David housesits pt 2

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The first thing David noticed as he woke up was how hot and sweaty he was. His chest was compressed by a weight upon it as his body started to wake up and regain feeling. In his haze, he smelled the fragrance of Amber’s hair and his hands began moving on their own. As he realized he was touching skin, the memories of a few hours ago come flooding back to him and he smiled. David heard the title sequence for the comedy movie playing on the TV and opened his eyes.

He had fallen out of Amber but she had continued sleeping on top of him, neither of them apparently aware of the lack of his presence inside her. His hands instinctively ran his hands over her back and down to her firm butt, rubbing more than massaging her cheeks. At his young age, David started to get hard again and felt himself come in contact with her pelvis as he grew to full size. David felt her firm breasts and hot nipples pushing into his chest while her head rested on his bare shoulder. Unable to stop himself, David began slowly moving his hips underneath her body and let his hands wander up her sides. David was rubbing himself along the outside of Amber, but she was sticky from their earlier lovemaking, impeding his objective to some extent.

For her part, Amber was starting to wake up to the feelings of David’s hands on her body. She sighed as she came too and she noticed the annoying music as well. She lifted her head just enough to put her chin on David’s ribs and looked up towards her new lover. David sensed her movements and looked down into her eyes. “Care to turn off that annoying music?” Amber asked.

David laughed as he said, the first thing you have to say to me upon waking up?” Amber giggled and laid her head back down, enjoying the feeling of his hot skin and the hands roaming her body. David smiled and took one hand away, grabbed the remote off the ground, and clicked the TV off. he asked.

she replied and wrapped her hands around David’s sides. David continued his slow hip movements and returned both hands to her back, slowly rubbing up and down from her shoulders to her ass. He loved the way her firm butt felt in his hands and kept this innocent movement up for nearly five minutes.

But David was young and still horny, and his eagerness started to catch up with him again. He tried to move his hips to reposition himself along her better. Through trial and error, David managed to get himself lined up while Amber just laid there sighing and holding onto him. But as David started to try to slip his head insider her tight opening, Amber yelped in pain and pulled back. “Hang on big boy, I guess I’m sore. You can’t just go treating a woman like that, David,” she said with a smile on her face.

David, for his part, was freaking out. “I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just wanted to be inside you again.”

Amber could tell he was really worried and tried to reassure him. “David, really, it’s ok. I want you inside me again too, but we can’t do it that way yet. I’m sore. But maybe I can still help us both out somehow.” David was completely unprepared for what Amber did next.

Having never given a blow job, Amber had no idea what she was doing. But she had thought about it before this night and figured it was pretty simple in basic form: wrap around the boy with your lips, slide him in and out without hitting your teeth, and use your tongue if you feel gutsy. It was with these thoughts in her mind that she began to slide down his young, skinny body. She looked up at David and laughed when she saw a confused look on his face. He obviously had no idea what was coming. She slid down until he was right in her face, then she reached out with her tongue and licked him. David immediately moaned, but Amber hesitated and pulled back. He tasted salty and smelled… well, bad in her mind. She debated what to do as David watched. She wanted to give him a blowjob, but she didn’t want to taste what was on him.

Amber got a quick idea and brought her hand up to her mouth, which she proceeded to lick and get very moist. Then she grabbed hold of David and began to stroke him, getting him wet with her spit, even letting some dribble out of her mouth and onto his manhood. David, for his part, loved what she was doing. The slickness of the spit and the grip of her hand felt amazing. Once he was sufficiently wet, she grabbed the blanket from the couch and wiped off David, relieving him of the coating she didn’t want to taste. She tested him again by licking along his shaft and this time was happy to find no such taste remained.

David groaned again at the feeling of the warm, wet tongue on his shaft, which Amber responded to by licking him a few more times. Amber pulled back and looked up his long torso and into his eyes. “How about instead of being inside me between my legs, you can be inside my mouth. Then we both get you inside me and I’ll still be able to walk tomorrow, deal?” Before he could answer, though, Amber turned her head down, opened her fifteen year old lips, and slipped the head of David into her mouth.

She began by just getting used to the feeling and sliding her tongue around the tip of David while her hand worked up and down on his now rock hard shaft. David, for his part, bucked his hips upward instinctively trying to get more of himself into her hot mouth. He slid almost halfway inside her mouth and felt her tongue along his shaft. David groaned again, loving the warmth and wetness. Amber began very slowly bobbing her head up and down just a few inches while moving her hand at the same time. She found it was easier for her to just keep her tongue out of the way since she didn’t know what she was doing, and David didn’t really care at that moment. He already felt himself building towards a climax, but Amber sensed it too. He had begun to leak some precum and she had tasted the saltiness again. It wasn’t as bad as earlier, but she couldn’t say she liked it all that much.

As David began to tense up more, Amber pulled her mouth off of him and just jerked him as fast as she could. The rush of cold air hit David and the sight of her looking up at him was just too sexy to hold on. Her breasts hung perfectly shaped below her and her hair flowed around her head as David began shooting his cum into her hand. At the same time, he reached down with one hand and cupped a breast, squeezing firmly. Having cum twice before in the night, this one was weaker and lasted a much shorter time. Amber smiled at David and enjoyed the feeling of his cock pulsing in her hand. She stroked him a few more times, causing his body to jerk and spasm, before pulling her hand away. She looked around, grabbed his shirt off the floor, and wiped her hand off before cuddling back up to the side of him. “How was that?” she asked.

David was speechless, still coming down from his high. “It was…. I just…. Wow. Thank you. That was />
Amber giggled and replied, “Glad you liked it.” She cuddled up to him for a few minutes, enjoying the feeling of their naked bodies together. Eventually, she let out a big sig. “We should probably get to bed before my nosy sister realizes I still haven’t gone to bed and comes looking for me.” She slid on top of him and gave him a long, passionate kiss, letting her tongue dance in his mouth. “Where you going to sleep, stud?”

“I think I’m going to stay right here,” David said as he pulled her back down for another kiss with his left hand and his right went to her breasts. Amber moaned into his mouth. She kissed him for about another thirty seconds before pulling back away.

“Good try, but no more. I really must go to bed. Tomorrow, I promise, we will find time,” she said with a smile. />
David smiled as he said, “I’d really prefer if you’d stay here, but I understand, I guess. But I’m definitely going to repay the favor you just did sometime tomorrow.” The thought of David kissing and licking her immediately made Amber wet, but she didn’t show David and simply smiled. She got off the couch, gathered up her clothes and put them back on. David watched the performance and got hard again.

Amber blew David a kiss from the bottom of the stairs. “Goodnight. I’ll see you in a few hours.” David returned the kiss as Amber disappeared up the stairs. For his part, David laid back, pulled the blanket Amber had used earlier over his naked body, and quickly fell asleep while reminiscing about the beautiful girl that had just been laying on top of him.

Amber, in the meantime, grabbed a glass of ice water from the kitchen and rinsed out her mouth. She wasn’t a huge fan of the taste of David, but she hoped she’d adjust with time. She liked the pleasure it gave him and the look he gave her as she slid him in and out of her mouth. She took the stairs two at a time and saw the light on in her sister’s room.

Bethany was laying on her bed on her stomach reading, but she quickly sat up when her sister walked in the room and closed the door. “I can’t believe you, Amber. Less than 12 hours after he gets here and you’ve already had sex with David. Have you no patience?” she asked with a smile.

“It was amazing, Bethany. Everything I had dreamed about since I’d decided he was to be the one for me.” Amber collapsed onto the bed next to her sister and laid back. “He had no idea what he was doing, but it still felt great.” Amber smiled as Bethany shook her head.

“Better than when we kiss, Amber?”

Amber looked at her sister and thought hard. The two girls had recently experimented twice together and given each other orgasms. The first time, the girls had wanted to break each other’s cherries to make the first time having sex easier and less painful. The second time was about a week ago, when Brittany and Amber had just sort of stumbled into it while laying out by the pool. Their parents had been gone, both girls were horny, and it sort of just happened. “It’s different. The way he felt inside me was incredible. I just felt so warm and full and could tell he really cared for me. At first I thought he was too big, but as we continued it got better and I enjoyed it a lot and we ended up orgasming together. He even did what I asked while I rode him and rubbed my clit.”

“Of course he did. You think a guy is going to turn down something you ask while you’re riding his cock naked, Amber? Come on, be serious. He’d have probably agreed to steal a million dollars for you if you had asked in that moment.” Both girls laughed at this comment and Bethany laid down beside her sister. “What did he do?” asked Bethany.

Amber described the whole evening to Bethany, beginning with the popcorn bowl being tossed away, the cute hesitation he had from his inexperience, the way he orgasmed so quickly the first time, and how she had flipped over on top of him while he was still hard and rode him to her own orgasm, during which he shot himself insider her once again. She finished by talking about waking up and giving David a short blowjob instead of having sex with him.

“Did he give you a hickey anywhere?” Brittany asked.

“I don’t think so,” replied Amber, “but he might have.”

Bethany raised herself up on her elbows and looked down at her sister. “Off with your clothes, I want to see.” Amber sighed but began taking off her tank top, completely unembarrassed of being naked in front of her sister. She slipped her shorts and panties off in one fell swoop and laid back down on Bethany’s bed.

“One thing I didn’t expect is how sore I’d be. When we woke up, he started to try to slip back into me, but I was just too sore. It really hurts, />
Bethany had become incredibly turned on while Amber had described her adventures with David. Bethany slid her hand onto her sister’s bare breast and began rubbing it. “You know, mom always kissed our injuries to make them better. Think I should kiss yours?” she asked with a wicked smile.

Amber smiled back. “I think it’d probably help, but only if I can return the favor.” Amber had also become turned on during her recounting of the evening activities and wanted relief, but knew she owed her sister. She had asked Bethany for time alone with David, so the least she could do was repay the favor.

Bethany chose not to answer with words and instead simply began shedding her clothes until she lay naked next to her sister. They kissed and caressed each other’s bodies softly, shivering as they slowly began pleasuring each other. Bethany made the first major move as she began kissing down Amber’s neck and shoulders, pausing momentarily at her breasts to nibble on her nipples before resuming the journey southward. Amber let her go, knowing she’d have her chance shortly to repay her sister fully.

Bethany slide between Amber’s legs and immediately went to work licking up and down her sister’s wet pussy lips. She savored the taste of Amber, but was gentle since her sister was sore. Bethany didn’t want to try to slip anything inside Amber, but instead focused on her outer lips and clitoris. Bethany licked and kissed all around Amber before sucking her clit into her mouth. Amber’s back immediately arched and she began massaging her own breasts. Bethany let her tongue flick around on Amber, quickly bring her near a peak.

Amber moaned and bucked her hips, squeezing her breasts and molding them with her fingertips. For her part, Bethany just tried to hold onto the ride. She held tightly to Ambers hips and kept her lips and tongue moving around, returning every few seconds to focus on her clit. Between the deion of the night and the memory of David inside her, Amber peaked within nearly five minutes of when Bethany began her assault on Amber’s pussy. Her back arched one more time, proudly sticking her breasts high into the air, before she collapsed on the bed and tried to catch her breath.

Bethany slipped up the bed and smiled down at her sister, watching her chest heave with each deep breath. “You know, for my younger sister, you’ve got a pretty sexy body there girl.”

“Thanks, you’re not half bad yourself. And I think you’re getting better at that each time we do it,” Amber said between gasps for air.

“Well, practice makes perfect, I />
Once Amber caught her breath, she sat up and lightly pushed on her sisters shoulders to lay her back on the bed. “Now, let me see if I can properly thank you for />
As Bethany lay on her back, Amber swung her left leg over her sister’s thighs and positioned herself on top of Bethany. She reached out with her hands and began to massage her sister’s shoulders. She kneaded the skin between her fingers and pressed in with her finger tips. Bethany relaxed with the feeling of her sister’s hands, which began working their way down her arms. Amber massaged Bethany’s forearms before moving her hands to her stomach. She worked over Bethany’s taunt abs and hips, staying here for almost a full minute. Then Amber slid her body down Bethany’s body and began rubbing on Bethany’s shins. This time, Amber worked her way up Bethany’s body, beginning at her shins, moving over her knees, and onto Bethany’s thighs over the course of two minutes. Because Amber’s legs were outside Bethany’s, Bethany couldn’t open her legs to get Amber to touch her. She was stuck being teased as Amber rubbed her outer and upper thighs, antagonizing Bethany as Amber slowly moved up her body and onto her pelvis again.

Amber took her time rubbing Bethany’s hip bones, feeling her sisters hips instinctively began moving in the rhythm of her hand. Amber pressed her fingertips into the shaven skin, massaging and rubbing and applying pressure with the singular goal of pleasure in mind. After a few more minutes, Amber’s hands again moved up to Bethany’s stomach, but this time they didn’t linger longer and instead made their way to Bethany’s breasts. Amber cupped Bethany’s breasts in each hand, massaging and caressing them as Bethany arched her back to sustain contact. Amber smiled and rubbed her thumbs over her sister’s nipples, causing Bethany to moan for the first time. She continued her assault on Bethany’s firm breasts for almost five minutes, eventually causing Bethany to moan out, “Just move down />
Amber, however, had other plans. She reached for her water glass on the nightstand next to the bed and pulled out an ice cube. She brought it to Bethany’s neck and slowly slid it down her throat. Bethany shivered at the cold ice cube, but found herself turned on by the sudden change in temperature. Amber slid the cube over Bethany’s breasts, focusing mostly on her nipples, while the other hand massaged the other breast. The contrast in temperature was driving Bethany to a new level of being turned on. Amber continued this for another few minutes but still had an even more devious scheme.

Amber lifted up her left leg and slid it between her sister’s two legs. Bethany immediately opened her other leg, giving her sister easy access. Amber tossed the mostly melted ice cube on the ground and grabbed another from the glass before positioning herself with easier access to her sister’s most intimate parts. Amber ran the new ice cube over Bethany’s pelvis before guiding it to the inner thigh of each leg. She slowly, what almost seemed painfully slowly to Bethany, brought the ice cube to Bethany’s outer lips and began rubbing it around. Bethany immediately groaned out in pleasure and arched her back so high, she was actually leaning on the top of her head. Amber smiled and slid the ice cube over her sister’s enlarged clit. The long, teasing massage, the sudden temperature change, and the definite contact she finally had all caused Bethany to begin to orgasm. Bethany still had her back overly arched and was effectively unable to move throughout her orgasm. Instead, she held her breath for a few seconds before beginning one long moan. She started to come down from her orgasm and her hips began to return to the bed, but Amber was far from done.

Amber immediately tossed this ice cube on the ground as well and sought out her sister’s clit with her mouth. As her lips wrapped around Bethany’s clit and her tongue started to flick around, Amber slid a finger deep inside Bethany and began pumping in and out. Bethany was caught off guard by this assault and temperature change and immediately began building back towards another orgasm. Bethany writhed around on the bed, bucking her hips in motion with her sister’s finger and moaning repeatedly. Much as Amber had done, Bethany began massaging her own breasts and gasped for air, short on breath. Amber was a quick learner, though, and had begun to be able to tell the signs of one of her sister’s impending orgasms. As Bethany would get near, Amber would slow her assault, moving her hand slower and simply kissing around the outside of Bethany. She did this three or four times, building up a lot of tension in Bethany’s young body.

Bethany was losing her mind, or at least that’s how she felt. She couldn’t think straight, the pleasure was driving her nuts. All she could think about was the mouth and tongue on her body and the finger pulsing in and out of her young, tight cunt. Bethany couldn’t focus on much of anything, and simply found herself arching her back repeatedly as she got near an orgasm, only to have Amber slow down and hold her on the edge. As much as Bethany might be feeling frustrated, she was enjoying the pleasure Amber was giving her.

Sensing Bethany might soon pass, Amber decided to relent and give her the orgasm. She renewed her assault on Bethany’s clit, flicking it with her tongue as fast as she could. In the meantime, Amber slipped a second finger into Bethany’s tight pussy and sped up the pace. Bethany was quickly on the edge, back arched, moaning loudly, and hardly breathing. Amber sucked hard on Bethany’s clit, and that was it. Bethany arched up onto her head again and laid there frozen, her breasts stuck up high in the air and her hips frozen in place. Amber continued the assault for nearly sixty seconds as Bethany could only gasp for air. Suddenly Bethany let out a huge moan and her body fell back onto the bed. Amber slowed her assault and removed one finger, simply leaving the other stationary inside her sister. She looked up and smiled at Bethany. “I think it felt something like that, Bethany,” Amber said with a huge grin.

Bethany simply smiled back as her chest heaved up and down trying to catch her breath. Amber removed her finger, cuddled up next to her naked, spent sister, pulled the sheet over them both, and fell asleep as daylight just began to creep over the horizon.

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