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I have read many and I decided to actually write one. Ps sorry about any misspellings.

It all started my sophomore year in high school. Let me tell me about myself first, my name is Jake and I am about six one, and one hundred seventy pounds. I had played football my freshman year so I hit the weights a lot. I have dark hair and everything else is brown.
This year I kicked off the football team for throwing some ones out of the window of the bus and almost causing an accident on the way back from a game. Ya I know that sounds lame but people could have gotten sued so they forced me out. Without football I had one less class so I got to go home earlier.
So usually I would go to summer school then I would walk home. I had expected to be greeted by my sister. Courtney was a freshman in collage and was on break so she stayed at my parent’s house over summer. I had noticed the year that Courtney and I were both in school that she always had a trail of boys drooling over her. Courtney is about five five, skinny with dark brown hair to her back. She is cute in the face, she has a nice plump ass, and her tits are between a D and a C. Although I really didn’t really pay too much attention to her because I got some myself.
It was abnormally hot on my first day of summer school so I hurried home to get out of the heat. When I got home I didn’t expect anyone to be home because both my parents worked and my sis would probably be out with her friends.
So I went up in to my room to change out of my sweaty clothes. While I was changing I heard some noise coming from my sister’s room. As soon as I changed I went over to her door and opened a small crack and took a peek. Then I saw Courtney thong less getting fucked by the dog on the floor . (Our dog is an adult male chocolate lab.) When I saw this I got an instant hard on.
I quietly went back to my room and grabbed my camera and crept back to her door. I opened the door a little more, just enough for the camera and snapped a few pictures then I opened the door and said, ”What the fuck are you doing,”. She looked up and said, “Sorry I just -”. But at that moment I saw the dog’s knot get shoved up her ass, and she let out as scream of pleasure and came all over the floor.
Then she signaled for me to come over to her so I went. Then she said, “I want your cock”. So I did the only logical thing and undid my pants and then she saw my eight incher, and a big grin went on her face. She then sucked me off. When I was about to cum I pulled out of her face. And then I let a load on to her face. She said, “What the fuck Jake”.
That was when the dog had enough so he turned over and tried to pull out. But he started to walk and dragged Courtney. She was so exhausted she could not even get up again. Right then I took another picture while she was not looking in case I ever need leverage over her.
Then the dog had finally pulled out with a plop and a downpour of cum both dog and girl poured out of her ass. I picked her up and took her to her bed. It took her a while to recover from the dog fucking, but by that time I had her on her back. I took her shirt off and tossed it on the floor, then I pinched her titles to stimulate her then I lifted up her legs and inserted my member in to her pussy hole. She then let out a giant whimper, and I went to work. I had been fucking her for awhile, when Courtney started screaming in ecstasy,
”Fuck meeee!”
“Fuck it!”
/> “Yes Jake fuck it fuck it!”
“Make me your little slut!”
Then her breathing became more rapid then she said, “do it faster, faster now”. Then we both came together. Then I noticed that her bed was soaking wet with cum. Then she looked at a me and giggled and she said”Now it is my turn on top”. So we rolled over and she was on top and she took all my cock in her little coutch. She said,” you like that don’t you”. Then I said, “damn Courtney do you do this all the time in collage”, she replied,” shut up and let me fuck you”.
That was when we heard the front door close and, ”Hello I am home”. It was our mother, as soon as Courtney heard she jumped off my cock and shuffled me out. I ran into my room and through some clothe on just as the door opened and I turned to see my mom standing there, she said”when did you get home look at the time”, it was seven thirty one. I thought damn we must have been fucking for a long time. I said, “ya I just took the dog out”, She replied,”oh ok, so where is your sister ”, I said, ”I think she is in her room or something ”.
When she closes the door I breathe a sigh of relief and I think to myself that was a close one. I over hear my mom talking to Courtney ,”Hi honey . . . what is that smell?” she replies,”I don’t know let me open a window ”. then mom,” what that?” Courtney,” whats what”, then mom goes and picks up the thong and said,” Why is your thong on the floor and why are they wet?”

story by: El Chavo de ocho

Tags: fiction male/female bestiality incest reluctance teen sex story

Author: El Chavo de ocho

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