My soul mate never thought to be ( part 1 revised and re written

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So this started in the 8th grade around second semester and being a normal guy I had intrest in women.
I loved every thing About em well we had 7 periods of course I didn't focus on all Of em but it wasn't me talking or messin around periods All had the girl of every guy dreamed about in my classes a 5,3 105 pound blue eyed blond beauty.
She didn't need any makeup to look perfect Julie.
I'd always Noticed her even talked to her a select few times but it changed in April for my 16th birthday my dad uncle me my cousins went out quading well I come to say I fucked up I made to sharp a turn that my ATV and I couldn't handle and needless to say I had fractured my ankle so a cast and crutches were my future for the next 6 weeks of my life.
well my school being big took me forever to move none the less having a 20 pound bag to carry for the upcoming finals well me being stubborn said no to being let out early to switch classes or people helping me.
I was late everyday one day just being frustrated I tried to get out so quickly I fell I felt stupid Moronic for not allowing myself help. as I stayed back waiting for everyone else to leave Julie walked up and asked if she could help me caving in and admitting defaet I reluctantly said yes
as we were walking me hobbling I asked why she had asked to help because she had other things she could do she simply replied.

" I'm like you I don't like help eventhough I need it I had the frustration u have "

as I looked over I saw her face her eyes her clothes her body everything was perfect about Her Something about her made her look different but sexy. noticing I was starring at her she cleared her throat then asking if there was something wrong I said no and smiled a little knowing she cought me then I said

" sorry I didn't mean to stare it's just your… you ya know I'm trying not to sound like a complete ass but your you "

" yeah I do know that haha "

" ass mode completed Jim " speaking to myself

" how do you know I'm me "

" iv been starring at you every moment in school that I'm there … god why did I say that "

I made her blush a little

" I don't know if I should be offended or complemented "

" I'm no creeper I just know the most beautiful girl iv ever seen is walking down the hall walking and talking to me for reasons I wish never happened and knows exactly how I feel "

then I noticed what made her look sexier as I looked Back in to these deep blue eyes is she had the perfect amount of eyeliner to make them pop

" that was the nicest thing anybodys said to me "

she turned and kissed me on the cheek I started blushing

" thank you "

" please don't thank me for the truth that I felt I needed to say I rarely share my emotions with any girl I'm mainly afraid of the feeling of rejection but with you it felt like I knew you wouldn't humiliate me and that you would instantly understand "

by then we were walkin into 7th world history she sat next to me at my table with my friends slowly she took my hand into hers my friends are looking at me like how n the hell are you holding hands with HER !!!
after class it was time to leave for home I hadn't gotten a ride to my house so I sat at school 15 minutes after almost everybody dwindled out as I turned my back to leave.
Julie came through the door

" hey jim wait up I can help you home "

" only if you want to no obligation "

" I'd love to "

As we started walking she admitted

" what you said earlier made Me feel wanted for the right reasons not only to be another peice of ass "

" I've never seen you as a sex object eventhough you are jaw dropping beautiful I see you as a women that needs to feel wanted to be loved to be held and I wanna be that guy to do that "

" is it bad that your the only guy who's gave me butterflies in my stomach when you speak its incredible "

" I hope that's a good thing "

" it is "

We walked for a while I could tell my bag was being a burden on her semi small frame

" let me get my bag back "

" I'm OK "

"Julie ! I thank you for carrying my bag for me but I can see its becoming a burden and I don't burden people ever "

She handed me my bag

" why are men so hard headed ? "

" first off any guy you see at school is not a man there a hormone red blooded teenager I know I'm one "

" why "

" simple every guy wants to be head honcho of everything being top dog makes them the best easily why most good looking guys have good looking girl friends they're both the best of the best for both sexes its primal nature "

" fucking wiz kid "

I looked behind me defiantly knowing that wasn't Julies voice and of course head honcho Garret Stevens is walking five or six feet behind me

" shut the fuck up Garret " Julie bursting out in anger

" Julie why the fuck are you talking to not so slim Jim " snickering

" the fuckd you say "

I was livid

" shut the fuck up Twinkie I was talking to Julie "

Julie went to say something I cut her off

"Are you fucking kidding me you degenerate inbred fuck, you wanna eavesdrop on my conversation try to insult me in front of her ( pointing to Julie ) and think I'm just gonna shut up and back off you are really as stupid as you look "

He approached me clenched fists

" oh what your gonna punch me please do, do it come on make it nice and hard"

I stuck my jaw out and pointed to where I wanted him to punch me

" come on I can't wait till you do, leg or no leg I'm gonna beat you back into your moms cunt "

He hesitated to swing to see if I'd flinch I didn't move I glared at him

" you gonna stand there all day or can me and Julie go I don't have all day tough guy "

" yeah you and the slut can go "

Before I could swing Julies fist was meeting his nose he crumpled like paper then she kicked him in the nuts so hard my asshole twitched at the point of impact all I could say

" Sssssssssss goddamn "

She started yelling


she delivered another gut wrenching kick to his man hood and walked away

I spoke quietly to him on the ground

" you ruin her rep I'll ruin your body "

I stammered towards her

" Julie! Julie!! Julie!!! "

She stopped facing away from me I wobbled up behind her and whispered

" julie "

She turned around her face beat red mascara mixed tears leaving black streaks down her cheeks

" ya did good Julie "

She leaned into me I dropped my crutches and held her as she wanted she let all of her emotions come flowing out sometime during that time garret got up and stumbled off somewhere after 2 or 3 minutes of crying she started gaining some composure back

" that was a hell of a punch "

" ha he I know but my hand really hurts " sniffeling

" lemme get a look "

" I'm no doctor but I think it I'll live "

" haha thank you "

I kiss her hand and get up to hobble over the bridge as I'm stepping off of the bridge I put my left crutch into the grass it loses grip and slips I follow it tumbling towards the water

" oh shiittt "

I caught my self right before the edge

" Jesus christ Murphy's law should be Jim's law everything that can happen will happen "

" Jim are you okay "

She was leaning over me I was looking up straight up in the sun then her body eclipsed mine her face became visible

" yeah "

" you sure "

" yeah I'm gonna stay down here for a little " resting my arm over my eyes

She just stood there

" how bout you join me "

She sat next to me we stayed like that for 10 or 15 minutes out of the blue I asked

" why "

" what "

" why do you give a fuck about me, i was nobody 6 hours ago "

" you seemed like a legit sweet ass with a few flaws "

" ah I really am nice aren't I "

" I knew I just knew you were gonna get a big head "

She rolled over on top of me and kissed me ever so gingerly she pulled back and with those Bahama blue eyes stared at me

" was I OK to do that "

" no yeah um uh its just that's the first first time I've ever been kissed or kissed a girl on the lips

She gave me the best smile not too much but not too little

" really ? "

" confidence issues remember "

" right haha "

" so I'm gonna take a big step more like a leap and assume that you like me am I correct "

" yep "

" I'm safe to assume that you like me the same way I like you "

" yep "

" god I hope I don't pass out "

She gave me another one of those smiles

" Julie ( sighing outwards ) will you go out with me "

She quickly leaned down and passionately kissed me once I got the hang of it I started kissing back. she noticed I had picked up on how to kiss and opened her mouth slightly running her tounge lightly across my lips
I copied centimeter by centimeter I opened my mouth her tounge peaked into my mouth and slowly she pushed deeper until she had brushed my own I had picked up that she wanted me to do the same and I ran my tounge along hers and she shutterd at the feeling I pulled back

" so I guess that's a yes " in between breaths

" Absolutely "

Some time during us making out she had straddled me and I had the meanest stiffy in the world it was tenting my pants but was restricted about how far it could stick out by the pants, I leaned forward and kissed her again we kissed for awhile before her knees gave out and she landed on my dick we moaned in unison
She started rocking slowly back and forth not speeding up or slowing down moaning deep from within her throat she withdrew from our kiss eyes closed biting her bottom lip she wrapped her arms around me, her eyes opened a sliver she leaned foreword a lowly moaned into my ear and softly blew on it I kissed her bare neck she tasted like she looked
I whispered into her ear

" I'm gonna cum "


as soon as she said that my load blew god it was the hardest I'd ever came I fell back my body still rocking from my immense orgasm she landed on top of me she was moaning so loud I knew someone herd us
Her body was twitching when she sad

" god that was incredible "

I looked down and she looked up those blue eyes connected my own and I swear I already knew we were gonna be together for a long time
We kissed then I looked down we were a mess both of our pants were soaked with our secretions she saw what I was looking at

" fuck we can't walk home like this "

" what time is it "

" 3:30 why ? "

" I got us a ride "

I called my friend nick who just got out of high school for the day

" sup nick "

" nothing much man what's up "

" hey could you help me and my girlfriend out by picking us up "

" yeah where you at "

" the canal bridge closest side to my house pull into the grass and blow your horn "

" why can't you wait on the sidewalk "

" no questions please I'll owe ya "

" OK ill be there in 5 "

We hung up

" I got us a ride "

" cool "

I texted nick

" me n her got hot n hvy and came in our pants "

" lol nice 1 bud "

" so if you smell something don't ask "

" k "

Shortly after I herd his horn I helped her into his celica

" hey guys "

" hey nick thanks "

" its cool where we goin "

I looked back and she answers

" I live next to the golf club on Langley "

We drove and dropped her off and headed back to my house

" dude she's fucking hot no offence but how "

" dick ( I said it with the straightest face ) "

We started cracking up

" honestly I haven't gotta clue other than I was myself and she still liked me "

" whatever works I guess "

" yup "

We pulled up to my house and said our good byes and I hobbled inside first thing I did was take a shower and dry my cast
I walked into my room and hopped on Facebook first on the feed Julie Robinson has changed her relationship status to in a relationship a couple of her friends had asked who but I had a feeling she had went and took a shower so I accepted the relationship message
And boy o boy did her friends not believe it
A couple saying that I was weird some saying her Facebook was hacked then oddly enough a couple people congradulated her I walked out of my room and down stairs and got something to eat
As I was eating I hadn't even got her number yet
I went back up stairs got back on my laptop I saw she left me a message and noticed the had written a paragraph sized thing saying it was true and that I was a different guy that had treated her like she wanted god I was proud
Then I opened her message

" I had the best day of my life today thanks to you you don't know how it felt for me when you said what you said I felt like I was in love no body's made me this happy or feel this way before thank you also I noticed you never got your number so here it is and I herd what you said to garret thanks text me soon bye "

That's the revised and rewritten version of my soul mate to be part one please comment and rate

story by: Jiggajames

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Author: Jiggajames

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