One step ahead – part 2

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There's more hot stuff in this one than Part 1, but it's still a little slow. I think that I've gotten all the background stuff out, so hopefully we'll have a lot more sex from here on out. 🙂

Part 2

Moving to Uncle John's place was actually a relief. Even though Mindy had been on good behavior since Dad announced his cancer I had been concerned about how she would act if it was just us. I hoped that she would take her annual stipend and leave my life forever, but it wasn't to be. She moved in right along with me.

Uncle John had a pretty sweet house and part of me was excited to be there. Dad had more money than Uncle John but had been a lot more reserved in how he spent it, resulting in a nice but not lavish house. I think that Aunt Sue had a lot to do with the house, but regardless of the cause, it was fantastic. The lived in one wing and gave me another whole wing to myself.

Mindy was living in the same wing I was, but we were at opposite ends of the wing and these wings were as large as normal houses so I figured I'd have plenty of space from the witch anyway. I was wrong.

"I know that you've been through a lot and you'll be at a new school and are starting over completely after having lost your dad but I hope you know that I'm there for you and we can be best friends! I'm in the same boat as you and completely alone too, so I'm sure it'll be nice for us to bond." Mindy was talking at me while we were carrying in the few things that had been left to the movers.

She was right that I'd have no friends, my dad died right after my sophomore year ended so my aunt and uncle decided that it'd be good for me to move to a school that was closer to where they lived for to finish high school. I didn't really have an opinion on that, my relationships with people at my old school had pretty much deteriorated to nothing so I wasn't going to miss that school.

I wasn't entirely sure what she meant about her not having friends. Seeing how I was the only person in the world who wasn't infatuated with Mindy she had tons of friends, she had a steady stream of girlfriends coming by wanting to go shopping or to the spa with her, she didn't lack for anything in the world, friends included.

I also noticed that Mindy seemed to be back to her teasing ways. My aunt and uncle had been home to help with the large move with the movers, but for this second smaller move of just personal items they were out at a business event. Mindy was wearing little fluffy cloth booty shorts and a thin tank top with a black bra. She took every opportunity to bend over in front of me.

My eyes and body, of course, betrayed me. She bent over in front of me to put a box down and I felt myself becoming painfully stiff looking at her ass. She turned around and caught me staring and just laughed. She walked by me on her way back to the car but ran her hands down my chest on her way out. Part of me wanted to run screaming; most of me wanted to excuse myself to the bathroom and relieve myself.

After we finished moving all the boxes in she told me that she was going to take a shower. I nodded my acknowledgement and went to my room to continue getting it in order.

"Jason, do you know where my lotions are? I can't find them anywhere!" Mindy asked me from my door.

"I'm pretty sure I put that box in…," I was cut off in mid sentence when I turned around and saw her wearing only a towel that hardly covered the important bits, "err, umm, I put that box, I think I put it in your />
"Well come help me find it! I didn't see it anywhere." She said while beckoning for me to follow.

I was mute as I followed her into the bathroom. The box was right next to the sink and already open to all her lotions. When I saw it I was so frustrated that I just knew that I couldn't take it anymore.

She was babbling something about how silly she was but I wasn't listening. I walked up behind her and wrapped my arms around her putting both my hands on the breasts that had occupied my thoughts for so many hours.

For just a moment we stood there like that and I could have sworn that I could feel her tremble slightly. Then time unpaused and she screamed while tearing herself away from me, "What are you doing Jason? I can't believe you would do that to me! I know you're going through a rough time but that doesn't excuse a complete lack of manners!"

I felt like a fool. I stood there with her berating me for a fool while staring at my hands. I couldn’t believe what I’d just done. I’d given in to her. I felt defeated. I ignored whatever else she had been saying and walked back to my room in complete dejection.

I vowed to myself that from that point forward I’d ignore her no matter how outrageous she was to me. I wouldn’t give her any satisfaction of knowing the power she had over me. It occurred to me that I’d made similar promises in the past but this time it felt different. I was sure that this time I’d actually succeed.

Life at Uncle John’s was certainly different. My dad had been the workhorse of the company in terms of development, but my Uncle was the networker who had the connections that got the company to where it was today. His house was constantly the spot for barbeques, parties, dances, and anything else. They never said specifically that I had to attend but it was clear that I was expected to.

Mindy seemed to love the festive atmosphere. She loved decking herself out in a new outfit and parading it around our wing and asking me what I thought. It became common practice for her to come into my room with a dress on to ask me if I liked it. I would never respond, at most I’d make an noncommittal grunt.

The first few times I ignored her she seemed peeved and I noticed that suddenly new dresses were being paraded into my room. Dresses that she’d never have worn to the parties. Dresses that she’d likely not have worn except on an anniversary with a significant other.

I would be lying to say that I completely ignored her but I did my best. After ignoring so many of her whorish outfits I clearly remember one dress. It was a black dress that must have been made of silk because it looked as soft as air but it had a glow to it even in the terrible lighting of my room. The top half was held up by two thin straps, with it dipping down into her cleavage, exposing an expanse of her breasts but covering the important bits in such a way that it was hard to even notice the cleavage because you would look so hard to see if something more would be exposed when she moved. The bottom half was cut short so that it ended well above her knee, probably closer to the start of her panties than her knees.

She had a wicked gleam in her eye when she realized that she’d finally caught my attention. She spun around to show me the back of the dress. Except, there really wasn’t a back to the dress. Her entire back was exposed. It was cut so low it was amazing that I couldn’t see the top of her perfect ass. The dress was cut so that the back of the dress actually dropped quite low, well below her knees.

I managed to tear my eyes away from her right as her spin was finishing. I had turned back to my book and was studiously ignoring her. I heard her make an irrirated, at my lack of attention. She floated her next to me. I was watching her advance in my peripheral vision so closely that my eyes ached. She stood next to me then bent down to whisper in my ear, “You can pretend not to see me but I saw the way your eyes devoured me and I know that you liked what you saw.”

I was staring so hard at my book that I thought I was going to burn holes in it when I felt her hand grasp my chin. She turned my head to look her in the eyes, only inches away from her face. She moved forward a few inches and planted a kiss on my mouth. Yet again this woman had managed to completely short circuit my brain, I wasn’t thinking a single thought, my mouth was hanging open in shock. She smiled at me then leaned forward and gave me another kiss, but this time pushing her tongue into my mouth and started to move it around, looking for my tongue, trying to make me kiss her back.

My brain finally turned back on and I ripped out of her hand and pulled myself away as if burned. She couldn’t have known it but she had just stolen my first kiss. I hadn’t been particularly saving it for anyone, but it hurt more than anything to know that the person I hated most in the world had just stolen it from me.

“You can pretend to be hurt and offended but your little soldier is telling me everything I need to know,” she taunted me while reaching out to squeeze my cock through my pants. She let go of it and then reached up to the straps of her dress, pushing them off her shoulders so that it pulled at her feet, leaving her wearing nothing but her bra and a thong. Then she turned and left my room.

I couldn’t help myself. I was weak. I immediately got up to lock my door then relieved myself while thinking of what it would have been like if she had done more than just squeeze my poor dick. Immediately after spurting out into a tissue, in that brief moment of clarity after a man’s orgasm where his head is completely clear of sexual thoughts, it came crashing down on me that I’d failed. Again. I renewed my promise to myself that I wouldn’t let her get to me.

That night at the party it became clear that she’d renewed her own efforts to break through my barriers. Despite my general dislike for her I’d often been grateful for her presence in the past. She and I would stay pretty close to one another while in groups of rich, powerful, and influential people. It was easier to cling to someone you knew, even if you didn’t like them, than risk getting lost in the hub bub of well wishers and do gooders.

Tonight was different. She continually grabbed my ass, stroked my back, and generally molested me. It didn’t matter to her if I was talking to someone or not, she’d just tease me relentlessly. It culminated when I was talking to a friend of my dad’s who I had met a few times before. He was a huge hockey fan who used to attend games with my dad and I. He was one of the people I legitimately liked talking to and he was offering me access to his box during the upcoming season. While he was doing this I saw Mindy behind him. She walked up close enough that he wouldn’t feel her presence, glanced around to see if anyone was looking, then pulled the front of her dress down. Her breasts were on full display, nothing covering them. I stuttered in mid sentence and spilled my drink on myself.

She rushed over and asked if I was ok and if I’d gotten anything on myself. My dad’s friend was saying something comforting about how he hated when that happens. Or maybe not. I don’t know. All I could think about right then was that Mindy had perfect tits. She made some sort of apology and was ushering me out under the guise of me needing to change my clothes.

As soon as we were out of the party and back in our wing of the house I whirled around and in a harsh whisper demanded to know what she was thinking.

She rolled her eyes at me and said, “Oh please, as if you didn’t enjoy it. I bet you’re still thinking about them. Want to see again?”

“No!” I was trying not to shout but my voice was definitely raised.

“Jason! Shhhh, we can’t have anyone coming over here!”

I started to shout something else at her but she stepped up to me and kissed me. I’d always thought that kissing was something that took conscious effort. I’d heard that sex was instinctual, but I guess kissing is too because my body took over for me. It was easily the most intense moment of my life. I could feel her lips pressing against mine. I had no idea how soft her lips were, how gentle they would feel pressed against mine. My own tongue snaked out and gently stroked her lips then slipped into her mouth; tentative at first but stronger behind it, pushing in and finding her own tongue waiting for me.

My skin was on fire, my heart was beating harder than I think it’d ever beat before…and she pulled away from me. I opened my eyes to look at her, confused. Her own skin was flushed, her eyes were sparkling, and her mouth was curled into the one of the biggest smiles I’d ever seen on her face. She was stunning. In that moment I was ready to forget all the hate, all the rage, all the frustration. I reached up to take her in my arms but she danced away from me, laughing in my face.

you see, Jason? I can play you like a fiddle. You’re mine to do with what I want. You can have more of that some day but not now! No, not unless I’m letting you! No touching! You need to play by my rules. You don’t understand it yet, but you will. I’m smarter than you! I have more experience. It’s hopeless. Now run to your room little boy, go change your clothes and get back to the party!”

With that she skipped off. She didn’t literally skip off, but it felt like she did. All the dark emotions were flooding back into me, stronger than ever. I stormed back up to my room, tearing my clothes off. I knew there was no way I was going to make another appearance at the party.

I dreamed of my parents that night. I dreamed of them sometimes but it was rarely happy dreams. Tonight was no exception. I was a 10 year old again, strapped into the car watching while a truck hurtled around the corner. I knew what was going to happen and started screaming for my mom to move, to run. Then I saw who was driving the truck. It was my dad. He drove the truck straight into mom. Then he started giggling. I don’t know how I could hear him, but it was a dream I guess. He put the truck into reverse and backed away a little ways, then put it into drive and gunned the engine. I threw myself against my seatbelt screaming until it hurt, screaming no no No No No NO NO NO NO NO the whole time.

“Jason! Jason honey wake up! It’s just a dream! Wake up!” Aunt Sue was shaking me awake. Light was streaming into the room. Tears were pouring down my face. I was bewildered at first but as it sunk in where I was, that it was just a dream my panic started to dissipate. I grabbed Aunt Sue and clung to her while the tears ran their course.

It felt good while she held me. I could feel how much she loved me. I knew that she had been extremely close with my mom in particular, but my dad as well. It was like I could feel her love permeating through to me, her understanding of my pain. It occurred to me that I could trust her in other ways too. I could explain to her about Mindy. I didn’t know what she’d do, but I was sure she could help. I opened my mouth to talk to Aunt Sue but before I could say anything she spoke up.

“Jason your uncle and I are taking a trip for the rest of the week. An opportunity came up for your uncle and that he can’t miss so I’m going to go with him. We’ll be back next Tuesday. Mindy had too much to drink last night and stayed up too late. She’s sleeping it off in her room. I don’t know how that woman stays so strong but she’s such an angel. Putting up with all the all farts hitting on her as if she isn’t the widowed wife of their old friend and colleague. I want you take care of her this morning when she wakes up, she deserves to be treated like a />
My mouth went completely dry. I loved my aunt but I knew right then that I couldn’t go to her for help. I was alone against Mindy. I knew that if Aunt Sue was on Mindy’s side then Uncle John would automatically take her side too. I felt the ground open up underneath me, I felt dizzy even though I was still lying in bed. I mumbled and acknowledgement to Aunt Sue then she told me to be good and left. It was just me and Mindy for the next 5 days. I felt like I needed to puke.

I left to take a walk and decided that the best course of action would be to be in the house as little as possible over the next few days. I spent that day playing frisbee in a park with some guys I’d never met before but who seemed friendly enough. I went out with them and learned their names were Keith, Larry (poor kid), and Tony. The four of us grabbed dinner together and I learned that they’d be going to the same school that I was transferring to. They were all going into their senior year but they told me to make sure I looked them up on my first day and they’d give me a tour. I also found out that they could routinely be found in the park playing football or any other sport and I was welcome to join, it was a come as you can arrangement and lots of people would filter in.

I got home late that night. The day felt like a resounding success. As I walked up to my room I saw the light to Mindy’s room was off so I tried to creep by without making any noise. As I passed I heard a slight squeaking as if the bed were bouncing and a small moan. I froze in my tracks. I knew, I just knew that I should keep going. I told myself not to investigate. I was weak. I turned and crept closer to her door. I put my ear against it and listened intently.

The sounds weren’t very loud but they were unmistakable nonetheless. Mindy was in her room masturbating. I don’t know how long I stood there, but it was minutes at the least. After what seemed an eternity I heard the moans change but not to become more aroused, rather, they sounded frustrated. They became louder and the frustration was unmistakable. Finally they stopped altogether and I could hear heavy breathing and what sounded like crying.

It’s an enormous understatement to say that I was confused, however, thankfully, the crying has also killed the arousal for me. I tip toed to my room and lay in my bed wondering what that was all about. When I fell asleep I dreamed of her. She was sitting in front of me with her legs wide open, rubbing herself in front of me and telling me to take what I wanted. I moved in front of her then pushed her onto her back. I was suddenly naked and I pressed the tip of my cock against her pussy. I looked her in the eye then thrust into her. I’d never felt anything so incredible. It felt warm, moist, and incredibly soft. I enjoyed it for a moment then stopped thrusting my hips. Except, although neither of were moving, I could still feel her pussy sucking on me. Suddenly I was on me…

I bolted awake, sitting straight up and staring down at myself. There was Mindy, wearing nothing but a pair of boy shorts, sucking on my cock. Her eyes looked up at mine, staring at me while sucking on me. I was looking her directly in the eye when I could feel the familiar pressure building in my balls. I was going to cum in her mouth. Despite all the hate from last night I was excited.

She must have sensed my excitement because she started sucking harder. I was on the very verge of cumming when she sat up and stopped. My hips started bucking against the air wildly but she patted my chest and spoke to me saying, “Ah ah ah, no cumming for you honey. She then grabbed my balls with her left hand, viciously squeezing them. It wasn’t like being kicked but it absolutely destroyed my orgasm.

She laughed at me then waltzed out of the room, shaking her tight little ass as she did so. I wanted to scream out my frustration but bit it back so as to not give her the satisfaction. I lept out of bed to take a shower. I relieved myself in the shower but I could still feel the dull ache of blue balls and knew it would be a miserable day for me.

I didn’t have the heart to go back to the park and join Keith and his friends. I went out but I couldn’t tell you what I did that day. I got home late at night again and passed out. The next day I woke to another morning blow job and again was given the ball destroying treatment before I could cum. The same thing was repeated the next day.

The next morning I woke to the same thing happened but this time I snapped. I screamed at her to stop and grabbed her by the hair, wrenching her off of me and threw her to the floor. I’d kept growing over the years and I was 6’1” now. I wasn’t filled out particularly well, but I was more than strong enough to throw little Mindy to the ground.

I immediately felt awful for doing so, but at least she’d stopped her torture. I looked down at her and was completely unsure what it was that was in her eyes, but it wasn’t pain or hate. She calmly stood up and walked out of the room. I somehow felt that I’d condemned myself to something much worse. I wasn’t wrong.

That night I locked my door when I went to sleep. I have no idea why I bothered, everyone has keys to the whole house, but at the time I felt safe. I woke up the next morning feeling slightly different. The now familiar ecstasy of a blow job was there, but I also felt confined. I realized that she’d handcuffed me to the bed. All four limbs, spread eagled out. I started to panic, yanking against the restraints but nothing happened.

She’d stopped blowing me to watch my reaction, giggling at my futile attempts to get free. After I’d worn myself out she bent back down to her task and continued to blow me. She put me to within an inch of cumming then would squeeze my balls until I was no longer on the precipice. Then she’d start over. She must have done that a dozen times. Maybe more.

I can’t remember ever feeling such agony. It was horrible. After however long she kept that up she pressed a button on the handcuffs. I couldn’t see at the time but there were little clocks on them and they would automatically unlock after a certain amount of time. She then strutted over to the door and said, “I hope you had fun, I know *I* did!” and walked out.

That day wasn’t the day that changed my life forever, but it was the day that set in motion everything that would. I told myself that I would pay her back for this. I would make her pay and pay and pay. I told myself that the debt would never be equal, no matter what, she would never be able to make it up to me.

I set about planning my revenge. I would make sure that no matter what, nothing would go wrong. No matter what actions she was taking to ensure her own safety I would find a way to make her pay. I would do what it took to take my pound of flesh. I was done putting up with her bullshit. I was going to find a way to own her. She would be mine and she would pay.

story by: Itsm3

Tags: fiction exhibitionism voyeurism incest humiliation domination/submission teen male / female sex story

Author: Itsm3

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