Our story ch.7 *final chapter*

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That night I tossed and turned not able to sleep. I missed my husband terribly. I couldn't help but wonder what he might be up to, and how upset I'd be if he were to seek the embrace of another woman again. I knew then no matter how difficult it may be I would have to forgive him. Forgiving myself would be a whole other matter. I was so ashamed of my actions, of my continued betrayal. When I'd said my vows they came from the heart. And up till the other week I'd kept those vows. How quickly one can fall from grace. I needed to mend things, and fast. I prayed silently all night that my marriage still had chance. I wanted nothing more than to have my husband, my family back. The road to recovery would be long, but it would sure as hell be worth it if we could manage to get back to how our relationship once was. No man had ever accepted me or loved me the way my husband did. How stupid I'd been to push him away. My heart ached just to have him hold me again.

As morning came there was no more confusion, only fear. I was panicked dialing his number.

He answered right away.

"Hey babe." I tried to sound chipper. "Whatcha up to today?"

"Picking up the kids and visiting with my family." He stated simply.

"Your brother in town or />
"Yea. They planned a dinner tonight. You're welcome to join."

"I'm not quite ready for that." I didn't know what all he'd divulged to them and I wasn't about to find out. "But can I see you today?"

"Sure. We can do lunch at Olive Garden…. Or should I come to the house?"

"No Olive Garden sounds great. Noonish ok?"

"Noon it is." His voice had brightened. "Can't wait."

"Good, see you then. Love you."

"I love you too babe."

From the time I hung up the phone till the time I was ready to leave I pondered what I would say. I had an entire speech full of apologies running through my head. If I had to get on my knees and beg for forgiveness then so be it. Our love had to be enough to conquer all this. I hoped. My nerves were getting the better of me I noted when my shaky hands made it difficult to put the key in the ignition. I quickly rolled a joint. help relax me." I reasoned to myself. I took the back roads around town to avoid traffic as I puffed away. I sensed the tension ease from my body, but my mind was still plagued. When I arrived at the restaurant I parked next to my husband's car. He was by my door pulling on the handle before I'd even had a chance to turn off the engine. I tossed the keys in my purse and was in his arms in an instant.

"I've missed you so much!" He lifted me off the ground in a bear hug.

"I've missed you too!" I proclaimed.

"I was hoping to hear that."

"I'm so sorry babe…." I began rambling but he interjected. "No I'm sorry…. You have no idea how sorry I am."

"Let's go inside and we can discuss this." I suggested.

Once we were seated, had our drinks, and had placed our orders I chose to begin my speech.

"I'm sorry for all I've put you through, for all I've put us through…." He stopped me. "Me too. I started all of this…."

"Please let me talk. I have a lot I need to say." I paused and he nodded for me to continue. "I allowed myself to hurt you… Not once, not twice, but in total I cheated on you 5 times…." I waited for his reaction.

"Wait… 5 times? You mean 4 right? 3 times with the dickhead from the bar and that threesome with the slut…."

"And I had sex yesterday with -" He cut me off. "You promised me!"

"I know. I know. Baby I will do whatever you ask of me. I want to make this all right. We can go to counseling. I'm so sorry -" He cut me off again. "Now you wanna do counseling? Now you wanna make everything better? Or rather pretend its all better? What if I wanna go fuck the shit out of one of my exs? How'd you like that huh?" He was furious.

"Please keep your voice down… You have every right to be angry."

"Damn right I do! I made a huge fuckin mistake, but that doesn't give you a license to screw every cock in town!"

"I know it doesn't. I'm done with that shit. I realize how lucky I am to have you. I wish I could take it all back."

"You can't take it back any more than I can. I honestly don't know how to feel about this. I need time to process this shit. My immediate reaction is to go beat his fuckin ass! He'd probably just snap me in two…. I love you so god damn much…." I saw tears welling up in his eyes.

"Oh baby I'm so so so very sorry! Please forgive me!" I begged.

"I was all ready to forgive, but hearing that you fucked him after I specifically asked you not to…. I have to think."

"I understand. I swear if you give me another chance I won't disappoint you again."

The waiter came with our food and we grew silent. We remained quiet while we ate. If he needed time to come to terms with things then time he would have. If he felt the need to go fuck some chick to spite, well I couldn't very well fault him for that could I. Time ticked on while I waited for him to say something, anything. Hell screaming would have been better than the silent treatment. I was dying of anticipation. Finally he spoke up.

"Give me some time to let it all sink in, I don't know how to feel let alone forgive. You've had your space now I need mine. I'll go ahead and get the kids; they'll stay with me at my folks tonight. I'll give you a call soon, when I'm ready to talk. I still love you no matter what." With that he paid the bill and left me sitting there at the table alone.

I was miserable, but hopeful. He was obviously disappointed in me, as was I in myself, but there was still our love. That in itself gave me the strength to be patient. I would wait however long it took, and I would so faithfully.

I went about the rest of that day and the next running errands, cleaning house, preparing for my family to return home. I stayed in a positive frame of mind. And I prayed a lot. I was still getting high throughout my day, keeping it outside. I considered taking one of the X pills tucked away in purse but decided against it. The pot was bad enough, I had to stay strong and not turn to hard drugs again. Regardless of the outcome of his decision I had to get my life back on track. I was being level headed enough to realize there was more than a marriage at stake, I had children to care for. They deserved a mom that had her shit together, so that was my goal.

Late the next night after our lunch date he texted me.

– I miss you

Those three simple words caused butterflies in my belly.

– I miss you more
– I want you so bad
– come home then
– can't. Kids are asleep. Can't just leave em here
– u still at ur folks?
– yea
– want me to come to u?
– my mom’s awake on the computer. Kids are in guest bed. We can’t exactly do it on the couch w/o her noticin can we
– baby I'll do u in the street I don't care who sees.
– lol yea right
– I'm serious. Dare me
– fine I dare u to come fuck me out in front their house
– b there in bout 50mins

Whether he believed me or not I didn't know. But I flew at the opportunity to see him, to hold him, to begin our journey of recovery. I wanted to look hot for my husband like I hadn't bothered to really do in far too long. I put on a short white curve hugging stretch skirt and paired it with a beautiful green cardigan to match my eyes. I purposefully neglected to wear any undergarments. I slipped into my yellow flats, grabbed the blunt I'd rolled earlier, and headed toward his parents’ house out in the county. I was unbelievably high by the time I reached his parents road.

I parked along the dimly lit back road mere feet from the driveway leading to the house. I sent a quick text letting him know I'd arrived. I was giddy with excitement. Sitting on the trunk of my car I watched him stroll my way.

“I’ve never seen that outfit before, is it new?” He looked at me with a new found lust in his eyes.

“Yes. You like?” I had hoped he would.

“You look so freakin sexy baby!”

“Guess what I’m not I spread my legs giving him a good view of my clean shaven pussy.

“Oh fuck yea! Lookin good enough to eat!”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

He stepped closer running his fingertips down over my face, down my neck, over my collar bone, along the curvature of my breasts, stopping to unbutton the cardigan, then proceeding down my stomach, across my thighs, and finally inching his way under and pulling up my already barely there skirt. He lowered his head to my crotch, first sniffing, and then ever so lightly kissing my inner thighs. I was squirming with desire.

“You want me to taste?” He already knew the answer.

“Uh I was dripping wet, I was so ready.

“Beg me.”

“Please baby! Please lick my pussy! She misses your tongue! Please lick me!”

“Since you asked so He began running his tongue lengthwise along my slit. Up, down, up, down, up, down. Then he nudged his tongue in my waiting hole. Once he’d stretched his tongue as deep as he could, he slithered his way back out. In, out, in, out, in, out. Next he turned his focus to my clit, first circling my little nub, and then lightly flicking.

“Ooo yes baby that feels so gooooood!” I moaned. It was then I remembered we were out in the middle of the street. There weren’t many, but the few houses around would be able to view our escapades quite clearly if anyone happen to be watching. For a split second I grew self-conscious, but the thrill I felt outweighed my apprehensions. I’d never been much of an exhibitionist before, but I found myself getting wetter at the thought someone might be spying.

soaking wet babe…. It tastes so good!” He went back to flicking my clit. Putting more pressure as he went along. He lapped at my button edging me closer and closer orgasm. When he suckled my clit he sent me over the edge.

“Oh yes… yes…. YES BABY!” I was quivering in bliss.

He continued to suck in all my juices setting off another orgasm.

“Oh baby I’m gonna cum… I gonna cum again… Oooo yesssss!” I moaned loudly.

We don’t wanna draw attention to ourselves His tongue found its way back to my clit.

“No baby… no />
“But you like it.” He nibbled my nub gently.

“Oh baby please… please fuck me… fuck me now!” I pleaded with him.

He brought his face to mine kissing me passionately. I could taste my cum in his mouth. His hands slid up and squeezed my tits while rubbing his thumb back and forth over my taunt nipples. Finally he stepped back and told me to bend over the trunk. I obeyed his request, standing on my tiptoes, sticking my ass high in the air. He pushed the skirt up higher bunching it at my waist. He held my hips firmly as he gradually sunk his dick deeper and deeper. I clinched my muscles causing more friction. The sensation of his bulbous cock head rubbing against my inner walls sent a tingle down my spine. Once he penetrated me fully, he slowly retracted his penis. He’d removed all but the head of his cock when he started his steady ascent back into my depths. Slowly in, slowly out, slowly in, slowly out. He was driving me wild. Just when I was least expecting it he thrust his full length deep into my core. Then slowly out. Quick thrust, slowly out. He kept at it till I was used to his new rhythm. Then he began taking long fast strokes. Long hard thrust in, quickly pulling nearly all the way out. Over and over he did this. I bucked my hips to match him and he changed it up again. Short hard strokes back and forth, keeping himself lodged deep in my pussy, massaging my g-spot again and again.

“Ugh ugh ugh!” He grunted wildly.

My pussy contracted and clamped down as yet another orgasm hit. “Oh fuck yea baby! Pound me! Oh oh OOOoooo!!”

His hard cock throbbed and grew slightly larger as he unloaded his sperm inside me. “Ugh! Ugh YEA!”

His upper body leaned on my back while I clung to the car for support. We stood there completely spent.

“We need to do it outside more often.” He joked once he’d caught his breath.

“Mmm Hmm.” I mumble.

“You need a cig? Cause I sure as hell do.”

We straightened ourselves a bit then sat on the trunk inhaling our cancer sticks.

“In case you didn’t already know… I forgive you baby. I hope you forgive me too.” He nudged his shoulder against mine.

“Of course I forgive you! I love you so much!”

“I love you more!” We hugged each other tightly.

“I know we both need to earn back trust here, but I’m willing to work as hard and as long as it takes to repair us.”

“Me too. I’ve never pictured myself growing old with anybody but you. Heck you’re the only man who can put up with my shit.”

“And you’re the only woman who can put up with

We laughed together.

“So… You got anymore outfits like that?” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“Oh I might…. You’ll just have to wait and />
The End 

‘Our Story’ is BASED on a true story. Yes I cheated on my husband with a stranger I met at a bar, and in the wake of that came to discover he’d cheated on me with my friend. And yes I went back and slept with that same stranger twice after learning the truth. And yes at one point I had a threesome with friends from my party past. And yes I had sex with an old flame. I changed quite a bit as far as the of the stranger went in part to protect those involved. The entire ordeal took place over the course of a few months, not a couple of week. I partied and probably did even more drugs at that time than I described in my stories. And every one of the sexual encounters I had after finding out about my husband and friend, I did so knowingly and maliciously. I could blame the drugs, but in fact I was aiming to hurt my husband. So, I chose men/woman that I knew would cause him the most pain. It was stupid and selfish of me, but it’s the truth. I had multiple opportunities to fuck guys my husband might not have been so bothered by, people he’d never met and would never meet, but it wasn’t about getting laid. That was my revenge, as childish as it was. The romp I wrote about in this chapter did take place, in the street in front of his parents’ house. And after that he did come back home. We struggled and fought our way to where we are now. Cheating is a devastating thing for a relationship. It could have easily broken us if we’d allowed it, but we didn’t. I feel that our marriage is stronger now than it’s ever been. And our sex life is out of this world. We learned from our experience to never take each other for granted and too continually spice things up in the bedroom. Hope you enjoyed ‘Our Story’. Thanks for reading.

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