alicia, but yes.”

“It's perfect for us. Doesn't change a thing except for what we do sometimes when we're horny.”

“Perfect for us now,” he said. He gave her a friendly kiss and walked out the door.

“For now,” she agreed.

story by: wantsomefun

Tags: fiction consensual sex male/female job/place-of-work bondage and restriction oral sex sex story

Author: wantsomefun

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