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RECAP from 1st story
I was 15 she was 21 1 night she came into my room we had sex.Then my uncle came in and ruined the whole thing

RECAP from last story
I went to work with now is my girlfriend and we fucked there. Then my best friend's girlfriend caught us. Then we all 4 fucked.


The following 2 days after the shop we hung out together and then the 2nd day I asked her to go out with me and she said yes. Also my mom and my dad separated and so I went and lived with my uncle for a couple months.


I was at school it was 1st hour and was already missing my girlfriend she dropped me off that morning. I was day dreaming about her, I was thinking to myself can't wait till she picks me up after school. Then all of a second "MR. BLAKE!! pay attention what is the answer to my question?" I said "Ms. Arnold(which was a really hot 22 year old teacher) the answer is x=15" She said good job Mr. Blake. So I guess you can listen while you day dream. The hour goes by what seemed like forever. Then the bell rang she said Blake come back here and talk to me. I went back there she asked "what were you thinking about?" I didn't wanna say thinking about my 21 year old girlfriend so I said I had a long night and I was tired. She said okay go on now before your late.


My girlfriend brought me up a hamburger, fries, and a Dr. Pepper and she brought herself the same. She came over to me and my friends and Chris was there and looked at my girlfriend with lust in his eyes and she said "Blakey you wanna eat with me?" I answered yea let's go eat outside I said we did and we were alone outside because there was music going on inside and there was only 1 table. So we were out there all alone I was talking about "what will we do when you pick me up or when we get home?" Then she said why wait that long lets do something now. I asked where? she said in the locker room I said okay.


We went in there we went into the showers and nobody was in there,so we got undressed and I was already up and we turned the hot water on in the front 2 showers so we had steam so no one could see us. She came over to me and we started making out and when we were I graped her ass and she had a hold of my balls. Then she said get ready I did she jumped in my arms and my dick went into her and I put here against the wall and I was fucking her. Then she got off and she leaned over a bench and I I started fucking her in her ass. Next the bell rang we got dressed and she gave me a kiss goodbye and she left.


She came by and picked me up and as soon as I got in her truck I noticed she didn't have pants on and she shoved my head down and I started eating when we drove off. When we got to her house she pulled in the garage and she closed the garage door and I got up and we went inside. We started stripping on the way into the shower. When we got in it was hot but she said give me a back massage because I'm very tense. I start giving her a neck massage and I was getting harder by each stroke over her neck. Finally I was all the way up and then I drived into her while massaging her and she let out a huge moan. Finally she said that's enough massaging now fuck me. Then I pulled out of her ass and she turned around and we started making out. She graped my dick while I graped her ass and I fingered her pussy. Then I got down on my knees and started eating her pussy and then she graped my head and pushed it farther into her pussy. Then she picked me off we got out of the shower and she started drying me off and when we were all dried up she got a call and it was her friends asking if we wanna come over to play some games and we left/

End of this story stay tuned for 4 because it is me and my girlfriend at 1 of her friends house starting with a neck massage ended up with sex.. And then when we got home we took a shower and had sex in the shower. Also I give a lot of neck massages and I ate alot of pussy.

story by: Sarge31797

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Author: Sarge31797

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