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This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it. I know I did 😉

I glanced across at her and laughed. She was pulling a silly face at me from the other side of the bus, and I couldn't help but giggle along with her. 
Marissa was beautiful. She had long, platinum blonde hair that hung down to her shoulder blades, or at least she would have. At the moment it was dyed dark brown and was held in a loose bun atop her head. Her face was kind and seemed to promise a good time without her actually having to say anything. She had a short, slender build, about 5'2, and firm B-cup breasts. Today she was wearing a low cut green top with a dark, open vest and a floral patterned skirt. I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. 
I had a massive crush on her, but she had a boyfriend, and I was content just to be her friend. 
"What are you staring me for, Ben?" she teased with a cheeky grin. I couldn't help but admire how adorable she was. I couldn't believe I was lucky enough to know a girl who was so pretty and funny. And she played video games! I was more of an XBox fan, whereas she played online games like League of Legends, but we still had that in common. She also had an incredibly cheeky and often dirty sense of humor. She was too good to be true. And yet there we were.
"I was just looking at your goofy face, how about?" I countered with another laugh.
"Oh, ouch." she said "I don't think I'll ever recover from that."
I laughed yet again, and we continued to trade jokes and friendly insults along with our other friends as the bus took us home from school. I was in 11th grade along with most of my mates, but Marissa was a year older. None of us even noticed the age difference, we all got along so well.

We soon neared my stop, and as I stood and prepared to depart with my best friend Matt, the small angel opposite me looked up.
"Oh, hey Ben? Can I be really /> I was surprised, but eager to help. "What do you need?"
"Well my parents are out of town and I'm staying with a friend, but she lives across town and this bus doesn't go anywhere near her place. Is it alright if I borrow your phone and give her a call so she can come and pick me up from my place?"
I had no problem with this, and quickly offered her my Mobile phone.
"Thanks so much, Ben."
"No problem." I replied with a shrug. As a skinny 17 year old virgin who had never been in a serious relationship, I could never say no to a pretty girl, even if I wanted to. I wasn't especially skinny, or large, in fact at first glance I was in alright shape, but I wasn't especially muscly or sporty like a lot of the gym junkies I was friends with at school. I was more content to sit and read or play a video game than kick a ball around, though I was always more than happy to get a bit physical if the opportunity arose. I quite enjoyed dodgeball (whether I was any good at it was another story altogether) but it didn't help that I was an athsmatic. So it was no wonder girls didn't seem to see me as boyfriend material. I had lots of female friends, just none that saw me as potentially something more. Or so I thought.
Marissa finished speaking with her friend and gave a little pout that almost made me melt to the floor. She handed me my phone back and looked out the window.
"So what's the damage?" I inquired.
"Eh, my friend can't get to me very soon, so I'll have to wait at my place for a few hours before she can come and get me."
I saw an opportunity to spend more time with this amazing young woman, and so I seized it without hesitation.
"Well, you could wait at my place. We could play some games, watch some funny videos and just bum around until your friend can come get you, then she can pick you up from there. My mum might even give you a ride, even easier."
She smiled "That's sweet, but isn't that a bit difficult? I wouldn't want to impose."
I shook my head "No imposition. Mum and Amber (my younger sister) would love you, and you know I already do." I almost choked. Had I just told her I loved her? I had. Oh god. 
But she didn't seem to notice, so I pushed on. "I promise, it won't be that hard."
she said immediately, not missing chance to make a dirty joke. We all laughed, and she thanked me and agreed to come to my house until her friend picked her up. 
Whether she had noticed my little slip or not, I did love this girl. Even if she was spoken for, I couldn't help my feelings.

Upon arriving at the bus stop, I stepped out into open air with Marissa, my best friend and his twin sister. The four of us walked to the corner where I bid the siblings Au Revoir and wandered to my own home with a gorgeous goddess at my side. The two of us joked and laughed all the way there, and I was still chuckling when I opened the door and called out through our small house to let my family know that I was home. My parents had never married, and they had split when I was 5 and my sister was 2. We lived with mum, but saw our father often enough. I was glad that my parents were on good terms, which was more than I could say for many people I know.
Our house was small, but homely. there was just enough room for the /> I wandered into the kitchen, not surprised by the lack of response, and discovered a small note saying that my mum and sister had gone to stay with a friend for the night, leaving me alone with Marissa.
"Looks like it's just you and me for the next few hours." I shrugged /> "That's fine, I'm sure we'll survive."
"Oh, I don't know," I replied with a smirk."If I decide to turn evil while we're here I doubt there's a lot you can do to stop me." I then glanced at my skinny arms "Oh wait…"
"Haha, oh I don't think I'll be able to handle such huge muscles." Marissa laughed, and I laughed with her. 
I asked if she wanted to watch a movie, and she agreed, so I put on a funny movie for us to watch while I fixed us some popcorn and pizza in the kitchen. The way our you was set up allowed me to talk to Marissa and watch the movie while I made us food.
We both found Steve Carrell amusing, so Get Smart turned out to be a good choice. 
We compared it to other movies, and talked about our favourites, and continued to do so when we had finished the pizza and moved onto the popcorn. I sat on the couch opposite her initially, but by the time the movie was almost over we had somehow moved ourselves right next to each other in the centre of the couch. There was a tense moment in the movie, so we had stopped talking to watch.
 I could feel the skin of her bare arm brushing against mine, and it was like an electric shock right through my body. I was taller than her, and as such had a great view down the top of her low cut shirt. My cock rose in my jeans, and I shifted so that it wasn't obvious. The closeness was something I wasn't use to, and I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to be rude by moving away, and I couldn't make a move on a girl who was spoken for, so I remained still, hoping I wouldn't do anything that ruined the moment. My breath was coming quickly, and I glanced again down her top. She was wearing a lacy white bra beneath and I was finding it harder and harder to hide the bulge in my jeans. If she turned and looked down, I'd be in hot water.
I looked up as she turned to me, and smiled. She smiled back and she was so closeI could see the patterns in her irises.
I couldn't bear it anymore. She was too beautiful. I quickly stood, turning to hide my raging boner, and walked to the kitchen.
"What's up?" she asked.
I replied, fishing for a sprite from the fridge, then is good there, hoping my erection would fade. 
"Come back over here, it's /> I returned reluctantly, and sat down at the edge of the couch, but she moved along and layer down across my chest and rested her head on my shoulder, still facing the TV. 
What was she doing? She had a boyfriend, and he was a nice guy. We got along well enough, and I had nothing against him.  I decided it was prudent to bring up the fact that she was taken, more to discourage myself from doing something stupid than anything else.
"So, how's Jeff?"
She was silent for a moment, and I was unsure as to whether or not she'd heard me. But before I could repeat myself she spoke.
"He broke up with me."
I was shocked. Last I had heard they were a happy couple, no problems at all.
The next thing I knew she had turned around and was sobbing into my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her instinctively, no longer worried about my problem downstairs, instead I thinking of how I could make her feel better.
She started talking, about how Jeff had been very distant lately, about how he had finally told her he loved someone else, an old flame of his, and how she was single as of two days ago. 
I sat quietly and listened, dutifully nodding and shaking my head where necessary. She was really distressed, and I had no idea how I could bring her back to her old self.
When the story was finished,she looked up into my eyes. Once again, we were very close. She smelled wonderful, sweet and minty.
"I've always thought you were a really great guy, Ben"
Then she closed her eyes and kissed me.
My mind went blank. Her lips crushed against mine, and her tongue forced against my lips. 
I didn't know what to do. Here I was, getting kissed by the girl I loved, and I was sitting there like a statue. That wouldn't do. I started kissing her back.
I opened my mouth and our tongues twisted and dueled, our saliva mixing and swapping mouths.  
I felt her reach down between us and rub the front of my jeans. I was in heaven.
She unzipped my fly and started rubbing again, this time with only my boxers between her bare skin and mine. I didn't have a belt, so that made things simpler.
By this point the movie was over and the credits were rolling, but neither of us cared.
When I reached up and pulled at her vest, she broke the kiss so that we could pull it and her top off. I decided to do the right thing before we went any further.
"Are you sure about this?"
"Yes!" she panted "I need this so badly."
"What about /> "I'm on the pill."
And with that her bra was fully exposed to the air and my eyes. It was lacked than I had initially thought, and I could see the dark spots where her nipples were, which only made me harder.
I only had a brief moment to stare before she crushed her lips against mine again.
I raised my hips so that we could pull my jeans and boxers down, and finally my cock sprang free. 
She eagerly wrapped her hand around it and started stroking.
I thought that the kissing was good. This was great. I gasped and arched my back some more, pleasure shooting through my body as her small hand slid up and down my rock solid 6 inches.
"You like that? Yeah? You like that don't you?" Marissa teased with a mischievous grin. This was a side of her I'd never seen, a sexier, hornier side. I liked it.
She slid up my body and I helped her remove her skirt, and then her bra, and finally her panties.
I gazed at a body to rival that of Aphrodite herself.
Firm, perky breast with 10 cent nipples stood out at attention, just begging to be squeezed and groped.
My eyes travelled south to her beautiful pussy. It was topped by a tuft of dark curly hair, and I could see her engorged clit poking out of her folds, eager to be fondled and rubbed.
Reaching up and taking a breast in each hand I fondled while she continued to stroke up and down my member.
For about 5 minutes we just stayed like that, with her sitting on my stomach rubbing herself along me, sharing her wetness. I had no experience with women, but she she seemed wetter than any woman I had seen in porn videos on the net. It was incredibly erotic.
Suddenly, she stopped stroking me and pulled away from my hands, moving above my dick and placing it at the entrance to her glorious hole.
I started. I had to tell her I was a virgin. It didn't help that I hadn't masturbated in a few days and had no clue how long I'd last.
"Shhhhh… I know." and with that she impaled herself on my member.
Marissa herself was not a virgin, but she was incredibly tight. At that moment I didn't think I could enjoy anything in the world more than how much I was enjoying warm wet pussy wrapped around my virgin dick.
She slid up and down, up and down, not bothering to start out slow, just riding me with abandon, moaning and gasping as I pistoned in and out of her.
"Oh, fuck me, fuck me Ben, your cock feels so good inside me."
I happily obliged, humping up into her, matching her own thrusts. I found that I was able to hold off my climax for longer than I though I would, and so I got a bit bold. I reached down between us and started rubbing her clit, eliciting a shriek of pleasure from her. We continued like this for about 5 more minutes.
All of a sudden, she stopped riding and looked me in the eye. 
"Fuck me from behind. Give it to me, my love."
Those last two words affected me in a way I didn't think possible. I stood, lifting her up with me, before spinning her around with my dick still inside her and setting her down, letting her bend over the couch. I didn't know how I found the strength to do this, and I didn't care.
A started fucking her as hard and fast as I could. Marissa cried out in pleasure, arching her back, I saw her tongue roll out the edge of her mouth.
I lend down and rested my chest on her back, letting my left hand come up to squeeze her tit while my right reached under her, looking for her pussy. I found her own hand already there, so i took over, allowing her to use both arms to support herself on the couch while I thrusted into her cunt from behind.
The combined attention from my dick and my fingers was causing her to convulse and gasp more often, and I knew I wouldn't last much longer.
"I'm close, don't stop!" she cried, jerking back at my thrusts mor erratically.
"Me too..!"
I pumped into her with all the might I could possibly muster, and felt the cum boiling in my balls. 
I grunted, and she screamed "Don't stop! Shoot it in me! Shoot all your cum inside me!"
I was past the point of no return. With one final thrust I pushed my cock into her depths as far as it would be, bottoming out at her cervix, before unleashing load after load of hot white cum into her convulsing body.
"OH! OH! OH! OH GOD she wailed as her own orgasm struck her. She shook and writhed beneath me, her pussy tightening more than I would have thought possible around me as I continued to pump more semen than I had ever done before.
"I FEEL IT INSIDE MEEEEE!!!" her orgasm continued, crashing over her like a tsunami of pleasure, again and again. Our bodies were one, right then. There was nothing but she and me.

After what seemed like a beautiful eternity, we finally stopped thrashing and lay down on the couch, spooning. I kissed her neck, then her cheek, then finally her lips as she turned to me. This kiss was soft, /> "I love you." I said. Right there, holding her naked body in my arms, I wasn't afraid.
"I love you too." she replied with a soft smile.
We lay there for a while, neither of us wanting to end the moment. 

I had a feeling that everything was going to be better from now on.

story by: FacetiousDapperGentleman

Tags: fiction first time teen male/teen female sex story

Author: FacetiousDapperGentleman

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