My neighbors

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“Hi Robbie!” Victoria Fletcher called, as I rounded the fence that separated our front yards.

“Hello Vikki,” I replied sleepily. I’d only been up for a few hours because it was summer time, and I could do that. Vikki was only slightly shorter than me at about 5’5” to my 5’9” We have lived next to each other since birth, played together, went to school together, everything. She was cute, with a compact dancer’s body that came from years of, guess what, dancing and gymnastics. Her inky black hair and slight Asian features were inherited from her late father, who apparently had incredibly strong genes compared to Vikki’s mother. She was seventeen and still growing, puberty striking her much later than most of her friends, which was a constant source of material for teasing her. Vikki could be alarmingly perky, almost never in a bad mood and always looking for fun. She’d also had a thing for me for about as long as she was interested in boys.

“When are you gonna ask me out, Robbie?” she whined, as I held the door open for her, offering to help with the groceries.

“When you grow up, Vik,” I teased, making a point to eye her lewdly. I was only a year older than her as it was, but this was a running joke between us. She put the brown paper bags on the kitchen counter and turned on me, grabbing her chest and pushing the little mounds of flesh together.

“Look, they’re getting bigger! And not having boobs is hardly an excuse, I’m cute and I’m smart and I have a personality. That’s more than can be said for some of the hussies you’ve dated. Why do you think you dump them so fast? Because you can’t stand them.”

I protested, raising my voice a little like I was going to get angry. “Maria was kinda smart.” I had timed it just right too, waiting for her to drink something after being out in the hot sun. OJ shot out her nose as she started laughing, doubling up and slapping the counter top.

“Is Robbie trying to convince you his girlfriends were smart again?” the sexiest voice man has ever heard asked from the hallway. Ms., formerly Mrs. Amanda Fletcher, strode her mold breaking body into the kitchen. She wore a thin bathrobe, and when I say wore, I mean barely wore. The fabric hung from her slim shoulders like it was about to fall off and showed enough of her unbelievably long legs to drive any hot blooded male crazy. She looked like she was twenty even though she was going to be forty in a few months. Her D-cup breasts swelled out the bathrobe in a way only a mature woman’s could, and never failed to draw my eye. Her light brown hair and blue eyes were just as captivating as her youthful features.

I refer to her as Mrs. Fletcher only because I was so used to it and I couldn’t stop. So, Mrs. Fletcher had a troubled life almost from the start. Her parents weren’t around much and when she turned twenty-one, she and her friends went on a cross country trip to Cali, where she met her future husband and father of her only child. Michael Fletcher was a second generation Japanese-American and international business owner. A drunken tryst turned into a full blown relationship and then a marriage after only three months. Mr. Fletcher was an incredibly successful man, owning nearly a dozen small businesses and franchises worldwide. He had ten years on her but that hardly mattered to either of them. They had been fantastic parents to Vikki.

Mr. Fletcher died in a car accident six years ago in Hong Kong while on business. His death had devastated the family, and it had taken years for both of them to get over it. Mrs. Fletcher had tried to find another man, almost desperately tried, but it had never worked. The longest one had stayed was about a month and a half before Mrs. Fletcher kicked him to the curb. Nobody she met connected with her like Mr. Fletcher had, they were either in it for sex or for the ridiculous amount of money she had been left with. None had really wanted to stay, especially with a kid in the equation, despite her model looks and easy going attitude. I knew all of this because my mother had an incurable case of the got-to-knows.

Mrs. Fletcher had come up behind me, and I was in the process of turning around to face her when she hugged me. I stiffened uncomfortably as her arms wrapped around me and her large, perfectly shaped breasts squashed against my upper arm. She was a good four or five inches taller than I was and it was all leg. I stiffened, not because I was truly uncomfortable, but because I liked it way too much.

“Come on Robbie, what’s the matter? After all these years and now you start getting all edgy around me.”

“I I stammered. If she knew that I nearly creamed my pants anytime she so much as brushed my skin with a finger, she wouldn’t have been so nonchalant about it.

“Maybe it’s because you’re always half-naked around him mother,” Vikki said, barely controlled annoyance creeping into her voice.

Mrs. Fletcher let me go and stuck her tongue out at her daughter, sauntering past and digging around in the groceries. She was in fact half-naked most of the time, which is one of the reasons she drove me so crazy. Even now her robe was practically falling off of her slender frame. It wasn’t hard to imagine her naked in that thing. She pulled out a bag of grapes and hopped up on the kitchen counter, tearing it open and popping one in her mouth. I tried not to look at her; doing so could

I figured now was the time to get myself out of this disaster of a morning. It wasn’t usually like this, and I don’t know what had changed to make them act this way.

“So um, Mrs. Fletcher, what today?” I didn’t have a summer job per say, but I did all the manual labor around their house. I loved them both to death, but they were completely averse to physical labor. And besides, Mrs. Fletcher was exceedingly generous, especially so this year because I was heading off to college.

“Hmm, I think the pool could use a cleaning,” she replied with a smile, her voice soft. “I’ll get out the net thing if you want to go get your bathing suit.” Her suggestion did not go unnoticed by Vikki.

“Why does he need his bathing suit?”

“You don’t think I’d let him work his butt off out in the sun right next to the pool without it, do you? That would just be torture.” For some unexplainable reason, the thought of Mrs. Fletcher torturing me forced its way into my brain, and not the bloody torture either, the good kind, if that makes any sense. It didn’t help that she gave me a cute little look as she said it. What was going on with her today?

“Um, alright. You know where it is right?”

“Well of course I do…” she trailed off, a little extra color coming to her cheeks. She had no idea.

“On top of the shed,” I smiled, “What would you two do without me?” I was chuckling as I turned to head back outside.

“We’d probably die,” Mrs. Fletcher called as Vikki followed me out.

Once safely outside, I asked her, with your mom today?”

“I wish I knew. She’s been really weird lately.” She looked concerned for a second before shrugging it off, “Whatever, it’s probably nothing. I have to go to work. See you around Robbie.”

“Mhm, I rented Waiting yesterday, wanna watch it when you get back?” She was a sucker for Ryan Reynolds.

“Hell yeah! I love that movie! I’ll be right over after work.” This was also a regular occurrence over the summer, inviting each other over to watch a movie.

“Cool, see ya then.”

She smiled back at me as she got into her car, a high performance civic that her mom had sprung for and that I would kill to have. I waved as she pulled away and drove off. Shaking my head, I turned and headed back into my house. My parents were at work and my brother had graduated college, and was living with his fianc?n Boston.

I went to my room and changed into my suit, heading to the bathroom before I left. I was washing my hands when I caught my reflection in the mirror. It wasn’t that I tried hard to get girlfriends, they generally came to me. It was a curse and a blessing really, I liked the and the ego boost it brought, but the girls who liked me were just attracted to me by my looks. I admit it; I was a handsome son of a bitch. Tanned, even features, broad shoulders accompanied a well toned and muscled body that I worked very hard on. My sandy blond hair and tanned skin belied my Irish heritage. But those were only the minor things that drew the girls. It was my eyes that captivated them so, even caused one to drool, swear to god. Bright emerald green, and apparently depthless. One girl, Amy I think her name was, told me that it felt like…well I can’t really repeat what she said, but needless to say it was flattering. I loved them too, they were my favorite feature.

But anyways, I sprayed on some sunscreen and snagged my sunglasses before heading back out. When I made it back to the Fletcher’s pool I found Mrs. Fletcher in front of the shed, reaching up for the pool strainer. For a split second I wondered why she was doing this only now, but that’s also when I noticed she too had changed into a bathing suit, if it could be called that. The tiniest string bikini set I had ever seen was now on the sexiest woman I knew. The black bottoms were, at the moment, defining her ass better than any marble sculpture could. If that wasn’t enough, when she stood back after dragging the strainer off the shed roof, she pulled the fabric away from her butt where it had rode up on her a little, exposing a good deal of fleshy cheek.

“Are you going to get the scrubber thing for me too?” I asked in a mock stunned voice from a ways behind her.

She jumped with a startled squeak and whirled around, nearly decapitating me with the pole.

“Jesus Robbie, don’t scare me like that! You nearly gave me a she gasped, holding a hand over her heart.

I chuckled, taking the pole from her, you have to be old to have a />
She smiled, “Aww, thank you, I think.” I blushed against my will at the implication I had screwed up the compliment. She aww-ed again at my embarrassment and turned, reaching up for the squeegee type device. She handed that to me as well and stepped a little closer, her amused blue eyes trying to pierce the reflective material of my sunglasses.

She bent over slightly like she was about to talk to a child, her large breasts just about spilling out of her tiny black top, “You don’t mind if I keep you company do you? I’m so bored today.”

“No, that’s fine; just don’t throw me in the pool again.” There had been an incident a few years ago when I was smaller, where she had been teasing me about one thing or another and I had tossed a particularly clever remark right back, the next thing I knew, I was in the pool.

She sniffed, turning her nose up, “You started it.” I pulled my sunglasses down my nose and gave her an look.

I stared her down until she cracked, smiling, “With all your girlfriends, you’d think you would have learned that the woman is always right.” As she spoke, she walked up to me and took my chin in her hand, shaking my head like she was scolding me. She stared into my sunglasses for an eternity before smiling again and sauntering past me.

“I’ll be out in a second.”

I mumbled, rooted to the ground by her touch. It was several seconds before I snapped out of it and calmed myself down. Shaking my head, I got to work, plucking the few leaves and other bits of debris from the azure water. It really wasn’t that dirty, which made me wonder why she had me doing this instead of something more useful. I switched to the brush after I cleared the water, and began scrubbing the sides.

you hot?” Mrs. Fletcher asked from right behind me. I jumped, dropping the scrubber into the pool.

I turned and found her lounging in a reclined lawn chair behind me. “Come on!”

She giggled girlishly, covering her mouth with a delicate hand, “Oh god, you’re so much fun.” She had her own dark sunglasses on and all I could read was her silly smile.

“Ok, we’re even then. And what do you mean? It’s like a million degrees out.”

“You still have your shirt on,” she stated in a weird voice. Normally I wouldn’t hesitate to take my shirt off, but the way she was acting today, I just wasn’t sure.

“Oh,” I said distractedly, pulling my shirt off and turning my back. The scrubber had floated off to the middle of the pool, out of reach from any side. “Come on,” I groaned, shooting a nervous glance over my shoulder at Mrs. Fletcher. At first her face was expressionless, but she must have noticed me looking at her because a grin slowly formed on her full lips. I turned back and shivered, unable to understand what was going on with her today.

I eased into the pool to go after the scrubber, the water feeling amazing in this heat. I still had my sunglasses on so I didn’t go under, grabbing the pole and working my way back to the side. I tossed it over the side and firmly planted my hands on the tile, lifting myself from the water.

She was staring at me again! I’d be the first to admit it was hard to take my eyes off of her when she didn’t know I was watching, but when the tables were turned I couldn’t take it.

“Jeez Robbie, how often do you work out?” she asked, sounding awed of all things.

Returning to my work I replied with my back turned, “Umm, it depends, maybe three or four times a week and then light stuff when I don’t. So I guess everyday,” I chuckled guiltily.

“It shows.”

“Thank you,” again, I replied with my back turned.

I had worked my way to the opposite side of the pool and I checked to see what she was doing. She appeared to be asleep but I couldn’t be sure, because her shades were pointed in my direction, but she wasn’t moving and her mouth was slightly open.

But damn it all to hell, her teeth started to show, she was smiling at me again! Now I had vision problems, distance wasn’t my forte and I couldn’t see details at range, but I could see her pearly whites from here no problem.

By the time I had worked my way around to her other side, she was still staring straight ahead but now that I was closer I could see her watching me out of the corner of her eye. It was then that it dawned on me. This had happened before, but not with Mrs. Fletcher, with Chelsea, one of my old flings. That creepy chick had stared at me for a solid week before I asked her out and crushed her just to get her to stop. Yeah, yeah, it’s horrible I know, but I bet you haven’t had someone stare at you for six hours a day, everyday.

Anyways, if this was how Mrs. Fletcher wanted to tease me again, she was in for it. There’s a certain way to deal with those who like to watch things covertly, and that’s give them something to watch so you get a reaction, and thus blow their cover.

If I had known how this would backfire I I would have done the same thing.

Finished with my work, I stowed the equipment away and wandered poolside, standing directly behind Mrs. Fletcher. She had known better than to watch me bring the strainer and brush back to the shed. My shadow covered her entire body and I could see the goose-bumps begin to rise on her arms as she felt the change in temperature, or the direct attention.

“Are you going to act as my own personal umbrella Robert?” she quipped, tilting her head back and looking up at me.

“Oh, I just don’t want you to get burned. I don’t think you’d look so good as a />
She chuckled, “Well thank you for your concern. But I have on some hardcore sunscreen so I should be alright.”

“Speaking of which, do you think I could borrow some of that?”

“Of course dear, I’ll go get it,” she replied a little too eagerly. Standing up and stretching provocatively, she walked back into the house, just a little too quickly.

She was in for it now, I was a pro at this shit, and the fact that she was thirty-nine and my best friend’s mom never entered my mind. To me she was just another girl. Even though I had drooled over this woman at times and had things, to myself at the thought of this woman, I hadn’t stopped to consider what I was about to do.

Mrs. Fletcher reappeared a few moments later, clutching a squeeze tube of sunscreen. “Here you go.”

“Thank you,” I said as she lay back down in the chair. I took a few steps away from her and squeezed the white gel into my hand. “So um, Vikki told me about your trip to Mexico last week. How was that?” The key was to keep her distracted but also to keep her attention on me.

“Ohmigod it was so much fun!” she began excitedly, sitting up in the chair. I started off rubbing the sunscreen on my face and ears then my neck and shoulders. “Victoria and I did the whole Cancun beach thing. Their beaches are soo nice,” she sighed longingly, “I could have stayed there forever. Oh and the men she pretended to fan herself, “Let me just say, if I were ten years younger and braver, oh boy.”

By now I was rubbing sunscreen over my pecks after finishing with my arms. Not that I meant to, but my nipples hardened after repeated passes of my hand and she faltered in her speech for a mere second. I had her attention for sure now. Sure, she was telling me about her trip, but her eyes had to have been following my hands intently.

“Uh, w-what else did we do? Oh! We went shopping in one of those cute little marketplaces. I got this bathing suit there actually, and Victoria got one as well and one of those big hats just for she trailed off slightly when I started running my hands over my abs. I was damn proud of my six-pack, I worked my ass off to get them and maintain them. If I went to the mall with Vikki, which didn’t happen as often as I’d like, she would always say that I looked like one of those Abercrombie models when we walked past that wretched place. I hated to be compared to anything to do with that store, mainly because it smelled like they cleaned the place with axe body spray, but I still appreciated the compliment.

“Well you look very good in it Mrs. Fletcher, very vibrant,” I said, keeping my voice even so as not to break her concentration. She worked her mouth soundlessly, trying to speak. Now this was fun!

Finally she found her voice, “I you Robbie. That’s very sweet of you.”

“It’s the truth though.” I ran my fingertips over the individual lumps and grooves of my abs, tracing the outlines of the muscles. My chest was hairless so the lotion made my skin shine, reflecting the sun nicely. I must have looked like one of those greased up wrestler types from the Roman times, except for you know; the nudity and implied homosexuality. Just to be cruel, I ran my hand lower, the tips of my fingers just barely digging into the waistband of my trunks. Her glasses were still trained on my face, but her lip dropped fractionally and she seemed to struggle for a breath.

I groaned, “I can never get my back right.” As I spoke, I was reaching back and slapping my hands against my skin in futility. In fact, I was surprisingly flexible and was perfectly capable of touching every inch of my back with one hand. And in case you were wondering, yes, I did apply my own sunscreen before I came over here; this was purely for Mrs. Fletcher.

“I-I uh-I,” she took a deep breath as I pretended not to notice her struggling, “I can do it if you want.”

“Would you? That would be soo helpful.” I sat down between her small feet and handed her the tube.

Gulping down a fresh lungful of air, she knelt behind me and squirted plenty of sunscreen into her hand. Her hand touched my back gently, almost tenderly but she didn’t seem too comfortable with me this close to her at the moment. So, she quickly covered my back and smacked it when she finished, pushing me off her chair.

“Thanks, trying to do it myself always hurts my shoulders,” I said, flexing my back and shoulders.

“N-no problem sweetie,” he stumbled, trying to get herself under control it seemed.

“Well, I’m going in, you coming?” I asked, taking steps towards the edge of the pool.

“No hun, um not yet at least,” she smiled sweetly, trying to distract me from her predicament.

I shrugged, leaping into the water. I swam around for a good long time, making sure she saw me doing certain provocative things, not outwardly provocative things mind you, but innocent little things that could be taken the wrong way in a certain mood.

When I caught her shifting her legs uncomfortably, I figured I had tortured her enough. Again I lifted myself clear of the water and wobbled over to the chair next to her, feigning exhaustion. I replaced my sunglasses and lay back with a hand on my hard packed stomach.

“Tired already?”

I yawned, turning my head at an angle so that I was looking up and away from her but I merely had to move my eyes to see what she was doing. And with that I lay still for five or so minutes, letting my mouth open and slowing my breathing.

Again, if I had known what was about to happen…

After maybe ten agonizing minutes, she sat up, pulling her shades down to the tip of her nose and peered at me in the bright sunlight. I made no response at all. she called again, slightly louder. All the while I was watching her intently, most of my brain dedicated to keeping my breathing and heart rate down.

She looked around warily, as if to make sure no one was watching her, before lying back down on her side. I almost made a disappointed noise, fearing all of my efforts had been for naught, but stopped short as I saw her hand move. Slowly it slid down her impressively smooth stomach before gingerly gliding over her bikini bottoms.

Now this is where I fess up. I may have had many girlfriends in the past, but um, I had never really got that far with them, if you know what I mean. I ran the bases, sure, but I had never hit a home run if you catch my drift. Now that you know…

This was unbelievable! She was blatantly rubbing herself to my body. She had taken her sunglasses off and her eyes were slowly opening and closing in rhythm with her fingers, which pushed harder and harder against her pubic mound. She made this little whimpering noise, apparently unsatisfied with the results of her surface work and soon her hand had disappeared beneath the thin material of her bottoms.

“Oh Robbie,” she breathed, her face turning bright red as I watched her knuckles strain against the taught fabric. This was incredible, never in my life had I been this turned on.

“Nnnnhh, shiit,” she gasped, her body jerking and shaking rather violently, her shapely legs clamping together. Now, as unsuccessful as I’d been in getting past third base, I had honed my skill with my hands to the point where I could cause a reaction just like what Mrs. Fletcher was going through. After a good chunk of time she calmed down, pulling her hand from between her legs and looking at it. Her fingers glistened with her own juices and clung between her fingers like sticky nectar. Yeah, I knew what it tasted like, I’d only gone down on one girl but I was eager to do it again.

But that wasn’t the best part of this moment, no, as she looked at her fingers, they slowly began moving towards her face. She stuck out her tongue and licked her palm, then stuck her fingers into her mouth one by one, sucking them clean.

Her eyes tracked back to my body and all of a sudden she froze, her eyes bugging out. What had she seen? I followed her line of sight and groaned internally. She was staring at my crotch. I tried to look but couldn’t do it without moving my head, which I wasn’t about to do. But needles to say, I could feel the raging hard-on I had going down there.

Horror written on her perfect features, she reached towards my face and pulled my sunglasses off. I considered pretending to sleep, but the jig was up. Instead, I smiled at her, trying to calm her down with a reassuring look.


I sat up, the tent in my shorts only becoming more prominent and noticeable. She shot to her feet, turning away with a tear hanging in the corner of her eye.

“I’m so sorry. You probably think I’m she sniffed.

I stood and came up behind her, slowly reaching out and touching her side with a gentle hand, then the other. She tried to pull away but I kept with her, wrapping my arms around her slender middle, pushing against her from behind. My restrained cock pushed into her barely covered ass, eliciting a pitiful whimper.

“No Mrs. Fletcher, I thought that was soo hot. You’re so god damn sexy and I want you. I’ve always wanted you.” Yeah, I was going farther than just teasing her; I had long ago crossed the point of no return. I was done watching, done fantasizing and done being on the outside.

A tiny little noise escaped her throat as she felt my throbbing cock pushing against her luscious ass. w-we can’t do this,” she protested weakly, squirming in my grip.

“That was your intent today, was it not? And if it wasn’t today then you had it in mind for the future.” That actually did fit in with the way she was acting today and explained the little quirks I’d noticed when she was around me recently.

Her breathing had become labored and she was sweating freely. Her hands held my forearms, not trying to pull them from around her stomach, just holding them there.

she murmured.

She turned around in my arms and winced as my erection jabbed into her crotch. “I said, yes, that was my plan.” My eyes bugged out as she grabbed my face between her hands and kissed me. And I thought I was an experienced kisser, but fuck I was wrong! I melted into her body, her perfect tits flattening against my muscled chest. She pulled away and looked down into my eyes with a sigh.

“You have such beautiful eyes,” she breathed, running her hands through my hair and over my face. “I remember thinking that when you were a baby.”

I blushed, “Yours are nicer.”

“Pfft, I’ve been getting lost in your eyes since you were thirteen. Now be quiet.” She pushed me back onto the lawn chair and eased herself down on top of me.

She kissed me again, her tongue gently exploring the inside of my mouth. “Mrs. so hot,” I groaned as she ground her crotch against my shaft. It was a double meaning really, everything she was doing was hotter than the sun and the heat coming from between her legs was extraordinary.

“Amanda, my name is Amanda,” she cooed, taking my hand and putting it to her left breast, her eyes watching everything I did with curious affection.

I could feel her heart pounding behind the supple flesh, “Okay,

I yelped as I felt her hand inside my trunks, playing with my hard-as-steel shaft. She bit her lip with a smile, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Mrs. Fletcher does make it sound kinda naughty doesn’t it?”

My own breathing faltered as her experienced hands touched me in all the right places, making it difficult to do the same for her, it does.”

“Okay then,” she giggled happily, kissing me again, hard. I squeezed her breast, pleased to see her nipples trying to slice through the material of her top. I realized my other hand was doing nothing and quickly remedied that situation, sending it slowly down her stomach and into her bottoms.

she purred lustily, looking down her body at my hand, right, touch me down there.” I must have given her a look because she smiled apologetically and said, “Sorry, I don’t need to tell you what to do.”

I kissed her, shaking my head as an answer. I took my hand from her tits and reached behind her, deftly untying her top. Smiling broadly, I watched her pull it off and throw if behind her, revealing her perfect tits in all their glory. God they were big, no girl I had been with could compare to her. Sensing my awe, or just seeing it plain as day on my face, she smiled and pushed them out at me. I didn’t need to be told, taking one of her succulent pink nipples into my mouth. I rolled my tongue over the little rock hard morsel and looked up at her face.

She wasn’t reacting like the girls I’d fooled around with. She wasn’t in the throws of ecstasy, she wasn’t crying out for God, she just had her eyes closed with a pleased smile on her face. This gave me a disheartening pause, was I doing it wrong? Maybe I wasn’t as good as I thought I was. She must have sensed my hesitation because she opened her eyes and looked down at me.

stop Robbie. Mmm-my god you keep this up and I’m gonna cum soon,” she soothed, kissing the top of my head. That was all the confidence I needed. I lightly bit her nipple as I began vigorously rubbing her outer pussy lips.

“Oh Jesus, don’t stop!” she cried, her voice turning into a delightful squeak, stop.” I bit harder while I brought up my free hand and began tweaking her other nipple. By now I was past rubbing her pussy and was slowly beginning to finger her whilst rubbing her clit gently with my thumb. Her arms wrapped around my head, unable to concentrate on playing with my cock she held my head firmly against her chest while her body started to tremble.

“Oh Robbbbie!!” she nearly screamed as she exploded all over my hand. Cum and juices flowed out of her like a burst damn. And she nearly suffocated me by pressing my mouth and nose so hard against her boob there was no way to breathe. She didn’t seem to want to stop, her body releasing all of the pent up lust and emotion she’d been unable to get out for nearly six years. Soon enough, not only were her bikini bottoms soaked through, so were my trunks. Her scream had died down to a pitiful whimper after a few moments, but it didn’t seem to herald and end to her staggering orgasm.

With a grin, I realized this was partly my doing, I was still fingering her roughly. Having located her G and her clit I hadn’t let up on them since I started. Realizing this too, she wrenched my hand from between her legs and collapsed on top of me, her body still wracked by this almighty climax, but greatly reduced. What could only have been five minutes later, she had calmed down enough for proper speech.

“Y-you have no idea…six years.”

I smiled and kissed her cheek, she was completely exhausted. Her body rested limply on top of mine, our skin slick with sweat. I must have looked expectant because she gave me a pained look and rolled to onto her side next to me on the chair. She reached down and pulled my shorts down, revealing my still raging cock to the summer air.

She groaned, closing her eyes and rubbing her eyes. I looked down, seeing nothing unusual.

huge,” she sighed and then to herself, “God they grow them big these days.” I was startled to say the least, flattered out of my mind, but still startled.

“Well so?”

“Honey, I’m old okay, and after what you just did to me I’m not going anywhere fast. Do what you want with me but I can’t help you out alright.” I didn’t know how to take that. I mean for crying out loud, I had a painfully hard cock that just would not quit and she was going on about being old. Didn’t she know I hadn’t done this before? I got onto my knees and looked down at her exhausted body.

Groaning and moaning she reached down and untied her bottoms, pulling them free. “Go ahead sweetie.” I was stunned for a second, she was shaved clean and soaked beyond belief. Now, having never seen the effects of child birth on a woman, I couldn’t tell you she’d had one, she looked just like any other pussy I’d seen. But for some reason she was more appealing than any of them had been.

I hesitated, unsure of just how to do things. Here she was, basically inviting me to do whatever I wanted to her and I was worrying about hurting her. we need a-a, uh a condom or something?”

She looked at me funny for a second before covering her face with an arm, “I had my tubes tied after Victoria. Now please, fuck me. I may not be able to move but I still want it.”

“Robbie, sweetheart, I’ve given birth, you can’t hurt me.”

This made no sense, I had lusted after this woman for years and when the time came, I was hesitating! Concern written on my face, I grabbed my dick, rubbing the swollen head over her outer area. After a moment of that, confidence boosted by her pleased noises, I began carefully probing the tip of my dick into her drenched interior.

“You have no idea how much you’re torturing me,” she moaned, peeking out from under her arm. I was tempted to just do this for a while, it felt good and I liked the idea of her. But as I said, I was painfully hard and I couldn’t wait to be rid of the damn thing. So, slowly and carefully, I started pushing more and more of my shaft into her body, pulling back after each inch.

She was squirming uncontrollably under me, “Oh god, just shove it in! I feel so bad for all the girls you’ve tortured with this. How many have you done this to?” Despite her pleas, I kept up this slow stuff, being a virgin (sad sad) I knew I wouldn’t last too long if I just rabbit fucked her like we both wanted. For every slow inch I put in her, I just as slowly pulled back half that. And at this rate with my endowment, she wouldn’t be full for a little while.

I replied distractedly, my full attention focused on what I was doing, my first.”

she exclaimed, disbelief all too apparent in her pretty eyes. She tried to sit up but by the shaking strain I was seeing, that wouldn’t happen.

“Yup, now shush,” I smiled, covering her mouth with a hand. She relaxed and looked down at my cock, almost halfway inside her and rolled her eyes.

After at least two minutes of agonizing slowness, our pubic bones touched, I was completely in her. She let out a relieved noise against my hand and shifted her body, enjoying my filling presence. Without warning, I quickly pulled my cock completely from her warm, surprisingly tight and totally soaked pussy. She gasped in shock and longing as she was voided in an instant, totally empty of my hard throbbing cock.

She made a pleading whimpering noise into my palm as her eyes begged for me to put it back in. I began rubbing the head of my cock against her slit again, exactly as I had done before.

“What would you do, if I did the same thing again?” She screamed against my hand, pleading eyes crying for release. I cocked my head like I was still waiting for an answer.

“Nothing? Okay,” I was having trouble holding back the laughter. Her face was priceless. And yes, this was totally worth it, sure I had a wicked case of the blue balls and I was in a good deal of pain, but this was worth it. I repeated the process, slowly pushing my length into her cunt and then pulling a bit back. Her insides were freaking out, twitching and clenching like something else. I did this twice more, twice! After that I had had enough, and she was on the verge of unconsciousness anyways from the anticipation alone, not to mention the three aborted orgasms.

No, now we would get what we wanted. After ripping my dick from her for the third time I slammed it back in, instantly filling her up again. She screamed against my hand which I still held in place, and promptly passed out. She came to a moment later after I started fucking her for real. I pounded her as hard as I dared, the sensation of her almost delicate feeling inner walls was like magic.

She ripped my hand away from her mouth and cried out in pure ecstasy, “Fucking yes Robbie! OHHH YAAA!” Nice as it may have been to hear, I feared that she would only get louder so I replaced my hand over her mouth. She didn’t object thankfully, and I watched as her eyes rolled back. I had been right as soon as I started moving fast I wouldn’t last. I could feel it building up, desperate for release. I lay down on top of her, relishing the feeling of her tits flattening against my chest and her nipples trying to stab into my skin. I took my hand away from her mouth and replaced it with my lips, kissing her for all I was worth.

I grunted, tipped over the edge by her hands grabbing handfuls of my ass and squeezing. With a final effort I buried my entire length into her boiling insides, unloading myself into her guts. She moaned loudly into my mouth as her body bucked under me, quickly filling with my hot cum. She took her hands away from my ass and wrapped them around my body, trying to crush me against her as her own body exploded again. I threatened to black out as I kept unloading jet after jet of cum into her already full cunt. Her own cum mixed with mine and began spilling out of her around my slowly shrinking cock.

Finally spent I deflated on top of her, panting like I’d just run a marathon and fighting back unconsciousness. She kept shaking for a few minutes before lying still as well, just as exhausted as I was, maybe a little more.

“I, um, thank you for being my first,” I murmured into her neck as she held me loosely, it hit me, “I think I always wanted it to be this way.”

she preened, pleased with herself. I sat up and looked her over. She was a mess but she had never looked as beautiful as she did now. It was probably because she was naked but I don’t know. Her hair was plastered all over her face and her panting was making her big breasts heave beautifully, sweat making her lustrous tan skin shine.

“My god you’re beautiful,” I said quietly, clearing some of the hair from her face. She blushed like a little girl at the compliment and tried to sit up as well but just couldn’t make it, flopping back down. She held a hand over her stomach and grimaced, gently rubbing her belly.

“Are you alright?” Can I get you />
“I’m just getting old is all, can’t fuck like I used to,” she chuckled, “Can you get me something cold to drink though, I’m dying.”

“Sure thing,” I leaned down and kissed her forehead, “Anything in />
“OJ would be nice please,” she purred, totally contented, like a great weight had been taken off of her. It might have been a trick of the light but she appeared to have lost ten years since this morning. I smiled, struggling into my shorts and heading for the back door.

“Aww, I wanted to see your tight ass walk away,” she called.

Laughing, I pulled down the back of my shorts and kept walking as she whistled. I pulled them back up as I entered and nearly died as I slipped on a puddle of something. I caught myself on the counter and looked around for whatever had been spilled. There was nothing, so I assumed Mrs. Fletcher had spilled something when she went in for the sunscreen and forgot to clean up the floor. Shaking my head I used some paper towels to clean it up and then continued to the fridge.

As I poured her a glass of orange juice, something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. Putting the glass on the counter I turned to see Vikki getting out of her car through the window.

“No way!” Adding some colorful curse words, I rushed back outside. “Mrs. Fletcher! Vikki’s home!”

I’d never heard her curse before and I had to admit it was kinda hot. She yanked her bikini bottoms back on and then searched frantically for her top. I heard the front door open and desperately jabbed my finger at the pool where her skimpy top was floating. Adrenaline fueling her, she heaved her body out of the chair and threw herself into the pool. I heard her flailing around in the water as I turned to distract Vikki.

“Vikki! You’re home early!” I called, blocking her way into the kitchen and shooting her a warm smile.

“Power failure. Sent everyone home,” she said tersely, trying to push past me. I took up most of the door way with my body and refused to move, all with a smile on my face.

“Are you alright, your face is kinda red?” I asked, slightly concerned.

“Its a zillion degrees out, what do you expect?” she snapped, shoving me aside and storming into the kitchen, tossing her purse onto the table and throwing open the sliding door. Calmly, I grabbed the glass of orange juice and followed her out. Just as I did, Mrs. Fletcher was climbing out of the pool like one of those hot chicks in the movies, slowly climbing the steps and wringing her hair, sparkling droplets cascading from her body. It all happened in slow motion for me so it was twice as cool. On a side note, she had her top back on.

“Sweatie, why so early?”

“Power failure,” I called before she could answer, earning a death glare from Vikki. I walked past and handed Mrs. Fletcher her drink before jumping into the pool again. I’ll be damned if I’m the one who blows it by smelling like sex, good old chlorine should take care of that. Vikki was eyeing her mother strangely but Mrs. Fletcher didn’t crack, smiling at her daughter like nothing was up.

you want to join us?” I called to Vikki. Now it was my turn to get the stink eye as Mrs. Fletcher looked on with a grin, sipping her drink. “It takes care of the heat real nice.”

With a sigh, she smiled, “Yeah, let me go change.” She disappeared into the house as I looked to Mrs. Fletcher with a triumphant grin.

“Well done Robbie,” she sauntered to the edge of the pool closest to me and looked down while tread water, have to have sex in her bed and see if we get away with it.”

The fact that she alluded to sleeping with me again was not lost on my horny brain, so mean,” I chuckled, splashing water at her impossibly long legs. She put her sunglasses back on and sipped at her juice.

“Perhaps, but we have to do something crazy.”

“Says who? What wrong with doing it like today?”

“Says me. Your mine until you leave and you have to do what I tell you,” she smirked behind the lip of her glass. My jaw dropped and I took in a mouthful of water.

Spluttering, I said, “Yes ma’am. Maybe I’ll sneak in one night and fuck your brains out under her nose, would that placate the almighty Mrs. />
“Mm, this pleases me, make it happen.”

“What pleases you?” Vikki asked, waltzing outside dressed in an identical string bikini. Though if pressured I’d have to say her mother looked better in it. Her small breasts made left a little to be desired, but she more than made up for it in ass. The material clung to her tight little bottom like a second skin and I nearly drool as she twirled for her mother to see how she looked.

desperate obedience, he’ll do anything for money. He’s like a whore, aren’t you Robbie?”

“Yes I demurred, pretending to be ashamed.

“Really now. How much would it take for you to take me out hmm? Is there a set rate or is it by the hour?”

“It’s by the hour. And I don’t know if you can afford me, I’m not some cheap skank you pick on a street corner. I am a high quality, high maintenance, date that must be treated just right,” I said with a straight face. I only cracked a smile when Vikki nearly choked laughing and Mrs. Fletcher started giggling. I walked out of the pool and towards the deep end, eyeing the inflatable raft. Mrs. Fletcher sat down in the lawn chair and Vikki followed me, wiping tears from her eyes. I stopped and looked at the raft then at her as she sidled up next to me. She took one look at me and burst out laughing again.

Shaking my head I pulled my hand back and slapped her butt, fairly normal between us, “It’s not that funny Vik, calm down.”

“Hey! Don’t spank me whore!” she laughed, hauling off and smacking my ass in return.

Smiling I said, “Remember that game we used to play?”

“The one where we jump off the end and both try to land on the raft?”

the one. You up for it?”

she snorted,

“You screwed up with that one Robbie!” Mrs. Fletcher called from across the pool.

“Yeah, yeah,” I muttered, backing up with Vikki in preparation to jump.

“You call it out mom!” Mrs. Fletcher was well aware of the game.

“Ready! Set! Go!” We ran and jumped at exactly the same time. But before we jumped she pushed me. I knew before my toes left the ground that I was going to overshoot. My knees hit just past the middle of the raft and I fell forward, my face slamming against the head of the raft and sending me into an out of control somersault over the end of the raft into the water. When I surfaced I could hear them cackling with laughter. Slowly turning, I shot a glare at Mrs. Fletcher and then turned on Vikki. She was kneeling on the raft laughing her tight little be-hind off and didn’t notice me swimming closer. Without warning I flipped the raft over, sending her flying into the water with a shriek.

The rest of the afternoon was perfect, lots of laughing and joking. When Mrs. Fletcher called it a day and wandered inside, Vikki and I lounged around poolside, pruned and exhausted.

She sighed contentedly, “Can we go watch that movie now?”

“Sure Vik. I gotta go change and shower, just come on over.”

“Ok, see you in a bit,” she chirped happily, hurrying off. I let out pleased sigh, this had been one helluva great day. I gathered up my shirt and sunglasses and sauntered back home.

I took a nice hot shower, ridding myself of the chlorine smell, and changed into some light around-the-house clothes. I headed down into the basement where the entertainment system was set up. Before I even got there I could smell the popcorn. Vikki was curled up on the big couch, a pillow tucked against her stomach on which a huge bowl of popcorn rested. She had changed in a pair of teeny tiny blue booty shorts and a tube top.

“Hello hello,” I smiled, tossing myself on the couch next to her and stretching out. Grinning, she pressed play and the movie began. The lights were off and the only illumination came from the big plasma.

“Are you gonna share that or are you gonna piggy piggy it? God knows you need to gain some weight,” I teased.

She made a snuffling noise like a pig and kicked my foot, “That was another boob crack wasn’t it?”

I didn’t answer, which was just as good as a yes. “Ooo, Robert Shea, you’re such an ass!”

“At least you’re good in that I said quietly.

She kicked me again, and I heard a little clacking noise that I couldn’t identify. While I had been speaking my attention had been on the television and not her, which may have been a mistake.

“Look that’s it, I’m going to prove it to you!” I was just about to look over to see what she was on about and my eyes bugged out as I saw her flying through the air. She landed on my chest, driving the air from my lungs. She pinned my hands under her knees and tore at her shirt, stripping it off and throwing it across the room.

“Vikki, what are you doing?” I stammered, stunned and confused.

she pointed at her chest, her washboard flat stomach led to two small mounds of girl flesh stuffed into a bra that was probably too small for her. I figured she was only wearing it because the next size up was too big, but then again I was a guy, what did I know?

“Mm, yeah, you still got a ways to go.”

“No I she cried in frustration, reaching behind her back and unhooking her bra to my horror. My mouth filled with saliva as I took in her young pert tits, little pink, eraser sized nipples, standing erect. Damn it they were easily the cutest things I’d ever seen.

“Feel ‘em,” she demanded, freeing my right hand and bringing it to her left breast, forcing it against her flawless skin. My hand easily held her entire breast, but I had big hands so… She moaned as she pushed my hand harder against herself.

I pulled my other hand free and cupped her other tit, gently rubbing my thumb over her rock-hard nipple.

She gasped, closing her eyes. “I saw you.”

Distracted, I said, “Yeah, when? Yesterday at the mall?”

As I lightly rolled my thumb over one and twisted the other she bit her lip, “This mom.”

I froze, my hands dropping from her chest in shock. She opened her eyes and looked down at me in disappointment. “You know I like you Robbie, how could you do that with…my mother? I would do anything for you and you had to go and do that to me?”

“No, shut up!” she sniffed, tears welling up in her eyes. “Why wont you love me? I love you, why cant you see that?”

“Vikki I do love you,” I said quickly before she cut me off.

“Yeah, then why don’t you show it? You tease me and then you fuck my mom! How does that show me you love me? Why wont you sleep with me? Why wont you even go out with me? Huh?” Tears were flowing down her cheeks now and my chest tightened up because of it, I felt terrible now.

you’re like a little sister to me.”

She was silent as she took that in. She sniffed again after a moment or two, />
I said as soothingly as I could. It was true actually, now that I thought about it.

“Well, you’re already weird for having sex with my forty year old mother, why can’t you do it with your little sister?” She had been sitting on my crotch for a good deal of time now and a little part of my brain was telling my body that it felt good while I was talking.

I chuckled lightly, “Well when you put it that way.” I reached up and put a hand behind her neck, drawing her down and kissing her. She instantly melted against me, moaning into my mouth as her hands seized my head. Apparently our bodies had been waiting for this moment for years, because the way they reacted was profound. Our breathing picked up to a ridiculous level and our minds seemed to sync. Clothing flew everywhere as our passion mounted, savagely kissing each other, biting those sensitive areas within reach and touching in just the right places to make each other moan to the ceiling. I was surprised when her body was maneuvered in such a way that she could bite me nipple. That had never happened before and it felt terrific, forcing a moan from my throat much to her delight.

After this simple foreplay had exhausted itself I grabbed her and turned her until she was just about sitting on my face. gonna love this.” That was all the warning she got before I attacked her pussy with my mouth. She tasted so sweat it was scary, like actually juice. I was tempted to ask her what she was eating to give it that flavor but decided it was for another time. I went at her with reckless abandon, using every trick I had to tease an orgasm out of her. It didn’t take long.

she screamed, her face turned upward to the heavens, threatening to shatter glass. Her cum tasted just as sweet as I scooped it out of her drenched slit with my tongue. Spent, she collapsed, her face pressed against my thigh.

Almost absentmindedly she toyed with my cock and balls, her small hands managing to hit all the sensitive spots just right. Suddenly something hot and well closes around the tip of my dick, feeling like some divine power was caressing my cock.

“Oh god Vikki,” I groaned. Her response was to swallow nearly half of my cock in one go, which was more than could be said for some of my old girlfriends. As she worked her mouth over my shaft, her hands played with my balls creating this dynamite sensation I’m at a loss to describe. Slowly she pulled her mouth from my cock, her vacuum sealed lips sliding over the head of my cock in such a way that I almost screamed.

“Fuck me Robbie, I’m ready,” she declared, sitting up and looking back over her shoulder at me.

“Okay but we />
“I’m on the pill, I have been for a month.”

“Yeah ok, but its your first time so…”

“I broke it with the dildo I used to have,” she smiled sheepishly, Yeah I was a little disappointed, it just wasn’t the same without that defining act of deflowering a virgin.

such a brat,” I sighed, running a finger up and down her spine.

Lifting her hips up, she guided the tip of my dick to the entrance of her sex. I planted my hands firmly on her sides, ready to take her weight if necessary. She began lowering herself onto my shaft and I gasped, she was tighter than a vice! Grunting, she forced more and more of my cock into her virgin confines. I fancied I could hear her stretching to accommodate my rather considerable girth.

“Why did you have to be so fucking big?” she groaned, holding herself still with my help, as she gave herself a break.

“Because your so tight,” I breathed, this felt unbelievable, “it was meant to be.”

She snickered, looking down to see nearly half of my cock buried in her impossible tightness. Her legs began to quiver all of a sudden and I took more of her weight as they gave out.

“Vikki, come on now! I-I can’t hold you forever,” I told her in a strained voice, a days worth of swimming took a toll on my arms.

“I can’t they wont she screamed her lungs ragged as my arms gave out and she dropped, the rest of my cock forcing its way into her guts. When she had no more breath to scream with, she sagged forward, planting her hands on my thighs. I knew she was crying but I couldn’t say anything, she had her back to me for a reason. When it didn’t show any signs of letting up I reached out again and slowly began turning her around. Now that was a weird sensation, turning her on my cock, having her pussy rotating around my shaft.

She squeezed her eyes shut and more tears were forced out to run down her freckled cheek. “I’m sorry Vikki,” I cooed, pulling her down and hugging her tightly.

She gulped a lungful of air and wiped her eyes, “I’m ok, we can keep going.”

“No, shh, just relax and be quiet baby, alright?”

she whimpered, putting her face into the side of my neck, her breath tickling my skin. “I like it when you call me baby.”

I chuckled, “You need to relax, okay. Can you do that for me?” She was still in pain because she was tensing up. She took a deep breath and tried to relax her body, lightly kissing my neck. After a few minutes, she told me she was ready again.

“You sure?”

“Yes, god I just need to be fucked Robbie, you have no idea what it’s like.” That was enough for me, she sat back up and slowly started riding me. It was obscene really, how tight she was, truly obscene, and in no time I could feel my balls start to tighten and a tremendous welling up sensation began to build. Unfortunately that’s also when she hit her stride, really getting into it.

“Vikki uhhhn, I’m I grunted, my body exploding for the second time today. She squealed as her tiny insides were flooded with my lava hot cum, her body bucking. Furiously, on the brink of climax herself, she fucked me, butt cheeks slapping my upper thighs. She didn’t let up, even as her cunt milked me for all I was worth and my cock began to shrink.

All of a sudden she blew, a jet of girl cum shooting straight out of her horizontally and hitting me square in the chin. It was something only seen once a lifetime and I was awed by the sight of it. She screamed again, very nearly shooting off of me and flopping around between my legs, looking for all intents and purposes to be in the throws of a seizure. I was worried for a moment, until I saw the dumb little smile in her lips and the dazed flutter of her eyelids. My chest splashed with her cum, I sat up and watched her writhe in ecstasy.

It was several very entertaining minutes before she calmed down enough to speak properly, lucky you’re so huge and I got off, otherwise I would have kicked your ass.”

“I’m sure baby, I’m sure.”

“I would have, you haven’t seen me angry…you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry,” she quoted.

“I’d like you no matter what mood you’re in, Butt Cheeks McGee,” I laughed, watching her ass as she tried to stand up, unsuccessfully I might add.

She blushed and looked down over her shoulder at her ass, she did have a little white girl bubble butt sorta thing going on back there. “Why do you like my ass so much? It’s too big.”

“Hardly, it’s perfect. Tell you a secret?”

she leaned in conspiratorially, eyes alight.

“It’s better than your />
she preened.

She let out a pleased sigh and snuggled up to me, making sure her butt was pressed against the inside of my leg. Her head rested on my chest and I stroked her hair tenderly.

“I saw the whole thing you know. I came back when you were putting the suntan lotion on because I had forgotten my cell phone.”

“Yeah? Did you like that little show?”

“God yes, you have such a nice body, very sexy.” I blushed hard, letting out a polite cough.

She giggled in response, “Yeah and then when my mom started rubbing herself, I nearly ran out there and stopped it.”

“Why didn’t you?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“Well I uh,” she faltered, embarrassed, “it was hot,”

“The weather or your mom />
By the way she choked on her words, I guessed the latter.

“And what did you do when we started at it?”

“I um, I did what mum did,” she admitted sheepishly.

“You fingered />
“Not at first,” she sounded defensive, like I had implied she was doing something really bad.

“Where were you by the way?”

“In the kitchen, near the door.”

“So that’s what that wet stuff was! I nearly died because of your cum!” I never thought I would have said anything remotely like those words. She burst out laughing and couldn’t stop for the longest time.

“Oh god, that’s going on my Facebook,” she sniggered.

“Oh ha, ha. When did you lose it?”

“Uh I don’t know, it looked like the same time you two did.”

a weird little girl, do you know that?”

“So what do we do now, I mean, about this?” I made a vague gesture with my hand.

“We don’t tell my mom and you keep fucking her while she thinks I don’t know about it, all the while you’re doing me right under her nose.”

I must have looked shocked. She smiled reassuringly and kissed me passionately, settling herself on my chest and sighing.

be fun.”

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story by: Von Armand

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Author: Von Armand

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