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She shook the rain off her umbrella as she walked into the club – the weather wasn't cooperating, but she knew he'd be waiting for her, and that was enough to get her out tonight – even in the face of the downpour she'd just endured.

She slipped out of her rain coat and revealed a simple dress that looked anything but simple on her. The dress ended about halfway up her thigh, and the slight irregularity in the way is slid over her legs hinted at the possibility of garters holding up the patterned black stockings that defined her long legs. The dark red stiletto heels signaled this woman was more than she seemed – perhaps a bit dangerous? The matching belt cinched the dress snugly to her waist and accentuated the curve of her body, with the plunging neckline revealing a hint of the lacy black bra beneath. The pearls draped around her neck in three swags, glistened against her fair skin and were lit up with the reflections of her dark red hair. Her face held a set of clear green eyes that sparkled with the excitement she felt, her cheeks showing a slight blush betraying the same excitement.

More than one set of eyes trailed her as she made her way to the bar and ordered a simple dry martini. Several men nodded approvingly at her choice of a classic cocktail free of the window dressings of fashion and trend as she savored the crisp notes of gin with a hint of vermouth. She smiled at those who showed the courage to hold her gaze when w she met theirs, but it was obvious she was searching for a particular face in the crowd. Pangs of envy filled several of her admirers as her gaze settled on the dark haired man who walked in at that moment.

As he walked in and saw her he forgot about problems at work and other things on his mind while he was on his way, rainy weather always put him in bad mood…all that disappeared in a blink of an eye when he saw her. He stopped for a second at the door and then with gentle smile on his face walked towards her. She did it again…no matter how amazed he is again and again by her beauty and when he thinks she can’t surprise him again she does. As he was walking toward her he was thinking how no matter what she wears she just looks amazing – and tonight she’s out done herself! Shivers ran across his body when he touched her hand and kissed her – it was always like it is first time. So exciting, sensual -her lips always made him feel like a little boy who just got his first kiss.

He had been thinking about her all day, minutes seemed like hours while he was counting down time till the evening – and there she was now…sitting next to him, smiling, making him feel like he is only man in the world for her. He noticed the envious looks from other man who were all wishing just one thing…to be in his place, to be with her… Her hand slipped into his as they kissed and settled into their chairs to enjoy their drinks and catch up…..

She felt the familiar rush of emotions, amazed as always how new this always felt, how "in the moment" she became in his presence. As they talked, she let her foot travel up and down his leg, knowing he enjoyed the touch, but enjoyed the fact that anyone watching knew that she was interested only in him, and that their minds would be racing with fantasies of what they would be doing next. The shiver she d felt after that thought only had one source – the fact that she knew, no matter what the other's fantasies were she would make his come true in ways they could not even imagine.

She leaned in for a kiss and guided his hand over her dress, letting him feel the outline of the garter, the edge of her stocking, and the bare skin above it, letting his hand rest briefly at her hip and realize she wore garters and nothing else down there beneath her dress. "I don't know if I could wait long enough for you to undress me" she whispered in his ear as their lips parted "So I thought I'd give you the chance to take me whenever and wherever you want tonight" She felt him stiffen in surprise, and looked into his eyes with a devilish smile, nodding to insure he understood her offer to him. "Whenever you want, where ever you want, whatever you want tonight, dear knight, I am yours to command." She lifted her glass in a silent toast, nothing the slight tremor in his hand as they touched glasses in agreement to her proposition.

Before he could form an answer, she led him on the small dance floor as the music began. Coltrane's sax flowed out of the speakers as she led him out under the envious stares of both men and women. He pulled her close and let the music take them, a slow waltz step that fit perfectly with the music. She leaned into him, her hair spreading like an auburn scarf over the shoulder of his suit, inhaling his scent and feeling his warmth.

She listened to the music and smiled, whispering into his ear "Perfect song for the night, don't you think, baby?" He listened and laughed softly. His hand slipped lower, caressing the small of her back to the curve of her ass, sending a small thrill through his body as he encountered the outline of her garter belt again. She sighed happily and kissed his neck softly as they continued their dance, Coltrane's riffs filling in the melody of "My Favorite Things". The song ended and he took control, guiding her toward an unoccupied booth and ordering another pair of martinis.

Sitting close to her, he let his hand stroke her inner thigh and felt the heat emanating from her. She shot him a look of pure lust and let her hand play across his chest as she kissed him, casually dropping it to his lap to give his gardening cock a squeeze through his slacks. “Whatever, whenever, wherever, baby – just like I said” she smiled as she stroked his raging hard on. His answer was immediate as he guided her hand to his zipper and helped her expose his thick cock. “Suck me now, right here” he grinned thinking he had called her bluff, then watched in amazement as this beautiful woman disappeared under the table and engulfed his cock in her warm, wet mouth. He looked around and noticed more than one club-goer studying him intently – obviously they had seen her slide under the table and were waiting for his reaction.

He picked up his martini and took a sip as her tongue circled the head of his cock and slid down his h shaft, her throat constricting and milking his cock for all it was worth. Her hands were on his thighs, keeping him down in his seat when all he wanted was to grind his hips in her face and mouth-fuck her. He flushed as the familiar feeling of an impending orgasm began to build in his groin, trying to stay cool in the face of the interest of his audience. Several couples had been watching his reactions closely – he raised his glass to those who met his gaze and tried to take another sip of the drink- setting it down instead as he stifled a moan – he came hard – shooting rope after rope down her throat while she suckled his cock like a babe hungry for milk. She held him in her mouth until he had subsided, cleaning and kissing is cock, then tucking it back in before emerging from beneath the table and smiling at those who were still watching. She licked her lips and took a long pull from her neglected cocktail, then leaned in and kissed him. “That was a great start, baby – can’t wait to see what’s next on your list” she murmured, looking deep in his eyes. “Give me a minute to get my legs he smiled “we have so many places left to go” His hand slipped between her legs and tested the wetness of her crotch as he spoke….

story by: activeimagination

Tags: consensual sex male/female fantasy cum swallowing oral sex female exhibitionist sex story written by women

Author: activeimagination

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