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You and me were hanging out watching some TV. You were wearing a very short skirt with your legs spread somewhat. I saw that there was a wet spot on your panties. When you saw me looking you said ''Why don’t you come over and do something bout that''.
So I got down on my knees in between your legs and took off your wet panties. I started eating you out. You started moaning. So I started licking clit making it nice and wet. Then I stuck a finger in you while you were moaning and grabbing my head pushing my head into you even more. I started fingering you hitting your G Spot, which is too much for you to handle, and you have an orgasm and come all over the place.
After that you decide that we should go get in the shower and clean up. While we were in the shower you can’t control yourself when u see my nice Abs and rock hard dick. So you start kissing my neck and moving your way down across my abs down to my Cock. I let you suck it and lick it for a while. Then you want more. You turn around and bend over as I slide into slowly so you can feel all of my 8 Inched cock going into you. I ram you for a while till you have yet another orgasm and cum all over the place as I’m inside you ramming you from behind. I can’t hold my back anymore, feeling your tight pussy Cumming around my big cock. I just thrust in as deep as I could and my cum jetted out of my cock deep into your pussy feeling it up with my hot thick cum. After that we had to hurry up and cleaned up because we forgot we had tickets for the movies.

We arrived at the movie theatre and took a seat. Yes one seat. After that I know it was going to be a great movie. We are sitting in a single chair all the way in the back. You are sitting on my lap. I reach over in between your legs to rub your pussy through your pants. You are so wet that I can feel it soaking through your pants. You start to softly moan. While I’m doing this you can feel my cock on your ass getting hard and you start grinding me. While doing that you’re also grinding my hand harder against your pussy.
After a minute or two of that you cant take it any more, you need me inside you. You grab my jacket had put it over our laps. Then you reach down and unzip my pants exposing my big hard cock. When I reached to pull your pants down you beat me to and pulled them down along with your thong. You lower yourself onto me. Your pussy feels so good. You’re so wet and warm. You try to be quite while your moaning so other people don’t hear you, But sensation is too much for you, feeling me slowly going inside you. You start riding me loving the feeling off your pussy being full with my hard cock going deep inside you while I start pumping into you going harder and deeper. I reach my hand over and start rubbing your clit to increase your pleasure while your bouncing on top of me. That’s too much for you too handle. Between my hand massaging your clit fast and my cock ramming your pussy you start Cumming hard with your hips and pussy compulsion out of you control. You cum all me getting the seat and me soaked.

Not even a minute after you came in the movie theatre the movie was over. I was disappointed that I never got to finish. But you reassured me that you would make it up to me. I just never thought it would be in the same day. You asked me were we could go to that’s private. So we went to my house knowing that wouldn’t be anybody their. Right when we walked in the door you quickly got close grabbed my muscular arms and started kissing my neck. I ripped off your shirt and bra and start kissing my way down from your neck to your tits, Sucking on them making you moan.
I picked you up and headed up the stairs to the shower again. But I set you on the stairs, ripped off you pants and panties. Got down on my knees and put my face in between your spread legs. I jammed my tongue inside your pussy making a sharp scream escape from your mouth. I started licking your clit while I slide a finger in your tight pussy rubbing your G-Spot while practically spelling out the alphabet on your clit. You started moaning loud and I could tell you were bout to cum but I stopped right before you did, teasing you.
I picked you up again and got in the shower once again (To finish what we started earlier before the movies) with the hot water running. You immediately turn around and back your ass up against my rock hard dick. I shoved my entire hard dick in your tight soaking wet pussy. Eager to cum I start pounding you ass you start screaming in pleasure. I reach around and garb your tits for better grip so I can do you even harder. You start to bounce back meeting my thrust. I grab the showerhead with one hand still on your breast. I reach my hand over and start and aim the showerhead at your pussy that’s start blasting your pussy with hot water.
At this point your screaming so loud I almost went deaf. You look back and see my hot body with water running down my hard abs while their thrusting forward banging your ass hard. You reach and start rubbing my abs. You are at your climax again and start moaning uncontrollably screaming my name as your orgasm rips through you. You start Cumming hard and I can feel your pussy juices running over my big dick that’s being stuffed in your pussy. Feeling you cum is too much for me as I start Cumming, trying not to cum in your pussy I pulled out and my cum spurted out all over your ass. After your orgasm subsided you get down on your knees and put my softening dick in your month cleaning it up sucking it till it goes totally soft. After we cleaned up we went into the living room to watch some TV. I wasn’t even paying attention to the TV. I was wondering when we were going to fuck like that again. 😉

story by: S_Block

Tags: fiction consensual sex teen male/teen female sex story

Author: S_Block

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