My sexy tenants pt ii

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It is a Thursday evening around 8pm. A work meeting ran late and I didn’t feel like cooking so I decided to order a pizza. I’m starving at this point. Before I pick up the phone, I decide to go upstairs to see if Yasmin or Diana is home so I could ask if they want some since I can’t finish a whole pizza by myself.

Before I reach Diana’s door, I hear faint sounds of what sounds like crying. Her door is slightly ajar and I peek in to make sure everything is okay. I see her on her bed, fingering herself. That so-called crying sound is actually her moaning during masturbation. Poor girl, she is saving herself until marriage yet is too horny. And speaking of horny, that’s exactly how I feel at the moment from the sight of this and I immediately develop a hard on. She’ll fully clothed, wearing a button up blouse and skirt that gives her easy access to her naked exposed vagina. She even has socks on. As she continues to rub herself down, a small squirt of juice comes out and she finally manages to relax. Oh how I would love to just go in and give her another round of pleasure with my tongue but I am too hungry to care about that.

I turn around and as I pass the second floor bathroom, I hear someone calling my name. It’s probably Yasmin. I don’t hear the water running. Did she forget her towel again?

“Yasmin, is that you?” I call out.
“Yeah, can you come in for a second?” she asks.

I open the door and walk in to see her completely naked in the tub taking a bath. Her breasts are covered with foam from the soap and her skin is exceptionally shiny from the water. Her curled up hair is tied up and she’s wading in the water playfully. Now I’m going crazy. It’s been three weeks since our sexual encounter last time and things have been awkward since then. Not in a bad way but it seems like Yasmin has been looking at me different ever since that encounter.

up?” I ask.
she playfully replies. “Just taking a warm bath.”
nice,” I say. “Did you forget your towel again?”
“No no. I was actually hoping you would join me,” she says with a coy smile.
“Look, I just got home and I am starving. I’m about to order a pizza. Would you like some?” I ask her.
“Sure, pizza sounds nice,” she replies. “But are you sure you don’t want to play for a bit?”

She stares at my hard on, which is bulging out of my pants. I can’t deny it, she’s amazingly sexy and if I wasn’t starving right now, I would do so many dirty things to her.

She stands up from the water in the tub and washes all the foam from the soap off her breasts. They now glisten under the bathroom light. Her olive colored skin now glows from the wet water and her nipples look especially supple and inviting. Forget hunger, I want her and I want her now.

I face her and stand to her right and I fondle her breasts which are now extremely slippery and her nerves are probably heightened from all of this. I place the palm of my hand on her breasts and slide my fingers toward the tip of the nipple, using the nails to touch her skin. The soapy water acts like oil, making this easy and playful. I continue to do that to her right breast with my right hand and I swirl my tongue over the left one.

I take my left hand and reach around behind her and grab her bubbly ass for a bit. The Latina in her gave her some great curves to be admired. I slip my hand through the crack and into her pussy, rubbing my fingers on her clit from behind, all while I fondle and lick her tits. Her breathing gets heavier and heavier and her tits pulsate harder and harder. She is now officially making me super horny.

“Yasmin, I have a bit of a problem I tell her, pointing to my crotch.
“Yes, you do,” she observes. “We must fix this right away.”

She unbuttons my shirt and takes it off and as she grabs the buckle of my belt, she flicks her tongue over my nipple for a quick second as a tease. She licks the muscular lines of my chest and bends down to reach every corner of my abs before pulling down my pants. She takes my cock in her hand and wraps her lips around it. She doesn’t start slow this time, she goes full throttle, sucking it as hard as she can. After our little boob play plus witnessing that fingering session from Diana earlier, I know I won’t be able to last long. Yasmin places her right hand on my chest, her pinky barely grazing my left nipple while she uses her right to fondle my balls and she continues to bop her head in and out on my shaft. She is such a dirty little girl.

Suddenly, she lifts herself up a little and wraps her breasts around my cock and starts giving me a titty fuck. The motion of that hard cock brushing against those soft pillowy tits feels really good. She brings a handful of soapy water onto the crease between her breasts to lube them up for the tittyfuck and as my cock comes up through the cracks of her chest, she puts her head down to briefly catch the tip of my cock in her mouth before I slide it back down again. This repeats for a little bit before she reaches her face up a starts sucking on my nipple and it feels amazing. Within seconds, I pull back and take my cock in hand and spray her face with warm gooey semen. She sits back down into the water and I back up a bit from the tub.

“Can we get sausage on that pizza?” she asks.
“Sure thing,” I say with exasperation. be ready in half an hour. Just…clean yourself up.”

I go downstairs to make that phone call. Now my appetite is really worked up. I order a half sausage and mushroom and half vegetarian pizza for Diana. Half an hour passes by and the pizza arrives. Yasmin and I have a slice but Diana is still upstairs. I go up to check on her to see if she’s okay.

“Diana? Pizza’s here. Come get a slice before it gets cold,” I tell her.
“It’s okay,” she says. “I have to study.”
“You need to eat too,” I tell her.
She opens the door. “I haven’t been able to finish a single chapter of my readings all day,” she says solemnly. “My exam is next Monday and I still have half the text book to go /> “Is something bothering you?” I ask her.
just seem to have a hard time she says.
“Would it have anything to do with the fact that your mind is on something else this whole time?” I ask.
She looks at me with a confused look.
“I saw you earlier on the bed today,” I confess.
she shrieks.
“I’m sorry, your door was open and I saw.”
“Now I’m super she says, covering her face.
“Why, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before,” I tell her.
“I know…I just…feel all these urges. Ever since />
Now I feel bad. Had I known pleasuring her a couple of weeks ago was going to mess around with her studying, I probably would’ve refrained from doing it.

you think you can do what you did last time again?” she asks.
“I don’t want to interfere with your studying,” I tell her.
“But I can’t concentrate properly,” she explains. “I haven’t had a proper orgasm to keep my mind straight since that night.”

She pulls me into her room and shuts the door behind her. She wraps her arms around me and kisses me. Unable to resist her, I cup my hands around her sexy toned butt and bring her to her bed. I immediately unbutton her blouse, unhook her bra and start sucking on her nipples and she lets out a smoky sounding I slide my hand up her skirt and rub the spot on her panties that is protruding from her swollen clit. Her panties are getting wet now and moments later, they’re all that is containing her from gushing all over the bed.

I slowly pull them off her, kissing down her smooth milky legs as I do and then I put my face into that overheated snatch of hers. Just as I remember, she tastes incredibly sweet like any virginal pussy would. As I do this, my fingers are flicking her nipples back and forth. My tongue reaches as deep as it can go and as I suck on her clit, I slide two fingers deep into her pussy and press her G-spot.

“Oh yes, right there Tai,” she moans. Her cries make me want nothing more than to make sweet sweet love to her.
“Diana, I know you’re waiting but I desperately want to make love to you right I tell her. It sounds weird after I hear it said out loud. The fact that I said make love instead of fuck.
“Tai, you know how I feel about this,” she says. “But I have an idea.”

She strips me of my clothes and lays me down flat on my back on the bed and strips all of her clothes off. She spreads her legs and crawls on top of me by my crotch. What is she up to? She takes my cock and holds it down flat, parallel to my stomach. She grabs some oil on her table and pours a dab of it over the shaft of my cock and then proceeds to sit. It’s not inside of her but the shaft of my cock is not touching the outer lips of her vagina and she begins to slide back and forth. I can’t believe my dick is touching this virginal pussy and yet it’s not deflowering her. As she grinds herself against me, her clit is pressed against my cock and the pressure from her sliding back and forth is really intense for her. She lays over me completely and I start kissing her with heavy passion. I wrap my lips completely over her top lip and I suck it hard as she continues to grind back and forth. Soon, the sensation overwhelms her and I can’t hold it in anymore. She lets out a scream and I immediately burst a load all over my stomach. She collapses on top of me and I stare into her eyes, with her glasses being the only thing keeping my stare from penetrating her. I suddenly have this crazy urge to kiss her and I take my hand, grab the back of her head and reach up to plant soft kisses on her lips. We both lie on her bed in exhaustion.

“Okay, now I’m hungry,” Diana says with a smile.
“What about studying?” I ask.
“I’m sure I’ll be fine now,” she says seductively with that smoky voice and accent and I can’t help but to kiss her on the forehead before getting dressed and heading back downstairs.

Two weeks pass and it’s near the end of the school year. Yasmin has made arrangements with me to stay for the summer but Diana will be going back to Russia for the summer. I open the door to the house and an overjoyed Diana wearing a tank top with no bra on and short shorts runs up to me, jumps and I catch her as she screams in happiness with a piece of paper in her hand.

“Guess what, Tai! I aced my exam!!!” she blurts out ecstatically.
I say. “I knew you could do it.”
“It’s all thanks to you,” she says with a smile and plants a kiss on my lips. Afterward, rather than dropping her down, I continue to kiss her.

“Want to celebrate my A with me?” she asks with a seductive look.

I carry her up to my room and the entire time I walk, she kisses me. I lay her down on my bed and she jumps up to start removing my clothes. The look of anticipation in her eyes as she takes my tie off and unbuttons my shirt is incredibly sexy. Once the shirt is off, she kisses me down my body and removes my pants and boxers and wastes no time to work on my cock.

Suddenly, Yasmin, wearing a white tight tank top with a black bra underneath, knocks on my door. “Can I join in too?” she asks and before anyone can answer, she walks right up to me and kisses me.

I throw the two of them on my bed and I immediately pull of Diana’s tank top while Yasmin pulls her own off over her head. I move behind Yasmin and unhook her silky black bra, throwing it onto the ground. I give her voluptuous breasts a nice squeeze before signaling Diana to come suck on one of them. At first she seems weirded out but once she puts that tit in her mouth, she gets a hang of it real quick.

“Oooh, Diana, look at you go!” Yasmin says.

I come around and start sucking her other tit. Diana uses more tongue and I go for the slightly forceful approach, using the front of my teeth to gently nibble on her nipples.

nipples are so sensitive. You guys do this so well. Yes, Tai, bite it…” Yasmin moans.

As Diana continues to work on Yasmin’s boobs, I scooch over behind Diana and pull her shorts off. I admire that nice round butt of hers before bending down and shoving my face into her wet pussy from behind. Diana continues to suck on Yasmin’s tits while I lick up and down the entire narrow slit of Diana’s crotch, occasionally bringing my tongue up to her butt hole and giving it a whirl, which drives her crazy.

I lay the two down on their sides and spread their legs apart, getting them to each hold one up high and I initiate the finger fuck. During this, the two girls get so horny that they start kissing each other. I start munching on the two girls’ pussies and my face would be completely soaked from their juices.

The girls then sit me up and with Diana leading the way, they each take one of my nipples in their mouths and start sucking while Diana takes my hard and protruding cock in her hand and starts jerking it off. Having two sexy girls use two different methods of tongue pleasure on my nipples feels amazing but eventually, Yasmin can’t resist my cock and moves down to start sucking on it. I am completely content with having Diana work on my nipples as Yasmin swallows my cock. However, Diana would be jealous that she’s not getting any cock herself and begins to playfully fight Yasmin for a chance to suck it. The two girls would alternate with each other on who gets the cock and nipples for a good twenty minutes, by which time I’ve already collapsed on the bed in utter pleasure.

I bring Diana over to where my head is and have her crotch spread over my face as Yasmin slides her wet pussy down my shaft, riding me cowgirl. This is my first time having my penis inside her and it feels wonderful. She rides me like a pro and as I eat out Diana, she would grab Yasmin’s tits and start sucking on them. I then get up to bend Yasmin over and screw her doggy style as she eats out Diana’s pussy. After a good ten minutes of this, Diana sprays Yasmin with a face full of squirt.

I fuck Yasmin missionary style for a bit as Diana sits on top of her face. This allows me some time to play with Yasmin’s beautiful tits and for me to have some face time with Diana. We make out for a bit before she works her magic tongue back down to my nipple. The way she does it is like no other and I can barely contain myself.

mumbles Yasmin with a mouthful of pussy. “I’m on the pill so I want you to cum inside of me.”

At the rate we’re going, especially with how Diana is working that tongue of hers, it will definitely happen. I continue to thrust in and out of Yasmin as she screams underneath Diana’s crotch. The fucking is now intensified and with a gentle bite from Diana on my nipple I unleash a tidal wave of semen inside of Yasmin’s fire hot pussy. Shot after shot comes flying out and I completely flood that tiny hole of hers with my warm semen. Diana pushes me off Yasmin and onto my back and sits on my face as she takes my cock in her mouth and begins to suck every drop that’s left. I proceed to return the favor by digging my tongue deep into her pussy and fingering her G-spot until she gushes herself out. The 69 session goes on for a bit before I am completely exhausted and I lay in my bed with two sexy college girls each on my side.

Eventually, Yasmin moves back to New Jersey and in Diana’s final year at UCSD, I start to realize that I have fallen for her. The signs were there, some more obvious than others. Fr example, no matter how great a girl is, I would find some kind of fault with her during a date so I don’t end up being with her. Even girls I would date for slightly longer periods of time and sleeping with end up not working out. I finally asked her out in the final semester of Diana’s studies and apparently she feels the same way ever since that fateful night when I gave her her first orgasm. We date for about two years before getting married and those two years are some of the hardest I’ve ever dealt with because of the lack of actual sex. But once the knot is tied and we go on our honeymoon, I realize that it is absolutely worth the wait. Diana completes me in ways no one ever could and I could never sleep with another woman again. Except Yasmin, who would sometimes visit from New Jersey and Diana and I would be sure to include her in a romp session together whenever she’s in town.

The end.

story by: azn_hockeyplayer

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Author: azn_hockeyplayer

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