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Pat is sitting on the couch watching tv when he announces that he is going to take a shower. he enters the small bathroom, turning on the water, allowing it to warm up. he pulls his shirt over his head and drops his blue jeans. pausing to look at him self in the mirror. he begins to wash himself, when he hears the shower curtain open. Meagan is standing there naked. she climbs in with him, announcing that she thought he might need some help. upon seeing her soft well shaped breasts and perfectly curved petite body pat begins to get aroused. Meagan wets her hair, letting the hot warm water stream over her body. pat cant resist the urge to touch her. he reaches out and slides his hands along her shoulders and own her arms. she looks over her shoulder at him seductively. she turns pressing her naked body against his. her small pink nipples now erect. Meagan slides her hand down his chest, her fingers flitting across his abs. she reaches lower, wrapping her soft hands around his now fully erect cock. she begins rubbing his dick. pats eyes flutter momentarily, he wraps his arm around her shoulder and pulls Meagan closer. kissing her passionately. she moans slightly, kissing him harder. pat spins putting the water to his back. he slides his hands over Meagan's breasts, massaging them. he continues to kiss her as he slides his hands further and further down. finding her smooth, freshly shaved pussy. he slides in a single finger, making Meagan press her naked body harder against him. he draws the finger out sliding it between her quivering pussy lips. he finds her swollen clit and draws a small circle over it with his finger. Meagan moans, so he wiggles his finger back and forth. she pulls away from him and says, "stop teasing me,". pat smiles. and grabs Meagan around the waist hoisting her up. she wraps her legs around his waist and pat guides his now rock hard cock in to her eager pussy. Meagan's eyes flutter as pat fills her tight little snatch. she rocks up, pushing with her thighs, and slides back down. pat pushes her back against the wall, Meagan gasps as the cold tile hits her skin. pat reaches back and throws back the shower curtain. he wraps one arm around her waist, as he steps out of the shower. Meagan settles back down on his cock, kissing him. he reaches with one hand and turns off the water. and with lips still locked opens the bath room door. they scuttle quickly across the hall and into Meagan's room. pat kicks the door closed locking it with his free hand. he tossed Meagan on the bed, and looks at her naked form. laid before him, he drops down on her kissing her allowing their still wet bodies to press together. Meagan drags her nails across pat's shoulders and down his arms. he returns the favor by clawing at her ass and thighs. he drives his dick back inside her wet pussy. she stretches her neck and closes her eyes, moaning slightly. he pulls back and drives forward once more. he then sits up and rolls her over to her back, pulling her waist up into the doggy position. he slides his dick back inside of her. and begins to thrust with heavy lust filled strokes. he reaches forward grabbing a hand full of her hair pulling it back as he thrust forward. he continued to pull as he thrust in and out or her tight pussy. he then rocked forward driving her hips flat to the mattress, and continued to thrust into her pussy. Meagan began to moan, louder and louder. pat rolls to his side pulling Meagan in front of him. she raises her leg with his hand. she turned her head and pat kisses her. he lets go of her leg and slides his ands up her thigh, along her hip and stomach, grabbing a breast. he massage the breast gently. Meagan mumbles their lips still together. pat begins to thrust harder and deeper and he gently kneads and pulls on her tit. Meagan begins to moan louder and louder. she places her hand on his hips, stopping pat in mid thrust. she shimmy's away from him allowing his dick to slip out of her. she pushes him over to his back. she straddles him, reaching down and seizing hold of his cock. she places it against her pussy again, and slides back down on top of him. Meagan begins to rock forward. Meagan places her hands on his chest and drags down instantly turns the skin red and making it bleed along the claw marks. pat reaches up and grab her neck. he pulls her face toward him. he makes a move as if to kiss her, at the last second her diverts to the throat ans sinks his teeth in. he can feel her small pussy tighten down on his throbbing member. he rolls her over, back onto her back. he digs his teeth in deeper. she whimpers and claws at pats back and shoulders. each drag of her nails leaving a mark of not blood. blood begins to rush down his shoulder. Meagan leans up and draws her tongue across the thin trail of blood, licking her lips as she swallows it. he smiles at her lover as he pulls back, almost out of her, he drives forward with such force Meagan shifts forward on the bed. she reaches down and claws at pats ass. pulling him deeper and deeper into her. he pulls her legs up, setting the crook of her knees on his shoulders. he begins thrusting faster and faster. Meagan starts moaning louder and louder. her legs begin to shake as he reaches above her head, clawing at the sheets and pillows. Meagan's eyes roll to the back of her head and her head drops to the right. she screams as she cums, her warm liquid rushing all over pats still thrusting member, he drops her legs and begins thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster, Meagan looks up at him. they make eye contact she knows whats about to happen, and gives him a coy smile. he shakes and shudders as he cums, his load shooting forth with such intensity that he collapses onto her chest. he rolls of to the side and they slip off to sleep.

story by: Renegade_Joker

Tags: male/teen female true story incest sex story

Author: Renegade_Joker

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