My lovely girlfriends part.1

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"What did I tell you,Mr.Dumb? No sentiment please. Readers will not like that," said Lara with mocking smile.
"Well,as I have told you I am not after readers.I want awards," said Mike returning the smile and continued writing.
Lara and Mike. Two closest friends you can ever see. They are like sole mates,they finish each others sentences,they know each other's lies and in perfect sense they are born for each other.
They met in their college. Mike wants to be a writer. They came to know each other in economics class.
Lara came to know about Mike's dream and she started helping him and now they share the dream.
For an year there is always a sexual tension between them which they ignore.
Mike likes touching her in her private parts and she likes it too.
They share adjucent flats in an apartment.
Mike enters her bathroom while she's bathing. He always enjoys it.
He steals her panties and masturbate in it. Lara knows about it though. But there is no awkwardness between them.
"Whatever. I am changing. She went to her bedroom and started changing to training bra and panties,because Mike fights with her for remote everyday but actually the fight is for an erotic cuddling.
He likes to press his dick in to her ass. They always ignore it as an accident but they love that feeling.
In the other room Mike is horny as hell and is ready for some
"Why is she late?" he thought and came looking for her.
Lara removed her bra and wore panties. As she was about to wear her training bra Mike barged in and said,"Lara, what taking yo–," then he saw her perfect 36C sized breasts.
"Asshole, get the fuck out," she said laughing.
But Mike is not laughing. He has a look of lust in his eyes.
Well I am horny and I can't stop myself now.
Lara saw that too and she stopped laughing.
"Mike?" she said looking into his eyes. The same feeling got into her too.
She felt him coming near her and his palm on her cheek. She also saw love in his eyes.
He brought his lips and pressed against her's. She thought of resisting it.
But in less than a second she kissed him back.
Is today the day we are gonna do it? she thought.
Well she was waiting for it for so long.
He brought his hands on her breasts and started slowly pressing it. She is in ecstasy.
He dipped his hands into her panties and she gasped.
She brought her hands on his dick and started pressing his dick with the fabric of boxers between them.
Oh my god, its so huge, she thought as its her first time seeing his dick fully.
He dipped a finger into her pussy and started rubbing her sensually.
She hooked her finger into the elastic of his boxer and yanked it down.
His dick is almost 8 inches big. The biggest she ever had is not more than 7 inches.
She looked at him and started grinning like an idiot.
He mocked his head to side and then dipped two more fingers into her pussy.
She threw her head back in pleasure.
I should return the favor she thought and pressed his dick.
He closed his eyes, Lara, encouraged by this, started jacking him off.
He pushed her against the wall, pushing his fingers deep into her pussy and then started nibbling her nipples.
"Ohhh Ohhh Ohh my–" she began shouting.
She is beating his meat fast as she is on the edge of orgasm.
"GOD,fuck me.Fuck me with those ITTTTTTTT." Then she closed her eyes and came onto his fingers but he didn't stop the finger fucking.
She want his dick in her vagina but his eyes told otherwise so she continued giving him hand job.
For further encouragement she rubbed his dick on her pussy.
This brought him to the edge and then he blasted six ropes of cum,four on her pussy,two on her stomach.
They are breathing hard with nothing but pleasure in them.
This is one of the best orgasms I ever had, they both thought.
Mike brought his fingers to Lara's pussy and scooped his and her cum and brought it to her mouth.
Lara never tasted cum before but she always wanted to taste,only his.
She started licking his fingers and she liked it.
She sucked his whole hand clean.
Wow,it tastes good.
Then Mike wrapped his hands around her waist his dick pressing into her pussy.
When Mike looked at her face,they know their lives never going to be same but in fact it's going to be awesome because it's not only about sex,it's about love which is written all over their faces.
He brushed his lips on hers and left the room.
Lara dropped on the floor and replayed the incident again and again in her head.
She just want to go to him and wrap her arms around him and tell him how much she loves him.
But she likes the thing going on now,the denial and everything.
It makes things more romantic and erotic.
She changed to pajama and tank top and went to his room and saw him on the sofa watching NFA.
He looked at her a gave an evil smile and said,"You are not getting the remote."
He acted like nothing happened.
Well, two can play this game she thought.
"Give me the remote fucker. I am not going to miss my fav show again," she said and jumped on him.
"And then Jennifer came out from the men's room, with panties stuffed in her mouth and got to the girls bathroom, which luckily is opposite to men's room. But many watched her almost naked in the hallway. And the funny thing is the bitch was caught by that janitor with Adam's dick in her ass," said Michaela laughing.
All laughed along with her in the classroom.
"I can't believe she was fucking that nerd," said shocked Lara.
Michaela looked at her close friend and was a cheerleader and she fucked most of the guys. Maybe she wanted to taste something different," said Michaela with a mischievous smile.
All began laughing again.
Michaela is close friend to Lara.(Well not as close as Mike ofcourse)
Michaela's father is a major book publicist.
They were walking towards cafeteria chatting then someone smacked Michaela's ass.
"Who the fu–" she was about to shout and saw Mike smiling at her.
She wrapped her arms around his neck and the both girls shouted at a time
"Where the fuck did you go these two days?"
"You didn't even tell me where," said Lara.
"Calm down girls. Mom's not feeling well, so I went home."
"Oh sorry, I didn't know. Is she feeling all right?" said michaela.
Smile vanished from his face and he okay."
Girls regretted shouting.
At least he should have told me thought Lara.
Michaela is Mike's official girl friend.
Michaela knows that he likes her but doesn't love her.
They are just having fun.
She is afraid thing going to end between them soon.
I hope Lara is going to be his girlfriend. No one knows him better than her.
But she loves him though. Always. For two years.
She always begged Lara to seduce him. Make him fall in love with her(Lara). Lara always ignores the idea.
But Michaela always know Lara has feelings for him.
They both are hottest girls in the college. But no one can say which one is hotter.
Lara doesn't mind Mike having sex with Michaela since she is not any conventional type of girl.
Even though she loves Mike, she wants him to have fun.
"Shit, I have a class now. Bye guys," said Lara running down the hallway.
As soon as she has gone Mike pulled Michaela to the Ghost's room (It is a women's room but no one goes in since three girls killed themselves in there).
"It's been five days since I had sex with you," said Mike ripping Michaela's shirt off.
"And whose fault is that?" said Michaela doing the same.
His lips soon found soon found hers. There is urgency,force in his kiss which she always likes.
he said. She just obliged and stripped her clothes except for panties.
He began to bite her nipples hard and fast like there is no tomorrow.
"Sit on the toilet seat," he ordered and she did.
He tore her panties, dropped to his knees and started kissing her pussy lips.
Michaela dropped her head back and started moaning.
To control her moaning Mike dipped his fingers in her mouth and /> She did as she was told.
Then Mike started pinching her nipples while feasting on her pussy.
This is enough to make her cum.
She cummed all over his face.
Mike got up and said,"Clean me."
Then she started licking his whole face clean.
Then he put his hands on her shoulders and made her drop on her knees.
He dropped his pants and underwear and said with an evil smile,"Suck it good."
She doesn't need any encouragement. She took his whole cock into her mouth and started bobbing her mouth on his dick.
She always gives amazing blow jobs to him.
While licking his cock,she licks underside of the mushroom of the cock and plays with his balls.
"Get up," he said.
As she got up, he put his hands on her waist turned her around and bent her on the toilet seat.
He always likes fucking her from behind and she always likes taking his cock like a bitch.
His bitch. Only his.
He rubbed his dick up and down on her pussy and pushed his dick whole into her pussy without a warning.
He bent and got hold of her breasts which are just like Lara's.
He started fucking her pussy hard and fast.
The door of the women's room doesn't allow small sounds out.
As he was fucking he dipped his finger into her anal hole.
While pressing her boobs. he got hold of her hair and started pulling it back in synchronized manner with fucking.
"Do you like it, Mikey?" said Mike fucking harder with every stroke.
She didn't speak. Actually she cannot. Sex with him is like drug to her.
She is always high. She can't think straight, she can't talk but only follows his order.
He pulled out his cock and lined it against her asshole hesitated for a second and asked,"Shall I?"
Even though he is the master in the sex, he cares for her enough.
He knows her asshole is sometimes delicate.
It is one of the things she loves about him, he cares for her more than anyone.
She nodded, and Mike slowly pushed his dick into her asshole until his head is inside her.
He waited there and started kissing on her spine and started playing with her pussy.
She already did cum once and another one is building up now.
He knows her body. He knows which spot makes her hot.
When her asshole is adjusted to his dick, he pushed his dick all the way into bowels.
Once completely inside, he needs no permission. He started fucking her asshole with same force.
She is on the edge of blacking out and also on the edge of one of the biggest orgasms.
Sensing it Mike took hold of her panties and stuffed it in her mouth.
I hope the janitor won't come now. It will be same like Jennifer's fate, she thought.
Mike began to fuck her hard and cumming."
"Me too," she wanted to shout, but her panties stopped her sounds.
Then they both came hard and Mike's cum started to flow out of her asshole.
He smiled looking at the beauty of it, caught hold of her breasts from behind, lifted her and started kissing on her cheek and pinching her nipples.
"I asked you he asked.
"Yeah, I loved it," she said by turning around and giving a loving look at him.
Mike turned around because he can't look into her face like he is guilty of something not because he did things with Lara but because he can't love Michaela back.
"My class starts now. I should go, Mikey," he said with a look of remorse on his face.
She nodded sadly. Mike took her in his arms and kissed her hard. Then she rested her head on his shoulder feeling protected.
"Mikey, I—" he began to say but she stopped by kissing him.
"You don't have to say anything.I know. I understand. But I love you Mike. More than anything in the world," she said on the verge of tears.
No, I shouldn't cry.
He kissed her again, put his clothes back on and gone out of the room.
While he was going he stopped at the door for a second didn't look back but thought, I don't know if I love her but I want those two women in my life.
And started walking again and thought Well, I am GOING to have those two women in my life. Forever.
In the girl's room she thought, I know that he loves Lara,he can have her,but I love them both and I am going to be with them. Forever.

story by: Sex.Love.Life.

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Author: Sex.Love.Life.

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