My boston vacation part 4 ft danielle

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My Boston Vacation Part 4

This is the 4th and final part of my story with Jen. My Boston friend when I went on vacation. She was 5’11 green eyes chubby but sexy. We just came back from the mall. What a day it has been already. I fucked her in a changing room and in the backseat of her car. Now we were back at her place. She told me that we should go meet some of her friends at a bar near by. I said why not I could use a drink.

We got to the bar around 9pm. The bar wasn’t that packed. I followed Jen to a table that her friends were at. At the table were 2 women. She introduced me Danielle Lisa and Lisa’s boyfriend named Chris. I really only remember Danielle cause I’m not really into chocolate. Lisa was black. Danielle was a white girl. Danielle had black hair and green eyes. Pretty face with nice juicy lips. Her tits were small but perky. The guy I pretty much I don’t remember. I was focused on Danielle. White girls are my weakness. You can say the white women are my kryptonite.

The problem about hitting on Danielle was 2 things. I was there with Jen and 2nd that was Jen’s friend. I only have on day left so I figure oh well I should not worry and just drink and enjoy myself. This bar was more like a lounge with a dance floor. Jen and I decided to dance. We got on the dance floor and started to dance. It was fun and then Danielle joined us. Then Lisa and her boyfriend joined us on the floor. We just danced stupid and crazy.

Lisa and Jen went to the bathroom and Lisa’s man went to go get the car so they can leave. That left just Danielle and I. Now I got to take in that body since no one is there. She was wearing a tight blue shirt that showed a little cleavage. She was wearing tight jeans that showed her tight perky ass. She was about 5’4 in height no more than 120lbs maybe. We dancing a couple of feet apart but she starts to inch closer. She was shaking that’s to beat and I know she caught me looking. She kept doing it and I swear she was doing it on purpose. I don’t care I enjoyed watching that ass and body move.

We continued you dancing for and she was grinding on me. She was rubbing her ass on my cock and it was making it really hard. She turned around and reached down touching my cock thru my pants. She looked at me and said, “I saw your watching me dance. I like that I can make your dick hard. I love Puerto Ricans. I want your cock inside me. I never fucked a Puerto Rican from New York City.” I thought it was a joke and just laughed. This has to be some kind of test or something. She touched my cock one more time and went to the bathroom.

I went to the table and sat down grabbed my drink. I was really thinking this is a test. I’m not falling for it. I’m going home to have fun with Jen. Jen comes back to the table. She asks where is Danielle I told her at the bathroom. Jen says that we have to go cause her monthly friend came a day early. She gets Danielle and we go back to Jen’s house. Danielle is tipsy in the back seat singing songs on the radio. We finally got back and Jen went to take a shower.

Danielle comes to me and says lets have some fun. She starts kissing me and I kiss her right back. We continue to kiss each other. I put my hand on her ass and push her onto me. I put my hand inside her pants and cup her ass. She starts to rub I my cock over my pants and its already getting hard. We hear the toilet flush so we stop. I go and take a shower. I figure I better jerk one off while I think of Danielle. It was the biggest nut I have had since I discovered jerking off. Any way I wash up and decide to go to bed. I come out the shower and head to Jen’s room.

I can’t believe my last day is going to end like this. I’m not getting laid cause Jen is on her period. Danielle wants to fuck but she is Jen’s friend. Oh well I say to myself I should go to bed. I go to sleep with depressing thoughts. I wake up around 3am and I head to the bathroom to my surprise I see Jen’s daughter’s room open with the T.V. still on. I here the water on in the restroom and then it stops and out comes Danielle. She was just in her bra and panties. Those perky tits right in front of me. My cock starting to twitch cause of the site in front of me. I looked down and saw she had on red panties and she had a little bit of a camel toe. I just wanted to bend her over and just give her the best fuck in her life. Her face was red from embarrassment she grabbed a towel and covered herself. She looks and she says I’m sorry about before you are with Jen and she is my friend. I’m going back to the room. I use the bathroom and figure it’s all or nothing. It’s my last day.

I went to the room where Danielle was sleeping. The door was open a crack and I peeked in. She was on stomach and I could see her nice perky ass. I open the door all the way. I call her name and say I can’t take it. I want you so bad right now. Me too she answers. She sits up and I sit next to her. We start to make out again. This time was really hot and heavy. My dick starting to grow as I put my hands on her tits. She undoes her bra and lets out her tits. I immediately start working my way down her body. Kiss her neck and nibble on it and she lets out a soft moan. She lays down on her back and I continue my way down her body. I stop at her tits, she had nice pinkish nipples. They were hard and took one in my mouth. I sucked on each nipple a couple of times and then started to just suck on tits in whole. I lightly bite them a few times. Then I start to lick her nipples again. She is rubbing my head while I work her tits. Then I got to her belly and kissed it. Then I got to the place that my cock wanted when I first saw her. I pull off her panties and I can smell her sweet pussy juices. She had a hairless pussy. Her clit was sticking out and you could see a little of her pussy juices flowing.

I put my finger inside her pussy, pulled it out and tasted it. It tasted sweet and salty not bad at all. I couldn’t believe that I was getting into Danielle’s pussy. I knew she was ready for it now. I put my 2 fingers inside her and started to finger her. Then I started lick her pussy fast and furious. I was licking her pussy like a thirsty dog drinking water. I was licking the inside of her pussy while I put my finger on her clit and started slowly rubbing on it. Danielle moans with pleasure as I continue to eat her pussy. Here moans get a little louder and I tell her to keep it down cause I don’t want Jen to wake up. I start to suck on Danielle’s clit now she grabs my head as I continue to work on her pussy. I can feel her legs starting to shake. I continue to suck and lick her clit. Her moans and body responding to the pleasures of my tongue on her clit, my fingers in her pussy. Her pussy starts to grip on my fingers as she reaches climax. She said the words that every man loves to her I’m cumin. I can feel all the juices on my fingers. Her pussy is quivering with excitement. Then she lets go of my head and her body starts to calm down. She had shortness of breathe after her orgasm. Oh Mike that was good I feel great she says.

My cock is hard and ready to go. I line up my cock to her pussy entrance and slowly put it in. She moans as her eyes close and I remind her the Jen is sleeping. I give it a few pumps and she stops me. Lay down I want to return the favor. I get on my back and lay on the bed. Danielle moves down to my cock and gives it a lick. I love the way I taste she says. She starts to jerk it a little and licks the head. She takes my cock and puts its inside her mouth. She starts to suck on it and it felt great. She continues to suck while she starts to play with my balls. She takes my cock all in now and it felt awesome. She gags a little but continues to deep throat my dick. I’m starting to get the felling. My dick starts to tingle and there it goes I explode into her mouth. She continues to suck as I unleash my load into mouth. She swallows all of it and looks at me. I can see you like that she says. I nod yes and she laughs.

Now I she finishes cleaning my dick with her tongue. My dick is still semi-hard after exploding in her. I tell her to get lay on the bed. I get on top of her and I start to suck on her tits again. She reaches down at my cock. She starts to jerk it and starting to get hard again. My cock is at full attention in the matter of seconds of her jerking it. I put my cock at her pussy entrance and slowly enter her promise land. It felt so good, still wet from before. I started really slowly and I went in and out. With every thrust should would moan and close her eyes in pure enjoyment of my cock being inside her. She wraps her legs around me as I continue to fuck her. She grabs my ass and pushes me deep into her. I continue that for a few minutes and I pick up speed going faster and as deep as I can. I’m pounding her pussy as hard as I can now and she is now screaming with pleasure.

It’s diving me wild, I tell her to get on her hands and knees. I enter her from the back. I’m now fucking her doggy and she is enjoying this one even more. I can feel her pussy starting to tighten around my dick again. I know what this means so I continue to pound from the back. She moans I’m cumin that sends me over the top I explode into her as her body spasms with pleasure. We are both on the bed out of breath. All of sudden the light turns on and Jen says what the fuck are you guys doing. Jen caught us. She was screaming for about an hour. She told me to leave and told Danielle to leave. I went to the bus station and took the next bus home. Yeah that’s it. That how my Boston Vacation ended and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

story by: lionheart2009

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Author: lionheart2009

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