Our first night: one

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this is the first story in a series about the first night two lovers come together. At first there will be little back story, i intend to bring that to light later. I will also refrain from using names or overly deive texts about the characters, i am doing this because i would like you as the reader to insert your own fantasy woman or man in. This is as much a telling of a story as it is a fantasy happening in your own mind, so i want you to feel free to inagine the characters as you wish

I opened my eyes slowly for fear of being in a dream. The blue moonlight flooded through the window onto the floor and bed where I sat, alone for now at the foot of the bed. My hands crossed in my lap as I surveyed what little of my suroundings I could.

It was a small room, cozy in size and eccentric in decore. Small desks, drawers, and shelves lined the walls around the room, upon which were various combinatons of female beauty products, magazines, and a few small stuffed animals in a neat pile. This girl did have a fondness for each of them, though I was certain she would hide it.

Dispite the nearly perfect arrangements the adorned her shelves, the floor was a bit of a wreck. Several shirts and pants lay strewn about on the floor and chair, most hidden or obscured by the dancing shadows.

I let out a large breath and begin to ponder how I became lucky enough to come in to such a fantastic and rare situation. My conclusion was a mutual growing attraction for one another was a large culprit, but the alcohol earlier in the evening played its roll as cohort splendidly.

Either way I was happy to be in my situation, and even for the first time in a long time nervous about what might happen next. I knew I couldn't rush it, I had to give my full attention to her. Even as I thought about how I would need to exercise my attention, the focus of my vision was drawn to the outline of a door, which had previously been silhouetted by a light on the other side, was now vacant and black. Nearly disappearing into the dark.

My heart began to race as I heard the sound of that door opening. Out from its shadowy maw emerged the faint outline of the most desired woman of all my fantasies, perfect down to the last detail.

"At last, I thought I was never going to see you again" my words cut through the silence, I did my best to sound cheerful, but it may have come out more as a nervous croak.

"Then I'm glad you stayed" her crystalline voice rang back to me as she took a few more steps in my direction. My mouth had drooped open as I watched her perfect figure enter the moon's intense beams.

First her soft and shapely legs we're revealed by the light, a perfect pair of smooth and silky legs completely naked but for the small tattoo on her left thigh. Next the beams revealed the flat of her stomach and the slight rise in her perfect breasts, covered by what appeared to be only a black lace tank top. Her joyous mounds of womanly flesh caught my eye for some time, causing me to rise out of my seated positon, then her face became fully in view. Her features were beyond deion in that moment, a perfect harmony of beauty, simlicity, innocence, and sophistication, amplified by a nervous smile and a sharp stare. Her hair even held back in a simle braid lay across one shoulder, causing the eyes to follow its trail back down to her perfect chest.

"My god, you are simply perfect" was all I could muster to say. A large grin flashed across her face and she nearly ran to me as I embraced her. There at the foot of the bed we hugged and for a few moments until I lifted her chin up and we exchanged a kiss. A slow, definite, passionate kiss.

Her body melted into mine as I slid my hands up and down her curvaceous back. For several moments we remained entwined like this until I decided to take another step forward in my promise for the evening and I bite gently upon her lower lip, pulling ever so softly and letting it slide out of my oral embrace slowly. She gave a small shudder followed by her eyes opening to a most wickedly sinful look. She increased her passion and repaid my bite with one of her own. I took it in kind to continue this exchange, but allowing the location of my lips to move to more suitable locations, beginning with her cheeks and following her jaw line to her precious ear. I could hear a soft gasp as my teeth closed around her ear lobe.

It was here that I remained for a few seconds, lightly licking and biting her ear as I began to position my body to give myself a better view of the alabaster beauty within my arms. I slowly moved to her side as I spun her opposite until I was directly behind her, keeping my chest strongly pressed against her back.

From this position the front of her body was facing the moonlight, every perfect and delicate curve being reflected off of to reveal a passionate body that I longed for.

My oral attention at this stage drifted down to her neck. Her she showed the most sign of reaction, she not only let out a moan but within that moan was my own name. As quickly as my teeth sank into her neck, my arms circled around her and her arms around mine. Here my hands were able to softly draw circles and shapes into her stomach while also traversing the length of her top, always stopping just at the start of her magnificent breasts or the bottom hem of her shirt. I did not wish to go too far too fast, this was about her after all.

To my surprise, she did not share as much enthusiasm at the idea of being slowly tormented my waiting and grabbed one of my hands to firmly place on her breast. I was in no position to argue and immediately took her cue to begin massaging and needing her breast. Her breath became faster and heaver, she was even openly speaking my name now.

I decided not to drag out her pleasure too much longer and slipped both one hand into tue top of her top and the other underneath the bottom. This lasted for only a short time before she wheeled around and pulled her top straight off, tossing it into the shadows. Her eyes were ablaze with passion and desire, as were her hands judging by the speed at which she ripped my shirt apart and forced it to join the rest of the banished clothes. Her hands rested on my chest as we kissed passionately again.

I decided quickly to move our evening closer to its goal and began to sit back down at the foot of my lover's bed. She followed suit by spreading her legs to either side of my and sitting on my lap. Here was another excellent position for me to unleash my passion upon her which I did without hesitation. I kissed and licked her lips, neck, ears, and even travelled lower to her collar. Meanwhile my hands did their work sliding down to cup the butt of the perfect vixen sitting on me. Using my hands ans leverage I would move her body towards and away from my own body in synch with our breaths and passion. Her glorious feminine anatomy grinding up against my own manhood wad a sensation I will never forget for the remainder of my life, the memory of which is helped by the fact that at this point all she wore was a simple lace pair of underwear.

As much as I longed for this moment and wished it could remain for much longer, I had to finish my goal, after all a promise is a promise. I pulled her supple body into mine as I rose from the bed, wrapping her legs around me to hold her beauty against me. I turned around and layed her gently down on the bed and once again began my south bound excursion to her heavenly anatomy. My lips could not help resting for a few moments at the rocklike tips of her breasts. As I attended to her bossom, one of her hands restes on the back of my head, occasionally pulled me into her where I would give the most passion to her.

Again I traveled downwards, using only my lips and tongue at this point, my hands and arms being banished to the task of supporting my body above hers. Slowly I traced my tongue down, passed her belly botton and onto the edge of her garment. Here I stopped my caresses for a moment, only to resume them but on the inside of her right leg. This time I traveled upwards, slowly licking my way across her perfect flesh and slowing my accent just before the first curve of where her leg meets the rest of her goddesslike body. I teased around the edge of her thong before slowly allowing my tongue to wiggle underneath. Here I would slide up and down just outside the edge of her perfect womanhood, gathering all the tastes and smells I could. She was radiating a musky yet intoxicating aroma, her skin just starting to become slick with a wetness. Her body was beginning to arch and her moans becoming louder and less />
I did my best to keep her in a state of arousal before diving into her heavenly scent, but my animalistic intentions soon got the better of me and I allowed my tongue even further access into her under garments. My tongue soon made its first contact with her sweet juices, a necter for which there can be no substitute, nor can that moment ever be forgotten. It was at this first taste that I began to loose my own control, my tongue became a furious motion of desperation and desire, I used a hand to move her thong off to one side.

I drew back for just a moment to gaze upon the perfect pussy I was about to engulf. It was magnificent, perfectly shaven, glistening with her delicious juices, simly begging for me. I quickly dove in and gave her my all. In few a furious and chaotic minutes I bore no control over my tongue, it rapidly slipped its way over every inch of her drenched vagina. Her moans casting out into the air as my hands grabbed her butt again to force my face even harder into her. Every last millimeter was licked, I even lapped up at the enterance to her glory, quickly shoving my tongue deep within her and withdrawing only to slide up to her barely exposed clit, at which point I would decend again to her opening.

Her hands were held tightly to the back of my head, clawing and pressing, leading me to move up or down, harder or softer. Several gasps would escape her lips as her body began to rythmically tighten and release. Soon I heard the words I hoped to hear, and hoped to continue to hear, "I'm cumming!" Her words were short, releasing themselves from her lips as no more than gasps. I smiled as I serviced her and doubled my efforts for the last few moments of glorious ecstasy that would be followed by yet more waves of ecstasy. Her body shuddered and she pressed my head into her. I felt a warm rush leaking from her and several small tightening muscles. I was eager to consume as much of her wetness as I could. For several moments she remained locked in this possition Before releasing both my head from her grasp and her muscles throughout her body, causing her to slump back onto the bed in an almost comatose like state. My tongue very gently worked its was around her wetness, after all I had no intention of wasting even a single drop.

As always, thank you for reading and feel free to comment, give feedback, and don't hesitate to message me!

story by: Ruvaak

Tags: consensual sex erotica male/female first time fantasy oral sex sex story

Author: Ruvaak

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