Niki & grace ii

sex stories

Chapter 2.

Paul was laying in his hammock feeling completely satisfied. His wife who was sunbathing on the deck was listening in on the story he was telling his two daughters about his first real girlfriend who just happened to be her. She decided to help with the story by re-enacting certain parts, like sucking his cock — like she did many years before in the back of a school bus. Paul thought it was awesome as his wife was sucking his cock in front of their two young daughters. She even gave them certain tips as to how to take all of daddy’s manhood down her throat. Just as Paul was about to cum in his wife’s glorious mouth Christine his wife decided to allow her youngest daughter Nikki who just turned 13 to finish what she started. Paul not phased at all unleashed an enormous amount of cum into his daughter’s arid mouth.

Grace their eldest daughter was just a little upset that Nikki had swallowed all of their father’s cum and didn’t share any with her. Grace couldn’t be too upset as she had been allowed to suck her father’s cock for the past two years, now it was Nikki’s turn. Grace was a bit jealous but she knew that her father would be fair and maybe today could be the day that she loses her virginity.

Grace climbed back onto the hammock kissed her daddy on he lips and said; “Now that Nikki got to taste you warm cum I was just wondering if I could lose my virginity today?” Then she kissed him.

Paul pulled his tongue from his 15 year olds mouth smiled at her and said, “Baby, we will just have to see, okay?”

“Okay daddy we will do it your way.”

Christine stood up kissed her husband on the mouth and said, “I guess I’m finished here for now. Why don’t you get back to finishing the story and just maybe, just maybe Gracey, daddy will fuck you today. Christine cupped Paul’s face with her hand and gazed into her husbands’ eyes and said, “Get back to telling the story.”

Paul looked at his two daughters and said, “Come on Nikki lay next to daddy you too Grace I like having my two girls close to me. So, where did we leave off?”

Grace said, “Mommy and you were in the back seat of the school bus on the way to a retreat and she was giving you a blow job.”

“Yeah, that’s right. So, when mommy had finished giving daddy a blowjob I tried my best to lose my virginity right there but your mom was still a good girl and didn’t want to have her first sexual experience in front of the whole youth group. The real surprise came when Rich and Elaine replaced us in the back seat. Elaine later told me that she did not want to be known as a little prissy girl – that she wanted to show everyone that she could be just as dirty and nasty as the other girls but she took it one step further.

Elaine watched intently as mommy allowed me to taste her breasts with my lips and my tongue to enter into her vagina until it oozed with her cum. I then took as much cum into my mouth as I could. It was only fair your mommy allowed me to cum in her mouth and she swallowed every last drop of my cum. Tammy and Tiffany followed suit and also gave amazing blowjobs for Mike and John but Elaine wanted to show the other girls that she was the dominate woman of the four.

Grace looked at her father, “Daddy what did mommy’s cum taste like? Was there as much as yours? Did you like doing that for mommy?”

Paul thought for a moment, “Well, you know, I wasn’t sure that I could make your mommy cum but she got very excited when my tongue entered over her hymen and then inside of her vagina. Your mom became very aggressive and pulled my hair and put her knees over my shoulders and began to move her pussy up and down on my mouth. Before I knew it she began to cum and I had no choice but to taster her womanhood. For me it tasted like strawberries but she didn’t cum as much as I did and yes I liked making mommy cum and making her feel like a woman.”

Nikki moved her father’s hand down to her 13 year-old-vagina and made sure he got his finger back inside of her and said, “Was mommy as wet as me right now?”

“Your vagina is actually pretty wet.”

Grace then began stroking her father’s penis and noticed a small drop of his cum that was still trapped in the shaft of his cock and then like a hungry bird went down and gobbled up the small droplet of her father’s cum. When she came back up Paul smiled at her and Grace said, “Thanks for saving just a little bit for me daddy. Okay, go on with your story.”

Paul, looked very quizzically at Grace then smiled, “Grace I love you honey, never be jealous you are my little girl and I will always be there for you. Now, let’s get back to Rich and Elaine. Elaine to the surprise of all us was not wearing any panties and when it was her turn, she did not hesitate and lifted her skirt to reveal her shaven pussy and with her fingers spreading her inner and outer pussy lips to reveal her light pink pussy. Elaine looked at her man and unzipped his pants then unbuttoned them. Using her teeth she bit Rich’s pants then his underwear down to the floor. Elaine not wasting time reached up and placed her boyfriends cock into her hungry mouth and actually swallowed Rich’s cock down her throat. All the girls even mommy put their hands to their throats and watched as Elaine’s mouth and nose touched the base of Rich’s manhood.

Once Elaine was satisfied that it was wet enough she lay on the seat and spread her legs wide for her man. Rich wanted to be just like all the other guys and use his tongue to please his girl as she had just pleased him but Elaine was not having any of it as she pulled his hair and lifted Rich on top of her.

Rich and Elaine were first to lose their collective virginities. As much as Rich was enjoying Elaine’s tight pussy Elaine was in considerable pain as she was bleeding because Rich broke her hymen. Rich’s cock was the largest of the four of us not only in length but also in girth. The deeper he penetrated into her sweet love canal the greater the pain Elaine felt. Her virgin inner pussy lips were being stretched further and further apart for the first time in her young life.

What happened next was not supposed to happen. Even though Elaine was hurting Rich being a young man had filled her love canal full of his cum. As he stopped thrusting inside of Elaine he was kissing her breasts and Elaine maneuvered so that Rich was now on his back and she was on top and she rode him until she her self had an orgasm. The only problem with that was as Elaine’s orgasm was gushing down on Rich’s cock it also pushed his white sticky cum out as well.

When Elaine let out a loud scream Sister Karen’s ears had perked up and knew something was wrong and quickly ran to the back of the bus and like a jack rabbit she was there in the matter of seconds. When she came upon Elaine lying on top of Rich she looked down and noticed the mixture of both their orgasms on Rich’s cock. Something had happened on the inside of Sister Karen. Her face became red and she stood their gazing at Rich’s manhood as Elaine moved up and allowed Rich to pull out. The shear size and girth of Rich made her Sister Karen’s mouth water as she wiped the drool from the side of her mouth. She also was staring at Elaine’s young tight vagina, as that was the case with every guy that tried to get a peek at Elaine’s cum filled cunt.

Father Jack noticing the commotion made his way to the back of the bus. Elaine was proud of what she and Rich had just done. As Rich tried to get up to cover himself Elaine would not let him she wanted everyone to know what they had just done. Father Jack came upon the scene and noticed that Elaine was completely exposed and had cum dripping from her pussy onto the back seat and immediately took charge. He told all the kids, ‘heads forward.’ He told Sister Karen was to help Elaine to redress and take her to the front of the bus with her and he would take care of Rich. Father Jack then told all the girls to move to the left side of the bus and the boys to the right. Father Jack looked at Rich and told him that he was very disappointed in him and that when they arrived Rich was to unpack and come to his office and Sister Karen had relayed the same message to Elaine.”

Grace was now playing with her bulbous clit with her wet fingers and turned her head and looked at her father and said, “Daddy I want to do the same thing with you. I want you to take my virginity and I want you to fill me with your sperm. I want it to drip from my pussy. Okay daddy?”

“I am still unsure that you’re ready to take daddy’s penis Grace.”

“Well, if the answer is no then will you at least play with me while you tell the story?”

“How could I say no to that. Okay, now Elaine and Rich were summoned down to the main office and were drilled for about two hours before they were released back to their respective rooms. Rich didn’t look at any of us when he came back into the room. He kept his eyes looking down at the floor he didn’t make any eye contact with any of us and he was hobbling a little as he had his hand over his crotch. Rich didn’t say a whole lot and just curled up in a ball on his bed then turned to me with a scowled look on his face and whispered, be prepared you’re not going to like what they are about to do to you.

Just then Father Jack opened the door and called for Mike, John and myself and at across the hall we heard Sister Karen ask for Tiffany, Tammy and mommy. All six of us were marched single file down to Father Jack’s office. Once we were all seated Father Jack began to look at all of us in disgust and began to yell at us. He let us know that Elaine and Rich revealed what all of us had done on the bus.

Nickki said, “I can’t believe that they told on you guys, I would never do that I would keep it a secret and just taken my />
Paul said, “Well, sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Anyway, Sister Karen told all the girls to stand and face the wall. All three girls obeyed without question. Then Sister Karen told the girls to drop their panties to the floor and then to bend over. Father Jack told us boys to look at their pussies. He put his hands on Tiffany’s ass and spread her ass cheeks wide and knelt down and gazed at her small pussy. Then Father Jack spread it open to reveal her pink insides and the fact that she was still a virgin. Then he told us to keep watching as Father Jack pointed out her hymen and then moved onto Tammy and then mommy. Daddy’s penis became real hard and big in his pants looking at their pussies.

He looked at us three and said, ‘How could want to violate these young ladies? Can’t you see how precious it is to take a woman’s virginity? You should all be ashamed of yourselves! And ladies you should have more self respect for yourselves and your reputations and your family namesakes.’

He then looked over at Sister Karen who just came back into the room with a large pointer used by teaches at the chalkboards. Then Sister Karen slapped pointer into the palm of her other hand and then wiped the black rubber tip on the end and handed it to Father Jack.

Father Jack told us to move our chairs so that we could watch the girls be punished. Then one by one Sister Karen grabbed each girl’s hands as Father Jack penetrated their pussies with the pointer.

Grace in a crackled voice said, “Daddy why didn’t you and the other boys try to stop Father Jack from hurting the girls?”

“Well, when you are a teenager back then, you just obeyed authority figures and you kept your mouth shut. Besides we were all in so much trouble that once we got home what Father Jack was about to do us would be nothing compared to what our parents were going to do to us once we were home. Also if we laid a hand on a priest or a nun we definitely would have gotten killed when we got home.

“Nikki began moving her father’s finger faster and faster inside of her and said, “Come on daddy I like this part of story and I think I’m about to cum. So, please keep going.”

“Sure honey, if you think you are going to cum for the first time in your life you can finish on my finger. Can I taste it? I mean you got to taste daddy’s cum today”

“Yes daddy.”

“First was Tammy, we all thought that she had dozens of guys who had fucked her. I mean she had that reputation but there it was in plain sight she still had her hymen and it was staring right back at us. Father Jack very careful inserted the pointer and to our amazement she took about a foot of the pointer inside of her pussy. Tammy began to moan and groan as Father Jack was masturbating her 14 year-old-pussy. To Father Jack’s surprise Tammy had an orgasm right in front of all us.

Then he moved onto Tiffany and she too took the pointer deep inside of her vagina and after several minutes she too had an orgasm. Then it was mommy’s turn and when Father Jack inserted the pointer into her vagina, mommy went too far. She looked back at Father Jack and was smiling and blowing him kisses. This made Father Jack infuriated and he began to smack mommy on the ass with his hand. When Father Jack hit mommy and it just spurred mommy on even more.

Mommy looked back at me and the other boys and smiled and began talking to Father Jack, ‘Come on ram it up inside my cunt – you know you want to fuck me Father – Show me how you want to abuse my teenage pussy – yes, yes, Father fuck my pussy faster and make me cum on the pointer – smack my ass – I am a bad girl full of moral sin wanting to suck and fuck my boyfriends cock every day – Father Jack please slap my ass harder, harder Father Jack beat the moral sin from my evil pussy.’ Father Jack did as she had asked and then mommy actually squirted cum from her vagina all over the pointer and Father Jack’s hand.

Then Grace began to moan with her father’s finger inside of her then Nikki followed right behind her moaning and groaning. Just then Nikki had her very first orgasm. Her vagina let loose and made her father’s finger nice and wet. Then Paul pulled his finger out and put it in his mouth and sucked his 13 from his finger. Then he pulled his finger out and sucked Grace his 15 from his finger. Paul did something that even he didn’t realize he was doing. He slipped his finger that had Nikki’s orgasm on it into Grace’s mouth and the other finger that had Grace’s orgasm on it into Nikki’s mouth and told both girls to clean his fingers.

Paul satisfied at what he had just accomplished with his two daughters moved on with the story. “Well, Father Jack and Sister Karen looked at each other and Father Jack pulled the pointer out and rubbed mommy’s vagina very softly and told all the girls to pull their panties up and told them to sit in our chairs. Then he told us boys to stand in front of the girls. Sister Karen did not ask us to pull our pants down but she did it one by one. She then proceeded to use her hand and get all three of us nice and hard. It didn’t take much as Sister Karen was a young Nun only in her early 30’s and she was a very attractive woman for a nun. All the boys thought it was such a waste for such a beautiful young woman to be wasted as a nun.

Once our penises were hard we were told to stand in front of Father Jack’s desk and place our manhood on the very top. Then Sister Karen looking at our cocks took a 12-inch ruler and started with John first and smacked the top of his cock. John immediately fell to the floor in pain and could no longer stand. Then it was Mike’s turn and it took several more whacks on the top of his penis and with tears in his eyes fell to the floor next to John writhing in pain. Then it was my turn and I decided that no matter how much it hurt I was not going to give in to Sister Karen. After hitting my cock with the ruler about ten times Sister Karen used her hand to rub my cock hard again saying ‘In the name of Christ I compel you to let go of your Moral sin – Paul, don’t you want to let your immoral sin go from your penis?’ Then with one last slap of the ruler, it broke over daddy’s penis and cut daddy. I could no longer stand my knees buckled and I fell to the floor and was in tremendous pain.

Sister Karen looking at her work seemed to be proud of her self and told us to stand up and pull our pants up. She told Mike, John, Tiffany and Tammy to return to their rooms Father Jack then took mommy by the hand and sat her down on the couch and said, “Not you young lady you stay with me we are heading over to the Rectory to continue our discussion on moral sin.”

Sister Karen looked at me and said, “Come on Paul let’s get you looked at and make sure you’re okay.”

Sister Karen took my hand and had led me down to the infirmary. When we arrived Sister Camella looked up and said, “The kids aren’t even here for an hour and someone is sick or hurt />
Sister Karen said, action taken by Father Jack and myself. We just want to know if he is fine?”

Sister Camella looked at me and said, “He looks to be just fine.”

Sister Karen smiled at Sister Camella and said, “Well, you wouldn’t be able to see where Paul is hurt. Here let me show you.” Sister Karen got down on her knees and began to undo my pants once again and dropped them to my ankles. “Here have a look at this.”

Sister Camella took daddy’s penis in her hand and noticed the red marks on top and she said, “Okay, wait out in the other room Sister and when I am through with him I will send him out.” Sister Camella who was in her mid 50’s overweight and a very devout Catholic Nun looked at daddy’s penis and touched the red areas very gently and to his surprise began to stroke it. As my manhood rose to the touch of a woman’s hand even though it was a nun proved that I was going to be just fine. Sister Camella then sent me out and said, “Stay away from whatever girl you were trying to have sex with and you should be okay.”

I said, “How did you know that –

“It is the only reason why Sister Karen would hurt your penis is if you were caught doing something sexual. Now, go in peace and be a good boy okay.”

Sister Karen led me back to my room.

Grace looked very concerned for her father and said, “Were you really okay daddy?”

“Yes honey, I was just fine.”

Then Christine popped her head up and looked at the clock and said, “Okay you three it’s time for lunch. Come on up the pizza guy should be here soon.”

The three of them slipped out of the hammock and as the girls ran towards the deck. Paul was taken in at how much his daughters’ ass’ looked so much like their mothers all those long years ago. The girls went upstairs to clean their pussies and brush their teeth to get the taste of cum from their mouths. When the doorbell rang, Paul looked at his wife Christine and said, “Honey where are my pants my wallet is inside for the pizza guy.”

worry honey and she pulled some money from her purse and naked like a jay bird made her way to the front door. She cracked it to make sure it was the pizza guy and when it was confirmed told him to come on in. When the young man stepped in his words began to elude him as he stared at Christine in awe. Then she showed him the door with out tipping him. She felt that if he got to see her perky tits and shaved snatch then that should be tip enough.

After they ate Grace said, “So, mom when Father Jack put the pointer inside of you did it hurt or were you really turned on?”

“It hurt because he put it in so deep but what turned me on is that I knew your father was sitting there watching mommy get fucked. All Father Jack did was want me to fuck your daddy even more.”

Nikki said, “Then why did Father Jack take you back to the />
“Well, when I finally got back to the Rectory Father Jack had asked me where I had learned to talk so filthy? He also wanted to know why I enjoyed being smacked so much?” I lied to him and told him that I had a fantasy about making love with a priest, who was there to forgive me of my moral deviant sexual sins. That turned Father Jack on even more. Father Jack took me to his room and told me to remove all my clothes and that he was going to cleanse my body with holy water to prevent me from becoming a sexual />
Grace said, “Mommy if you tell daddy what to do can we re-enact what Father Jack did to you? We can do it in my room.”

“Well, since you are both naked anyway why not. Okay Paul fill a bowl with water. Now, sprinkle the water from Grace’s head down to her toes.” Paul did as he was told and Grace became very excited that she was playing the role of her mother. “Okay, now Grace sit on the chair and Paul get in front of her on your knees. Now Paul suck and lick your daughter’s vagina until she has an orgasm on your lips and tongue.”

Nikki said, “You mean Father Jack ate your pussy mommy? I thought that priests weren’t allowed to participate in any kinds of sex.”

“Well, Father Jack told me that he was cleansing me of my moral sin and being a sexual deviant and the only way to rid me of my sin was to allow him to lick my vagina and clitoris until it oozed with my love juice.”

Grace looked at her father and said, “I like the sound of that. Come on daddy take me up to my room and cleanse me of my immoral thoughts of fucking my father.”

Paul finally gave in and all four of them climbed the stairs to Graces bedroom. As they were about to enter she turned to her mother and whispered in her ear as Nikki and Paul were already in her bedroom, “Is it really okay if daddy tongue fucks me? Will you be mad if daddy fucks me today?”

Christine pulled her daughter’s face in to her naked bosoms and said, “I would be proud to watch your father eat your pussy and even more proud if you allowed him to take your virginity like he did to me.”

Christine and Grace walked into her bedroom together and found Nikki on her knees sucking her father’s cock. Paul was pushing her head down on his manhood trying to get her to take it all in her mouth. When he looked at his wife and eldest daughter he thought back to when Christine was Grace’s age and noticed that Grace had a better body with larger breasts and a rounder ass. Looking at his wife and daughter his cock actually became bigger in Nikki’s mouth and she began to choke as Paul girth had swelled.

Grace said, “Okay daddy, it is my turn Nikki got to suck your sperm from you earlier this afternoon now it’s my turn. Mom go ahead and tell us what Father Jack did to you and don’t leave anything out.”

Christine looked at her over eager daughter and caught the lustful look in her husband’s eyes, as he knew he was about to eat and maybe fuck a really tight pussy again. Okay let’s set this up. “Nikki bring over the chair from the desk and Grace you sit down with your legs crossed. Now it doesn’t matter that you are naked because the first thing Father Jack told me to do before he even touched me was to get naked in front of him, so, you don’t have to worry about that part.

Alright, so Father Jack paced back and forth and I had my arms folded over my breasts –“

“Like this mommy?”

“Yes, honey that is just fine. Then Father Jack stopped and gazed at my nakedness and I could see in his eyes that he was turned on by what he had done to me not more than 20 minutes earlier. He started and said, ‘so, you want to have sex with a priest? You want to feel a man’s penis finally penetrate your virgin love canal? Well, I can’t put my penis inside of you but I can certainly help you. Now, put your arms down at your side and put your feet on the chair spreading your legs.”

Grace looked at her mom and said, “Like this mommy.”

“Hold on honey it’s not just quite right.”

Christine moved over to the chair and adjusted her legs and arms and Paul’s eyes came alive as he looked at how tiny his daughter’s vagina was.

Paul looked up at Christine, “Honey, I want to taste her but I don’t know if my cock is going to fit inside her tiny vagina.”

worry honey you forget, mine was the same size when you took my virginity. Your cock is the same size then as it is now. Then Father Jack got down on his knees and smelled my vagina. He placed his index finger between my inner pussy lips and ran it up and down and when it was nice and moist he placed it in his mouth. Then he whispered something ‘You taste much better than Karen.’

I asked what he had said and then he realized that what he was thinking he said out loud. He looked at me and then his tongue penetrated my vagina. He proceeded to lick me from my anus back up to my clitoris. It didn’t take all that long when he then placed a finger inside of my anus.”

Paul was enacting everything Christine was saying as she was saying it. Grace was in another world, now, as her father’s tongue seemed to be the magic touch that she was waiting for all her young adult life. Paul became aggressive with his daughter and began to really work hard on his daughter and then she just like her mother did the first time he had eaten her squirted her cum on to her father’s lips. Grace who ended having her knees over her father’s shoulder and her hands on the back of his head pulling it as tight as she could to her special place

Christine and Nikki sat together on the bed playing with each other’s pussies as they watched the two of them. Then Paul stood up and put his arm under Grace’s legs and one around her back and carried her over to the bed. Grace was just coming out of what she thought was a coma to see he r father’s cock resting on her lips as he straddled her face. Nikki and Christine were taking turns lapping her pussy juice from Grace’s virgin pussy.

Paul looked down at his daughter and said, “Open your mouth and suck me. Get my cock nice and wet so I can slip it inside of you nice and easy.”

Grace couldn’t believe it, after two years of begging her father to make love to her, here she finally was. She was just a minute or so away from becoming a woman once and for all. Paul watched his head slip between his daughter’s lips and then pushed the head to the top of her throat and after two gingerly pushes he finally penetrated his daughter’s throat for the first time. Grace was gagging on her father’s penis and when he pulled out there were long streams of her spit that created a small rope between her mouth and the head of her father’s penis.

Paul was finally satisfied that his cock was greased enough to try and penetrate his daughter for the first time. Paul looked at his wife and said, “Honey I want you to get a towel for the blood once I break her hymen. Nikki I want you to come over her and spread your sister’s fuck hole as wide as you can to help daddy get inside of your sister.”

Christine came back with a towel and she had tears in her eyes and her bottom chin was quivering.

Grace looked at her mom and said, wrong mommy? If you don’t want daddy to fuck me it’s okay I can fuck my boyfriend and you won’t have to know />
“No – No – Honey I’m not crying because I am upset. I am crying because my little girl is about to become a woman. Paul don’t you dare cum inside of her.”

Nikki moved over Graces pussy and spread her sister’s vagina open the best she could and Paul took a deep breadth and maneuvered the head of cock to Grace’s entrance way to her love canal. Grace lifted her head from her pillow and wanted to see her father’s cock finally penetrate her.

Paul very gently but deliberately pushed his head and felt the tension of the hymen not wanting to break. Paul pushed a little harder and Christine took her daughters hand and told her to squeeze her hand as daddy fucked her. After one more push Grace’s hymen began to give way and finally Paul had broken through. As he pulled back out he had blood on the head of his cock.

Grace looked up and asked, “Am I a woman now daddy?”

“Not yet honey let me clean the blood from your hymen off of my cock and your pussy.”

Christine cleaned her husband’s cock and her daughter’s pussy then Paul looked at his daughter and said, “Okay honey take a deep />
Paul slowly and deliberately pushed his cock inside of his daughter and when Grace felt her father’s balls touch her pussy she smiled and looked up into her father’s eyes and said, “Thank you daddy for making me a woman. Now I want you to fuck me daddy.”

Paul had cum twice today so normally he could last at least a half hour and he knew it. He got worried that he would remain inside his daughter too long and hurt her. That thought went out the window as Nikki laid next her sister with her legs spread open and her finger was gliding over her clitoris. Paul looked over at the chair where he just had eaten Grace’s pussy to orgasm and saw his wife with two fingers inside her vagina and one inside her asshole. There was so much pussy for Paul to fuck he realized that he was the luckiest man alive.

While he was daydreaming about fucking all of his women he could feel his sperm loading in his shaft reading to explode into his daughters vagina. Then he pulled out and told Grace to open her mouth.

Grace looked at her father and said, “Yes, daddy I want to watch you jerk off into my mouth. I want to swallow your cum so when I go out with my girlfriends tonight I will be the only that has their father’s cum inside of them. It’s going to be the best secret in the whole world.”

Paul couldn’t handle his daughter talking to him like this and he exploded into his daughter’s mouth. Grace took over and used her hand and pumped every last droplet of sperm into her mouth.

Grace swallowed her father’s cum and said, “Thank you daddy for making me a woman today.”

Christine looked at her husband and how spent he was and said, “Okay girls no more playing with daddy today. Why don’t you go back out slip back into your hammock, I’ll bring you a beer and you can at least listen to the end of the game.

Paul kissed Christine on the lips and said, “Thanks honey.”

Nikki said, “Well after we come home from church tomorrow will you finish the story daddy?”

“Sure honey.”

Grace had a little cum on the corner of her mouth said, “You know how we love your stories daddy.”

Here ends Chapter 2

story by: jintina

Tags: fiction blowjob consensual sex first time virginity humiliation male / female teens authoritarian sex story

Author: jintina

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