My hot secretary

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My hot Secretary

Miller and sons. The 3rd largest law firm on the west coast. I've worked for the firm the past eighteen years. Started out in the mailroom at seventeen years old. Why might someone get into law you ask? Because my father did it. And so did my grandfather. I was holding court in my living room at age ten. Didn't really have much chance of being anything else. I wanted to be a rock star. But there is the problem of needing musician talent. Which I didn't have. There's always a catch.

By the age of 26 I had finished law school and passed the bar. Now it was time to work my way up. People see lawyer shows on TV and think it's all glamour. Let me inform you, it's not. For my first two years as a lawyer I was given the task of defending some of the most disgusting people imaginable. People I knew were guilty, but had to defend anyway.

You never want you client convicted because it reflects poorly on you. But I do have to say when a few of them where sent up the river, I was doing a happy dance in my head. What a way to make a living huh? Defending people you know shouldn't be walking around among law abiding citizens. But my law firm was very clear about their policy. "If the check clears we defend them."

We should have written that on our billboards. It would be the only honest thing we did. But as they say justice is blind. After a couple of years of this I was finally given a small promotion. I was now in charge of a few lawyers. This got me out of the courtroom but it also gave me a new set of problems. When you head up a department no matter how small, the stress can become overwhelming. The buck stops with you. You must make quick decisions and your work is never done.

Calls all hours of the night and enough paper work to bury a small city. My hair was going grey. I knew if I kept this up not only would it go grey, it would fall out. So I wrote up a proposal. Six new interns and three new secretaries for the department. The way I had worked it out it wouldn't cost the firm that much money. Interns are always great. They are hungry and want a foot in the door. So they do the shit work most others won't do. As far as the three new secretaries, this was going to cost a little. But without them the department would fall apart.

There was no way around it. We needed them. Like with any law firm it was a negotiation at first. I was allowed to hire two new secretaries and if my department become more productive from the hire I would get one more. It wasn't all I wanted but I took the deal.

Of course I had to interview the candidates and hire the two I thought where best for the job. I paid $90,000 to go to law school and now I'm sitting here asking people how many words per minute they can type and if they can work Saturdays.

Sadly most of the applicants where under qualified. After interviewing 30 people over a 3 day period I only had one person who could do the job. This was getting really ruff. Then finally some good will was thrown my way. Her name was Sarah Stewart. The moment she walked in I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Flowing dark hair, perfect face and body to match. Long luscious legs perky tits and an ass that if it was half as good naked as it was in that skirt it was something to see. Her resume said she was twenty three years old and bounced around as a secretary since she was eighteen.

As soon as she sat down I couldn't stop staring at her legs. She had to be 5'11 And it was all legs. Her face had an innocent look about it, but with a little bit of a dirty side. Her heels may have been six inch heels for all I know. But they looked great on her. She knew the fine line of being dressed sexy but also being work appropriate. We started to chat. I couldn't ask her the questions I wanted to because HR would have my head. But we talked about her former employees.

I really couldn't pay attention to her answers I was to busy staring. I would ask a question then zone out and look her over till she was done. This went on for a few minutes. I really didn't care about how she answer the questions in my mind she was already hired. We wrapped up the interview, shook hands and I told her she would be hearing from me. As she walked out I got one last look at her ass. I knew she was the one for the job. Hey I needed some eye candy. Plus she seemed good at what she did. I guess.

A few days later I gave Sarah a call. I told her the job was hers. She sounded excited, but couldn't be as excited as I was. Finally a gorgeous women around the office. I gave her a few details about the job. What her pay would be and that
she started tomorrow. It all sounded good to her. What I didn't tell her was she would be working right under me. Pun intended.

The next day I woke up bright and early. Sarah was starting and I wanted to look my best. I got to the office much earlier then I usually do. I had the coffee made and breakfast brought in. I wanted to show her how much she was going to love it here. The clock struck 9am. It was Sarah's start time. I was anxious to start working with her. A minute later I could hear the sound of heels against the floor. I knew it had to be her. I left my office and stood by her desk ready to greet her. As she walked closer to me the only word that came to my mind was WOW! She had on one of the tightest dresses I had ever seen on a women. This thing looked like it was paint on. It was also very short. The fun didn't stop there. She also was wearing a tight blouse that perfectly showed her magnificent cleavage. The ensemble was completed with what I can only guess where 6 inch heels. Showing off her pretty feet and toe nail polish that matched her fingernails. Bright pink.

Thank god my suit jacket went past my crotch or my hard dick would have been very noticeable. She took a seat at her desk and I began to show her the ropes. I showed her some basics of the job. As I stood over her I could see right down her blouse. She had on a silky black bra. I could hardly stand it. I wanted her right then and there. But I knew it would be unprofessional to do anything but look. After it seemed like she was getting the hang of what she needed to do I excused myself and went back to my office. My head was spinning. Sarah was almost a perfect 10. And she was my new employee. What seemed like a good idea at first was turning into a problem. How was I going to concentrate on my work with her around.

After giving myself an internal pep talk I started to relax. I had worked to long and to hard to throw it all away on a beautiful women. Slowly I eased back into my normal work flow and was feeling better. A few times throughout the day Sarah would come to my office to hand me some paper work, let me know who called and get my approval for things. I did stare at her with lust but was able to control my desires and get right back to work as soon as she left. By the end of the day I was starting to think this set up could work. Sarah seemed to be getting her job and I was able to separate my lust from my work. No problem right?

Wrong. I thought I had kicked the addiction of Sarah. And for the work day and a few hours when I got home, I had. But my mind always wonders. It's something that makes me a great lawyer, but perhaps not such a great boss. As I laid in bed unwinding from the day, who popped into my head? Sarah of course. At first it was just thoughts about her outfit, her curves and how cute she looked. This slowly turned to the things I wanted to do to her. I thought about undressing her in my office, having her spread eagle on my desk and fucking the shit out of her. I needed to get my mind out of this head space. So what does any lawyer do when they want forget? They drink. Show me a lawyer who doesn't drink away their problems I will show you a lawyer who isn't working hard enough.

I went over to my bar and grabbed the only bottle I had left. Captain Morgan's. It didn't feel like a rum night, but it was all I had. Beside getting Sarah out of my head I also needed to restock my bar. I grabbed a few ice cubes from the freezer and dumped a generous amount of Captain Morgan into the glass. I put some smooth jazz on the sound system and enjoyed my drink. Within a few minutes my glass was empty and I still wanted Sarah. A few more ice cubes and another generous amount of Captain. Finally I started to calm. I was a master at getting the perfect buzz. Enough to be loose, not enough to be out of control. In the lawyer community we call that goldilocks. It's when your just right. Works great in after hours business meetings. I laid back on my couch feeling pretty good. The Jazz blasting from every speaker in my apartment. I drifted off to sleep.

A few minutes later I was woken by my cell phone ringing. It was Sarah's name on the caller id. What was she doing calling me in the middle of the night? I answered. "Where are you? Your late." What was she talking about? I was late for what? I turned my head and glanced at my clock. It was 10am. Fuck me. I had pasted out for six and a half hours, but it felt like mere minutes. I let Sarah know I was on my way and to cover for me. I rushed to the office doing 70mph and almost killing six people along the way. I walked in straightened out my tie and took a deep breath. What I saw next made me swear off alcohol forever. Sarah was talking with Donald the head of the entire firm. Today was the day I had to meet with him. Quarterly he would meet with the head of every department. And today was my day. He wanted a full run down of everything the department was doing. Numbers charts all that bullshit. I had nothing.

I walked up to him and we shook hands. He went to my office and took a seat. Sarah took one look at me and knew I wasn't close to ready for this meeting. But she had an idea. She told me she would stall for me. She was sexy as hell but was she charming enough to stall a man who could see bullshit from a mile away. He knew what a filibuster was he used it in court thousands of times. But it was the only hope i had. She grabbed a cup of coffee and walked into my office. I ran to the back computer and printed every piece of shit document I had for the quarter. I figured if I hit him with enough information it would seem like I had my department in order.

After ten minutes of printing I had charts I had paperwork I had enough to just look like I knew what I was doing. As I approached my office I saw Sarah and Donald walking out of my office. Fuck, what did she do? Did she let on? Where we both out on our asses? Donald came up to me with a huge smile on his face. He shock my hand and said I will see you tonight my boy, then walked out. Sarah what the fuck happened? "Well I knew you weren't ready for this, so I got you more time. Your meeting him tonight at Cliffs Steakhouse, for dinner drinks and your meeting." How the hell did she pull this off? Donald never did anything like this. He wanted his info and he wanted it at the time he had planned not you. She could see the puzzled look on my face. "I know what your thinking, how did I do this right?" I shook my head. "One little word, flirted. I flirted my ass off. He loved it. I could have been making more then you by the time I was done with him." I couldn't believe it. Sarah was proving to be not only my eye candy but a hell of an asset. Donald has won some of the toughest cases in the history of American law. But a gorgeous women in a great outfit just beat him. Sarah smiled and walked back to her desk. "oh one more thing, he invited me to your meeting as well. There was the hook. He wanted to check Sarah out the whole night, fuck it she just saved my job I didn't mind her coming along.

I left the office earlier then usual so I could go home and get cleaned up. I told Sarah I would pick her up and we would go together to the restaurant. I got home cleaned up really nice, printed some stuff for the meeting and headed to Sarah's. When she emerged from the door my jaw dropped and my dick roused. What she wore in the office was conservative compared to what she had on now. A silky black dress with a slit, well pretty much up to her slit. The top of it barely covered anything. I'd say 85% of her tits where on display. And of course her signature to top off any outfit, heels. Sexy slut heels I wasn't even sure it was legal to show that much of your anatomy in public. But what do I know, I'm only a lawyer.

She got in the car and I immediately told her how great she looked. She enjoyed the complement but I could tell from the look on her face, she already knew how hot she looked. This outfit was planned meticulously. We speed off to the restaurant. I blasted Guns n Roses on the way and put the top down. I zoomed in and out of traffic like a madman. Hey even lawyers with big salaries like to show off sometimes. She seemed to be getting a kick out of it. We pulled up to the restaurant and the valet took my car. We walked in and instantly saw Donald at the bar. Like I said before lawyers drink. Meetings, parties it doesn't matter. If your lawyer is meeting you outside the courtroom in a social atmosphere and he doesn't have a drink, find a new lawyer. Donald was a big shot at this place. He easily spend upwards of six figures a year there entertaining clients. So the moment we walked in our table was ready.

We all sat down ordered a round and started to talk. I was ready to give him the numbers and info he wanted but he really didn't seem to give a shit. Anytime I started to talk he talked to Sarah right over me. Hey, didn't both me I just kept sipping my drink and watching the him do his best to impress Sarah. We ordered our meal and I'm pretty sure Donald or Sarah hadn't said 3 words to me the whole time. I had a ring side seat from the charming and irresistible Donald. "Sarcasm implied". By the time the dessert came I still hadn't gotten 3 words from either. Finally Donald looked at me, as to say ok I'm ready for you. I started to pull some papers out from my briefcase and he stopped me. "My boy your running your department like a champ. Your what we need at Miller and Sons. No need for the paper work, keep up the good work." That was it. He didn't want any proof of anything I was doing. Sarah was proof enough for him I guess. Not only had Sarah saved my job she secured it. The check came and both Donald and I grabbed for it. He told me to get my hand off of the check it was on him. I wasn't going to argue he made fifty times what I made, if he wanted to pay it was fine with me. He was trying to impress Sarah.

We all got up grabbed our jackets and where about to leave when Sarah sprung something on me. She told me Donald would take her home. This pissed me off. He was going to try to fuck my secretary. It wasn't like she was mine or anything but it felt like he was trying to take something that was mine. She could see I was visibly upset. I left the restaurant and got in my car. When I got home a grabbed a drink (or 7) and put on some music. I didn't know what Sarah and Donald where doing, and I didn't want to. So I got that great buzz going and finally passed out.

I woke up the next morning regretting having to go into work. I had to see Sarah. I didn't know what I would say they her. As I walked in Sarah was already there. I gave her a cold hello and went right to my office. I had a bunch of work to do so as any good lawyer doesn't i ignored my feelings about everything and dove into work. At about lunch time Sarah came into my office and asked if I wanted to grab lunch with her. I hardly picked my head up when I gave her a no thanks. I think she felt the anger I had towards her.

The end of the day approached. I was nearly done with my work for the day, and was still pretty upset by the whole Sarah thing. So I started looking through my office for something to help with that. Eureka! I found a bottle of Grey Goose, someone had given me for Christmas. I loosened my tie, popped it open and took a drink right from the bottle. Hey I was alone no need to have manners. Suddenly I heard a knock on the door. Who the fuck was this? I thought everyone had left for the day. Who had the balls to ruin my happy hour. I approach the door. It was Sarah. She hadn't left yet. I left the door open so she could come in and went back to my desk, and my bottle.

Can I help you Sarah? She gave me the sad puppy dog look. "Are you ok? You have been acting odd all day, what's wrong? She clearly knew I wasn't happy with her. Have a seat Sarah. She sat down, still not sure why I was upset. Sarah you filtered with my boss at the restaurant last night. That was fine. I'm ok with that. You guys ignored me the whole time. I'm fine with that too. But you let him take you home. That's where the problem is. Guys like him don't just take gorgeous women home. They make them another conquest. Sarah put her head down, not saying a word. Her silence was all I needed. She fucked him. My boss fucked my secretary. I know I shouldn't have cared but I did. Guys like him think they can do and fuck whoever they want. She wasn't saying much. So I decided to ask a few questions. So was he good? Did he fuck you in his $250,000 car? Or his million dollar penthouse?

Sarah started to blush. Clearly I was making her uncomfortable. I figured I'd stop the questioning. I was acting like a baby. She wasn't mine so why was I being so possessive. Not only that, she pretty much saved my job. I apologized to her and let her know what she did was her business and not mine. I sat at my desk and grabbed my bottle. "Do you want to go out for a drink with me? Your a big time lawyer you shouldn't be sitting at your desk drinking from a bottle." She was right. I shouldn't be sitting there drinking from the bottle. I had more respect for myself then that. I grabbed my jacket and said lets go.

We went to the local bar and grill down the street. We grabbed a table, and where greeted by the waitress. I ordered a jack and coke, which was a throwback to my days in college. She ordered the same. I was impressed. Usually not a drink a women orders. Out drinks arrived quick and we started to pound them down. It was like the 2000 pound elephant in the room. We both knew she had slept with Donald but mother of us was saying a word. In fact we weren't saying much of anything. I knew this wasn't the type of relationship I wanted with Sarah. Even if we weren't going to have a sexual relationship, I still wanted us to have an honest one. She had put herself out there to save me and I now considered her not only an employee, but a friend. I told the waitress to bring us a few shots of Jose Cuervo. Shots loosen anybody up.

After a few shots for each of us, the tension broke. Sarah was laughing and having a good time and my mind was off of her fucking Donald. That was till she brought it up. "So do you want to know what happen?" I was pretty drunk at this point so I asked her to remind me of what happened to who. She laughed. "What happened with me and Donald." The Cuervo had me feeling really good so I replied sure, tell me every sexy detail. "Well he took me to his place. We drank a bit and he tried to make a move. But I stopped him." You did. Why? "Well there is someone I'm interested in. And it's not him. I told him that." Was he mad? He didn't seem happy, but I don't think he was really mad. He called me a cab and I went home." I was a little shocked by this. Just as I was about to ask her who this guy she liked was Sarah called over the waitress and has her bring us more shoots. I was way past that nice buzz point. My head was spinning and I slurring my words. Sarah knew I was really drunk so she called me a can as we waited outside for it. She thought the fresh air would help me.

As the cab pulled up she put me in the back seat. I looked at her, then the rest of the night went blank. I woke up the next morning with a bitch of a headache. I stumbled into the living room. To my surprise Sarah was there sleeping on the couch. What the hell happened last night? I went up to her and woke her up. Sarah why are you on my couch? She awoke and looked like she had done night. "Well I was about to put you in the cab and you gave me a sad puppy dog look. You asked if I would come with you. I couldn't leave you in the shape you where in, so I took you home. The whole cab right you profession your love to me and told me Donald was an asshole for trying to pick up your women." Oh my god Sarah I'm so sorry. "It's ok. You had a lot to drink. Don't worry about it. I'm just glad your ok." Sarah gathered her things and left my apartment. I couldn't believe what I had said. It was all true but I didn't want her to know.

I cleaned myself up and went to work. This was going to be really awkward. With the way I acted I wouldn't be surprised if Sarah quit. I walked up to Sarah and told her my behavior wasn't right and if she waved to quit I understood. " I don't want to quit. How many people can say they got drunk with their boss and had a good time." Wow not only did she not want to quit she had fun. I couldn't believe it. I thanked her for taking care of me and headed to my office. About an hour later Sarah knocked on my door. She brought me a cup of coffee and a folder I needed for an up coming case. She handed me both and didn't say a word. I took a sip of the coffee and opened the folder. What I found was shocking. Right on top of the legal documents was a picture of Sarah. She was wearing lingerie. A white teddy with white stocking and white heels. I didn't know what to think. She must have accidentally put a picture of herself in with my files. I was a little embarrassed. I figured I just wouldn't bring it up. I shoved the picture in my desk and moved on.

I looked through the files for a bit and realized this was only folder one of two. I needed the rest of the documents so I asked Sarah to bring me folder two. As she dropped the folder on my desk I thought about how great she looked in that picture. But I still wasn't going to bring it up. As she walked out the door I knew I didn't have to. "Hope you like what's in this folder in better." I opened the folder and once again sitting on the first page was another picture of her. She was wearing nothing but a pink thong and pink heels. She had her hand over her tits so you couldn't see her nipples, but you could still see enough. Now I understood. It was no accident. Sarah was trying to seduce me and I liked it. I grabbed my phone and sent Sarah a text. It read I just reviewed my folders. Good job with them. I especially like how you coordinated the color. White and pink where always favorites of mine. She sent me a text back that simply said lol. We where now on the same page. But how was I going to make the transition from these pictures to fucking her.

I quickly found out. Around lunch time when the office was pretty dead Sarah came into my office. She took a seat and asked me how my day was going. I told her pretty good so far. She then uncrossed her legs to let me see she wasn't wearing any panties. "How's it going now?" I told her it's much better now. She laughed and got up. She has something in her hand that she put on my desk. She turned around and walked out. Laying on my desk was a pair of panties with a note. The note said, just went to the bathroom and took these off. Look at how wet they are. That's because I've been thinking of you all day. I picked them up and she was right. They where soaked. I was so turned on I didn't know what to do. I wanted to go out there and fuck her right on her desk. But I thought better of it. If she's going to all this to tease me I might as well play along. I grabbed a post it. I wrote on it, your panties where so wet and the smell of your pussy has me so turned on. I walked out of my office and over to her and handed her the note. She read it and smiled.

She wasn't only drop dead sexy but she knew how to play head games. She knew how to turn me on mentally and physically. Just the idea of knowing that she had on a short skirt and no panties was driving me crazy. She decided to take it a bit further. She sent me a text. It was a picture of her pussy under it said, Just took this, hope it gets your dick rock hard. It did. Sarah was getting me more and more turned on. The more she teased the more I wanted her. At this point she was completely irresistible. But I was still playing it cool.

I sat back waiting to see what she was going to do next. I didn't have to wait long. She came into my office. At first she made small talk. As she was talking about the weather or the fact that we had a lot of work today she started pulling up her skirt. I could just barely see her slit. And she continued on as if her pussy wasn't sticking out. She then took a seat on my couch and spread her legs. She didn't say a word. She just wanted me to look. And I was. Like it was the first sunset I had ever seen. She then started to run her clit. It looked amazing and she looked amazing. As she got more into it so did her movements. She lifted her legs in the air and kept them spread. She took her other hand and stuck it inside. She was now running her clit and fingering het self at the same time. I couldn't take it anymore I got up and was about to approach her. She said no no. Just watch. So I sat back down and did. The more she rubbed and fingered the harder my dick got. She continued going faster and faster till she came. Not only did she cum but she squirted. I had never seen a women do that and thought it was only legend. But I was mistaken. She was soaked and so was my couch. She stood up pulled her skirt down and walked out as if nothing had happened. I was impressed. I had to have her.

The only thing on my mind was Sarah. What was she up to? What did she have in my next? I needed answers. The rest of the day was uneventful. No more visits from Sarah. I decided to stay late because I wasn't getting much work done through out the day. I went out to grab a cup of coffee and noticed the office was completely empty. Everyone had left for the day. I grabbed my coffee and headed to my desk. I sat down and started to read over done stuff. My door slowly swung open. At first I was a little shocked because i thought everyone had left. As the door opened all the way Sarah was standing there. She looked great as always. She came closer to me. Before I could utter a word she grabbed my dick. I stayed silent. She started caressing my cock. She knew exactly what she was doing. She looked at me and gave me a wink, then proceeded to get on her knees and crawl under my desk. She slowly unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out from my underwear. She gently kissed the head for a bit. Then she started lick the head. It was like her tongue knew every sensitive spot of my cock head. The more she kissed and licked it the more precum flowed. She didn't miss a drop. Then all of a sudden without warning she wrapped her lips around my head and took my entire cock down her throat. Her mouth went back and forth over the full length of my dick. It was like no blowjob I had ever received before.

I had enough of being silent. It was time to be myself. I started to moan. "Sarah your mouth feels so good on my dick, I said." She must have liked the words of encouragement because I swear the blowjob got even better. I grabbed her head and started pushing it on my cock. Not only didn't she have a problem with this she was getting into it. I could hear slight moans in the brief seconds my dick wasn't down her throat. I reached down her shirt and got my first feel of her tits. I rubbed them over her bra. I wasn't prepared to stop there. I slid my hand under her bra and started rubbing her tits more intensely. Her nipples we hard as hell at this point and so was I. I could feel my dick hitting the back of her throat. The deeper my cock went in her mouth the harder I grabbed her tits. Finally it was too much and I knew I was going to cum. I gave her fair warning. "Oh fuck Sarah I'm about to cum." Her head wasn't moving. I gave one last warning, but her head still wasn't moving. This seemed like a cue from her that she wanted my cum in her mouth. I pushed back in my chair and gave her tits one last squeeze, as I shoot my cum deep into her mouth. As my cum filled her mouth I could feel her swallow every last drop. She gave my dick was last suck to make sure she got it all, then removed her mouth. She stood up, not a drop of cum on her or around her mouth. This girl knew what she was doing. She walked towards the door and looked back at me. "See you tomorrow." And that was it. Not another word. I sat in my chair and just regained my composure. Sarah wasn't only hot as hell, she wasn't only great at flirting and mentally turning me on, she also gave me the best blowjob of my life. No women I had ever been with knew how to use her mouth the same way Sarah did. I zipped up my pants, grabbed my briefcase and headed home. I wasn't going to be able to get anymore work done today. I needed to go home and rest.

The following morning I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. What was Sarah going to do next? I showered, got dressed and was at the office in record time. I couldn't wait to see Sarah. Went I got to my desk I had a note on my computer screen. "Sarah has called out sick for the day." I was totally bummed out. I wasn't going to get to see her and there wouldn't be any new adventures for the day. It was just a normal boring day. Hours of excruciating paper work was making me cranky. So I decided to leave the office for a coffee. I grabbed a cup of joe from the place down the street and slowly walked back to the office. Work just wasn't as fun without Sarah there. What was a 5 minute walk back to the office took me 20. I was waking at a snails pace. I didn't have the drive to get back to work. I walked up to my office door and put my hand on the knob. I guess it was time to get back to work. I walked into my office. And closed the door. All of a sudden my chair swung around. Sarah was sitting in my chair totally naked except for heels. She gestured for me to cum over. Without missing a beat I went over and started sucking on her tits. They looked just as perfect as they felt. Her nipple instantly got hard in my mouth. I spears her legs and put my finger right up her twat, as I stood over her. She undid my belt and button on my pants. They dropped my my knees. She pulled down my underwear to expose my dick which was the hardest I think it had ever been.

I grabbed her and threw her on top of my desk. I moved in closer to her and stuck my dick deep inside. I had never felt a pussy so wet. My dick was sliding in and out effortlessly because she was so wet. The harder I fucked her the harder she instructed me to fuck her. Lost in the moment of it all I shot my load deep inside of her. No warning nothing. I was even surprised I came that fast. But I didn't care and was hoping she didn't either. I pulled out so she could see what I did. She didn't seem upset, in fact she looked to be turned on by it. "You came in me, aren't you a bad boy? Well I guess there is only one thing you can do now, clean it up." As I went to grab something to clean her up she started to laugh. "No no silly, your going to clean it up with your mouth. Get on your knees and lick your cum from my pussy. I was hesitant at first. "Hey I swallowed every drop of your cum and left you totally clean. Now you do the same for me." She wasn't a lawyer but did made a convincing argument. I got on my knees brought my face to her twat and started to suck on her pussy. I can't say I liked the taste of my own cum, but her moans made it bearable. Once her pussy was cum free I brought my head up. "What do you think your doing? You may have cleaned your cum, but I didn't get off. Put your head back down then and lick my twat till I squirt in your mouth." Again I was hesitant about her squirting in my mouth. But once again Sarah made a great argument. "I took all of your cum. So take my girl cum." She was a better lawyer then I was at this point.

I put my face back down to her pussy and started to lick. My tongue constantly moving up and down on her G-spot. I was hitting it perfectly because her moans got louder and louder. She dug her heels into my desk and I knew she was about to cum. I gave her clit one last lick and she proceeded to shot what seemed like gallons of pussy juice all over my face and desk. I was covered in it. Not only didn't it both me it got me hot. I sucked up what was left in her pussy. As I raised my head up she could see my face was covered. She wrapped her legs around me and drew me in. She then licked her pussy juice off of my face. I put my arms around her and jammed my tongue down her throat. I could taste her. We could taste each other. No women before or after ever got me this hot. No women was ever the right amount of sexy and dirty. But Sarah was. We continued to have a sexually relationship for several years till she decided this wasn't the career for her. I was saddened when she first left but wished her well and was happy with the time we spent. A few months later when I was having my quarterly meeting with Donald he brought up Sarah. "Remember that women who use to work for you, Sarah? She's a pornstar now." I just smiled at him, but was thinking in my head, way to go Sarah.

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    He kept moving down until he reached my pussy. I opened my legs because I was so ready to be licked, but instead he did something that no guy has ever done before. He laid his head on my belly, with his face right next to my pussy. With his hand he started tracing circles on my leg, then my inner thigh, and then my belly. Finally, he gently stroked the outside of my pussy and gently pulled my pubic...

  • His First Pegging

    Rob couldn't believe it... They had talked about her actually fucking him several times, but never got around to it. Sure, there had been some ass play, but they always got off and got sleepy before she ever got around to actually taking his ass on her cock. They hadn't even bought a harness, but Gina had picked up a nice red leather one while he was away."Baby girl..." Rob tried to talk, but was at a loss for words....

  • Driver sex story – the unforgettable ride

    My husband was an expert in bed. We would play games where he would blindfold me, and pleasure me in endless ways. Many times he would tie me to the bed, strip me naked, spank my arse tirelessly and fuck me until I gasped for air. It was a cold September morning and I had just finished breakfast when my phone rang.I quickly grabbed it, hoping it was about my job application for the accountant position. But it was my...

  • Sex Addiction and Masturbation Story

    ‘I also masturbate once or twice a day. I feel its normal for me. But my girlfriends don’t seem to think so. They all smile at first, but after a while they think it’s too much. I hope sharing this with you helps.’ Each of them were here for the same reason. Sex addiction. ‘I have a confession to make. My name it Matt le Blanch and I am a sex addict.’It was the first time I had attended one...

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A Real Challenge: A Night of Firsts.

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