Part 42: end of the beginning

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Episode IV
Of the Adventures of John and Holly

Part 42: End of the Beginning

Looking back on it all now, Holly and I agree that this really marks the end of the beginning of our story. When you have heard the whole story I would think you would agree, but maybe not. You have seen our relationship up to this point. Part 41 leaves us at the end of the fall semester of junior year. Part 43 is going to pick up on graduation day. So we are going to fill in the gaps here.

You know the sex life we have. We continued making porn pretty strongly for the rest of Junior Year, but the porn industry came back to work in April and that took nearly all of our business. We continued to make porn but much less frequently, sending those in. The money was pouring in, and we were very happy to share it with our close friends. We didn’t squander it, but kept putting nearly all of it away into savings, and then Holly’s business major convinced us both to put most of it in the stock market. We continued to have the love life that you know, and the sex life you know. We continued having meetings with the sex club, and definitely having fun with Steph and Sandy.

Sandy had been a fifth year senior our junior year. She had finished at the end of Fall semester. Sandy and Stephanie didn’t really break up, they just mutually split. They had lots of fun with each other, but they didn’t love each other. She continued to live with us though, and the three rooms came in handy. Once they were officially not together anymore, it wasn’t a nightmare, with both of them dating, it actually was great. They both brought home girls, and we had lots of late nights that ended up in basically an orgy in the living room, spilling over into all three bedrooms.

We know you would like to see those stories, but we have covered our sex life up to here pretty well, and we both think you could imagine it as well as we could describe it after the fact. Sandy met a girl named Alyson during our senior year. They thought about moving in together, but instead, at our request, Alyson moved in with Sandy near the end of our senior year. They were pretty serious. Alyson was a couple of years older. Stephanie even jumped in bed with them occasionally. Alyson wasn’t sexually open that much. She allowed Stephanie to jump in because kept hearing stories from Sandy about what she could do. But she never really did anything with Holly or me. She only moved in with a few weeks until we graduated, so it wasn’t a long time.

Let me back up now. With the AIDS stricken porn industry, they still carried on with the Adult Video News awards. They call the award the and it is a gold looking dildo essentially. Well, after that three months or so of making porn, they made the nominations. It is kind of like a strike year, with replacement players, but they had the awards anyway. Holly and I didn’t expect any awards, but she was nominated for ‘Hottest New Star’ and we were nominated for ‘Best Blowjob Scene’ and ‘Best Amateur Scene’ and ‘Most They say that innovative is for pornos that push the technology, using new techniques with cameras and effects and such. But our nomination stemmed from the way we made porn, realistic, without any cuts, it was all continuously made, with no breaks in the action. In the Porn industry this is almost unheard of, they cut all the time, but it’s cut to try and avoid you seeing that. We didn’t want to go to the awards, because it didn’t seem right to get an award when none of the pros were working. They did have several months before the scare to make porn, but they say that they have the best stuff at the end of the year, just like movies come out in December so that they can win Oscars.

So we chose not to attend. To our shock we actually won ‘Best Blowjob Scene’. Jerry accepted it on our behalf. The next year we made porn from January to April, pretty solidly. But when the business kicked back into gear in April, it shut us down pretty well. So we were shocked when at the end of that year, end of junior start of senior year, we received nominations again. ‘Best Amateur Scene’ wasn’t a surprise, but Holly received a nomination for ‘Best Masturbation Scene’. That usually goes to pornstars, and the other five girls in the running were all pornstars. So we decided to actually attend that year’s AVN awards.

We were shocked when we won ‘Best Amateur Scene’. Holly and I ran up on stage to accept our award, thanking Steph and Sandy our camerawomen. We sat down, a woody in hand. Then ‘Best Masturbation Scene’ came up, and Holly won. I didn’t even think about it, but I ran up on stage with her. “I can’t believe it…I am the best masturbator in the world this year” Holly said, laughing, I laughed too. It was surreal that we actually won.

All in All, by the end of senior year, we had released 19 volumes of the Adventures of Brittany and Ted. By the time we graduated, we had nearly $300,000 of combined assets. That’s a lot for two college kids that have never held real jobs. We had to figure out what we were going to do for careers. Holly would have a Business Degree, and I would have a General Engineering Degree. But from our experience, it seems that we could become full-time porn actors, and move to LA to do it. But, we decided against it. We didn’t want to be pornstars. Maybe the occasional film that we make, but not professionally. We did go to school for a reason.

So we agreed that once we graduated, we would move wherever the best jobs took us. We decided that whoever got the first really good job offer, we would move there, and the other would find work. With our monetary reserves we could easily afford to move on a whim.

We both also agreed that at some point we wanted to have kids. Problem with that is the dent in our sex lives that would create. And having kids in the house would have to make a serious dent as well. We would have to sneak around, and send the kids off. It seemed like it would be a major problem, so we agreed to wait a few years before kids. I am amazed that as many people have kids nowadays, they could just keep having lots of fun sex but they give it up anyway. I guess we all have more things to thank our parents for than we originally thought.

If we didn’t have to worry about what our parents thought, we would have gotten married freshman year. Essentially we had been married since then. But to please the parents Holly and I agreed that we would get married once we were out of college. So with graduation coming up I was hoping that holly wouldn’t propose to me before I could propose to her. It wasn’t a big deal though, since marriage was a foregone conclusion.

It seemed strange to us to see these kids on campus. Freshman looked so young. When you are a freshman, the seniors don’t seem old to you. Not like in high school when the freshman know that the seniors are cooler than they are. But it was hard for us to look at these freshman and think that we were that old when we met. It’s weird that these kids don’t know much about sex, just as we hadn’t when we came to school. Now look at us.

After the Paris fiasco, we never held anything from each other. It would have been hard to lie to each other though, since we did everything together. We weren’t just lovers, we were best friends. I basically lost all my ties with the guy friends I had. I did everything with Holly. I know the saying ‘bros before hoes’. But we all know that’s BS. Come on, if you were in my situation, with this woman, you would have done the same thing.

I guess the real important thing here is that Holly and I were in love, and we both knew it would never end. And we knew we would get married, have kids and on and on. We also had a very lighthearted approach to everything. If we were graduating college with loans to pay off and now we had to go get jobs and support ourselves and pay back loans, that’s a lot of pressure. We had no loans to pay off, lots of money in the bank to support us, and if our jobs were too much for us, we could quit and find jobs that were less stressful. So we didn’t have pressure on us.

We had met each other’s parents a long time ago. It was a no touching time when we were around each other’s parents. They didn’t know we had done porn, but they had to know we got money from somewhere. They didn’t know how much money, they just knew we never asked for it. While we are talking about families, I guess we should tell you about siblings. I have a brother that’s several years older. And Holly has two brothers that are several years younger than her. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they never make any kind of appearance other than this.

So I guess that makes the connection pretty well. Part 43 picks up on graduation day…enjoy the Start of the Middle.

story by: John Morrison

Tags: fiction sex story

Author: John Morrison

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