Our boarder

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Our Boarder

Times were hard, money was tight, and so we invited a boarder into our home.

Since money was tight we decided to advertise in the local university paper for a boarder, to help pay for the bills. Within a day of the ad being in the paper we had a call from the university saying that there was a 1st year student looking for accommodation and was it OK for him to call round.

That evening there was a knock on the door. I opened the front door there stood a tall young kid in jeans and t-shirt and he was about my height but leaner of course due to his age. He was a good looking young guy with short dark hair and light brown eyes. I invited him in, he introduced himself as Steve; he was 23, from Bunbury and in his first year at Uni starting an Engineering degree. He was a lovely young guy and my wife seemed to take to him straight away. After chatting for a while, we showed him around the house, discussed rent and the house rules and after a quick talk with Paulene, we offered him the room. He asked when he could move in and we said whenever it suited him, so over the weekend I gave him a hand to shift in his stuff. He was an easy guest to have around because we never really saw or heard much from him as he was either at Uni or in his room studying.

One evening at about 11pm, Paulene and I returned from a night out. We walked past room and the door was slightly ajar but we didn’t take any notice of it. Paulene went into the kitchen and I went into our room to go to the toilet. I came out and noticed door still slightly ajar and I could hear strange noises coming from his room. I paused for a moment then slowly pushed it slightly further open so I could see inside.
There in the glow of his bedside lamp was Steve completely naked, and masturbating on his bed. His eyes were screwed shut so he didn’t see me push the door open, then he suddenly let out a low groan and cum started to spew all over his stomach and chest.
I quickly stepped back closing the door so as not to be seen, and made my way to the Kitchen.

That evening Paulene and I had a bit of a session in bed and although she tried to keep quiet for fear of Steve hearing, but I knew he would be able to hear us.
It was a Saturday morning and we were all up and about and having some breakfast. I noticed for the first time that Steve was looking at Paulene in a different kind of way. He was almost undressing her with his eyes and trying to get a sly look down her dressing gown while we chatted in the kitchen.

The both of us had decided that we were going down to the beach so we asked Steve if he’d like to come. He was more than happy to come along.

We all got down there and sorted ourselves out on the beach with our towels and sun umbrella. Paulene was wearing a one piece costume, me shorts and Steve a pair form fitting compression shorts, which did little to hide the outline of his cock. I noticed gaze linger on his groin area as he walked around or sat with us.
We enjoyed the sun and being on the beach and we swam around on and off for a few hours then headed back home.

Later that night in bed I told Paulene of what I had seen the other evening when we had come home. After telling my story, she said “Oh the poor lad, it must be lonely up here for him.”
She talked about him for a bit saying that he was such an easy lad to have around and that at his age his hormones must be raging.

“I think he might have been thinking of you the other night babe” I said to her as I lay there caressing her.
“Oh don’t be ridiculous” was her reply, “he’s 23 babe, and has no interest in a 52yr old woman” She added.
“I think he might have” I said to her, “Would you like to test drive him babe?" I asked…. “I certainly would not” she shot back at me, “now just go to sleep” she said as she turned her back to me and cuddled back into my arms.

During the course of the next few days I noticed Steve becoming more and friendlier and engaging with Paulene. The odd corny joke the touch on her arm and the looks and attention he was giving her. I even saw him with his hands on her waist as she was at the sink washing up one evening.
Steve had an exam the next, morning so he asked us if we could make sure he was awake. The next morning just before 8am, Paulene got up to check he was awake. I heard her knock on his door and open it.

Next thing she came quietly back into our room. “Babe you better come with me she said”.
I got out of bed and went with her, and as she stopped at his door, I looked over her shoulder.
Steve was fast asleep but his duvet had moved down throughout the night and exposed his cock which was clearly visible as it lay resting on his thigh. At only 23yrs old, he had nothing to worry about with the girls with his ample cock looking to be at least 5 inches in length and he wasn’t even hard.
Paulene stared at his cock while I asked her why she didn't wake him.
“I’m not going to wake him when he’s like that” was her reply as she scampered away back to our bedroom. I pushed the door open some more and knocked saying, "It's time to get up Steve."

Friday night was our normal night out and we were heading down to the surf club for a few drinks. Paulene had a hot form fitting pencil skirt on and a gorgeous low cut sheer top with which her bra was deliberately visible through the material. I called it her “casual sexy look”.
I called a taxi while Paulene was putting the finishing touches to her makeup. Steve was sitting in the lounge room watching TV, I called Paulene as the taxi arrived she came out into the lounge to say bye to Steve, I heard him say "Wow, Paulene, you look great tonight." “Thank you Steve” she replied and we left.

We were away for a good 4 or 5hrs then we headed home. The lounge lights were still so we figured Steve must still be up.
We got inside and Steve was still on the two-seater settee with his dressing gown on watching the TV and having a few beers. Paulene slumped on the three-seater opposite him and kicked off her shoes while I went to get us some vino.

I returned with the wine to hear Paulene and Steve quietly talking which ceased when I sat down. From where I was sitting I could see Paulene's skirt had ridden up and her knickers were slightly visible. After the beers and some idle chat Paulene said she was really tired and got off the sofa to make her way to bed.
I sat up with Steve for another hour and a couple more beers and then excused myself and headed off to bed myself.
When I got to our room I found that she had changed into her little white camisole and taken her knickers off, so she had obviously expected me to follow her in and had been waiting for me but she’d fallen asleep. She looked as sexy as hell with her shaved pussy just visible below the bottom of her camisole. It did run through my mind to take my cock out and have a wank right then and there.

It was then that I heard the TV turn off and Steve coming up the hallway. He wanted to ask me something and unexpectedly came into our room without knocking. He froze at the sight of Paulene on our bed. “Oh Shit” he said, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise” he stuttered.

I whispered, holding my finger to my lips. Steve’s eyes were locked on her and in particular, her slightly visible pussy. He looked at me in shock and tried to hide his growing erection.
"Do you like her?” I asked. He nodded his head.

He followed me into the room. Paulene moaned when I gently moved her to the edge of the bed and slightly parted her legs. I gently raised her camisole a bit higher and exposed her shaved mound to our guest. Steve moved closer to her and opened his robe up and released his hardened cock, then began to stroke himself next to my wife.

As I watched this young guy wank, my cock hardened so I undid my pants and joined in. Steve was standing down near her pussy so I moved in next to him on beside her breasts. I leant down and started to feel her nipples which were now hardening with my touch as Steve wanked next to me.

Paulenes breathing had become heavier so I knew she was now half awake. I watched as Steve moved his free hand down to her pussy and ran his fingers up and down her slit while his other hand quickened on his cock. His finger penetrated her and she squirmed slightly, then he pulled his hand back and let out a muffled groan then grunted as streams of semen spewed from his cock and spattered all over my wife’s shaved mound. 4 or 5 thick jets of cum pulsed from him as he emptied onto her and the bed sheets.

As soon as he finished he muttered something like, "Oh god…that was unbelievable, I just can’t believe that!" then hastily made his way out of the bedroom.
Paulene slowly opened her eyes and said, "I can't believe you let that happen.”

I said, "Well you didn’t stop him either babe.” She smiled then shrugged her shoulders. I went and got a towel to clean the mess up.

The next morning Steve had already gone out, maybe he was too embarrassed to face Paulene and me. It was a sunny Saturday morning so I said I was heading off to the hardware store to get a couple of things and then come back. Paulene, still dressed in her bathrobe said that she was staying here to do some housework.

About an hour later I pulled into the garage and came into the house when I heard Paulene say, "No don’t Steve…Stop it please!"

I quietly walked down the hallway and saw him with his hands on her hips trying kiss her and trying to pull her in closer to him. “That was a one-time event” she kept trying to tell him as she fended off his advances.
Through sheer perseverance and raging hormones, Steve's mouth finally but briefly made contact with Paulene's. She just stood there not responding at all or moving and with her arms firmly by her side while Steve kept trying to kiss her.
Then something happened. She began to respond.

She moved her arms up around his waist and started to kiss him back. Steve started to relax a bit more now that Paulene’s resistance had stopped and they stood there kissing and exploring each other right there in the kitchen. As they kissed my wife moved her hand down over the front of Steve’s jeans and started feeling and rubbing his obvious bulge. With his cue taken, he reached down and with one hand and untied her bathrobe. There was no resistance.
With Paulene's back to me, I could see his hands were now inside her robe and roaming freely up and down as he caressed the bare skin of her back.

Steve broke from their embrace and slipped my wife’s dressing gown off her shoulders and it fell to the floor. He moved forward, lowered his head and they kissed again this time his hands were firmly on her ass pulling her closer to him. He broke their kiss then slipped off his runners and swiftly removed his jeans then took my wife’s hand and led her to the sofa. Steve sat down and positioned my Paulene in front of him and pulled her closer.

Paulene’s head was now resting on his thigh and she was gazing up at his cock.
She reached up and took hold of his shaft, then ran the tip of her tongue along Steve's long hard cock before engulfing its head in her mouth. He let out a soft moan as he leaned back on the couch and started to enjoy his treat.

I could see perfectly as she worked the head of his cock in and out of her mouth and squeezed and kneaded his young heavy balls while he twitched and squirmed with pleasure. After a couple of minutes of this, Steve said something to her and she stopped. He helped her off the floor and they swapped positions. He sat her down then she leaned back and spread her legs. Steve buried his head between them and it wasn’t long before soft moans began to escape her mouth. As he worked his young tongue around her pussy and clit, he seemed a bit overeager and I saw my wife slow him down and guide his tongue to where she wanted it. He spent quite a few minutes doing this as my wife writhed, moaned and squirmed from his efforts.

My hand squeezed my cock through my jeans as I silently watched this unfold in front of me.

Steve then stretched his arms up and his hands began squeezing her breasts and hardened nipples. It was now very obvious that she was close to coming. Her breathing increased dramatically and I could hear her panting and sounds I knew all too well just before she orgasms. Steve keep licking her and electrifying her clit as his quick viscous licks enflamed her pussy.
Her moans and sighs spurred him on…then />
"Ohhhh shit! Ohhhh YES! Ohhh she groaned loudly as her orgasm released and flooded through her body.

She shook and stiffened for a few seconds then went limp until she regained some composure.
Steve then moved between her outstretched legs with his cock now menacingly close to her soaked vagina. She quickly put her hand over her pussy and said, "No Steve, not unless you have a condom.”

“I’ve one” he said as he grabbed his jeans and reached for his wallet. He tore open the wrapping and was fumbling to get it over his cock when it split. "Ah shit” I heard him say. wrong” my wife whispered
“Its split”.

There was silence for a few seconds with my wife shaking her head basically saying no way to him.
There was some muffled talking before I heard Steve say, “I pull out”. My wife looked at him silently before slowly moving her hand from her pussy.

I watched like I was hypnotised as this young guy moved between my wife's legs and hurriedly positioned the bulbous head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy; then, with one fluid movement, he pushed inside her.
A loud sigh escaped my wife’s mouth and was quickly followed by an as he entered her and he vagina expanded to take in her young guest. Steve pushed half way in then pulled out to the tip before sinking back into her until his heavy balls pressed against her milky white ass.

She moaned her acceptance as he began to slowly fuck her, almost fully extracting his shaft before again burying himself completely in her until their pubic bones mashed together. I watched her pussy cling to his cock, compressing and sucking as he slowly thrust into her.
His thrusting grew and grew, and soon, he was really pumping into her.

She wasn’t going to orgasm this time but it was obvious that her young lover was. For her part she was almost like a rag doll under his thrusting and panting. His head was buried into her shoulder as he fucked into her. Steve’s breathing quickly became shorter and stunted and he started groaning and grunting.

Paulene hissed out at him. "Pull out Steve… remember… you have to pull out!” she panted.

"Yes, yes… I know, I know," he stuttered as sweat dripped from his forehead. Seconds later he groaned loudly and I watched as he pulled his cock from her. He grabbed his shaft, his ass checks contracted and Paulene squealed with a mixture of fright and excitement as he exploded over her. I watched as a good 6 or 7 thick powerful streams of white semen pulsed and spurted over my wife’s tits and belly. His cum showered her, coating her skin in a glossy sheen as his semen dribbled down onto her smoothly shaved mound.

Steve’s orgasm subsided quickly… “Oh fuck…that was awesome” he sighed as he straightened up looking down at my cum covered wife. A minute passed with neither of them moving before I heard my wife say,
”We can’t stay like this you know” she said grinning up at him.
“Oh course” he said, realising the situation.

He quickly stood up and went to the kitchen returning with a tea towel to clean my wife up. Paulene lay there smiling at him while he wiped his seed from her body.
forget down here” she said as she pointed to the mess he’d made of her pussy.
“Oh yeah” he said as he gently wiped the remaining semen from her pubic mound and swollen lips.
He then threw the tea towel back in the kitchen and helped Paulene up off the sofa and back into her bathrobe, then got dressed himself.

I quietly went back into the garage and then opened and closed the car door loudly, announcing my arrival.
When I came into the house again, everything was normal. Steve had gone into his room and Paulene was in the laundry putting some washing on. I noticed the tea towel was going into the washing machine.

“Hi Babe” she kissed and greeted me. “Glad you're back, I’m just putting this washing on then I’m going to have a shower.”

The following Friday evening began innocently enough. We were down at the surf club enjoying some vinos and music and just before it closed, Paulene noticed Steve standing at the bar so she waved him over to our table. She said we were heading home shortly if he wanted to come with us or was he staying out.
Steve said that he’d come home and thanked us for the lift.

We got a taxi home and then opened some more wine. Paulene went off and changed into her sarong and singlet. She soon was back and we all sat on the same sofa but this time with me on one side of Paulene and Steve on the other.
We chatted about the night and where we had been we ended up having a few more vinos than we should have. Steve hardly took his eyes off my wife the entire time we sat up. We got up to move and sit outside on the patio and I kissed Paulene as she got up. Steve went to get us all another drink and came out to sit with us again. Paulene had just lit some candle as she does and was walking back over to the table as he handed her a wine.

She went to kiss him on his cheek as a thank you but he unexpectedly turned his head and their lips met. Paulene didn’t flinch and their kiss turned from a peck, into a full kiss.
She turned to me… “Is this what you wanted babe?” she huskily said… “Because he’s making me wet” she added before turning back and engaging him again.

I stood up and walked over to them as they kissed and I watched her sucking his tongue as he held her close to him. Paulene reached down and felt my hard cock through my jeans and whispered,
"You seem to like this babe.”

They were now like old time lovers and this went on for several minutes until Steve moved his hand from her thigh and tried to slide it down between her legs. Paulene gently pushed him away and again he tried but again she pushed his hand away. It was their game.
He kissed her neck and ears, nibbling gently and playing with her hair for a couple of minutes before she looked at me then parted her legs.
Steve, knowing his cue, slid his hand down her thigh and then moved it to the inside of her leg. He pushed her sarong out of the way and his hand disappeared under her sarong and up to her vagina.

My wife started sighing and slowly grinding her hips against his hand and it was at this point that I suggested we all go to the bedroom. Paulene took hand and led him down the hallway as I locked the house up then followed close behind. Once in our bedroom, she dropped her sarong and slipped off her singlet.
She sat on the edge of the bed with just her bra and knickers on. Steve and I stripped off, and I saw that we were both hard, but he was a good inch harder and thicker than I was.
Paulene unclasped her bra and pushed herself back on the bed raising her hips up and pulling her knickers off. She then lay flat on her back.
I moved between her legs and started licking her soaking wet
Pussy while Steve knelt on the side of the bed and offered his cock to her.
My wife gripped his shaft and sucked greedily on his bulbous head while I licked and teased her pussy.

She grasped my head and held me tight then pushed me away, before grabbing Steve’s hand and pulling him around to the end of the bed. I had to quickly get out of the way as the eagerness of this young stud almost knocked me down.
I stood back and watched as my wife willingly spread her legs as her young fully erect lover climbed onto our bed. He shuffled in closer and as she played with his heavy balls with one hand, the other was caressing his length and guiding him closer.

Steve eagerly hovered over my wife's body.
"Pull out before you cum Steve" I said, he didn't reply but just nodded his head.
I watched as he lowered himself and entered her. Paulene groaned then let out a huge sigh as he penetrated her slowly and deeply.
He started working his cock in and out of her and from the slushing and sucking sounds coming from her pussy I’d say she was the wettest she’d ever been since we’d been married. She was purring like a kitten as Steve’s ass never stopped gyrating and stirring that cock inside her. There was no way I could have ever fucked her like this.

Paulene began to hiss. "Oh my God! … Fuuckk you feel good … Just stay inside me honey, that’s it, Just fuck me…. fuck me.”

My stomach knotted hearing her say this but it was extremely arousing.

Steve was kissing and sucking her neck and giving her small love bites as if he was marking her as his.
Paulene began moaning again, “Ah it Fuck! Me! Fuck me!”

Steve flipped over onto his back, pulling my wife on top of him and leaving a huge wet spot on the sheets from her juices. She reached down and fed his cock back inside her, engulfing it completely. He then reached up and squeezed her breasts and nipples so hard, I thought that that would have had to hurt.
She ignored any pain as she began fucking him, grinding herself down hard on his pubic bone and mashing her hips to his as they fucked.
She was like a doll as he grabbed her hips and just pumped her pussy with his cock. You could see his shaft covered wet with her juices as their bodies slapped together over and over again.

Then without warning Steve's whole body tensed and he grunted loudly thrusting with all his might and locking Paulene to his hips.
Steve fixed her in place he exploded inside her grunting loudly as he filled her pussy with semen.
“Ohhh wasn’t meant to happen” she said as she bent forward grinning and kissed him.
Steve twitched and pulsed as my wife sat on top of him milking every last drop of cum from his cock. Then it hit me, Oh shit, he never pulled out. Milky thick semen spilled from around Paulene's splayed and swollen pussy, dribbling down Steve's still hard shaft.
With his orgasm subsided, she just sat there on top of him just grinning like a cat who’d swallowed the pigeon.

I looked at Steve and said that we should swap. He nodded and started to shuffle towards the end of the bed. Steve’s deflated cock was still inside her as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him hard on the lips…. “Ohhh but I don’t want to swap” she said not even looking at me.
With that said, he swung his legs around to the side of the bed and with him still in my wife he cradled her tightly and stood up. Paulene looked at me, raised her eye brows and shrugged her shoulders. The cheeky youngster brushed past me and carried her to his room, pushing the door closed behind them with his foot.

I heard my wife squeal and giggle loudly then nothing then I heard her cry out, "oh yeah do it, do it, give it to me!”
I pushed the door open to see in and saw Paulene on his bed, on all fours with Steve fully erect again and fucking her from behind. I wanked off in seconds and shot my load all over the floor.

I thought I’d leave them too it and returned to our bedroom before eventually managing to drop off to sleep.
I drifted in and out of sleep, occasionally looking at the digital clock on the table.
At 3 am I opened my eyes again to the sound of noise coming from
Steve's bedroom. My cock stirred with the familiar sounds of the headboard banging and low tones giggles and muffled voices.
I lay there and pulled myself off while listening to my wife getting fucked by our young guest then fell back to sleep as the noise gradually subsided.

It was the sunlight coming through the open shutters in our room that woke me in the morning. I was instantly aware of the empty side of the bed next to me. I got up and went to the toilet and climbed back into bed.
I was still struggling with my dilemma when I heard our bedroom door open and there stood my wife. She had love bites all over her tits, belly and inner thighs and I could smell stale sex all over her.

“Morning my baby” she says. I replied… Steve?” I asked.
she said as she climbed in beside me. We kissed, then she whispered “Thanks babe” before she cuddled into me and fell asleep in seconds.

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