Predator series: the beginning: chapter 1

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Chapter One:
The wreck

Waking up to the sound of an alarm in the background. I slap the damn thing to silence it, missing it a couple times before landing the hit that allows me to sleep another 10 minutes. As I start to fade into an even deeper sleep the damn thing sounds again. Not wanting to get up, I moan in annoyance and finally sit up seeing the time, fuck, I'm late. It's 7:15 in the morning. Damn it. As I get out of bed and take my morning piss which feels like heaven every morning I ponder the thought of the night before. Lame as it was, I sat home and watch some television, played on the computer, checked my email, and even played some xbox. Although nothing was really interesting. Flushing the toilet and moving to the sing, I look in the mirror and see my completion. I am decent looking man with a slight tan, about 5'10" roughly 215lbs to 220lbs, decent build for a 25 year old. I have hazel green eyes and my hair is brown medium length on top and short on the sides and back. Looking down my hairy chest down at my crotch which isn't neglected like the average male. Its trimmed to about an inch but not shaved.

Having done my morning checks, I move into the bed room and gather my clothing and my shoes, I start to get dressed. Putting on my pants a tee-shirt then socks and shoes, I grab my wallet and keys. As I'm walking out the door and look at the clock, 7:48. Damn got to call work and inform them I'm going to be late. DAMN forgot my cell. I rush back into my house and scour the house for my cell phone. Finding it in the chair where I was watching TV. low battery. No time to charge it I hop in my car and head to work. I pull out my drive way and start dialing. It rings.

"Your going to be late aren't you."

Is the first thing out of my bosses mouth. He must have me programmed as "Calling in late." because any time I call its to say I'm Late.

"Yes sir, but only a few minutes late."

"Just get here safe. Don't want you getting here in pieces."

I lied, I will probably be twenty to thirty minutes late at best. You know sad part is, if I didn't know any better I would have thought he cared. I knew better, he must have his boss in front of him. I made it to my job in record time, sadly only going above the speed limit by 5 miles. When I said record, I meant slowest record. I have been late three times in the past and company policy states that you only get three strikes then your out, and by out I mean fired. I get to work and I sh-lump up to my bosses office and seeing me in his door way calls me in to his office and shut the door.

"Archy you know why I called you in here?"

Archy, funny, he used my nickname to be more Archelaus Harper, my name, but everyone calls me Archy. My mom was a bit of a mythology nut named me after the son of Heracles. My father having ran out on my mother, she went kind of batty after that.

"Yes sir I do. I know I have been late in the past and I know the company policies.", surprising my self I manage to get a decent comment out.

"Thats correct. Look Archy, you know I like your work but with you being late so much I can't keep you around. Its not my choice. I am just following company policy."

What a load of bullshit, and I am being spoon fed this and having to take it. For the chance later down the road I could come back. Having heard enough and him having said enough we both not liking one another but being civil shook hands and said good by, I walked out happy yet pissed off. I would rather have quit then gotten fired. Also rather have quit while having another job lined up. Getting back in my car kind of pissed off, I sat a moment. Thinking of many things I could do, including bombing the building and shooting up the place. Finally coming to terms with reality I said fuck it, started the car and drove off.

I was pissed, at my boss, at my alarm clock, but mainly pissed at my self for letting this happen. My sleep habits have got rather out of hand. I have been to sleep doctors and all have been quacks who hook me up to machines and measure how "well" I sleep. Most have no real definitive answer to why I sleep but don't get any rest. As I cuss my boss, my doctors, my lack of sleep I hear aloud crash, and feel my car jolt forward. As I regain my composure I thought that was odd considering I was at a 4-way stop sign with no other cars, or much sign of, well, intelligent life. I step out my car to see what had hit me and I just stood there as I seen what had hit me.

It was another car, go figure, which was as I could tell a forest green jaguar, but in that car was a fox. Her high heels clicked the pavement as she stepped out her car. She was almost as tall as I was. Moving up her smooth legs in panty hose. Her caff muscles tightened with ever step, and my eyes wondered up to her sexy theighs. Toned and sexy theighs which about half way up her theighs was a dark blue mini skirt that hugged those hips quiet nicely. My eyes still traveling upwards noticed she was wearing a business atire which was a dark blue colored business jacket and white undershirt which jacket top was hugging tightly aganst the perfect C cup breast that were wanting to burst the top button of her jacket. Apon finally reaching her face, I was not let down. Her face was beautiful, and flawless. Looking at her face for a second, she reminded me of an actress I once saw in a movie. Name seems to fail me, and movie title as well. She was beautiful though. Until she spoke.

"I'm so sorry are you okay? You are not hurt are you? Please don't call the cops, I don't have any insurance. I can pay for the damages, I swear."

The cars were okay, aside for a dent in my car and a few scrapes here and there on both cars. Now normally I would have been, 'Yeah right buddy, sure you can' and called the cops, but it has been a while since I seen a woman this sexy and in such a pickle none the less. As my mind worked her over in my head, a plan started to form. Now normally I wouldn't be like this but woman have been kind of as of late and it was the reason of me being so damn horny lately.

"Why shouldn't I call the cops. It's what any one should do in this situation" I said,

"Please, I already have tickets against me. I don't need another. Please I can pay for the repairs" she pleaded,

"Well in that case your going to need to do a lot more then pay for the repairs" I said while smiling,

"Wait. What do you mean?" she said innocently yet stern,

Normally I am not like this, but today wasn't going my way. So I reached in my pocket for my cell phone and brought it out and pretended as if I was about to call the cops. I said while still smiling,

"Well we can handle it the proper way"

Her face became pale and a look of horror came over her face. Knowing full well she rear ended the wrong person and is going to have to pay with something other than cash to keep her out of cuffs. Well out of police cuffs.

"No don't, no need to call them, what is it you want me to do."

She managed to get out as I was bringing the phone to my ear. Now my smile grew larger and my mind raced. I had never done this, never thought of this. Read about it on some pornographic websites but thats as far as it went. I had no idea what was happening here. It was like I was the story now, and someone was pecking away at my future. Well I just hoped this was a pornographic read and not a detective novel. I'll have a better chance in porn.

"Don't look so gloom. I'm not going to force you to do anything. You can either do what I want and keep the cops out, or not." I said,

"What do you want me to do?" said with a tremble in her voice,

"Its been a while since I last had a blow job. I think that should suffice" I said,

"Just a blow job? Nothing else?" she said with less fear in her voice,

Thinking for a moment I pondered what else I could do and get a way with. A lot of things came to mind but few I could get a way with. So I settled on the blow job and see if I could get a tit fuck out of the deal.

"A blow job and I want to fuck those tits of yours"

Her face got flush red. I think with anger because she started to protest the tit fuck. I obliged and just went with the blow job. I leaned back against my car and unzipped my pants. The adrenalin was rushing throughout my entire body. I was on fire, and feeling lighter then air.

"Well, get to it." I said,

"Wha, what here? Now? In the opened?" she said with a stammer,

"Where else would we go? Your place? Mine?" I chuckled,

With a sigh she came over knelt down and hesitated until I urged her onward. She brought her hand up from her side to my crouch and just held it above my crotch for a few seconds before putting her hand inside. I was already half hard as she felt inside. I am no Ron Jeremy, but I am not small either. I am about seven inch's long and about two inch's wide. She pulls my penis out of my pants and kind of eyes it and strokes it. Her eyes widen as it gets hard. Seems she hasn't been with many men or she has been with many small men. As she continues to stroke it I noticed her other hand kind of rub the skirt material that was around her outer thigh where her hand was sitting.

"Come on, its not going to suck its self" I said,

Just then I felt warm lips around the head of my penis as I lean my head back and close my eyes. This was heaven. I have not felt this in so long it was like it was the first time all over again. As she slides up and down my shaft rolling her tongue along the bottom of my penis I can't help but think she is an experienced cock sucker. I raise my head back up and open my eyes to look down at her, and it is a beautiful sight seeing her head slide back and forth, back and forth. Starting to get into it, I move my hand behind her head and rest it in her dark brown hair as she lets out a moan of approval she starts to suck harder. I guess from wanting to hurry things along so I start to push down a little on every down stroke she makes feeling her start to deep throat and gag a little starting to turn me on even more. She moves her hands and lays them on my legs to push away every down stroke to counter me forcing her down further on my penis. So I push her down harder, then even harder, starting to hear slurping sounds come from her as saliva is building over my penis as I deep throat her. She was starting to struggle a bit under my hand as I am now just throat fucking her building closer and closer to a climax I haven't felt in a while, a long while. I am starting to feel that wondrous feeling deep down inside me now, as I grab a hold of the back of her head with the hair that is intermingled in my hand and start to thrust into her mouth.

"Off fuck yes, this feels so damn good."

Is the only thing I can get out of my lips as I am now not caring if I am choking her or not. Just Thrusting deep into her hot and moist throat as I slide across her soft tongue and lips. Saliva dripping out of her mouth onto my pants and her shirt. I open my eyes to see her eyes watered up and red as tears are raining down from her face. I close my eyes tightly as I feel the climax coming closer. I hear her gagging starting to soften either from her muscles softening from me rampaging her throat, or from her lack of effort to fight back, I care not I just want to send my seed deep inside her stomach.

"Oh fuck, ooh fuck, ooh f, fu, fuck…" I managed,

Finally feeling my climax ever so close I drive her head into my pelvis and just hold her there as my semen shoots out of my penis and down her throat. She starts to push away and I fight back holding her in place because it feels so good. As she continues her struggle I manage to keep her down and around my penis. As I no longer feel the world around me and just feel warmth around my penis her struggles soon slow, as she is getting weaker and weaker from her struggles I still hold my ground and hold her tightly into my crotch. Not letting her move even for a second to let the best climax I have ever had. She stops her struggling in defeat. As time passes and the feelings start to fade away, I start to open my eyes and see the bright sun shining down on my face, and noticed the whole episode has gone unnoticed. The whole time not even a jogger has passed us. I think to my self, what a shame, because this has been a wonderful experience for me.

"Damn that suns bright." I say as I shield my eyes with my hands,

I start to look down, and notice she is kind of limp. I chuckle to my self.

"Must of tuckered that bitch out."

story by: dsnabsp

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Author: dsnabsp

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