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She looks at her phone, 'be there at 8pm, or else.' the text sent a shiver of excitement down her spine. Time for a bath and to get ready she thought. She looked through her cupboard, what to wear…she remembered she looked very pretty in a denim skirt, so she picked the shortest one she had. Thinking how glad she was that she had tanned the night before. Denim skirt, high heels and a tight pink shirt barely covering her breasts, and showing the barest hint of midriff, then her teeniest lingerie, black of course. These made her look amazing when she wasn’t wearing anything else, thinking to herself about how the tiny black thong did nothing to cover her pert bum. She stepped out the door, exactly ten past seven and drove to meet him in her black Chevy. She parked outside his building, ten to she was still on time. She walked to the door.

As he watched her from across the street, knowing the door was slightly ajar, rose petals on the floor and the barest hint of a dinner table with candles lit able to be seen through the door. He smiled to himself, enjoying the view of what she was wearing, looking on as she walked to the door. Every so often her head would turn looking around, a cute little scared expression on her face. He watched as she gathered her courage and walked to the door.

As she knocked at the door she couldn’t help but be a little wary, though she was on time it was exactly eight o'clock. When she knocked on the door it swung open, her smile faltered a little but as she noticed the trail of petal and the edge of a table set for a romantic dinner, the flicker of candles visible she bravely walked through the door.

He looked on as she bravely walked through the door towards what she thought would be a little romantic dinner with a bit of necking before she went home. Smiling to himself he checks that his clothes were set, that he looked exactly like a black shadow. Moving quickly across the street, he walked in behind her, quietly yet quickly closing and locking the door.

As she heard the door click closed and the lock slide shut she turned just as her vision turned black. She tried to struggle but he was too strong, not knowing what he was doing or where he was taking her she tried to scream just as a gag was forced into her mouth. Soon she was forced onto a soft surface ropes pulling her arms and legs apart spreading her before this monster.

He stood away from her looking at his prize tied their on his bed blindfolded and gagged, completely helpless. As he looked he started wondering what to do her his little toy, spread out completely for him. Casually reaching down and he starts to roughly massage her tits, every so often, his hands would viciously pinches her nipples as he contemplated what to do with this vision of loveliness.

Moving onto the bed he straddles her body sliding the gag out of her mouth. Kissing her on the lips hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth before he moves further up her body putting a pair of small rubber block in her mouth and then sliding his cock into her mouth. Sliding it in and out for a bit, just letting the head of his cock kiss the back of her throat before forcing his cock right into her throat chocking her with it, feeling her struggles increase as she tries desperately to breath. Not wanting to end this game too early he pulls back his cock move out of her throat allowing her to gasp back air into her lungs. Removing the blocks he then forces a small dildo about 4 in long and 1 in wide into her throat he replaces the gag.

He moves his body off her lying down beside her, listening to her gasping and muffled pleas for mercy. She keeps trying to struggle and he laughs knowing the knots were tied well, and the ropes were strong, yet soft. Moving one hand between her legs, he feels the heat radiating from her loins and her wetness dripping onto his hand, it’s obvious how turned on she is. Lifting his hand to his mouth tasting her and enjoying the sweetness of it, before moving his hand back between her legs sliding two fingers, stroking her insides slowly teasing her before leaning over and nipping her closest nipple. As he adds a third finger into her cunt he forces them in hard, ramming his fingers in and out of her cunt quickly. Moving his face down to her pussy he nips at her clit, hard, listening as she screams out an orgasm.

Smiling to himself he moves back, looking at her glistening thighs, smelling her scent in the air, he thinks about what to do next. He moves to retie the ropes tying her on her stomach, before tying her elbows to her knees forcing her onto her knees. Then he moves behind her forcing her to stay bent over. As she goes onto her hands and knees, he spreads her knees wide allowing him to place his cock at her pussy lips quickly he forces half of it into her tight pussy. The tightness of her pussy makes him moan, he pulls his cock out until just the tip of his cock is in her hot wet hole, then again slamming forward forcing his cock further into. He does a few time until he is his cock is fully sheathed in her cunt. He pauses to catch his breath and control before pulling his cock out all the way before, ramming it all the way in again, worker her like this for a while as her body shakes and shudder through the pain pleasure he is causing her. As her scream build in pitch he pauses for a moment reaching forward with one of his hands to pinch one of her nipples and her clit, he feels her orgasm as her body shake and her cunt clenches and unclenches on his cock. As she orgasms he goes back to pounding her, pulling out until just the head of his cock is in her pussy and then he forces his cock back in her as hard as he can, jack hammering his cock in and out of her harder and faster than before, bruising the lips of her cunt, and grinding her clit between both of their loins. As his hands wander over her body sometimes pinching her clit, other times her nipples, as his teeth nip at her neck and the tops of her breast he can feel her body shuddering, her pussy tightening around his cock as she builds up to a larger orgasm, he starts to feel the build up as well. As her scream gain more pitch as another orgasm crashes over her. He came in her, his cum forcing it way into her, splashing her silken wall, with such force. Her muffled scream heard even through the gag as her body shudders through waves and waves of pleasure as a massive orgasm grips her. They both collapse into each gasping for air, after a few moments he gets a little strength back. Leaning over her, he removes her gag letting the small dildo fall out and then says to her in a caring voice “how was that darling”

story by: blorni

Tags: male/female fantasm toys bdsm sex story

Author: blorni

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