Reality jump – chapter 6

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Reality Jump – Chapter 6

Charles followed Lilly quickly down the corridor after leaving Erika passed out in a puddle of cum in the shower.

“So what are we going to?” Charles asked as he walked behind Lilly. Hey hair was still damp from the shower and her clothes ruffled from the previous night.

“This class covers the ways we can control our familiars, so please try to go along with it!” Lilly had an agitated tone to her voice as she went down the corridor and turned to a door. “Before we go in here, I want to make sure that you know whose boss in our />
“You and I both know that I’m not like any of the other things in there.” Charles said putting his hands into his coat pockets. “You also know that you have no power over me, so don’t try to act like you do.” With that Charles pushed the door open and walked into the class room past Lilly.

Once inside Charles saw a few other students standing around talking and their familiars off in a corner either napping or eating from food bowls. “Oh look at who it is!” Charles heard one of the students say out loud to the group. “If it isn’t Lilly’s fucked up slave, tell us, how does it feel to be less than nothing?” Charles saw that it was Alex who was being the pumpus ass.

*WHAP* Lilly walked in and smacked Charles over the head with a large book she picked up.

“Know you place!” She scolded Charles who was now holding the back of his head. The other students started laughing up a storm as Lilly walked over to them. Charles was about to pull out his gun and shoot Alex in the ass when a teacher walked in.

“Lilly, come over here please.” He said motioning her over to his desk. The man was tall, almost 7 feet. He was dangly but had the air of a superior in the class room. He was wearing a top hat and a bright red button down shirt under his blazer.

“Yes Dr. Lilly asked as she walked up to the desk.

“You are to summon another familiar today, yours is to go to the headmasters office.” He said sitting down behind his desk and was still taller than her.

“Yes sir.” Lilly said pulling out her wand. “Charles, go wait outside, someone will show you to the Charles was still rubbing his head as he went outside and waited by the door. He looked back inside and saw as Lilly waved her wand around, there was a glowing pink portal in front of her and out of it came a clawed hand. Charles felt someone tug on his arm, as he looked away he saw a scaly head start to come through the portal and everyone in the room go in awe.

“Sir Charles, you are to follow me to the office.” Said a short man in front of him, he looked to be almost 90 years old and only had a long white beard that stretched to his waist over his pot belly.

Charles said nodding to him. The man turned on his heel and walked out into a courtyard.

“So how are you liking Ouran Academy sir?” Asked the man as they crossed the courtyard and walked through a set of doors leading into a long grand looking hallway.

“Not very well I’m afraid.” Charles said following the man while he looked around the hall way at the suits of armor along the walls and the stained glass windows on the other side overlooking a cliff.

“Oh that’s terrible, may I ask why?” Asked the old man turning to his left looking out the windows.

“Where to Charles said standing next to the man.

“How about at the beginning, from when you were summoned.”

Charles said putting his hands behind him. “Well, I was practically plucked from my own world and dropped into a weird plane between existent and not. I was then almost eat by monsters there and jumped through a portal and almost crushed Ms. Spitfire. After that I was thrown into the air and challenged to a duel from some ego boosted prick. After that was done I was tossed back into the air and dropped into a girls room. After that I was throw out a window near the top of a tower. After that I was throw into jail, released and had sex with a girl, great sex I should say. Anyway, after that I was thrown out the window again with no clothes on and was flown up to Ms. Spitfires room again where I was attacked by a vampire. After that I jumped out of the window and almost plummeted to my early death, I was then led down into the maids area and had an orgy there. Great times! So after that I was shot and kept dead by useless doctors. After that I was attacked by the same vampire because they pumped certain things into my body that she couldn’t control herself over. So after all that I finally got to sleep, but after waking up I had to summon an army of my own that was only at 0.0004 percent of its potential to take on an army of barbarians from the north. After that I had some wild sex with two girls, then as I fell to sleep I did a girl in that weird plane of existents. So after waking up and having threesome in the shower I was shown that even after saving the entire school from an invasion I was still treated like shit because I was />
“Wow, sounds like a shitty few days, not counting the sex of course.”

“Oh no, the sex was great, just the things around it have been shitty.”

“And you haven’t even been here a full week!” Both men started laughing at this looking out the windows down the cliffs and over a lake.

“So aren’t I supposed to meet the headmaster right now?” Charles asked looking down at the old man.

“Oh we wait for her here, think of this as a reception area for her.”

“Damn nice view compared to other reception areas.”

“I think so.” A woman’s voice said behind them. “That is all Andrew, you can go back to your class.”

“Thank you Madam.” The short man said bowing to her and going through a door inside a suit of armor. Charles turned to look at the headmaster and saw the lady that had talked to Lilly when he was thrown into jail.

“It seems you have been busy Charles.” Said walking up to his side and gazing out the window.

“What did you want to talk to me about?” Charles said looking out over the lake and seeing giant tentacles come out of it and sink a ship that had been floating on the water.

“I was going to ask if you would like to become a student at Ouran Academe.” She asked turning to Charles.

Charles looked over at her and saw that she was rather serious about this. He asked turning back to the view.

“So that you can better search out your powers, we could also teach you a thing or three while you’re here.” She said looking back out the window.

“What would I receive from all of this?” Charles asked putting his back to the window and looking up at the chandleries hanging down from the ceiling.

“A roof over your head, a breakfast lunch and dinner and a school uniform.” The woman turned and looked at Charles. “The same basics that every other student gets while they are here.”

“Then I would have to decline your offer.” Charles said turning his head to the headmaster.

“May I at least know why you are not taking the offer that every other person in the world would kill for?”

“It’s how you have treated me.” Charles said looking back up at the ceiling and looking at the paintings on it. “It’s all really for the fact that I have saved this entire school and I’m still treated like the shit someone stepped in. You think that saying your granting me a favor like a roof over my head, three meals a day and some new clothes is enough to buy me out?”

“Well you do have nowhere else to go so yes, I would say that it is a favor.”

“I could just summon my army again and …” Charles slid his finger across his throat and put out his tongue. get the idea.”

The headmaster said stamping her foot on the ground. “What would it take for you to stay here?”

“Well a roof over my head, some new clothes and three meals a day was a nice start, but not to the quality that you were thinking of.” The headmaster was about to speak but Charles waved her down. “You let your guard down and I read your />
“What was I thinking then?” She asked putting her hands on her hips like he was putting her on.

“You were thinking of a room that isn’t even as nice as the lowest maid, the meals would have me half starved and the clothes, well I just don’t like the idea of wearing cloaks.”

She took a step back seeing that he really did read her mind. “Fine, what would your quality be up to?”

Charles said putting his hands in his pockets and leaning against the glass. “My own dormitory and not a tower, I want a mansion built that’s fit for a higher royalty. As for the clothes I will take that up with a tailor as it’s no use telling it to you. And for the meals I want them expertly prepared by your best />
“The royals that attend this school don’t even have that!” She said looking at Charles.

why it’s called elite, you can’t be born into it you earn it.”

“Fine, anything else?” She asked looking at Charles who was smiling. She knew that she hated herself for asking to talk to him but knew better than try to break things off now.

“Yeah two more details, I won’t be the only person in this elite class. You are to make this a challenge for every student here to try and get into this. Also, I don’t want my classes in the day, they are to be held at night while all other students are ushered away, I don’t want to have to take the same time with a teacher as these idiots. Got all that?” Charles turned his head and looked directly at the headmaster.

“So you want to make a class that is totally above every other student here just because a few of them have pissed you off and treated you like dirt?”

“And if I don’t do this you would just summon your army and lay waist to this school and the students in it.”

“Never said that, but it’s an option open to me.”

“Fine, we’ll start on it right away.”

“Better hurry, never was one with much patience.” Charles turned to the headmaster and gave her a slight bow, he then turned heel and walked out the doors he came in through.

A week later Charles was standing in his new home. The school had hired out a construction company so start immediately after his talk with the headmaster and they hadn’t stopped working since. They had three crews, each with 14 hour shifts that overlapped each other and each crew had 50+ guys in it, so at times there were 150 workers working on the mansion. They had built it outside of the school grounds on a small cliff. This left only one way on and off of the island and that was a stone bridge stretching about 200 yards long and 100 across. So far Charles was the only person living in the dorm but the contest to become elite was starting that day.

Charles walked into his room and shrugged out of his suit that he had nearly worn the entire week while he over looked the construction of the mansion. He walked over to the closet and saw the new uniform that he had asked for. It consisted of several layers. The first layer was a white French cuff style button up; on top of that he wore a black suit vest and a red tie. To finish off the suit he wore a black four button jacket with white trim. Black slacks and black shoes finished off the entire suit. (Google ‘Vampire Knight’ Its’ that uniform) He pulled one out and laid it on his bed and undressed the rest of the way and walked into the bathroom and took a shower.

Charles walked out toweling himself off when he saw a girl sitting on his bed looking at his new uniform.

Charles said as the girl looked over at him.

“Thought that I should ask you what the hell you are doing before you go along with this any farther.” Cecilia picked up Charles uniform and walked over to him. “Also I just had to see you in this thing in person and not through a mirrors Charles finished drying off and dressed into his suit as Cecilia watched his every move. As he was putting on his cuff links with the Britannia emblem on them, Cecilia spoke up and asked. “So what is with this whole elite thing anyway, from what I’ve seen you’re just doing it to piss some people off.”

“It’s more than just pissing people off.” Charles said looking over at Cecilia who was now looking at herself in a mirror. “I plan on ruling this world and want to see what people can do here.”

“And you plan on doing this through Ouran Academy? Even I don’t understand that and I can read your mind.” Cecilia had on the girl’s version of the uniform and looked stunning in it. The top was very close to the boy’s version. She had on a white dress shirt and a red bow on her chest. She had a black jacket on that zipped up instead of buttoned. At the top the white color was popped out and laid down over the black. The bottom part of the uniform was a frilly skirt that went to mid thigh and she wore black thigh high socks and black penny loafers. “Damn this looks good.” She said twirling in the mirror.

“Yes I plan on doing it through this Academy, royals are brought here and the best of the best students around the friendly nations are sent here, I would have to say it’s a good place to start off.”

“So that’s all this elite thing was for then?” Cecilia asked turning to Charles and coking her head to the side. “Getting the cr? of the crop?”

Charles said walking up to Cecilia. “Now are you going to stay here for now and be an elite or go back to there?” Charles asked as he backed Cecilia up against a wall.

“All the other powers and getting boring right now so I was planning on staying here and bother you for a bit.” Cecilia pressed her lips up to Charles and stole a kiss then walked over to his door. “Coming? It was your idea to have this challenge anyway.” Charles shook his head at Cecilia and followed her out of his room and down a set of grand staircases. He saw that Cecilia was already waiting for him by the doors that lead outside.

“How come I get the feeling you didn’t just come to bug me?” Charles asked as he pushed open the doors.

really good at reading people you know that?” Cecilia said following Charles down the path to the bridge.

“Well what is it that you wanted to tell me?” Charles asked turning to face Cecilia.

“You are no longer immortal.” Cecilia said bowing her head.

Charles said looking at her like she was joking. “What do you mean I am no longer immortal?”

“The head order of powers have simply made you into a vampire.” Cecilia walked past him and said to his back. “You have still have the power to summon that army, and they gave you the powers of vampires. That alone is some scary shit, but you have to drink blood to keep on living.” Cecilia turned to Charles and hugged him pressing her tits into his back. “I’m sorry.”

Charles stood there, his mind still trying to process what he had been told. “Is there anything else?” Charles asked after a few minutes.

“Yeah one more thing.” Cecilia said squeezing Charles tighter. “I was banned from the vortex plane of existence. I was banned here and also turned into a vampire.”

Charles turned to Cecilia and grabbed her chin, her mouth opened and Charles saw the clearly defined vampire fangs in place of her canines. “Ugh haghe gem doo.” Cecilia said as Charles held her mouth open.

Charles asked releasing her jaw.

“I said you have them too.”

“Anything else I should know of?” He asked looking at Cecilia.

“Yeah, the ones that banished me, they killed your baby that was growing inside of Erika.”

Charles lost the color in his face at this and fell backwards and sat on the stairs. “They killed my unborn child before it even had a chance.” Charles said out loud.

“If it’s of any condolence, Erika never knew she had it in her and it was painless on her part.”

Charles said flicking away a tear that ran down his cheek. “That makes it a bit easier I guess.”

Cecilia went over to Charles and sat down next to him. “I guess that this is also a good time to let you know that they told the headmaster about you no longer being a true immortal but instead just a />
“What difference does that make to me?”

“Well for one, they made her enroll you into the school along with me. And they said that if we are to leave here before we finish school they will hunt us down and kill us.”

“This isn’t a good thing; I really pissed her off when I forced her to make this mansion for an Elite class of />
“Oh yeah, they also are grouping us up with all other vampires that are here. I saw her bringing them over here as we speak.” The front doors opened then and in them stood the headmaster with 5 girls behind her.

“Good you’re here.” She said walking into the parlor. “These girls are the only ones being emitted into the Elite class Charles.” The girls lined up, they were each still wearing their cloaks with the school emblem on them, the hoods up and covering their faces.

“What are your names?” Charles asked standing up and giving them all a slight bow to which he received a curtsy.

“Oh come on Charles!” Said one of the girls, she threw the hood on her cloak back revealing her face to everyone.

“Hi Madison.” Charles said nodding his head at her. “But I already knew that you would be here, I was asking about the other four.”

“Go ahead and introduce your selves’ guys!” Madison said walking over to Cecilia and sitting down next to her.

“My name is Beth.” One of the girls said taking off her hood. Beth was a stunner, someone that made you lust after her from one look. She had crimson eyes and blonde hair that went to her chest, she smiled showing off her fangs to everyone.

“I’m Amy.” Said another girl undoing her hood and dropping her cloak. Underneath she was wearing a black pencil dress that hugged her features tightly showing off her full C-cup breasts, her hair was black and went to her shoulders in a 20’s bob. She too had crimson eyes.

“I’m Jessica.” She too dropped her cloak showing off her baggy sweater and loose jeans that did nothing for her figure. She had red hair that almost matched her crimson eyes; it went down to her upper back and was kept in a pony tail

“Hi, I’m Ashley.” The last girl said taking off her hood showing off her short brown hair. She also had crimson eyes the same with all the others.

“I’ll be leaving now,” Said the head master turning for the door. stay up to early.”

Everyone just stood around not quite knowing what to do, silence coming over the room when one of the new girls spoke up. “Are you even a real vampire?” Beth asked looking at Charles.

“Why would you ask that?” Charles said looking at her.

“Your eyes, they aren’t ones of a vampire. They’re grey, not />
“I don’t know what to say to that.” Charles said walking over to a set of chairs around a short table. “This is all really new to me.” He said sitting down in one and leaning back looking up at the ceiling.

“Which rooms are ours?” Jessica asked walking over to Charles and sitting on the arm of the chair he was in.

“It’s all free game, this dorm has 10 full size rooms and one master suite, but that’s mine.”

“Why do you get the suite?” Amy asked walking over to a couch and sitting down in the middle of it.

“Because I am the most powerful one here.” Charles said waving his hands around.

“What makes you think that?” Madison asked still sitting on the stairs with Cecilia.

“Well I can’t really say anything towards the powers that I got when I was turned into a vampire, I only found out about it a few minutes ago. But I know I can kill you in a fight.”

Jessica fell over into Charles lap and looked up into his eyes. “Then in that case I />
Madison said.

“And why not?” Jessica asked looking at Madison. “He just said he’s new at being a vampire, so why shouldn’t I challenge him to a fight? I’m pretty strong you know.”

“Because he practically killed me the last time I tried to suck his blood out.”

“So? I’m a little stronger then you are />
“He was a human at the time.”

Jessica looked up at Charles who was still just staring up at the mural painted on the ceiling. “I can still take him.”

Charles looked down at Jessica and smiled. “And what do I get when I beat you?” He asked her stroking her cheek with the back of his fingers.

She said closing her eyes enjoying the feeling of his hand stroking her face.

“Now you know that’s not fair.” Charles said moving his hand to her neck and stroking it. “But if you really just want to have some new bruises I’m sure I could help you out.”

“So you aren’t afraid of hitting a girl I see.” Jessica said almost purring as she felt Charles strong hand massage her neck.

“Afraid? No, never have been afraid about hitting people.”

“Why are you so good at it? Did you get into a lot of fights from where you came from?” Madison asked watching Jessica become completely submissive to Charles hands.

“I was a child soldier inside a country named Russia. So yeah, you could say I got into a few fights. I killed a group of men that had just beat up my friend when I was all of 6 years old, my friend died in my arms and I was thrown into a prison all in the same day. Later, some man in a suite came by my cell and asked why I had killed 4 fully grown men in plain view and was found cradling a dead boy my age. After I told him the details he took me out of the prison and put me into a camp with a few others.” Jessica sat up in Charles lap and leaned back against him so her back was pressed against his chest. “I was taught how to shoot a gun, fight with knives and kill a person with my own hands. They then sent me off with the others to a desert; they threw us guns and a knife each and said to kill everything that moved in a village if we wanted to eat that night.” The girls moved over to the sitting area and all took seats around a coffee table.

“You didn’t kill them did you?” Jessica asked moving her head so she was facing Charles.

“Well they hadn’t fed us for a whole day and the food they did give us was sparse. I was hungry and wanted food and just put into effect what they taught me. All 9 of us slaughtered that village, even killed the animals because they were moving and were afraid that they wouldn’t give us our food because of them.”

“So I take it you never knew your parents when you grew up?” Amy asked staring across the table at Charles.

“The people that raised me taught me three things. Kill when you’re told and you get fed that night. Don’t and you get a bullet in the head. And the last was this: Do not become attached to anything. So no, I never knew my parents when I grew up you could say Amy.”

“What about the other boys though? Surely they were your family to some extent!” Madison said looking over at Charles.

“Nope, I was the last one alive after only a year. One of them got killed by enemy fire, another one of them got a bullet between the eyes because he complained about the food.”

“And the rest of them?” Cecilia asked walking up to Charles. “Tell them what happened to the other 6 boys.”

Everyone was now glancing between Charles and Cecilia.

“I killed them.” Charles said looking away from Cecilia. “I killed all 6 of them when they turned on me during a mission. They had all decide to join the other side and when I didn’t follow they all came at me. I killed them all with my own hands and left them dead before we even entered the />
“What happened after that?” Beth asked looking at Charles slouch down in his chair.

“I radioed in and told my commander what happened, he told me that they couldn’t send an extraction team until the mission was done and that I was as good as dead. I cut off the connection, walked right into that village and killed everything that moved. When the sun came up the commander sent another team to clean up our mess. They got there and found me waiting for them, behind me a pile of burning bodies. I had killed every single person in that village. When I got back to the base the commander put me into interrogation to find out what happened. He just asked me for a recollection of what happened and I went through every house that I had killed, I slit the throats of the men in the first one, shot the dog that barked at me and got into a fire fight with the rest of the village. After killing them all I just went over to the extraction point and waited.”

“Your life sounds pretty shitty, was there anything that’s not a tragic story?” Madison asked as she moved over so Cecilia could sit down.

“Yeah, when I met my parents, that wasn’t such a bad time in my life.”

“You said you never had parents!” Amy retorted.

“Well I didn’t have a true mom or dad until two mercenaries came onto base when I was 9. It was a man and woman that walked onto base, I was sitting outside the commanders tent when they both came over. The man walked right in leaving the woman outside with me. I heard talking and then shouting from inside the tent. The commander then walked out and handed the woman an envelope that was packed full with something. She then asked about me and the commander and her got into another argument, I heard them talking about numbers until they both decided on something. The woman reached into the envelope and handed him a wad of cash. He took it and bent down to me and said five words to me, Vy prinadlezhite k ih syeĭchas, Russian for ‘You belong to them now’. He patted me on the shoulder and took away the gun I had. The woman smiled at me while the man just looked at me. I followed them to a helicopter and got in. When we were off the ground and flying away the man took out a detonator and pressed a button, I looked over at the base and saw it go up in flames.”

“So what happened to you after that?” Ashley asked this time putting her feet up on the table.

“They soon found out that I barely knew how to read let alone write in my own language so they taught me how to along with 8 others, they never put me into a school system so they had to teach me everything that a school would. They showed me how to be human and not a piece of trash that could be thrown away at anytime. They loved me like their own son and I loved them back for 5 years.”

“What happened?” Jessica asked looking at Charles.

“They died from a plane being crashed into a building they were meeting a client in. I was then sent off to a family friend like they had intended in their will only to be shipped off to a military camp for 4 years. When I turned 18 I was scooped up by a company called the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA for short. They knew about my past somehow and put me right back to where I was taken out of, killing people for my next meal. I got close to people, killed them then disappeared. I was going on my 3rd year with the company before I was picked up by a wondering vortex and transported here. That’s my life story.”

“It’s sad.” Amy said walking up to Charles. She leaned down and kissed him on the forehead and said to Jessica. “Still want to fight this piece of work all over a room?”

“He can have the room, I don’t want to get on his bad side.” The girls all got up and went over to the stairs leaving Charles behind.

The next day Charles woke up to Lilly standing at the foot of his bed gripping a leather book bag.

“The hell do you want?” Charles said turning over in bed and pulling the comforter over his head.

“I came to see why you didn’t come to my room last night,” Lilly said walking over to the side of the bed. “I’m still your-”

“No you’re not.” Charles interrupted her.

“Yes I am!” She said with an annoyed tone to her voice. “I don’t care what you think, you are still mine to do with what I please.”

“Fuck off.” Charles said sticking out his hand and flipping Lilly off. “Unless the headmaster says that I am yours again for some dumbass reason, I am a student at Ouran />
a student here!?” Charles poked his head out from under the covers and looked at Lilly. “There is no way you could be a student here.” She laughed. “You have to be of a powerful family or royal. You aren’t much better than a />
Charles sat up at this and Lilly turned to the door and saw Madison standing there in her underwear.

Lilly said looking at her friend. “What are you doing here in your />
“I came to complain to him about his choice for girls uniforms, but what are you doing here?”

“What are you talking about Mandy, Ouran doesn’t have />
Madison walked into the room and over to her friend and next to Charles. “Well maybe not normal students like you, but we elite students do.”

“Elite? What the hell are you talking about?”

“It’s all going to be explained today Lilly.” Charles said looking at her. “And what seems to be-”

talk to me like that you idiot, I am your master!” Lilly turned to Charles and hit him over the head with her book bag.

“Stop Lilly!” Madison said grabbing her friends arm before she took another swing at Charles.

“Let go of me Madison!” Lilly screamed trying to shake her friend off of her.

“I can’t if you’re going to hit our dorm leader again!”

“What the fuck are you talking about? He’s not a leader of anyone or anything!” Charles saw Lilly start to tear up as she wrenched her arm out of Madison’s grasp. She threw another hit at Charles only to have her arm broken by another fist. Lilly fell to the ground screaming in pain, Jessica standing above her in her school uniform.

“Jessica, explain yourself.” Charles said crossing his arms and pinching the bridge of his nose.

“I heard screaming and came to see what was up, and when I saw her try to hit you I guess I kind of got carried away.” Jessica bowed at Charles. (Gomen is just a very formal way of saying sorry)

“Madison, we’ll talk later about the uniforms, right now I want you and Jessica to take Ms. spitfire to the healers, see what they can do about a broken arm.”

Both girls bowed at Charles, they then picked up Lilly and walked her out of the room.

“This is going to be a painful day.” Charles thought to himself as he got out of bed and went into the bathroom.

As Charles walked out of his room fully dressed in his uniform. He didn’t make it ten feet from his door and towards the stairs when he was attacked by Beth with questions about the elite class. it for? Why was I picked? How did you get this made? What should I call you?” Things like that.

Charles said grabbing her shoulders. “This will all be explained by the headmaster herself today, we have to make a formal appearance today in front of the entire school.”

-” Charles grabbed her face and kissed her on the lips to make her stop rambling at a mile a second. Charles broke the kiss leaving Beth standing there swaying a bit. “Ok, I’ll just wait until later.” She said with a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Good, be at the entrance in 3 hours, until then what you do is up to you.” Charles left Beth standing there in a daze. “Damn, I am good!” Charles thought to himself as he walked down the set of stairs and into the parlor. He made his way over to the dining room to find both Ashley and Amy already sitting there enjoying some pastries.

Amy said looking all preppy compared to Ashley who looked like she was half dead. “What are we doing today?” Amy asked as Charles took a seat at the head of the long dining table.

“Nothing for a bit, just be sure to be ready in 3 hours, we have to go in front of the entire school then so the headmaster show us off.” Charles said buttering a piece of toast. “Is she alright?” Charles said motioning to Ashley as he poured water into a tea cup.

“I’m fine, I’m just not fully awake yet.” Ashley said rubbing her head.

“You going to be okay for lunch today?” Charles asked taking a sip of his tea.

“Yeah, just don’t leave me out in the sun for too long.”

“Okay, just don’t overdo it, if you need to go sit under a tree.” Charles picked up an orange and sliced into it with his knife.

“What are you doing!?” Amy said taking the knife out of his hand.

He asked looking at her.

not how vampires eat oranges, your still eating it like a human.” Amy picked up an orange from the tray and held it up to show Charles. “This is how we eat oranges.” Amy then sunk her teeth into the orange and sucked on it, the orange looked like it was deflating to Charles as she sucked the insides out. “It helps vampires get used to using their fangs to feed.” Amy explained as she showed Charles the two holes where her fangs punctured the fruit.

“I’ll try it then.” Charles said putting down his knife. He bit into the orange and sucked at it like he was slurping through a straw. He felt stupid for the first moment then he felt as the pulp and juices started to flow into his mouth.

“Careful, don’t overdo it or you’ll get peel in your mouth.” Ashley said watching Charles devour the orange.

“So what’s the plan for today?” Amy asked pouring a bowl of cereal for herself.

“Just be at the entrance in 3 hours, we have to go in front of the school per the headmasters request.” Charles put down the orange and took a bite of toast. “Do you know if Cecilia is up yet?”

Both girls shook their head. “I would check her room, she’s probably still in bed.” Charles thanked both girls and got up from the table.

He made his way up the stairs and looked around for Cecilia’s room. It didn’t take him long to find her stumbling down the hallway under a thick comforter. She groaned as she saw Charles walking towards her. “I hate being a vampire. I used to love sitting outside during the day and soaking in the sun you know.”

“You really aren’t going to like what I have to say then.”

“We all have to outside in front of the entire school, I came to ask you to be ready to go in 3 hours.”

“Noon? Are you fucking with me?” Cecilia said groaning again.

request. And since you and I are wanted by the powers and she has a direct line to them, let’s try to stay on her good side for right now.” Charles grabbed the curtains in front of the tall windows and pulled them shut bringing darkness to the hallway.

Cecilia said poking her head out of the comforter.

“You going to be okay for this?” Charles asked looking over at Cecilia.

“Not like I got a choice really.” Cecilia said walking down the hallway. “I’ll see you in the parlor in 3 hours, don’t worry.” Cecilia then put the comforter back over her head and walked into a room and closed the door behind her.

At noon Charles was waiting for everyone in the parlor. Jessica and Madison were already there waiting with him, both now dressed in their uniforms.

“I hope this isn’t going to be too much of problem for you all of you.” Charles said as they waited for the others to come down from their rooms.

be alright,” Madison said from the couch she was sitting on. “Most of us have gotten used to the effects sun has on us by now.”

“What are the effects like?” Charles asked looking at Madison and Jessica sitting on a bench in the parlor.

“It’s pretty much like a small headache for me now, but when I was younger and wasn’t very used to it I thought I would die from being in the sun.” The two girls went on about how Charles would have to adjust to being a vampire. The best way to suck blood so the person didn’t get hurt to much, how to smile so as not to show his fangs to everyone, things that he would need to know so as not to be found out.

Pretty soon the other three girls were walking down the stairs, everyone in their school uniforms, Cecilia looking like she was suffering from a huge hangover.

“You alright?” Jessica asked as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

just get this over with.” Cecilia said pulling out a parasol. I figure this is the thing that will bring me the least amount of />
“We have one for every girl,” Ashley said handing out parasols to everyone. “This way she doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb.”

“You just wanted one so you don’t have to deal with the sun either.” Madison said taking the parasol from her.

“Not all of us have the crazy amount of will power and stamina as you Ashley retorted.

“If everyone’s ready,” Charles said breaking up the evil stares that the two girls were giving each other. not keep the rest of the school waiting for us.” Charles turned to the door and pushed them open, the seven of them walked through a garden area that was put in front of the mansion, they walked down a path that lead right to another set of big doors. As they approached those they opened by themselves revealing a crowd of students standing on either side of the bridge that connected the school to the Elite dorms. They heard several people yelling at students “Get back!” and “Stay in line!” As the students looked on at the students walking down the path everyone was quiet. You could slice the tension with a knife. Charles led the girls as they walked down the 200 yard path, as they passed students fell in behind them following them towards the school.

As Charles walked down the bridge he saw that at the end was the headmaster with Andrew next to her. As Charles got closer he saw that there were even more students flooding the grounds, hundreds of them surrounding the headmaster. “Welcome Charles, feeling alright?” She asked looking at Charles with a peculiar eye.

“Yes I’m fine right now. But don’t think that I don’t see what you were trying to do holding this at noon.” Charles replied walking up to the headmaster. They shook hands and smiled at each other, you could feel the tension levels spike up between the school and the girls at this.

have lunch now.” She said releasing Charles hand and gesturing to her right. Students separated revealing tables set up and maids standing by.

Charles said following her. The rest of the Elite class followed behind him and the regular students behind them. Tension just kept rising as they all sat down around the tables, Charles and the headmaster at a separate table than everyone else.

“I don’t know what you are thinking of achieving by this,” the headmaster said as they sat down. “They already look like they want to kill each other.”

“And you will probably want to do the same thing to me after what I have planned.” Charles said cracking a smile showing her his fangs.

“You wouldn’t dare!” She said realizing what he wanted to do.

“After you have them all settle in, that way I can have a head start while they get up from their chairs.” The headmaster smiled at his plan and nodded her consent to him.

She looked over the students who were standing up behind their chairs. “We are here today to announce to everyone a new group of students.” She said projecting her voice so it traveled over the entire courtyard. “They are the Elite students. They represent the cr? of the crop for Ouran Academy and represent us while royals visit our fine school.” The students broke out into conversation between each other only to be shushed by other students. “To let you know better as to what they are Charles, the dorm leader of the Elite, has something to say, please take your seats.” The headmaster took her seat with the entire school following her lead. Every eye was on Charles, some giving him death stares and others looking at him like love birds.

“I think that it is time that every person in this school knows what makes up the Elite class,” Charles began. “I figure saying it from the start will let everyone get along better in the long run even if it ruffles some feathers in the short term.” Charles swallowed before he went on. “Currently the entire Elite class, this including me and the other six girls, we are all vampires.” Everyone looked like they had just seen a ghost, faces going pale and some people even fainting. Charles continued. “I hope to not let this become a grudge against the Elite class, anyone that shows exemplary marks may choose to enter. The Elite class is made so that only those who deserve it and earn it are shown at the top, not because of who your family is. Thank you for not trying to kill me right away.” Charles bowed to the students and sat down next to the headmaster.

“Well they haven’t tried to kill you yet, that’s a good sign.” The headmaster said taking a drink of water.

“Give them time, they got to get over the shock first.” The students then broke out into a frenzy, several students got up from their chairs and drew their wands.

The headmaster yelled making all of the students look over at her. “No harm will come to you if you do not act out against the Elite class.” She said standing up and looking out over her entire school. “What Charles forgot to add was that the entire Elite class is also made up of the most powerful students. I don’t suggest getting on their bad side.”

The students that stood up put their wands away and sat back down. All but one that is, Alex was left standing there and looking up at the head table.

I wish to challenge Charles to a duel than.” He said walking up to the table.

“I think that could be arranged.” The headmaster said nodding to Alex. “But only if the rest of the school is okay with it.” Alex turned around and looked at the rest of the school.

“How about it!” He yelled. “Do you want to see me kick his ass?” The school roared with applause. Alex turned back to the headmaster and smiled. “It seems they agree with it.”

“Fine then,” the headmaster motioned for Andrew who came over. “Set this all up.”

“Yes Andrew said bowing to her.

5 hours later the school bells rang, dusk had just set in basking the school into darkness. The entire school moved out onto the grounds and went over to a stadium that had been erected that day after lunch. In the center of the stadium was 500 yard wide circle of grass. Music was playing loudly, students cheering from the stands all peering at the center of the stadium. In the middle of the field was Andrew, he was standing on a pedestal and talking into a microphone.

“Welcome one and all.” He said. “We gather here at the Ouran Academy stadium to witness two mighty forces battle each other.” Cheers erupted from the stands. “We have the challenger. The beloved, the masterful, the great first prince of to the kingdom Kenja, Alex!” People cheered even louder as Alex stepped onto the field. He raised his arms above the head, people started to cheer his name and doing the wave. Alex walked over to Andrew and stood next to him. Andrew lifted his arm up and everyone went quite. “And now onto the challenged, the unknown dorm leader to the Elite class, the vampire Charles.” Charles walked out onto the field receiving nothing but boos, he went over and stood next to Andrew. “Now is everyone ready to see a proper dual?” Andrew yelled into the microphone. The entire school again erupted into cheers and applause. “All right gentlemen,” Andrew said to the two boys. “Anything goes.” Both boys nodded and shook hands. “On the count of 10!” Andrew yelled into the mic. He then ran for the side of the field away from the two boys. The entire school started counting down…

Alex drew his wand and casted a fire ball at Charles who dodged out of the way. Charles then drew his knife and ran at Alex, when he was close and slashed at him Alex blew him away with a swipe of his wand. Charles did back flip in the air and landed punching the ground one knee to the ground. Alex did a twirl and casted at Charles sending a fire covered bull charging at him out of his wand. Charles went head on at the bull, when he was within 3 feet he punched the ground making a solid wall of stone come out of the ground blocking the bull from him. The school erupted into cheers as music blared around them. Charles leapt from behind the rock wall and looked down at Alex who now had a sword in his hands and was charging at him. Charles landed and drew a second Blackhawk Tatang from his sleeve and ran at Alex. Alex did a downward swing at Charles who blocked it by putting his two knives together and catching it. Charles kicked at Alex who back stepped and sent another fire ball at Charles. Charles dived to the side rolling as he hit the ground and coming up to his feet in one fluid movement, he then dashed for Alex knives behind him.

Alex waved his wand above his head summoning 3 centaurs around him. “Kill him.” Alex said pointing at Charles with his wand. The centaurs charged at Charles, one had an oversized sword, another an oversized and the last one an oversized axe. The one with the sword was in front and swung at Charles who dodged by back stepping and throwing both his knives at the beast. The beast howled in pain as a knife sunk into its left eye while the other one simply just hit its shoulder. The other two passed the howling centaur and both attack Charles at the same time. Charles jumped up and landed on the back of the one with the hammer, the one with the axe saw Charles and swung at him. The other centaur bucked Charles off but got its head taken off by the axe. Charles rolled on the ground and got to his feet and ran at the centaur with the axe, when it saw Charles charge at him it did a downward swing, Charles dived to his left and reached into his jacket, he took out his revolver and shot 6 times at the centaur. Only from the sixth shot did the beast fall to the ground dead. Charles heard a roar behind him and turned to see the last centaur above him with its sword above it. Charles rolled to the right jumped at the centaur, he grabbed his knife that was still in the beasts shoulder and twisted it. The centaur howled in pain and grabbed Charles, he held him to his face and howled at him only to have its throat slit by Charles.

Alex watched as Charles made mince meat out of his centaurs, he charged at Charles as he slit the throat of the last one with his sword held high. “JUST DIE!” Alex yelled as he ran at Charles who was trapped under the dead centaurs body. Time seemed to slow down as Charles saw Alex run at him screaming. Charles looked around as if in a daze and saw the knife still protruding from the centaurs eye, he got one of his arms free and wrenched the knife out of the dead centaurs head making it twitch as he drew it out of the eye socket. Charles held the knife by the blade and looked over at Alex running at him, he threw the knife at Alex’s legs. The knife went spinning as it flew through the air, the handle of the knife handle bounced off of Alex’s left leg and dug into his right making him trip and fall over in pain. The sword in his hand flew through the air and sunk itself into the ground next to Charles head.

Alex grabbed a hold of the knife in his shin and pulled it out, blood flowed out of the cut in his leg. He then struggled to a strained hunched over position and limped over to Charles who was still trapped under the dead centaur.

Charles struggled trying to get out from under the centaur as he watched Alex limp towards him with a blood hungry look in his eyes. Charles twisted from under the dead beast but gave up trying to get out from under it when he saw Alex 4 feet from him. Charles reached over to his other knife that was still in the shoulder of the dead beast and wrenched it out. Alex went to his knees and looked directly over Charles. “Die you foul creature!” He said raising the knife over his head. As he brought it down Charles deflected it sending it out of Alex’s hands. “I don’t think so.” Charles said stabbing the knife into Alex’s left thigh. Alex howled in pain as Charles twisted the knife deeper into his leg making blood gush out. He cried as Charles hit his bone. “I yield!” Charles gave a yank on the knife pulling it out of the leg and tossed it away.

Charles squirmed his way out from under the dead centaur. Alex said as Charles walked past him. “Die and go to hell.”

“Wish I could sometimes.” Charles said back.

“Let me help you then.” Alex quickly turned and cast another spell at Charles. A ghost skull came out of Alex’s wand and floated it’s way over towards Charles. Charles turned to face the skull and looked it straight on as it came up to him.

“Give it up.” Charles said looking at the skull with a bored look on his face. nothing left of my soul for you to take.” The skull opened its jaws and bite down. Charles grabbed its jaw before it crunched him and ripped it off. Howling winds came over the field whipping at Charles. A tall deathly figure clothed in tattered black robes approached him, in one hand was a set of scales and in the other was a scythe.

“Why won’t you come home to me my son?” It said walking up to Charles. The hood fell down revealing a face hidden behind a white mask. “You have no need to stay here.”

“Like I said before, there’s nothing left of my soul for your scales to />
“It seems so.” The figure put its scythe into the ground and raised its hand out to Charles. “But that doesn’t mean I have nothing for you to do.”

Charles took the hand and asked. “Who is it this time you want?”

“I want you to kill the leader of this group called the Iscariot Knight’s, they have dispensed with a few of my knights already whenever I send them in and the leader is supposedly a true immortal. I want his soul on a />
“I can’t leave this school or those damn powers will kill me.” Charles said releasing the hand.

“And why do you think I came to you directly instead of a messenger?” The hand disappeared back into the dark robes and took out a katana. “Your regular knives didn’t work on that damn bird so I give you something stronger.” Charles took the sheathed katana and drew it, the blade was an eerie black save for a waved pattern running from the tip of the blade to the hilt that shined a near blinding white. The blade itself stretched to 3 feet (36 inches [91.44cm]) long plus the handle adding another foot to the overall length. Silver words ran the length of the blade saying ‘Those Who I Strike Shall End Through Anguish’. The grip itself was wrapped in black bandages covering it completely. At the end of the grip was a 6” chain hanging down and on the end was a small skull made out of onyx. “Its name is />
“It’s a bit long Charles said looking at the weapon fully drawn.

“Well I couldn’t fit as much power into a smaller weapon, just be glad you don’t have to carry around a 8 foot scythe with you The two of them laughed as Charles slid the sword back into its sheath.

“Can I at least keep one of the small knives with me? I’ve grown somewhat attached to them.”

“I guess I could let you keep one of them, I’ll just combine the twins into one. I’ve also created you new guns to use.” The figure hung the pair of scales on his scythe and reached into the back of his robes. He took out two black guns. clip fed instead of a revolver this time, I don’t want you down and out for very long when you have to kill them at a distance.” Charles took the guns by the grips and held them up. Both were black with silver engraving along the barrels, one saying ‘Death I Send You’ and on the other ‘Dead You Will Stay.’ The guns themselves weighed 40lbs and the barrels extended to 39cm.

the power like on these things?” Charles asked taking a couple of holsters from the black figure.

“Call them the twin Jackals, finally got those two souls into weapons for you. ‘Death I Send You’ Is named Jack, ‘Dead You Will Stay’ is named Beth, and they can rip a person apart easily with one shot.

“Twin Jackals uh?” Charles said placing them into the holsters on the inside of his jacket. “How many rounds do they hold in the clip?”

“They can shoot about a million rounds before they get to tired, they start tiring after the tenth shot but even on their millionth shot they have the power of a magnum. That should leave you enough power to take the assholes down.” The figure said picking up his set of scales and his scythe. “Oh yes, Julia say’s hello and is wondering when you will come back home?”

“Is that last part really Julia or you talking?” Charles said strapping the katana to his side.

“Mostly me talking, it would be nice for you to settle down with the girl when this is over for a couple of centuries and let me give someone else a chance to shine.”

“I’ll think about it.”

The figure looked at Charles and shook its head. “All right, just don’t go getting killed before making your choice.” It said turning and walking away dissolving into vapor. Charles looked around and saw a ghostly outline of him standing 5 feet in front of a fireball. Charles walked over to the outline and stepped into it, as soon as he did he heard the sounds of life again and felt the searing heat of fire on his back. He hit the ground and watched as the fireball went over him and exploded.

“Damn it!” He heard Alex say before he passed out. Charles stood up, dusted off his clothes and walked to the center of the field. There he took a bow towards the headmaster and walked off the field.

Back in the Elite dorms Charles was in his room enjoying a snifter full of whiskey when the headmaster and the other girls came storming into his room.

“What the fucking hell do you think you are?” The headmaster screamed at Charles marching right up to him. “If you had killed Alex there would be wars started throughout the world with us right in the middle of it all!”

“And that is why I only gave him flesh wounds.” Charles said taking a sip of his whiskey and putting it down on his dresser. “I don’t really see the point in your attitude right now anyway,” Charles said unbuttoning his jacket. “He was the one who challenged me after I told the school what I was.”

not the fucking point you arrogant bastard!” The headmaster yelled. “You should have let him win! He is the prince to this country for god’s sake!”

“I don’t really give a shit about what he is.” Charles said taking off his jacket. Underneath it the girls saw the two giant guns and the two daggers that were strapped to his arms. “Like I said at the lunch, the Elite class doesn’t give a shit about who or what your family is but rather who you are in ability.” Charles undid the daggers and set them on top of his dresser next to his whiskey. “Telling them about us all being vampires has already escalated the process of them learning to respect us. Now all we need is for someone to prove themselves to the school that they are smarter or stronger than the rest and come here to be with us.”

Charles took the twin Jackals out of their holsters and placed them into a drawer. “Why do you carry so many weapons around with you?” Ashley asked looking at the katana on his waist.

try to change the subject!” The headmaster screamed at Ashley slapping her across the face. “You will wait until I leave before you open your mouth again you blood sucking bitch!” The headmaster raised her hand again to strike Ashley.

“If you hit her again I will kill you where you stand.” Charles said un-strapping the katana from his waist. The headmaster froze in mid strike as she felt icy chills run up and down her entire body. She turned to Charles and saw him still facing the dresser and unbuttoning his vest. A new air was in the room, one of ice cold death, it was all emanating from Charles. He turned to face the headmaster, she looked at his eyes and only saw dead grey ones staring back at her. “I think you should leave and not come back until you learn your manners.” He said shrugging out of his vest. The headmaster wanted to scream but her throat felt frozen over, her legs wanted to run but they felt detached from her body. “Madison, Amy, would you please escort out headmaster off of the Elite grounds and to the bridge, she is not welcome here right now.” The two girls bowed at Charles and grabbed the headmasters arms and dragged her out the room, she was still frozen in fear staring at Charles and his dead eyes. “Are you hurt?” He asked walking over to Ashley and looking at her cheek that was struck.

“No I’m fine,” She said feeling a warmth come back over the room as the headmaster left. “It just stings a little bit that’s all.”

“Let me pour you a drink then.” Charles said smiling at her and walking over his dresser. “What do you want? I have scotch, whiskey, vodka, brandy, bourbon, />
“Scotch is fine, I like mine neat.” She said sitting up and blushing a little bit.

“Anything else for you Charles asked pouring a scotch and walking over to Ashley.

“I’m fine.” Jessica said sitting down in a chair next to Ashley.

“I don’t really drink that much.” Beth said taking a seat on the small couch.

“I’ll take bourbon on the rocks if you got ice.” Cecilia said sitting down next to Beth.

“Sure do.” Charles said walking back over to his dresser. He came back with his drink in one hand and Cecilia’s in the other, he handed it to her and sat down in an armchair facing a fireplace. “So you were asking me something Ashley?” Charles said taking a whiff of his drink.

“I was just trying to change the subject, that’s all.”

“Well if that’s the case I’m going to take a shower, your all welcome to my booze if you want any.” Charles said draining the rest of his whiskey. He got up and walked over to his bathroom and shut the door behind him.

Once inside Charles got undressed and turned on the shower, when he turned around he saw Cecilia standing there. “Need something?” Charles asked looking at her.

“Why are you going to leave?” She asked looking at Charles in the eye.

“What do you mean?”

“I could see it in your eyes; you were planning on leaving here />
Charles walked over to the shower and got in closing the fogged glass door behind him. “I have to do something important; I’ll be back in a month, two if it takes longer than I expect it to.”

“What do you have to do?” Cecilia said walking over to the sink and looking in the mirror.

“I have to go and kill the leader of a group called the ‘Iscariot Charles said as he soaped up. He then heard the bathroom door burst open and the other girls walking in.

“Like hell you are!” He heard Jessica yell at him.

“Is everyone else in here?” Charles asked behind the fogged door.

He heard Cecilia say. “And they look pissed.”

“For good reason!” Jessica said walking over to the shower door. “Those Iscariot Knights have had a holy war on vampires and lycanthropes for the past 2000 years, they would kill you before you could get within a mile of them.”

“I’m still going, I’ve been asked to kill the leader of them.” Charles said as he washed his hair.

“I won’t let you go, I don’t want you to!” Jessica said leaning against the shower door.

“It doesn’t matter what you want Jess,” Charles said opening the door and catching her as she fell backwards. “I’m leaving tonight to go and kill their leader.”

“Then I’m coming with you.” Madison said walking up to Charles with a towel in her hand.

“No way, like Jessica said, these guys are to powerful and would kill you before you got within a mile of them.”

“I’m coming to!” Jessica said putting her arms around Charles neck and hugging him. “And if you say no then I won’t ever let you go from my grasp.”

“Aw what the hell, I’ll come to!” Ashley said walking up to Charles. “I always wanted to go on an />
“You are all insane you know that?” Beth said walking over to the other girls. “But while the spots are open I’ll come to.”

“And what about school?” Charles said standing Jessica up. “I have already graduated school from where I come from, none of you have.”

Amy said walking over to Charles. “We are all taking extra classes right now; we could leave whenever we want.”

Charles was at a loss for words, he looked at all the girls and saw them happily smiling back at him. “Does anyone know how to fight at least?” He asked taking the towel from Madison and wrapping it around himself.

“Yeah we can fight. We all have our own weapons too.” Beth said. “We also know how to use our vampirec powers unlike you.”

“So in other words, we are more powerful than you!” Amy said putting her hands on her hips.

Charles said walking past the girls. “If you can get ready to go within the hour you can come, if not you have to stay here.” The girls ran past Charles and headed for their rooms, squealing and talking along the way to one another. “What about you?” Charles asked looking at Cecilia who was quietly sitting on his bathroom counter. “You coming or staying?”

“You know what will happen to us if we step off these school grounds, or had you forgotten?” Cecilia said looking over at Charles as he walked up to the counter and brushed his teeth.

“I haven’t forgotten. I have a way to deal with them, so don’t worry.”

“Like you dealt with Lewis? He didn’t die Charles; he’s the one that put us in this mess!”

“You saw those new weapons I have right?” Charles said rinsing out his mouth.

“What about them?”

“I got them from a person I call Death, he’s my father.” Charles said walking out of his bathroom with Cecilia following behind.

“There is no such thing, death it merely a rite of passage from one stage of existence to the said hopping up on his bed and watching him get dressed in his school uniform.

“Remember when I was telling you girls about me being a child soldier?”

“Yeah, it ended when you got bought by your parents.”

“Remember when I told you I had to kill the others in my group because they betrayed me?”

“Yeah, you told us you killed them all.”

“That was only after I got a bullet in my spine. I was dead before I even started that />
“What are you saying?” She asked as she watched Charles put on his weapons.

“Death came to me and asked me, ‘Do you want to live?’ I told him yes. He brought me back to life and told me to go and kill all of the people in the village. I did what he told me, as I killed everyone I saw balls of light flow from their mouths, a couple were white, a few red, some orange, but most of them black. He followed me around and eat those balls of light as I killed people. Only after I killed every man, woman, child and animal in that village did he tell me that they were their souls.”

“If he eats souls of beings then why didn’t he eat yours?” Cecilia said walking over to Charles.

“I asked him that. He told me the reason he brought me back to life instead of eating my soul was due to the fact that mine was already destroyed long ago. A demon had eaten my soul and left nothing behind but my body as an empty shell. He told me that usually when this happens the person dies. Those that don’t Death himself asks if they want to go on living. Those that say yes, like me, are called his children. Those that say no simple die. I kill people that have strong souls so that he can use them to make weapons for me.”

“So in the time frame between you leaving the field and us meeting you in your room, Death himself came to you with a sword and two giant hand guns?”

“Almost, he gave them to me right before Alex sent that last fireball at me on the field. Whenever he comes to meet with his children He stops time so as not to disturb the world too much.” Cecilia looked at Charles with a blank stare. “That knife I used was more than enough to kill Lewis, it’s just that it can’t eat souls. My new weapons on the other hand can. Like I said,” Charles turned to look at Cecilia. “I have a way to deal with them now.”

“I don’t have a weapon; I’ll just be dead weight.” Cecilia said folding her arms.

“I’m sure that we can get you one as soon as we leave the school.” Charles said pulling on his overcoat. “I want to stop by the local town before we head off anyway.”

Charles was waiting in the parlor with Cecilia looking at a pocket watch he had, it read 11:52. He turned to open the doors when he heard the girls coming down the stairs after him. He head Madison yell out. ready!”

Charles looked back and saw all 5 girls dressed in street clothes and weapons. Amy was wearing a yellow turtle neck and jeans on, on her side was a whip. Ashley was wearing pleated mini skirt with leggings under them, she had a long sleeve shirt on that fit her tightly and had a giant sword strapped to her back. Jessica had on a skirt that went to her knees and a blue blouse on, she had pair of revolvers on her sides. Madison walked down the stairs in a pair of shorts and a tank-top, she had two daggers strapped on behind her resting just above her butt. Beth was the last one, she wore a mustard colored button up uniform top that had pockets over each breast and the buttons ran tightly down the middle further enlarging her large bust size. For the bottom of her outfit she wore a miniskirt that was the same color as the top. Strapped to her back was what could only be a magazine fed mk. 5 anti-matter long range rifle firing the massive 13.7mm round. (The idea for her outfit and weapon came from this link />
get going then.” Charles said opening the door and walking out into the night.

story by: DoodleHead

Tags: fantasy sex story

Author: DoodleHead

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