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It's a rainy night, you are out getting some new lingerie, and the entrance to the store crashes open. You jump and turn around, seeing a tall dark man standing in the doorway. Lightning strikes as he walks out of the rain. You turn around to continue you’re shopping, taking your mind off of the man. Wondering what you will look sexy in, and whom you will wear it for. A few moments later, you drop a pair of sexy panties, and the stranger appears, to help you pick them up. You blush, and accept them back, but as you start to move away he speaks. "You need some more help? You look like your trying to impress somebody, but you don't know what they like." "Um, no, nobody in You can't seem to help it but your voice trail off. "Well, maybe you can help me. I have a friend who is getting married, and I want to give her a semi-gag gift. After that maybe I can help you figure out your boy situation." You decide to help him; eventually picking out a teddy that you had been eyeing, but decided against because of the price. "Now you have to help Me." you say "I am going to, but I need to ask you one more thing, would you try this on for me?" You blush, thinking you ought not, but for some reason you agree, and taking his hand lead him back to the dressing rooms. You throw him in a chair, getting excited, and tell him to just watch. You pause and think for a moment, then begin to dance, sexy music playing in the background. He giggles slightly, and begins to speak, but you put a finger to his lips and then shake it slowly while you continue. You slowly lift your shirt, dancing to the music, exposing one perfectly shaped breast, then whip around and fling the shirt off, still dancing but facing away. You slide your hands around your back and down to your hips, then spin around and let yourself fall back towards the man. He stands and catches you, and in a graceful sweep, swings you around and sets you back on your feet. You spin around and grab your belt, unbuckle it and whip it off letting it fall to the ground. He returns to his seat and obediently continues watching. You slide your skintight pants off, and notice his reaction to your nudeness. "I was wondering if you had anything on under those?" He says. You smile, and crawl towards him, sliding your hands across his thighs, then groin, then under his shirt and up his chest. Fingers encircling his nipples, and scratch your way out of his shirt. He reaches towards you, and you grab his hand and move it back to the chair. "Tsk, tsk, tsk, not yet." You take the crotch of his pants into your mouth and say He wriggles in his chair, and you laugh, then take his zipper into your mouth and drag it down. Reaching in, your pleasantly surprised by the size, then pull him out. "Are you ready?" You ask, but without waiting for an answer you wrap your tongue around the head of his waiting manhood. You bob up and down for several minutes, then deep throat the entire eight inches. "I'm coming!" he whispers as he grips the chair. You suck harder and down the entire load, continue until he begins to go limp and pull back. Kissing the head you back away, and slip into the teddy. "You look beautiful, that's definitely the one." The two of you re-adjust, pack everything up, and head out of the dressing room. "Did you find everything alright?" a woman asks on your way to the counter. "We found everything just fine." The man responds. "By the way, my name is Riot, this is my number." He says as he hands you his card, it reads: Riot Security Services, and has his number on the back. "Give me a call, lets do coffee." He checks out first, and walks to the door, then turns around and says, "Um, did I thank you?" He asks. "No, you You respond. "I will." He says as he walks out the door into the rain, and disappears.

story by: Rio Gonzalez

Tags: exhibitionism true story sex story

Author: Rio Gonzalez

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