My run with my sister

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Hi. My name is Zach. My folks are divorced and both are remarried. I live with my mom and Step-dad, Chris, full time. Chris has four children from a previous marriage, three of whom are either in collage or out with their own families. I’m an only child myself. So it’s just my mom, Chris, my bombshell step-sister, and I most of the time.
Now my step-sister, Taylor, is something to look at. She’s 5’ 9”, 16 years old and well developed. She has like C cup breasts that are firm but bouncy. She has long wavy blond hair and a very tight butt. She could very well be the next hottest model.
Now, I parents travel a lot and some of the time we stay home and continue with our schooling. So, one time my folks left for a two week business trip to Europe and we stayed behind. We had our whole three story, two square mile home with 25 acres of land to ourselves. So we threw outrageous parties and stayed up late. One day, about a week in, we had just come home from a football game, and me being the senior quarterback, I was rather sweaty. So I go take a shower. When I got out Taylor was swimming in our indoor pool. I went to our rec. room and started playing Halo 2 online in a place called VIP Lounge, where you can only get in with an invite
I’m listening to everyone talk about who they were fucking, while shooting the shit out of them, when Taylor walks in with a towel wrapped around her and sits in the other gaming chair. Then she bends over and picks up her controller, logs in, and starts to kick some ass with me. I look over and see that she is completely naked. The towel has fallen down and she is sitting, legs spread, giving me a full view of her beautiful, well shaven pussy.
Then she saw me staring, she, to my utter amazement said “You like what you see?” I told her that I did very much like it. So she got up, came over to me, and just sat right in my lap, right over my very erect cock. She took my hands and put one over her breasts and started to finger fuck herself with the other. I nearly came right then and there. The feeling of my fingers going in and out of her velvety pussy was just too much.
After about two minutes of that, she got up off me. Almost immediately, I had my huge 17” cock out of my pants. Taylor’s eyes almost popped out of her head at the sight of it. She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her hand and started to slide it up and down my shaft. I leaned back and went with the rush. Then all at once I felt this cum causing sensation of Taylor stretching her mouth over my girth. As I felt my balls draw up and my cock start to pulse, I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my cock in until I felt my cockhead hit the back of her throat. Then I blew what must have been a couple of gallons of cum straight down it. Then I pulled her up and kissed her full on the mouth, tasting my man juice. After that I grabbed her hand and pulled her to my room and pulled her up onto my king sized bed. She rolled me over onto my back and started to slowly slide herself down over me. Then I felt a wall of virginity push against my cock.
“Holy shit, my sister’s going to be a virgin for about two more seconds.” I thought. I looked into her eyes and they must have given away what I was thinking because she grabbed underside of my legs and pulled herself down with all of her strength. I felt it resist for about half a second, my cock bending, then it snapped right back into its rigid form as the wall broke. Taylor, being the big girl, didn’t scream, she just started to quietly cry. I reached up and pulled her to me and just held her for a minute or two as she cried. Then, she wiped the tears from her eyes and rolled next to me on the bed. I got over her and set my cockhead right next to her pussy.
I asked her if she was ready and she nodded and then with a ferocity that caught me off guard, she said “I want that cock as deep as that thing will go in about a quarter of a second.” So I grabbed her legs and shoved my cock all the way into her. I heard a slight squeak come from her, then I pulled out and did it again. Shortly, she started to moan as the ecstasy of the moment started to take over. I started to speed up, hearing the smack of flesh as I drove my cock into her like a jackhammer. Then, Taylor threw back her head and arched her back. I could feel her already tight pussy get so much tighter. I felt myself on the edge of a load and shoved myself the extra millimeter that caused me to cum all over the inside of her. I slowly slid my sensitive cock out of her steaming pussy. We kissed for a few minutes. Then we went and took a shower together.
After the shower, I could tell she was still in the mood by the way she stared at my cock. I got back in bed and waited as Taylor left to get something from her room. When she came back, she was holding this 20” dildo. She handed it to me and told me to shove it in her pussy. So, I spread her legs and shoved it all the way to the base. I whimpered, but nodded when I looked at her. I watched in awe as she started to gyrate around the dildo.
Then I had the most erotic idea. I pulled the dildo out of her hot cunt and shoved my cock in. After a few minutes if pumping, I suddenly pulled out and rammed my cock into her tight, little asshole. She let out a scream that could have woken the dead. I started to slowly pump as her hole relaxed, allowing more maneuvering room. Then I felt her hand come up with the giant dildo and she slowly started to pump it in he pussy. I could feel the dildo bumping against my cock as I fuck her ass.
The wanton sight of her getting it in both holes pushed me over the edge. I pushed one last time then came all over the inside of her ass. I could feel the white juices seeping out around my cock. Then all of the sudden, She arched and came all over the dildo. I quickly dropped down and stated to lap up great tasting stuff coming out of her pussy. I pulled the dildo and started to tongue fuck her. She pulled my cock around and started to suck. I thought, “How did I get started in this?” I was loving it, though. After we had each cum like three more times, I went and took another shower and then went to watch a porn flick with Taylor. Man, I can’t wait until my folks are gone again.

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