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I had only been on the job for a little over a year and already I was getting sick of it. It seemed like everyday was the same. I would go to a school, bust a punk for selling drugs to fourteen year olds then spend hours upon end at my desk doing paper work. It was everything people warned me of when I first became interested in becoming a cop. I had always blocked it out and choose to believe in the movies and how they depicted an officer’s life.

As I sat in my cruiser at an overpass of the rural highway my eyes began to feel heavy. I looked at my clock. It was nearly 1am and I hadn’t done shit all day. I hated working over time, especially doing traffic on a highway no one goes down at this time. I thought about my lousy ex-girlfriend probably packing her things out of my place. Thank god the bitch was leaving and I could have the place to myself again.

As I began to let myself doze off I could hear a faint buzzing in the air that grew increasingly louder. I lifted my head just in time to see a motorcycle whiz by me at such a speed I barely had more than a glimpse. I put on my lights and tore off after the reckless rider. I thought I would never catch him until by stroke of luck I happened to see that indeed the rider had pulled over. So he had seen me after all.

I got out of my cruiser and approached the bike. I wanted to look as big as possible as I neared the bike. A tactic I liked to use for intimidation. It always made me feel big and them very small. I had to admit it was a nice bike, this year’s model of the Yamaha R6 with its own custom paint job. I admired the detailing. It looked like one of those old World War II bombers with the shark faces. This guy had a bit of taste. As I came to the front of the rider I could see his hands come up to take off his helmet. I had my little book out just ready to right this guy up big.

Then the helmet came off. Immediately I was stunned by what sat on that bike. A gorgeous blonde with cropped blonde hair that was bordering white sat staring up at me. Her pale green eyes locked with mine and a white smile played on her face. My tongue came across the corner of my mouth and I stood there for what seemed like an eternity. The smile vanished and she looked at me puzzled. I can only assume she was wondering why I just stood there. My eyes dipped down below her face. The black leather racing suit that fitted to her body. Her breasts slightly exposed by a half done up zipper. Her long legs seemed painted in black from the leather that embraces them and her boots, though a racing boot and not the over the knee leather with a large thin heal I would have preferred just added to her appeal.

“I guess I wasn’t being to smart now was I?” she asked letting the smile return. I would be lying if I said that in those moments I looked at her, I wasn’t imagining her naked, draped over that bike with me feeding it to her every way possible.

“Nope, not at all” I said as I began to fake writing things down on my pad. “Can I see a licence and I added.

She handed it to me without hesitation. I walked back to my car and sat in it. I threw the documents on the passenger seat and stared at her through my windshield. She didn’t look back at me. Why not? Was I not attractive enough for her? Did she have a thing against cops? I began to get angry. I drew conclusions that made me angry with her. I got out of the car and walked over to her.

“I need you off the bike miss” I said to her bitterly.

“Is something wrong?” she asked innocently.

“Off the bike please” I snapped again. She did as I asked. She got off and stood there looking at me with a confused expression. I placed my hand on her wait and another on her neck and turned her around. I could feel her cool soft skin on my hand. I let my finger for a moment slide into her hair before returning back on her neck as I lead her to the hood of my car. I bent her over and began to gently pat her down. I didn’t handcuff her – not yet. I could tell she was getting uncomfortable.

“This is routine” I told her to try and get her to relax more. It didn’t work. As my hands got more and more daring to venture she began to pull away from me. I grabbed her by the waist once more and pushed her into the car, I heard her hips make contact with the metal and she winced.

“What is all this for?” she asked getting more hostile with me.

“Just calm down.” I told her angrily. I was getting fed up with her not going along with me. She wasn’t calming down and I was getting more and more aggressive with her. I turned her around violently and slapped her hard across the face. She looked at me stunned and froze completely. As did I.

I found myself wanting her more and more. I had to have her. This innocent thing that I could say was mine. I put a hand on her wrist and another around her neck and tried to get her in the back of the car. She fought me hard until I threatened to arrest and charge her. I closed the door with her in the back. She sat with her head down. I could see tears rolling down her face. I opened the door once more and sat down beside her. She moved to the other side as far away from me as possible. I reached for her hand but she pulled it away.

I was breathing heavily. I slowly inched towards her but she retaliated and punched me square in the face. I had been stupid and left my door open. As I held my nose she crawled over me and got out. I managed to grab her ankle and she tumbled to the ground. I climbed out still holding her tightly and lighted her up, slamming her against the car. It was game on now. I ripped down her zipper exposing her small yellow t-shirt. I peeled the suit down to her wait and pulled the yellow shirt over her head. She stood there with her head down in her black bra and the suit around her waist. It wasn’t good enough for me. I had to see all of her. I quickly turned her around and slapped on a pair of cuffs. I wasn’t going to risk another blow. I pushed her down onto the hood of the cruiser and began to tug off the remainder of the suit. I threw it to the ground and stared at her in her black lingerie. Her legs were white and creamy. I knelt down and touched the freshly shaven soft skin and let my tongue trace up along her inner thigh. I rose to my feet and stared her down. She was nicely toned and her skin had a soft bronze colour to it like the sun had softly kissed her all over.

She started to whimper. I touched her shoulders and they felt cold. It was a chilly night and having her nearly naked and exposed wasn’t very nice of me now was it?

“Be a good girl. Do what I say and who know, maybe you’ll enjoy it” I whispered in her ear. She only cringed at my words.

“Please – don’t do this. I will do anything. Just stop please. I wont tell anyone I swear.” she was beginning to get desperate and I was beginning to get hard. I pressed my crotch up against her letting her feel my hard prick through my uniform. It only made her whimper more. I was getting so turned on by her soft cries that I held her down on her back on the hood. I undid my belt with one hand and wriggled out of my pants. I pulled my cock out of the opening in my boxers and lifted her head to see it.

“Here it is babe. See it? All of this is going to be in you. You’re going to like it. You’re going to be begging me for more. I’m going to fill you up with my cum that it will leak all down your leg. You’re going to taste me. You’ll be groaning as I feed it to you, all of it.” I said just becoming more aroused with each taunting remark.

I used my cock to push her panties to the side and rubbed my tip all around her opening. Her whimpers turned to more subtle yelps and cries as I pushed into her. The first inch was a task. She was so tight I really had to push. I pulled out and gave er’ on the second attempt. I pushed my entire cock into her. She screamed so loud but I knew no one could hear her. I just got more turned on by her screams.

“It’s been a while has it?” I asked as I began to fuck her intensely. With each thrust into her she tried to pull back. I slapped her across the face but it didn’t do anything. I wanted her to like it. I began to play with her clit as I pounded her hard. As I fingered her clit her legs began to quake. I could feel myself reaching that point of no return so I withdrew from her.

I kept playing with her clit. She kept fighting to get me to stop. I turned her over and banged her head on the car. She cried out in pain. I looked at her round tight ass just wanting me to ravage it.

“Have you ever had it before?” I asked in a cocky tone.

“Had what?” she mumbled between sobs.

“It here?” I said raising my voice and plunging my moistened finger into her ass.

“NO! Not there!” She pleaded with me.

“Answer my question” I ordered.

“No” she sobbed.

With that answer how could I resist? I let my cock dance around the outside. She was quivering beneath me. I slowly pushed it into her ass. It was even tighter than her pussy and it sent shivers down my spine. I gently nudged my way into her. She wriggled even more. Soon I was balls deep in her warm ass. I slowly began to pull out and push back into her. My hand moved back to her clit and began to play with it once more as my cock slid in and out of her ass. I was sure I heard a moan escape her lips. Once again I was drawing near to cumming. I pulled out and started to rub my shaft.

“Play with yourself” I told her.

She spat.

“Your heard me. Touch yourself.” I snapped.

Her shaky hand reached down between her legs and ever so slowly began to rub over her clit. I reached up and grabbed her waist pushing her up onto the hood of my car. I backed away from her so to watch.

“Give me a show” I asked her.

She sat on the hood of my car, upright with her legs spread. She was rubbing her clit softly but as the pleasure grew she began to go faster. She was moaning and her body contorting as she enjoyed it more and more. I watched her, loving every moment of it. I stroked my shaft as she touched herself and we watched each other do so.

“That a girl. Finger fuck yourself.” I said. I loved watching her crawl around in her black lingerie. I loved how she pulled her panties to the side so she could get at her clit. Her fingers started to penetrate her wet pussy. She got on all fours upon the hood of my fat and fucked herself hard and fast with 3 of her fingers. Her head was tossed back as she neared orgasm. But she stopped herself. She returned to a sitting position with her legs spread wide apart. She spread herself apart with her fingers and looked me in the eye inviting me to dive into her. I came up to her and pushed her further up on the hood of the cruiser so I could eat at her pussy. Her legs wrapped over my shoulders as my tongue plunged deep inside her. She moaned and I felt her hand take hold of mine and grip it tightly.

stop” she begged me. It was the words I predicted. I continued to lash my tongue around her aching clit. Soon though, I had the urge to be in her again. I rolled her onto her stomach and took her hips in my hands and forced myself into her pussy once more. There was no holding back this time. My fingers continued to massage her clit as my cock buried deeper and deeper into her. I started to hump her violently. She bucked and grinded back into me with every thrust.

“I’m gonna cum!” She called out to me. When she spoke those words I felt my body just give. I wanted to cum with her. I pulled her hip tight into my crotch as my cum spurted into her. She cried out and I felt her go tight around my swollen cock now draining its seed. My head was tossed back as it all came out filling her completely. She collapsed under me and I went soft inside her. I slowly pulled out. As I came out, cum poured down from her gaping cunt onto the car.

“Lick it” I told her.

She did so. She got on her knees and licked the semen that had fallen out of her. I watched her lap it up with her tongue and I began to touch myself once more. Seeing me do so, she got off of the car and reached behind her uncoupling her bra. The bra fell to the ground exposing her perfect B-Cup tits. She then pulled off her panties and let them fall to her ankles before stepping out of them. She stood before me. She was completely nude and only the headlight and light from the sirens laminated her body. She then did something I could have never imagined. She bent down and took my nightstick off my belt. I thought she was going to have her revenge but no, she glided it between her legs letting her wetness cover the object. She stood and spread her legs taking the nightstick and driving it into her cunt. I was so turned on as she pleasured herself with my nightstick. She rammed it in and out of her like it was my cock. I couldn’t resist not intervening. Instantly I was hard just from watching her for a few moments that I took her in my arms and shoved my tongue in her mouth. Her tongue met mine and we kissed as I told hold of the nightstick and rubbed it between her ass cheeks. She pulled her head away from mine and shook it.

“It will” I said to her as I opened the cruiser door and pulled her on top of me on the backseat. She mounted my cock and began to ride me with our legs hanging out of the door. I parted her ass and pressed the nightstick into her wanting asshole. She howled for a moment as both the nightstick and I both took her. Her body seemed to convulse with every push from both ends. I sucked on her neck hearing every groan and cry she made. It wasn’t long before her body was sent into another massive violent orgasm. She pulled away from me but I was near finished. I pulled her out of the car and put her on her knees. She got the hint and took me in her mouth. Her tongue massaged my tip and shaft. I had never received such good head in my entire life. My legs began to tremble and soon I spurted hot sticky cum all in her mouth. She swallowed every last bit of it. She stood up and reached for her racing suit. She pulled it onto her body and zipped it up. I suppose she was entitled to her freedom now. She had been a good girl, a great girl for that matter.
I too got dressed and she stood beside the cruiser watching me. I walked up to her and planted a kiss on her cheek. With that she turned, got on her bike and took off into the darkness.

I got in the cruiser, switched off my lights and began to make my way back to the station. As I entered the doors I reached for my wallet to give the commissioners my ID. Sure enough my ID was there but my license wasn’t. I figured I must have dropped it.

That was until 3 weeks later, when I got a phone call from my victim while I was patrolling a local neighbourhood. She told me to come over to get my license. I didn’t ask how she got my number but I suppose it wasn’t hard because she had all my info on that card. She told me her address and within the hour I was there. I walked up her cobblestone porch and was saw a note on her door telling me she was in the garage. As I opened the side door I was met by darkness so I looked for a switch. When I finally found it and turned it on there was my girl. Cropped white/blonde hair, sun kissed body and pale green eyes, naked, on her bike, with her legs spread and her finger indicating for me to come get her.

story by: Sparx

Tags: fiction male/female job/place-of-work rape humiliation bondage and restriction authoritarian sex story

Author: Sparx

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