My stepsister 2

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English was never my strong point so bear with me

My Stepsisters 2

As Tiffany walked into the room Lily quickly got off my cock, sat down on the bed and attempted to cover
herself. Tina however just hung her head and didn’t say a word, I bolted upright and sat next Lily but didn’t
try to cover myself (I knew it was too late for that).

“This is not what it looks like” Lily shrieked into my ear

“Oh it said Tiffany as calmly as if she were playing checkers. (Not a very good metaphor I know) “So what is it then?”

“Ok it is what it looks like” Lily said hanging her head like her sister.

“So Conner?” she asks “What were you three about to do?”

“Fuck each other” I said meekly

“Really now”

She pauses allowing the silence to sink in.

“So they showed you our parent’s porn?”

“Yea how did you know?”

“For one, you left all the movies out on the coffee table, and two, the scene were two girls get cream pies in their pussy’s was playing and you could hear the moaning from outside the front door.”

“Oh” I said />
“Do you still want to fuck Lily?” She asks

Yes I still want to fuck lily”

“Then you have to fuck me />
“ummmmm Was the only thing that came from my mouth.

“I’ll take that as a yes” She said and began to undress

First she removed her tight jeans, sliding them slowly down her legs before kicking them off with her
socks and tennis shoes. Next came her shirt and the tank top that was underneath, revealing her lacy bra and the twin breast trying to break out of them. Now she was down to her undergarments. With this perfect unobstructed view my dick gave a twitch. Tiffany noticed this and walked over wrapping her soft hand around my dick.

“You like what you see?” she asked

“Yes Very much”

“You can have it when you’re done with my />
She gently laughed at this and motioned for Lily to continue. Lily slowly walked over and climbed back on top of me. With all of the female flesh around me my cock had never softened and was still hard as a rock. Lily put the tip of my dick at the entrance of her hot fuck tunnel. She let out the same gasp that she made
before Tiffany walked in.

“How many times do I have to say it, it’s not even in yet” I said

“Well it feels good”

She slowly lowered herself onto my dick stopping at her cherry.

“Are you ready” Asked Tiffany

“Yes” we said simultaneously

As Lily and I said this she took all of her weight off of her legs and impaled herself onto my dick. She stopped after she met my pelvis. With my cock to the hilt in her pussy she stopped with her mouth open in a silent scream. I saw pain in her eyes as she sat for another thirty seconds before grunting and moving her hips a little.

“Oh my god, it feels so good”

“So you’re not hurting” asked Tiffany

“It hurt for a second then it felt so good I was afraid that if I moved I would have an orgasm”

“It’s not bad to have an orgasm, just be sure that he has one too or else he might feel left out.”

“I wouldn’t mind just as long as she’s satisfied by my I said with a grin.

“What performance? All you did was sit there just now.” Said Tina jokingly

“Well you two finish up so I can have my turn” said Tiffany

With that Lily moved her body up a little, gasping and moaning with pleasure as she slid back down. I reached up and grabbed both of her large tits and squeezed. She gasped and flattened our bodies together and pushed her lips to mine. Our kiss started out sloppy but soon it slowed down into a passionate and loving rhythm. Slowly I fuck her tight love hole, slipping in and out of her pussy with slow, passionate, and deliberate. With my tongue darting in and out of her mouth and hers in mine, our breathing becomes raged. She starts to force my cock deeper into her pussy and I can feel the pressure building in my balls. Out of nowhere her pussy contracts and I can feel her juices running down my cock and onto my balls. This is all I can take and I shoot wad after wad of cum into her awaiting cunt.

“OOOOHHHHH FUCK Conner that feels so good fuck me, fuck me, AAAAHHHHH.” She screamed

“Holy shit your pussy’s tight.” I shouted.

She came down from her orgasm and her cunt muscles released their grip on my cock and it slipped out with a soft POP! It was soon hard again as I saw Tina move into view

“Now it’s my turn” she said

She reached over and began to stroke my dick. Moving her hand up and down squeezing on the way down
and then letting loose on the way up. This drove me nuts and I rapidly thrust my hips to meet her pumping. I sit up suddenly and grab Tina’s arms.

“I’m on top this time” I declare bravely

“Ok” Tina says not caring just as long as she gets to fuck for the first time.

I grab Tina’s arms and push her gently onto the bed. Crouching down I bring my face up to her waiting pussy. I can see that Tina is already plenty aroused, her pussy lips were flushed bright pink and were wet with her juices. I move my mouth close and breathe onto it gently. Sticking my tongue out, I run it up and down her wet slit, stopping at the top to circle her clit. Her juice taste sweet and has a kind of tang to it. I circle her clit one final time and then thrust my tongue into her love tunnel. Lashing it up and down her slit she moans and thrusts her hips to meet my mouth.

“Oh God Conner that feels so good.” She moans

“Wait till I fuck you”

“MMMM tongue fuck my pussy Conner lick it hard Conner ohhhhh god”

I move upward and suck her small yet hard clit. Her body tenses and I thrust my tongue into her cunt.


Her cunt contracts and squeezes my tongue unleashing a torrent of liquid into my open mouth. I drink down her nectar readily; disappointed when it stops I crawl up her body and grab her breasts. I squeeze and rub one and suck the others nipple into my mouth. Moaning she reaches down and presses my head to her breast, arching her back she lets out another, louder moan and then pushes my head away.

“What I said trying to look angry

“Stop with the foreplay and fuck me!” she yells

She pulls my head toward hers locking her lips onto mine. I look into her eyes and see the burning lust that is pure unadulterated sexual desire. I run my hands down her chest and finally reaching her pussy and my dick, so close that I could feel her heat. The head of my dick makes contact with her pussy lips and she tenses.

Tiffany see’s this and stops us.

“Tina if you tense up it’s gonna hurt more when he breaks your hymen.”

that work?”

“I don’t know it just does” Tiffany exclaims glaring at Tina.

So Tina takes a few deep breaths and I feel her body loosen beneath me. Without even asking I fly forward to rip through her hymen in one foul swoop… only there's a problem… there is no hymen I continue into her cunt until I hit her cervix bottoming out and uttering a grunt.

“What the fuck” I gasp.

Asks tiffany

“She doesn’t have a hymen”

“Well sometimes a hard fall or even a masturbation accident can get rid of a hymen.”

“Or she’s not a virgin?”

“I am! Now get to fucking my cunt” Tina exclaims

That was all the encouragement I needed. I set a slow rhythm with my dick pistoning in and out of her tight cunt. Moving until my dick is almost out and then thrusting it back in. Gradually I sped up, gaining speed thrusting in and out at an increasingly fast pace. Tina’s tits would bounce and bob moving in time with our fucking. She thrust back with all her force smashing our pelvises together with such force it felt as if they would shatter. Her moaning began to get louder and louder. Saying…

“Fuck me harder…. God Conner your soooo big… uuuuuggggg god that feels so good, faster, faster, harder, god grab my tits Conner fuck my tight cunt till it bleeds cum.”

That last suggestion put me over the edge I thrust in one… two… then a third and final time, my dick swelling, into her waiting pussy. My cum shot out of my dick so fast it felt like I had I fire hose coming out of my crotch. I shot one… two… three… four… five… and finally six wads of hot sticky cum into her pussy hitting her cervix. Feeling my cum hit her cervix sent Tina into a furious orgasm clenching her pussy tight like a vice onto my dick and washing it in her juices. After her first orgasm I attempted to pull out but my dick brushed her clit causing her to have a second powerful orgasm. After that I was finally able to pull my dick free.

Tina fell into the comforter covering the bed and reached a hand down to her pussy. Dipping two fingers in she brought them glistening to her mouth and slurped loudly on them.“Mmm you taste good.”

lily says

“Ya I love the taste of your cum its just delicious.”

“Will you two stop and let me fuck Conner now” Yells Tiffany, making us all jump.

She says sheepishly

With her blushing like a schoolgirl I stood up and moved in her direction. Her eyes now set on my semi-
hard cock. Unconsciously she licked her lips to my delight.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked

“I want you to fuck my face and cum in my mouth” she says loudly

I almost lose it right then and there. The way she says it makes me know that she really wants me to. I walk over to her and crouch down. I move my mouth over her right nipple and begin to suck. She lets out a low throaty moan. Flicking my tongue over her nipple while I squeeze and pinch her left breast and nipple, letting out a throaty growl she pulls my head off her breast and kisses me.
Our lips are just mashed together but there's a meaning. “Tiffany wants to do this again sometime” I thought to myself. I stood up at this point and grabbed my now rock hard member and pumped it a few times.

“You want me to give you your first blowjob?” Tiffany asks me

I yell

Without further increasing my waiting she bends her head towards my erect cock. She brings her lips to the very tip of it, at my piss hole, and gently licks, sending shivers down my spine. She then licks all around the head of my dick, letting her saliva drip onto my dick lubricating it. Taking the head into her mouth she gently sucks on it, causing me to groan in response.

“Is that good?” she asks

“Yes very good.” I say between gasps.

She lowers her head back down and begins to push my dick further and further into her mouth. I feel the back of her throat on the tip of my dick and my hips jerk forward, forcing Tiffany to deepthroat my 9 inch dick in one go. She grunts and then moans causing her throat to vibrate increasing the feeling of pleasure for me. When she sees my reaction she continues to moan.

She begins to bob her head up and down moaning and groaning to increase the vibration on my dick. I can feel cum bubbling up in my balls once more. She increases her tempo as I grab the back of her head and push her onto my dick.

Suddenly I lose it, cum comes shooting out of my dick and into Tiffany’s waiting throat. She moans and releases my dick from her mouth with cum still shooting out of it. Almost all of the cum lands on Tiffany’s face but two or three globs land on her tits and stomach.

I move down and begin licking her tits clean of my cum. Both of her sisters join in and I reach down and begin to finger Tiffany. Soon she’s plenty wet and…

“Tiffany lay on the bed please.” I say.

“Ok only if you'll fuck me” she says sternly

I say in mock boredom

She stands up and moves to the bed lying down on her stomach. I hadn’t done it that way with Tina but it would work. I move up behind her and begin to rub my dick up and down her pussy lips, just as I had done with Tina. I find her love tunnel and am surprised at how much tighter it is then either of her sisters.

I say out loud before I can stop myself.

Tiffany asks

“Your cunt is so much tighter than your sisters.” I exclaim in wonderment

“Some women have tighter pussies than others.” She says shrugging

“OK I’ll take that answer.”

With that last phrase I begin to slowly push into Tiffany letting her pussy walls get used to my girth. Just as my balls touch her ass she squeezes my dick with her cunt muscles almost making me cum. Even with her squeezing my dick I begin to pump in and out of her letting her relax. I begin to fuck her harder and she moans my name and screams for more. Just as the first spurt of cum leaves my dick the door flies open.
Standing there is Stacey with her uniform and combat boots still on. She takes one look at me and Tiffany and the cum leaking out around my dick and Screams!!!

Stacey calls my dad and I’m sent to my room when he gets home. They both question the girls and we all get punished by having to clean the bathrooms twice a day for a year. We also have to cook and clean for our parents for 6 months. Then Tina and Lily are given chastity belts. I eventually get sent back to Arkansas. My dad chooses not to tell my mom and she will not know until I tell her. I would like to continue this story as a fiction story where Stacey joins in on the fun and one of the girls gets pregnant. If anyone would like that please leave a comment about it and any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is welcome.

story by: Incest is fun

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Author: Incest is fun

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