My first love – part 4

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I looked behind me expecting Beth, but to my surprise, it was Mike's sister, Jodie. "Hey stud" she said, punching me playfully as she said it. "Heeey.. wha-what are you doing here?" I asked, returning a punch to her shoulder. "I had nothing else to do, sad isn't it? Besides, some of my friends are here." she said, before pointing to a group of older boys dancing topless by the pool.

"Oh, so your with the 'cool crew' huh?" I said, chuckling. "Hey, don't mock me, some of them can read." she said, winking at me. "I doubt they would need to read to please you." I said, winking back. "You're really drunk, you should slow down." she said, before grabbing the beer bottle form my hand and downing it.

"So anyway.. I'll see you around.." I said whilst turning around to the group of lads. Before I managed to make a full turn she grabbed my arm and pulled me back to face her, and then pulled me away saying "Listen, I don't really wan't to go back to those guys. Keep me company?" Sounding pretty sad and desperate, she let go of my arm shortly after, leaving an awkward silence lasting what felt like 10 slow and time-stopping seconds. In this time she looked pretty nervous and broke eye contact with me, looking away. I took this opportunity to check her out, she was wearing black denim short shorts that hugged her figure, some orange adidas flip flops and a grey low cut t-shirt, revealing a nice amount of cleavage. She had her nails painted, orange, almost the same shade as Beth's. They didn't attract me like Beth's did but they where still nice.

"It's alright, I don't want to bothe-.." she said, before being interrupted by "Yeah sure, let's go." followed by a warming smile.

We walked off shoulder to shoulder around the garden, I had been walking with Jodie for what seemed a couple of minutes, to which I noticed how big this garden actually was. We had walked a distance that meant we couldn't see anyone else any more, just hear a slight faint of the music.

We joked around and made each other laugh, she was a funny girl, really pretty too. She had long blond hair, curling the slightest bit, hanging low behind her. It was the length that would probably reach her breasts if she let them fall. She suddenly stopped me and grabbed me by the arms. She moved closer to my face, leaving only inches in-between us. "Woah, listen, Jodie. I'm your brothers best friend, and />
"Shhh" she said, lowering her right hand and cupping my cock and balls. "Let's just have some fun."

I gently pushed her back. "No, I can't. I'm seeing someone. I'm sorry. If it was any other time, I would, I promise." I said, before turning around and slowly jogging away. I wasn't sure at the time if I had made the right decision or not, but it all came clear later. I arrived back by the pool, it was 2:10am and the party was starting to die out. I walked up to Mike and Jake. "Hey guys, what's up?" I said, trying not to keep eye contact with Mike. "It's all good, you saw Beth?" said Jake, "She's inside sitting down with the girls. Go and see her."

"Me and Jake are probably going back, Jake's sleeping round mine tonight, my mum has already called yours and told her that you're sleeping round mine. If you don't spend the night here, just come to mine pal." said Mike, patting me on the shoulder before walking off.

I turned around and walked towards the doors, I caught Jodie's eye and looked away straight away, she seemed to do the same thing. When I got inside, I saw Beth in the corner with all of her friends. She immediately saw me and a smile sprang to her face. She jumped up walked towards me, she placed a hand on my waist and another on my pectoral and said "Hey you" and then came in and planted a soft kiss on my lips. Once the kiss broke, I looked up for a moment to see all of her friends looking towards us, instantly looking away when I saw them.

I looked down at Beth. "Why are they staring at us?" I said, looking back at the group. "No reason, I just heard something really sweet." she said, bouncing up on the front of her feat. "Oh yeah, what?"

"Oh I can't tell you." she said, before placing another kiss on my lips. For some reason I kept my eyes open during this kiss, I don't know if I felt conscious about the girls watching me, or that the fact that I had noticed Jodie in the group of girls as well.

(I was told several weeks later that Jodie was infect dared to do what she did by Beth's friends. Since all of Beth's previous boyfriends where in the relationship for the sex, they decided to test me out.)

I was confused by it everything, when the kiss ended she grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out of the room, deeper into the massive house. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"You'll see." she said, skipping away as she pulled me by my hand. We arrived to a large brown door, she turned the handle and walked inside. She pulled me to the bed and pushed me down onto it, turned around and closed the door. She walked over to me with a rock of the ass with every step, extremely seductively.

She climbed onto of me planted several small kisses on my cheek and neck, before starting to explore the insides of my mouth with her tongue. I was all new to the kissing stuff, so I just copied what she did. She hadn't complimented on anything so guess I still had a way to go. She broke the kiss for a moment to look into my eyes. I could see from a sparkle in her eyes that she really wanted me. She came back for another kiss, she bit my lower lips playfully, several times, laughing quietly as she did. She placed her hand behind my neck and pulled me forward. She grabbed onto my t-shirt and yanked it off. She then pushed me back down and placed her hand on my crotch, playing with the semi erect cock through my jeans. She slid down the zip and released the tension that was building up. I lifted up my ass and she pulled my jeans and boxers off completely and dropped them onto the floor.

"No fair, you have all your clothes on." I said to her, as I aggressively grabbed her and flund her on the bed. As I mounted onto her I lowered myself to her and began to passionately kiss her on the lips. Whilst we where kissing she lifted her arms and instinctively I grabbed onto her t-shirt, broke the kiss for a couple of seconds to lift her shirt off. Her wonderful breasts came free, and they hung perfectly in the centre of her chest as she was lying down, something I hadn't noticed before.

I started kissing her neck and ears, biting her earlobes gently from time to time before making my way down to her perfect breasts. I began to play with her nipples, flinging my tongue all around uncontrollably. After I had finished suckling on her titties, I moved myself down her stomach, occasionally pausing to kiss her tenderously soft skin. I grabbed onto her skirt and pulled it down as she lifted her ass, leaving a beautiful orange thong. pushed myself up, walked backwards and stood in front of her, just staring at her.

"What's wrong?" she said, curiously. "Nothing.. nothing." I replied. "Well what are you doing?" she asked again. "Nothing.. I just can't believe how gorgeous you are."

She raised her legs into her chest and giggled to herself, when she lowered her legs all I could see on her face was the cutest smile and the reddest cheeks. I may have been a beginner, but I was good with my words. I walked back towards her and spread her legs wide. I placed a hand over her thong covered pussy and started to rub away with it. It amazed me how wet it was, she was really horny! As I rubbed away at her pussy, I began to kiss away at her inner thighs, slowly retreating my head downwards to her vag. I kissed all around her thong, then positioned myself directly above it and pulled her thong to the side. I was instantly reacquainted with the same smell from a couple of hours ago, the musky aroma that raised from her mound made me salivate.

I swooped down and began to instantly start licking away at her labia, taking a gently and cheeky bite from them with my lips every now and again. I had the routine in my head, what I had done just hours ago to make her orgasm multiple times. I slowly licked at her labia, pulled on her lips before speeding myself up, then I swirled around her clitoris and ended it all with a tonguing of her hole. Then I looped this as many times as necessary, to finish what I had started. It had been only a few minutes from when I had started, I was licking away at her clitoris when she closed her thighs around my neck and placed her hand on the back of my head, pulling it into her. She pulled her head back and presumably her eyes where closed. She was moaning and breathing heavily for a while before a juicy and warm flow of fluid entered my mouth. As before, I vacuumed it up to hear the beautiful and heart-warming sounds of her screaming with pleasure.

I slowed down my rhythm, but also added my index finger to the program, I started fingering her with 3/4th of my index fingers length as I continued my tongue parade. through her moaning and groaning, she began screaming again. At this point she was thrusting at the hips to allow me better access, I reached my full potential and sped up everything, still afraid of breaking her hymen, I didn't finger her to the max. The screams got louder and the juices started flowing and I sucked every last drop from her pussy lips. After finishing her orgasm, she released me by the back of my head where I had realised how hard she was holding onto me, my head suddenly felt free and powerful. Like the feeling you get when you are lifting heavy weights at the gym to the point you cannot lift anymore, and then you lower the weights and you feel like they are weightless.

"Come and kiss me you feisty thing." she moaned at me, I instantly crawled up at her and began to passionately make out with her. She had both of her hands on my cheeks, my whole face would have been hidden from any spectators. After several minutes of romantic kissing, she lowered her right hand and grabbed onto my penis. She aimed it towards her vagina and as I was lying down on top of her, my cock ended up rubbing against her pussy. He pulled my cock up and down, continuously rubbing it over her labia and clitoris. She moaned whilst we kissed the whole way through, until she pushed me up, looking me in the eyes and said "Do it, put it in me."

I was a little nervous at first, my cock was already about to explode, the rubbing alone has almost caused an eruption. "I need to get m-.."

"I'm on birth control, don't worry." she said, still breathing heavily. "You're on birth control? I thought you are a virgin." I said, sounding a little disappointed.

"I am I am, but I was having problems with my period so my doctor put me on birth control. Now put it in!" she demanded. "Are you s-.," "PUT IT IN!" She screamed at me lustfully.

I guess a sudden flare appeared in my eyes, just as I was about to thrust into her she put her hands up and said "Stop! Be gentle, please."

I reached forward and grabbed her left hand, we interlocked fingers before I leaned forward and held myself up with my free hand. My cock was already imposition at the hole, only a thrust was needed to seal the deal. I could see the fear in her eyes, and I wanted it to be a special night for the both of us, something to remember for a life time.

I lowered my face down to hers and stopped with only inches to spare. "Are you ready?" I whispered to her. She nodded and I lowered myself those final inches to romantically interlock our lips together. As our lips touched, I slid the head of my penis between her pussy lips and into her hole. As we kissed she moaned into my mouth. I'm sure the sensation was as good for her as it was for me. I had a tingling going down my spine, a sort of congratulations for loosing your virginity I guess.

I slid my cock a little deeper into her pussy before it was obstructed by a barrier, I knew what had to be done. I pulled myself off her lips, as I thought that she might bite and cut me accidentally. I looked into her eyes and with one swift and quick thrust, I broke through her hymen. Her eyes closed and as presumed, her jaw shut locked. Her left hand tensed and I could feel the pain going through her, as I was feeling bad for my actions, I heard a groan slipping through her lips, I was in the clear. I slowly thrusted out and into her again, which released another moan from her. She released my hand and grabbed onto my face and pulled me into her for a long and stimulated kiss. I began thrusting again, after a minute or so of going in about half my penis's length, I decided to take it the final step. I pushed further in to reveal a magnificent groan of ecstasy from her. Her pussy clenched all around mine and hugged my penis wonderfully. I would have cum on the spot if she hadn't squeezed my hands tightly, which was quite painful actually.

After her orgasm subsided, I began to thrust in and out again before I reached that familiar feeling, the tingling in the top and burning of the shaft. I quickly pulled out and thought of some stupid shit. The feelings past away and I was in the clear. I looked down to see that the start of my penis was coloured in blood, as well as around her vagina. I grabbed one end of the duvet and whipped away the blood. I leaned forward and passionately kissed her for a while before she turned me over and got on top of me. We continued to kiss for a while as she began thrusting at the hips, rubbing my shaft onto her pussy lips. She moaned into my mouth as we kissed, then she suddenly pushed herself up and grabbed my penis with her hand. She placed on of her feet on the bed to lift herself up at one side, positioned the penis straight up at her pussy and then sat down onto it slowly. She made it to the bottom, the feeling of having your cock filly devoured astounded me. I was balls deep and loving it, and apparently, so was she.

She placed both of her hands onto my pectorals and then lifted her other foot onto the bed. I guess she watched porn because this was a position that very few pornstars did, I guess because it strained the shit out of the hamstring. She started to slowly bob up and down onto my cock, a perfectly fluid motion, moving swiftly from bottom to top. She paused for a moment to come down and make out with me, to which she still rode me somehow. She was bow-legged on my cock, still bouncing up and down. She was extremely tight, and I was starting to get tired of thinking of things that turned me off. I was near and I could feel it. "Baby i'm going to cum." I groaned to her.

All she did was come back down to my face and passionately interlock out lips together, we both took time-outs from kissing to moan from the pleasure. Her groaning ended and the screaming started, shortly after I could feel her pussy muscled begin to tighten and devour my penis. This sudden tightness pushed me over the top and I blow burst after burst of white sticky and warm cum into her wondrous pussy. Something I had only dreamt of was to orgasm at the same time as someone else, and it came true. And her orgasm was truly marvelous, her legs where wide open so I had a perfect shot of her pussy. Her legs started to shake just after the tightness began and then she released the biggest scream I had ever heard.

After we had both ended our orgasms, she dropped down onto my chest, making her orgasm for the 7th time in one night, I was extremely pleased with myself. I rolled her to my side and wrapped my arms around her. Our legs where in-between others, and a small length of my penis was still inside her. We both looked into each others eyes, admiring each other. We didn't speak a word to each other for about ten minutes, just gazing deeply into each others souls.

"I love you James Jackson Smith." she whispered softly into my ear, followed my a slow, passionate and romantic kiss on the lips. I was surprised that she knew my name, and it returned my erection to me in seconds that she did.

"And I love you Beth Taylor." I said, returning the kiss she gave me.

"I've had a lot of relationships over the last few years, you are the first person I have said that to." she whispered to me, holding a cute smile on her face.

"Yeah.. me to." I said, hoping that she didn't know that she was my first.

It looked to me as if she was about to talk again, so I just launched myself towards her lips and made out with her for what seemed forever. Ending the kiss several minutes later, I pulled the duvet over us, taking note of where I had wiped the blood onto which was located on the bottom right corner, being no where near us.

We complimented each other, holding her tightly, absorbing her warmth and love, colour dimmed in my eyes, and blackness came upon me.

story by: Pappa

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Author: Pappa

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