Grandpa's journals: peeping at my grand daughter's window, part 3

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Weather in Central Florida in the winter is a very unpredictable thing and this week seemed to prove this fact in a big way. While the weekend was truly beautiful in every respect and Monday started out just like it, a cold front came through just after noon and the skies turned very ugly, very fast. There was a build up of dark grey cumulus clouds that blocked out the sunlight completely and turned the sunny morning into an eerie, foreboding darkness that turned every street light on in the small town. All of the people who had lived here for any length of time knew what this darkness meant; get in your house and take some cover because a terrible storm was about to be unleashed.

In the winter months in Florida, a very warm day is usually followed by a cold front and these cold fronts usually mean a severe drop in temperature. But before this drop, there is a violent change in the atmosphere and this was about to happen. The thunder clapped around the brilliant lightning show as the wind blew with gale forces and the skies opened up to torrential rains. It must have poured a total of 6 inches in a couple of hours as all of the lakes in Central Florida swelled to overflowing.

Just a quickly as it came, the skies cleared and the temperature dropped and the forecast was for an overnight low of 32 degrees. As I huddled in my rig, waiting as the deluge ceased, I wondered if my propane furnace would handle the chilly night that lay before me. I broke out a couple more blankets just in case I needed them this evening.

My daughter’s backyard was so soggy from all of the rain, I didn’t even venture out of my cozy 5th wheel that afternoon, not even to see my grand daughters. Peeping that night was out of the question, so I took out a good book, settled in with my bottle of rum and started to pass the time away.

It was a strange year as it applied to the weather in Central Florida. We found ourselves in a different pattern that would not go away. We went from sunny and warm to cloudy and stormy to freezing temperatures that gave way to sunny warmer weather. This cycle continued unabated for the most of the month of January and throughout the month of February, leaving me with but a few short weeks to enjoy the climate of the Sunshine State. Besides the weather difficulties, I had another problem that also would not go away and that was my two grand daughters.

I stayed clear of Lori’s window during the bad weather just to make it clear to her that I really didn’t condone what was happening between her and me. But that all came to an abrupt end one Friday night when my daughter made plans to stay the night with her boy friend and Melinda made plans for a sleep over at her friend’s house. That, of course, meant that Lori and I were left totally alone in a great big house.

After we finished with our dinner, we cuddled up on the sofa to watch some TV with Lori wearing some sweats and me wearing my usual attire. She scooted close to me and began to chat about her day, her week and her life in general. Then she asked, “Grandpa, I haven’t seen you outside of my window in a long time. Did I do something wrong? Don’t you like to see me undress />
I didn’t know what to say. Hell yes I liked to see her naked but I thought that it was just wrong to make a habit out of peeping on my grand daughter so I made a conscientious effort to keep away. Now I had to answer her for it.

I began, “I like seeing you get undressed. I like what we were doing every night with me being outside and you being in your room. I knew nothing could ever happen. But when your mother made plans to be away some nights and leaving me in charge, well I didn’t know what to expect with our game playing so I thought it best to just stay away from you completely, you know, not peeping into your room at night.”

She was quiet for a second then asked, “You did this without talking to me about your decision? You just quit looking in my window?”

Her tone crushed me as I tried to hide my embarrassment. That was only part of my reasoning. The other part was that I didn’t trust myself with my emotions and desires and I didn’t want to do anything that I would be sorry for later. But when she turned to look at me directly into my eyes with a very disappointed look on her face, all my reasoning went straight out the window.

“Grandpa Joe, I loved stripping for you. I loved the idea of making you horny and knowing that you were shooting your stuff out while watching me play with myself. I brought Melinda into the game because I knew it would turn you on. It did, didn’t it?” she asked.

I lowered my gaze as I said, “Yeah, it did.”

She scooted even closer as she reached with her hand up to my cheek and then said, “Why don’t you want to continue playing our game then?”

I thought for a moment and then said, “Because I’m afraid of what will happen if we do.”

“Afraid of what? That I will tell on you? Well I won’t. I’ll never tell anybody. I love the way you make me feel when I get undressed in front of you and I, ah, I want to feel it all over my body. I want you to touch me everywhere. I want to feel you inside of me. I want you to make love with me. Grandpa, I want to give myself to you and no one else. I’ve been with two other boys; once when I was 15 and this last summer. It was awful both times. They just stuck it in, moved in and out a couple of times and then shot their wads into me. When they were through, they got up and told me to put my pants back on,” she explained with a tear in her eye.

I took her by the chin and drew her into my chest as I kissed her on the forehead. “I’m sorry that you had those bad I told her softly. “But I can’t do anything about it now can I?”

She looked dreamingly into my eyes as she said in a hushed voice, “You can make love with me. You can take me gently, with feeling. You can make me forget those other boys and their inexperience. You can take me here and now,” she pleaded.

“Oh Lori,” I started, “I would love to />
She reached up with her hand and drew me down into a warm, sensuous kiss. It was a kiss that would warm the hardest man’s heart; a kiss that curled my toes, a kiss that drove all of my fears away. It was our first real kiss between two lovers and it was one that I will never forget.

I melted into her warm soft lips as they slightly came apart meeting mine. I could taste her sweetness, her innocence coming though her soft kiss and I relished at the thought that I was going to make this one of most memorable experiences of her young life. She was just 17 and in so many ways, so perfect. Her beautiful facial attributes, her firm, taunt body, her lovely flowing hair all made up my Lori. Now she wanted me to not just have sex with her but she wanted me to make love with her, to make help her become a woman.

I rotated my lips upon her mouth, opening my own to receive her tongue as it sought out its mate. I opened wide too and received her loving, wanting kiss as I felt the pressure of her young, tender body pressing ever so tightly against me. I felt the lustfulness of her love start to build as she squirmed about under my arms and I felt the growing urge from deep within my loins as I pulled her closer.

My arms were pulling, roaming and groping her back as she squeezed herself into my body, trying to become one with me. I could feel her mounds flattened out against my side and chest as she drew up her knee in an effort to place it right on my crotch. I was becoming delirious with my desire and ravenous with my mouth and I continued to suck on her open lips as if trying to suck the very life from her squirming little body.

I rolled with her onto her back as we broke our kiss and she looked up into my eyes and smiled. I scooted around and then I put my hand gently on her tummy. She bit her lower lip as she slowly closed her eyes in acceptance. I gently pressed my hand under her sweat shirt and slowly advance it upward until it felt the confining fabric of her bra. Her breath came sharply and I raised my hand up and set it back down on the very top of her cup. Inserting one finger under the front of the cup, I felt the smooth soft texture of her lily white breast as it quivered under my touch and she slightly raised her chest, wanting silently to feel the pleasure of my caress even more.

I extended my finger down so as to reach the taunt nipple that was standing tall against the soft fabric on the inner side of her bra cup. She let out a slight little moan when contact was made and she involuntarily changed her position under my arm. I moved my hand on the outside of her bra and, gripping her breast into my palm. I pressed and massaged it fully as she tossed her head to the side and closed her eyes even tighter, feeling the pleasure of having her breast fondled.

With my other hand, I moved under her sweat shirt along with my first hand and slid them both up to her shoulders to remove the cumbersome shirt from her body. She assisted me by raising her arms and allowing me to pull it over her head and off of her arms. I looked down to see her chest heaving with excitement, expanding her breasts into her bra cups and then leaving a void in between the fabric and the skin. I loved to see it as it fell away leaving a nice gap to place your hand within but I didn’t want to take the time to fulfill this one fantasy of mine.

Instead, I placed my two hands on her back right at the bra fastening and in a quick little squeeze, detected the elastic give way as the bra fell away from her breasts and they were free from their confinement. She let out her breath that she had been holding in her lungs as I removed the garment from her chest and pulling it free, I exposed the two loveliest breasts to my eyes once again.

They were so soft yet so firm when I touched them that I marveled at their texture. Her perfect skin blossomed into twin mounds that would make any model jealous with envy. They were so perfectly shaped, so round, so firm yet so soft and luscious. I had this craving to take them one at a time into my mouth and suckle upon them like a baby but first I had to feast my eyes upon them and pinch and tweak her little sentinels.

She gasped as I slid down on her and settled my mouth down on her ripe pebbles. She arched her back in an attempt to force them into my mouth but all I took in was the tight little nipples. I pulled them away from their areolas with my sucking lips and then, letting each one in turn snap back to its place, I played with each until they were red and sore.

She forced me to lay down on my back with her body hovering over mine like a tiger ready to strike. Her breasts hung down and begged to be fondled with my hands so I complied by grabbing one in each hand and squeezing them firmly as she squealed her delight. But as she continued to raise her body up to my lips again, I grabbed one and stuck it into my mouth, sucking down hard on her nipple. She screamed out in pain or in pleasure, I wasn’t sure but in releasing my grip on her breasts, it gave me freedom to place them on her ass and pull her down tight against my chest.

She was rubbing her crotch into my tummy as I massaged her butt cheeks with my firm gripping hands. Her breasts were still hanging right over my mouth and my lips were busy chewing, biting and sucking on her nipples. She was getting hotter by the minute from my stimulation and I had only just begun.

My grip went down between her legs and grabbed hold of her thighs right where they met her butt. Pulling them apart, I started stretching her vaginal opening out with every pulsating tug with my hands as she suddenly rose up, threw her head back and moaned out loudly into the air, “Oh my God, Grandpa! Oh yes it feels so good!”

I placed my hand around between her wide spread legs in front of her sweat pants and began to press right into her crotch. She moaned her approval as she continued to rub her pussy into my tummy and my groping hand. I felt for her pubic bone and pressed upward right under her protrusion into the softness of her opening. Again she moaned as she arched her back in appreciation.

I wanted to remove her sweat pants but didn’t want to interrupt the enjoyment of pressing the fabric into her vagina but after a brief moment, I shifted my hand to her waist and started to insert it into her pants. She gasped out loud and sucked in her tummy to allow its full penetration until it felt the silky material of the panties that she had on. She held her breath at the contact and then, releasing it out through her open mouth, she separated her legs even further and pressed downward with her hips to gain even more satisfaction from the sensation of my hand.

Rubbing her panties into her opening caused her wetness to flow onto the crotch of her underwear and soon it was as if my hand was rubbing a wet wash cloth. She was excreting so much fluid that my hand was dripping wet with her fluids so I pushed down on her sweat pants, indicating to her that I wanted them off of her throbbing little body. She instinctively pressed her knees together allowing my hands to pull down her sweat pants over her rear end as she wiggled them down her legs and off of her feet. Now all she had on were her wet panties and I had to smell the aroma of her hot little pussy.

I reached in between her legs with my arms and pulled her up to sit directly on my face where I could smell and taste her wetness. She squealed with excitement as I rammed my tongue in between her two lips and stuck the crotch material of her panties up into her opening. She ground away with her hips trying desperately to feel the presences of my tongue in her vagina and then, sliding it in between the edge of the crotch and her leg, I slipped it onto her fleshy labia lip and I was treated to a fresh flash of her womanly fluids sliding out of her opening onto my tongue.

I was finally in heaven tasting her fresh juices coming from her opening as my hands went around to her rear end at the top of her waste band and begin to tug at it downward over her tight little ass. She straighten up to allow them to pulled over her butt cheeks and as I circled her waist line, slowly pulled them down in front, exposing her fine patch of pubic hair. As she rose up on her toes, I removed them down her legs and to her feet and she reached back and took off her last vestige of modesty.

Now she was totally nude but instead of lying back down, she went on her knees and her hands started to unfasten my pants. My cock was throbbing, it wanted out so badly, but her fumbling hands made it difficult for it see the light of day so as I helped her by removing my own trousers, she made quick work of my shirt. In a brief amount of time I was as naked as she was and I felt self-conscious all of a sudden.

I hadn’t thought about displaying my naked body to anyone ever again, much less my 17 year old grand daughter and now that it was bared, warts and all, to be inspected by her eager eyes. I hadn’t kept my body in the best of shape and after all, I was 60 years old and I had led a pretty sedate life so exposing my body to my young grand daughter was not the best way to impress her. But she didn’t seem to mind as her eyes took all of me in.

Then she smiled and lay down between my wide spread legs and started moving and grinding her pubic bone into my own. She felt deliciously sexy as she moved her entire naked body against mine but as she continued to rub it on my hard cock, I got this sensation deep within my loins that told me that I was not to tarry with my explorations but that I needed to consummate this in a hurry.

But before I could voice my urgency to her, I felt the warmth of her soft lips encircle my cock as she took it into her mouth. I groaned out loud and started my rhythmic pressing into her oral cavity and I soon realized that it was much too late to do anything about it. I was about to blow my wad and I was doing it right in my grand daughter’s mouth. “My God, I’m just as bad as the others young boys. I can’t control myself at all,” I thought.

I held my breath, trying to extend the most beautiful build up in the world just a second longer but as my hips rose up off of the sofa, I coiled up my expulsion to the last, grunted out loud and blew my load into her mouth as she continued to take every last drop down her throat. I felt my sperm shoot out rope after rope deep into her cavity as I wondered how this little girl could take it all in. But she was a trooper, never once stopping for a breath of air and never once stopping her sucking action. At last when it only oozed out of the tip did she come off of it smiling like a Cheshire cat.

She licked her lips and said, “Boy you had a lot of cum build up in you, Grandpa. I thought that you would never stop pumping it in my mouth.”

“My God Lori,” I finally said, “I thought that you didn’t like to take a guys cock into your mouth and suck on it?”

“I said that I didn’t like to suck the cock of someone who I just let touch my boobs once. I like to suck cock, especially yours,” she said with a smile.

I took her into my arms a gave her the biggest hug that my limp body could muster, pulling her down onto me, fully embracing her little body to mine. I kissed the top of her head and I almost lost control of my emotions I felt so much love and gratitude for my lovely grand daughter. I had to rest for a second but I wanted to feel her close so I just hugged her tight to my body and drifted off to sleep.

I awoke a few minutes later as Lori slipped off of my body but continued to keep her crotch in direct contact with my hip. She cooed in a sleepy sort of way as she cuddled herself into my hip. I suddenly started having my regrets for having succumbed to my grand daughters many charms but I quickly dismissed them with the thought that no matter what happens, I will always have the knowledge of the love that she feels for me.

I decided that I was going to spend the night with her in her bed. I loved the feeling of waking up with someone you loves to cuddle in your arms and it had been a long, long time since I had felt it so tonight was going to be the night. I rolled off of the sofa and slid my arms under Lori’s limp little body. When I picked her up, she awoke and asked in a sleepy voice, “Where are we going?”

“I’m taking you to bed,” I smiled my answer to her.

She closed her eyes again and smiled but then she opened them wide with a start and asked, “Are you going to leave me there?”

I smiled a big smile and told her, “I’m going to join you if I’m />
“Oh Grandpa,” she said softly, “of course you’re invited. I wouldn’t have any other way.”

As I carried her to her bedroom, she cuddled her cheek into my chest in the most contented way and as I lay her down on the bed and crawled in after her, she sighed, turned her naked little butt towards me and silently asked me to cuddle with her. As I slid over to spoon her, I draped my arm over her side and placed it on her arm and drew her near. She kissed my hand and told me “Good night />
I kissed the top of her head and told her “Good night Lori,” and scooted my crotch deeply onto her rear end. We both went right to sleep.

I awoke to a wonderful dream the next morning. It was a lovely young girl stroking my cock and I had a raging hard on but when I opened my eyes I saw that it was not a dream but a reality. My beautiful Lori’s head was resting on my chest as she was looking down at her hand gliding my foreskin up and down on my erection. If felt so wonderful but as the sensation started to build in my loins, I cautioned her to stop or else I would blow my sperm again and I had other ideas of where to expel it from my body this time.

She grinned and came up to give me a big “Good morning” kiss on my lips. Our lips soon parted and our tongues began to fence and parry with each other as we explored the innermost reaches of each other’s mouths. My arms were holding her tightly as I ground myself into her open crotch and as I rolled her onto her back and slid in between her wide spread legs, she looked up at me with this demure little look on her face and then closed her eyes.

I began to kiss her throat and then her chest. I licked her breasts as she wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into her junction. She was panting and so was I. I felt the urge grow in my groin and I had to have her. Getting up on my knees, I placed the head of my engorged cock right at the entrance of her willing vagina and leaned in to her as it penetrated her opening.

She closed her eyes even tighter as she raised her head so her chin was sticking straight up in the air. She was holding her breath in anticipation as it slowly pushed through her reluctant vaginal walls until it had bottomed out deep within her womb. I stopped and waited there for a second to allow her to feel my cock deep within her and when she let out her breath, I started to withdraw it out of her but stopped just short of vacating her completely. When I reversed my direction and started it inward once again, I put a little more urgency into my penetration and she sighed out loudly, “Oh my God.”

I was beginning to thrust it into her forcefully, with almost abandonment as I heard my balls slap up against her butt cheeks in rhythm with my thrusts. She was squeaking her approval as she clutched my butt with her hands, pulling me into her pussy with every penetration. I was going crazy with lust as I built up to my release. I began to grunt and moan as I held my breath until I had to force it out along with my tide of sperm that was about to erupt.

She was clutching and clawing my back and butt until I heard her scream. I could hold it back no longer and I felt the first release shoot directly into her womb and splash off of her cervix to accumulate deep within her uterus. She begged for me to ram it in as I shot load after load of my essence into her wanting pussy, sliding it in and out at a pace and when she had sucked the last of my sperm out of now flaccid cock and the urgency had started to subside, she settled into a gentle rocking of her hips, slowly coming down from her orgasmic adventure.

“Lori? Grandpa?” came a shocked little voice from the doorway.

I turned to look over my shoulder and I saw my younger grand daughter, Melinda, standing at the door with a pouch in her arms, looking on with an amazed and confused look on her face.

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed, rolling out between Lori’s legs and trying to cover myself.


Melinda ran out crying and terribly afraid of what she had just witnessed. I scrambled to find my clothes but remembered that I had left them scattered all over the family room floor along with Lori’s, thinking that we would have plenty of time this morning to pick them up. Lori on the other hand had put on her robe and was half way down the hall towards Melinda’s bedroom while I sat there dumbfounded and naked.

I pulled the covers over my body and sat there waiting for something to happen. Why had I been so careless? Why did I allow this to escalate to this degree? What am I going to do if Melinda decides to tell her mom what she caught us doing? All these questions were running through my mind when Lori and Melinda appeared around the corner of the doorway and sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Melinda, honey, I’m sorry that you had to see this,” I began, />
“I was shocked. I had no idea that you two had any notions of such things in your minds,” she blurted out.

“Melinda, you can’t tell Mom. You can’t tell anybody about this,” Lori implored her sister.

“I said Melinda, “but I want to join in on the fun.”

My mouth must have flown open with shock as I yelled back at her, “NO!” I startled myself with my emphatic response so I quickly added, “I mean Melinda I can’t, I mean you can’t, I mean there isn’t going to be anymore fun. I’m putting an end to this right here and now.”

Both girls spoke as one when they said, “Grandpa Joe? You’ve got to play the game with us.”

“Girls listen,” I implored them, “I can’t take the chance. Besides it is so wrong what Lori and I did, I />
“It was wrong?” Lori interrupted. “You mean to say that what I felt was wrong? What you felt was wrong?” she asked incredulously. “And all this time I thought that you loved it as much as I did.”

“Oh God, Lori, I did, I mean I do, I mean…oh shit!” I said in disgust.

Taking a few seconds to think, I finally offered this as an explanation to my thoughts. “Girls, Lori, I did love what we shared last night and this />
“Last night?” inquired Melinda.

Ignoring her, I continued, “But Sweetness, don’t you see, we can’t keep this up. It is wrong, it is illegal and it is shameful. If it had been your mother this morning instead of Melinda, do you think I would still here? No, probably I would be, right now, sitting in the back of a squad car on my way down to the jail telling the patrol officer, “No, look, it is all a mistake.” Don’t you see, as wonderful as it is and it was, I can’t let this continue and I certainly can’t include a minor to participate in my />
We all sat there for a long minute, thinking of what I had just said. Then Lori picked up her cell phone and punched in a couple of numbers and sat back and waited for a response. she said when she got an answer, “what time are you coming home today?” She waited for a response then answered, “Oh Grandpa just wanted to know if he could take us out for breakfast or not. Yes Melinda came home early and we are all hungry. Okay then I will expect you sometime this afternoon. Okay, I love you, too.”

She put down her phone, looked over at her sister and asked her, “Are you going to tell anyone about what we do here this />
“No,” Melinda said.

They looked at me with expectation in their eyes and then Lori got up and removed her robe revealing her nakedness to both of us and sat back down on the bed.

“I won’t penetrate her,” I said looking at Lori. Then turning to Melinda I explained, too young Melinda, I might hurt you or />
I knew it was a lame excuse but I was sticking to it no matter what. I wasn’t going to put my cock into her pussy!

she said finally and stood to undress herself.

I asked, stopping her actions. “Let grandpa do that,” I said reaching my hands out to her tee shirt. She just smiled and dropped her hands to her side.

Lori scooted herself up to the head of the bed to catch a favorable vantage point as Melinda took a stride closer to my legs. Taking her shirt by the hem, I pulled it upward, exposing her baby blue bra to our eyes, and then over her head with her arms extended skyward, I removed it off of her and tossed it to the floor.

Melinda looked into my wandering eyes and followed my hands down to the front of her shorts where I unfastened and then unzipped her fly and opened it free to her hips. Sliding them down over her hips, I gazed upon the matching cotton panties that she wore, that covered her treasure laden area from my sight, but I knew that I would soon be seeing her wondrous sights below.

She wiggled her hips in an attempt to aid in the removal of her cutoff shorts and as soon as I had them down to the floor, she grabbed my shoulder to steady herself before taking them off of her feet. I slowly gazed over her long thin legs up to where they disappeared into her panties and a little drool caught in my throat. I glanced up into her eyes and caught a slight smile crack her lips before she bit down on the lower one.

I ran my hands up the front of her legs, up on her sides until they settled on her shoulders. Her eyes were now closed as her chin rose up and she inhaled very deeply. I caressed her shoulders, squeezing and massaging them for a brief moment and then, with my gentle fingers, I slide down her bra straps on her arms and tenderly inserted my fingers into the cups that held her delicious young breasts. She gasped at the touch but as I pulled the cups down over the globes, exposing them to the morning air, she shuttered just a little and turned a faint color of red on her cheeks.

I pulled down the bra until it gathered at her waistline and then, turning it around, I quickly unfastened it and threw it with her other clothes on the floor. I looked up slowly at her small little mounds that were developing nicely and reached out with my fingers and slightly caressed a nipple. She threw back her head and let out with a loud moan as she stepped into my touch for an even greater sensation.

I touched her two little sentinels lightly, barely making contact with my finger tips. There were as hard as pebbles as they stood away from her pinkish brown areolas. But when I placed both palms on her entire globes and gave each a little squeeze, she erupted into a frenzy of motion and I thought for a second that her knees were going to give way.

I reached in with my lips and kissed each nipple tenderly and drew them into my mouth for a brief little suck. But as I was stimulating her breasts with my mouth, both of my hands were descending down to her legs and were tracing their way back up the inner part of her thighs. She let out another loud groan as she implored me, “Oh Grandpa, I don’t know how much more of this I can take.”

doing find, my love. You’re doing just fine,” I encouraged her.

The backs of my hands were all that were making contact with her inner thighs and as I reached up nearly to her junction, I whispered to her to spread her legs a little. She awkwardly complied until I could touch her wet little crotch of her panties and she shouted as loud as she dared, “OH YES GRANDPA! OH YES!”

I placed the tips of my two middle fingers right below her pubic bone in search of her soft little vaginal opening and the source of the moisture that was accumulating in her panties. Pressing inward with my finger tips, I felt her two lips separate just enough to allow me to touch her vagina and press the fabric of her panties into her opening.

This was more than she could take as she threw herself down on top of me and cried out, “OH GRANDPA, I WANT YOU TO TAKE ME NOW! PLEASE PUT IT IN ME!”

“I can’t sweetheart, I just can’t. But I will do other things to you that I promise you’ll enjoy just as much,” I reassured her.

She threw herself down on top of me with her waist directly on my face. I instinctively opened my mouth and started to chew upon anything that my mouth could grasp; her panties, her tummy, her abdomen and finally her crotch. As she slid upward so my mouth was making contact with her crotch, she spread her legs and thrust her crotch into my chewing mouth and begged me to eat her pussy.

I wondered where she picked up such language but I tried my best to comply with her wishes. Taking a big bite out of the softness of her opening, I tenderly placed my teeth on it and bit down lightly and drew it into my mouth. I began replacing my mouth with my fingers and soon found her panties too wet and too restrictive so I tore at her leg hole and opened them up to force my entire hand in to massage her tender lips.

I mashed down on them with my palm and forcing my fingers into her slit. Finding it very warm and very wet, I slid my fingers up and down her canal until it finally found her sensitive little pleasure button. Throwing back her head once more in ecstasy, she jumped off of me, stripped off her panties with one hand and crawled back up on the bed to get back on top of my face. I could see her lips through the lightly covered pubic hairs that were growing down between her legs but as she crawled closer towards my face, I could plainly see the wetness on those hairs as it matted them together creating a sheen of wetness.

As she approached me and assumed her position on my face, my legs were hanging over the edge of the bed and my youngest grand daughter was straddling my mouth. My tongue was buried as far into her opening as I could make it go and my upper lip was stretching to hit her clitoris. She was rubbing her entire crotch into my mouth as she frantically tried to make my tongue impale her wet open vagina. She had lost all control through her passion and I was one step behind her with my own.

I suddenly felt someone’s face breathe warm air on my crotch and then I felt the wonderful sensation of a mouth devouring my rock hard cock. I instantly knew the silky feeling of that mouth belonging to my older grand daughter and I uttered a loud groan through the wetness of Melinda’s pussy. I instantly ordered her to turn around on my face and as she did and got settled back down on my mouth, I doubled my efforts with my mouth because I knew that I was about to cum once again in Lori’s eager mouth.

Lori was bobbing up and down on my swollen cock and Melinda was rocking wildly back and forth on my face. Her wetness was flowing and in an instant of pure passion, I placed my hand on top of her butt crack and feeling the moisture from her vagina, I plunged my thumb into her anus up to the first knuckle.

“OH GOD GRANDPA! OH MY GOD!” she yelled so loud that that the neighbors were probably alerted to our activities. But I got the desired results because her juices flooded my mouth as she squeezed out an unbelievable orgasmic release as she crushed her poor little pussy onto my teeth and rubbed it raw from the friction. She looked down on her sister’s activities and shouted to her, “TAKE IT ALL THE WAY IN LORI, DEEP TROAT HIM!” and pushed on the back of her head until I felt Lori’s lips brush up against my pubic hairs.

I heard her gag and felt her muscles contract around my eager cock just as I unloaded my first rope of sperm, right down her throat. She gagged again but didn’t come up off of her sucking. I felt the flood of Melinda’s juices splash all over my face as I shot the rest of my load down Lori’s esophagus but as I started to come down from this glorious experience, I also felt a little pang of remorse over having lost all control over the situation. But I decided that there was no looking back. I had performed the way that my grand daughters had wanted so as long as they were happy and satisfied, then life was good.

We came down from our join experience that morning and we continued to make love with each other for several more hours. We took a shower together and got dressed before my daughter came home from her evening out with her boyfriend. I was sitting out in my rig having a drink when she came out and asked how my evening went. I told her it was fine and I really enjoyed getting to know my grand daughters again. Little did she know just how well I got to know them.

Within a week or so, my daughter broke it off with her lover so our wonderful rendezvous’ came to a screeching halt. Although we were all willing to continue and take the chance of be discovered, the timing just wasn’t right. We had to resort to the activities that got this affair going, me looking through the window and my grand daughters enjoying stripping before their grandpa’s eyes. No it wasn’t very fulfilling but it was all that we had.

On my final night before my departure the next day, before they got undressed for their grandpa, I called them over to the open window and whispered my appreciation for the times we had had. I made a deal with Melinda that if by next year, if she was still a virgin, I would be honored to take her cherry. I hold Lori that I had a whole lot of new ways to do it with her, including putting it into another hole and winked at Melinda. She smiled back but didn’t let on our little secret. I told them that tonight was reserved for them, I wasn’t going to watch. They were to make love with each other in every way that they knew of and to enjoy. But when I returned next year, I wanted to see everything that they did tonight.

I departed early the next morning, driving my 5th wheel out west to Sisters, Oregon to stay with my eldest son, his beautiful wife and their two children, Kristy and Carl. I just wondered what will happen on this trip. I wondered if it would be as wonderful as the one that I was driving away from. But only time would tell.

story by: 2stfauther

Tags: fiction young consensual sex voyeurism oral sex male / female teens sex story

Author: 2stfauther

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