My sory – chapter seven

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Chapter Seven
“The Couple”

I nodded. This was it! What an afternoon! I had been fucked and fucked well. Plus some good girl loving, a little pain, and now some domination! Umm! How great life was! Right now though, I silently prayed for someone, anyone, to come by and do, as they wanted to with me. A few strokes, a kiss, a slap, just anything!
A soft voice exclaimed at the sight I presented:
“Oh wow! Look at that!” Someone said in a whisper
Then there was subdued laughter. There were now at least two people next to me. My pulse quickened! I slowly eased my thighs open a bit more.
A female voice said.
“Hi.” I responded.
The girl was young. She looked to be about seventeen, maybe, eighteen. Her face and body were perfect.
She had on a mini skirt and a scoop blouse that showed the moons of her boobs. And I had to admit, they looked good! Very good! With her was a boy. He was no older than sixteen. I could see a bulge at his crotch. My hand started to cover my crotch for I felt some -what uneasy, but I remembered what Rita had said. And besides who cared? I moved my hand down to my side and slowly opened my thighs again so they could Yes! Oh how I enjoyed this!
“Hello. I’m Marie, and this is my brother Alan. We are looking for our mother. She is in here somewhere.” Their eyes kept roaming over me.
“Does she have short brown hair?” I asked as the two got closer.
Continuing to describe the woman I described the one I had seen in the dining area, Marie smiled and said it was her.
“I saw her in the dining room about thirty minutes ago.”
“Oh, yeah, we know. But now she is somewhere else.” The boy said and then let his eyes return to my open crotch.
friend will be back soon. So…why don’t you just wait? She may know /> “Thanks. Uh, do you work here? No? Oh! I didn’t know. You… being nude and all.” Marie asked as her eyes stayed on my heated crotch.
Smiling, I told her that I was told to stay this way. Marie smiled and then looked at her brother. His eyes were still on my crotch.
“My brother sure likes looking at you.” She said with a smile.
“I noticed.” I answered with a nod at the tent at his crotch. “Yes, told me to stay this way anyone wanted to…look, and …you know, I was to let them, do whatever they__!”
“Oh wow!” Alan exclaimed.
We continued talking and soon Marie had her hand on my upper inner thigh.

Alan had moved to the other side of me and his crotch was still like it had a pole inside. I then told them about coming here and what had happened since then. Her hand climbed higher up my thigh and when I looked down at it, she apologized.
“It’s okay. It…Feels good. Besides you can do as she want.
She smiled, leaned down and as she kissed me on the cheek, her hand covered my crotch. Alan smiled and rubbed his crotch as he watched.
I asked him if he had a girl friend. Marie laughed and said he had a lot of married women that he kept well satisfied. Hmm, I wondered what was the mystery about this younger guy’s.
. Alan smiled in a shy way and lowered his eyes. Marie rubbed my cunt up and down and the action brought a sigh of enjoyment from me. Alan exclaimed excitedly and we both laughed.
Marie looked at him with true affection and said, “Honey, ask the lady if she minds you, uh, touching her?”
The youngster smiled and then looked at me. “May I!”
Returning his smile, I interrupted him with a positive approval. I laughed and circled his neck. I kissed his young lips and the little imp pushed his tongue inside my mouth. He was a fantastic kisser and as we continued Marie bent and kissed my crotch.
Finally breaking, Alan looked down at his sister who was now licking my cunt. He turned back to me and cupped my breast. Molding the firm flesh, he whispered,
“You have beautiful breasts. You don’t mind if I continue touching them?”
“Ahh, ¨ I answered finally for his sister was moaning as our lips came together. “Not a bit!” I was quickly developing a crush on this young boy for some unseen reason. Maybe it was his youthful look, his hairless face, NO! I now saw what it was! It was an impressive cock that easily measured eight or nine inches. He had opened his jeans and laid this beautiful hunk of male – meat in the valley between my breasts! My cunt twitched at the thought of it being filled by it.
Alan began rocking back and forth. The wide head hit me constantly on the chin so I bent forward and let the head enter my mouth.
Palming my somewhat tender boobs with force, he squeezed and pulled on my flesh as my breasts enjoyed the smoothness of his cock sliding back and forth.
Turning around to look down at his sister, Alan said to her, “Move a minute. I want to feel her cunt.”
Entering his middle finger up me, I was given an exciting inspection as he rubbed, and turned his arm inside me. Telling his sister to continue licking, he turned to me and said,
“Can we meet and fuck /> “Yes. Whenever, and wherever you wish.”
“Good! I also have a few friends that I want you to fuck…and suck!” He added. “Would that be a /> I was somewhat taken by his reply, but I thought why not? old are they?”
“What difference does it make?”
guess none. It was just a /> He smiled at me and replied,
“Two are seventeen, one is sixteen, another one is eighteen, and one is fifteen, and thirty two. Oh yes, there will also be two girls. One is twenty, and the other is twenty two. They are very good looking and have fantastic bodies. Their brother’s are the sixteen and eighteen year olds. You like girl on girl love don’t you? Oh yes, our mom will also most likely be there.”
Wow I thought. Eight new people! Ten with Alan an
. He had just finished when a nude Rita entered. I introduced her and she had no qualms concerning her nudity. She insured that Marie got an excellent view of her crotch and she kissed Alan on the cheek. He kept his cock out in the open and as he was close to me, he would turn and rub it across my body and face. I returned his caresses by kissing and taking his flaccid flesh inside my mouth several times.
When Marie explained why they were here, Rita interrupted by saying, “I just saw her over by the kitchen. She was with two men.”
“Was she dressed?” Marie asked.
“__no, she uh, two men, uh, they were… you know!”
“That sounds normal.” Marie answered with a smile.
“Come on Alan. Let’s go see if we can find her.” She said to her brother.
“Uh, wait. Nancy, you go with Alan and show him. Marie can wait here.” Rita suggested. Her eyes had stayed on Marie.
I smiled knowingly.
I slipped on a robe that was hanging nearby. It barely covered my buttocks and I loved it as my cunt would easily be seen. Alan and I held hands as we walked toward the kitchen. His mother was not there.
For the next thirty minutes we looked with no results. Finally stopping to rest we found a room. Grunts and groans came from the far wall. Smiling at the sound, we laid down. Alan immediately pulled my robe off and cupped my cunt. My hand reached out, opened his pants and freed his young cock. Our lips were mashing together when suddenly someone knelt down beside us. It was his mother!
She was nude and with two men in the same state. The same ones I had seen in the kitchen.
“Alan! What are you doing here?”
“Mom! Finally! Marie and I have been looking all over this place for you.”
She asked. “You knew I was coming here.”
“Yes, but Mr. Ramo called and wants you to come to work this afternoon. Angeline is sick and can’t come in.”
“Oh God!” She said looking at the two men.
Alan’s hand had returned to my cunt. I opened my thighs to afford him more ease as I figured that he was preparing to leave. I did not know the future.
His mother noticed our movements and smiled. Alan introduced us and I shook her hand. My left hand stayed wrapped around her sons cock. Her name was Edith. She was almost forty but looked thirty. The two men were Pablo and Cortez. Both were in their thirties. Both were handsome. Both were nude. Both had nice long fat cocks. Both were touching Edith. My mouth grew dry as I longed to taste their cocks, both cocks.
Edith said that they would go get Marie and leave. I squeezed Alan’s cock and offered to show them the way.
Rita and Marie were locked in a sixty-nine when we showed up. Marie stopped and went to her mother. They switched over to Spanish and talked. Alan joined them and I moved over next to the two men. We checked each other out and I introduced them to Rita. She took an immediate liking to Pablo.
We all hugged and kissed, then Marie, Edith, and Alan left. I whispered in his ear the name and room number of my hotel. Pablo moved next to Rita and within minutes they were in a hot embrace. .
I turned and smiled at Cortez. His cock was bobbing up and down. Smiling, I went to my knees and took his impressive cock in my hand and slowly masturbated him until he was hard. Cupping his nuts, I gently squeezed them and slowly massaged the wrinkled sac. I let his cock enter my mouth and used my tongue to stimulate him. My ministrations paid off with a good mouthful of enriched semen!
An hour later, Rita and I were eating. I saw Carlo and he waved. I almost felt slighted as I was hoping for him to come over and caress my cunt again. Rita suggested we return and lie down. Doing as she wanted, I felt my cunt twitch at the thought of Alan giving me a good fuck tomorrow.
“Nancy! Oh Nancy!”
It was Rita. She was at my head and the bed sagged as she crawled toward me. My vision became blocked as her sweet smelling thighs covered my face.
“Nancy, get up here and lick me and lick me good, or I’m going to spank your cunt!” She emphasized her statement by slapping my buttocks soundly.
Looking up at her two holes, I moaned with lust as my tongue went from one to the other. Hurrying to obey, I spread her gash and pushed up my tongue. My probe made her moan as she rubbed herself up and down on my face.
The first time I stopped to let my tongue rest, Rita warned me not to. The second time that I did, she slapped my ass hard.
“Damn you! I said, do not stop!” My body jerked when she mashed my vagina lips roughly.
Returning my tongue with out haste, I proceeded to give her the best cunnilingus she ever had. Her hips began jerking and her slit pushed hard against my pouty lips as she drenched my face with her spending.
Scooting back, she spoke, “Nancy, I have a lot planned for you. I am going to ask you once and once only, will you do as I say and what I say? If not, I am going to get up and the next time you see me will be when I ask if you want tea or coffee?”
“Oh! Rita! Please! I love you too much to even think such a thing. I am yours /> “Good. For from this minute on, you belong to me!”
I tried to raise my body to kiss her.
Taking a cushion, she put it under my hips. This put my ass up and vulnerable. Kneeling next to my head, I saw her legs go to each side of me. Lifting my head, she moved until her cunt was against my mouth. My tongue came up and once again began licking her sweet pussy.
“Damn! What a…cock! I should have_, okay, go ahead. Just don’t bring this hot-ass bitch off to quick.”
This was her speaking to someone else as I felt strange hands on my hips and then a body between my open thighs. Before I could pull away from Rita’s hairy cunt, a hard cock was pushed into my slit.
The cock filled me perfectly. It never moved for a moment or two, it just lay inside my channel. Then it backed up to almost my entrance and then shot forward. The action made me exhale.
Burying it deep within me, I moaned, as my cock walls seemed to wrap themselves around this cunt-pleasing meat. I tried to give my mysterious lover the same feeling he was giving me by matching his strokes and tightening my vagina muscles around his rod.

His strokes and the soft sex of Rita against my lips were turning me to mush.
Within minutes I was coming and wanting more of this excellent fucking as tears of rapture poured down my cheeks and mixed with the juice from Rita’s pussy. Then I felt the big vein of the penis up me start to beat. Crying out from around the come drenched labia of Rita; I called out to my lover to fill me. He did!
The amount was copious and felt wonderful as it filled my channel. Giving me a few slow strokes, the deflating penis went as deep as it could before it oozed out.
Hunching tightly against my working mouth, Rita moved away. Laying there gasping and looking around for the person whom had just given me a beautiful fuck, Rita said he was gone. Standing, she pulled me to my feet. Gathering me in her arms, her hand went between my still warm sticky thighs.
“I have to return on tonight’s flight. I should be back in no more than three days.” Her hand was rubbing my well-tended cunt as her tongue licked at my wet face that shined from her spending.
“When I return, we shall continue,” She said as her middle finger made me squirm when she pushed it up my slightly sore channel. Another kiss and she was gone.
Showering, I was toweling myself dry when the nurse appeared
“Are you enjoying yourself?” She asked as she had a tray with a small pill and a glass of water on it.
“Yes, yes I am. Just a little tired right now.” I added with a sigh.
“Will you be Her eyes traversed my body as she had taken my towel away.
“I don’t know. But for now, I want to rest.”
“Excellent. I can help you. I have something here that will help you sleep and relax if you would like it. ”
Her dark eyes seem to dance as I took the pill. Helping me put on a short robe; she led me to a nearby dimly lit room. The floor was littered with pillows of all sizes. I could just make out the forms of a man and two women asleep.

In one corner, there was one couple in a sixty- nine position and the nurse smiled as we could hear their soft sounds.
“Come over here. You will not be disturbed.” She said as she pulled me to the floor.
Getting on her knees next to me, she made sure I was comfortable. My eyes were getting heavy. The girl smiled as my eyelids began to close, and then open slowly. Opening the robe fully, she parted my legs. She smiled as her dark eyes stared at my well-oiled slit.
“Rest now, I will tend to you.”
Just as sleep began to close in on me, I felt her lips on my sex.

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